Alireza Rezaei Clarification Iranian Comedy: Shafaf Sazi

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Alireza Rezaei Clarification Iranian Comedy: Shafaf Sazi

Postby CR » Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:39 am

Alireza Rezaei Clarification Iranian Comedy: Shafaf Sazi
Alireza Rezaei



Alireza Rezaei clarifies various issues in Islam and Islamic Republic of Iran


Muharram Special Praising of the Imam Hussein’s Horse in National Exams ... XaGmDbz8WQ

Awakening of the Sexual Giant ... XaGmDbz8WQ

Pre Islamic Wondering Sex during the Age of Ignorance ... XaGmDbz8WQ

Plunder of the National Budget by the House of Imam Ali ... XaGmDbz8WQ

Sisters of Kabobs Kubideh, Barg and Shish Kabob ... XaGmDbz8WQ

Installation of Thermostat on the Testicles of Islam ... XaGmDbz8WQ

Controling the Temperature of the Male Testicles ... XaGmDbz8WQ

Distribution of Halaal Beer during the Islamic Revolution and Ayatollah Camel ... XaGmDbz8WQ

Infiltration of Male X Rays through Female Chador Hole! ... XaGmDbz8WQ

Imam Khamenei’s Prostate and Rectum Surgery ... XaGmDbz8WQ

Invisible Wives of the Invisible Imam Mahdi ... XaGmDbz8WQ


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