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Iran Cartoon Nostalgia by Ahreeman X

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:31 pm

Iran Cartoon Nostalgia by Ahreeman X

Iran Cartoon Nostalgia by Ahreeman X
Ahreemanic Early Toons
New Second Edition
February 7, 2014


These cartoons have been remastered and photo-shopped. This is the new second edition.

These are some of the political cartoons, which I had drawn between 1993 and 2002. They were published in various cartoon and caricature publications. At the time when the IRI terror of the exiled opposition was sky high and the suffocation of the inxiled press was choking the media, it was pretty bold to draw and publish these toons! At the time, these toons had made a lot of noise! The style is deliberately primitive because IRI in its nature is primitive! Please enjoy and Bon Appetite!

Due to forum image size limitations, cartoons are cut off on the width. To view the full size cartoons, go to the directed web page.

Time (1993)
You can't turn back the time!
Mullah is riding the clock and trying to turn back the time via a turtle! Notice the Mullah is riding with his Aftabeh (Islamic Toilet Pitcher) around his shoulder! He did not forget his Aftabeh and Chomaq (Mace, Islamic Baseball Bat)!

Namaz Prayer (1993)
Namaz Jum'a at Tehran!
On an average good Friday, Holy Men are praying to the $

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Iran Cartoon Nostalgia by Ahreeman X
Ahreemanic Early Toons


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