Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X: Philosophy of Existence

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Re: Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X: Philosophy of Existence

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Fri Jun 05, 2020 3:59 pm

Is Humanity Ready for Reality?
Nicholas Ginex Responds to Ahreemanic Rebuttal

Hello again Dr. X,

Wow! Your rebuttal came to me just moments after I completed my response above. I am truly pleased to know you cherish interacting with my thoughts. However, you are a catalyst that stimulates my thinking and helps to reflect on your thoughts to reach, with both our ideas, better answers or visibility.

About my posting my response in the wrong rooms, it is simply not realizing I could just post a Reply to your posts. The reason I did a lot of updates to my post is because I click on Submit instead of Preview. In that way, I know I would not lose any of my responses if I was to shut down my computer and return the next day. The many updates are due to my nature to make the post look nice and easy to read by checking the size and color of the type. In the future, I will not Submit the post until it is done.

Back to your rebuttal:

Before getting my brain to think, I read your response in its entirety. It was practical, provided commonsense, and looked at the world with realistic eyes. In some parts. I could not help smile. I had a few laughs in how you portray the stupidity and arrogance that exists in our world. You paint a very dim future of the morality, intellect, and promise for humans to rise to the next level of development that will take us to the stars.

But that is why I spend time to debate and write, albeit, document the bright side, try to construct solutions, and look to the future with the promise that mankind can eventually learn to live productive, peaceful, and meaningful lives. You see, I love all people, and will try to help them “see” and understand that they too can be lovers like me. We have a beautiful world and every human being has the right to enjoy what Mother Nature has created for us.

Everything Has a Beginning

As I wrote in my last debate of June 3, 2020, it is through the transformation of energy throughout space that fundamental particles, like electrons, protons and neutrons, coalesce into inorganic and organic matter that make up after millions, and perhaps trillions of years, the stars, planets and galaxies of our universe. But what causes matter, massive planets, stars and galaxies, to form from minute particles? It seems that there is an inherent force, which is being characterized as Consciousness. It is also referred to as Universal Intelligence, which is really a misnomer because intelligence does not come into play until there is an interaction between communicating entities.

That force, Consciousness, is inherent in the electron, which has the uncanny ability to form atoms that contains protons and neutrons. The variation of atoms is unlimited. Here on earth, the electron has created 118 elements and surely, the electron has created many other elements throughout the universe. The common structure is the atom, which is the building block of all inorganic and organic matter. Gee, throughout the universe, we are all made of the same stuff, except that based upon the environment, many different forms of life take form, just as it has here on earth.

Dr. X, you are incorrect in writing that I did not believe in the law of Conservation of Matter and energy. I never “cozy up to it!” but believe that energy came first and throughout space, was able to transform into particles, atoms, and finally the massive planets, stars and galaxies. Yes, Dr. X, there is conservation of energy into matter. But also, we know that pulsars, quasars, supernovas and black holes can explode to send energy in the form of radiation, gases, and light back out into the universe. It is a two-way process but, keep in mind, energy came first; it started the universe. It is ridiculous to think there were massive bodies of matter in the beginning. If so, who created them, God? Logic and scientific knowledge affirms that something, matter, does not appear out of nothing.

Does a Multiverse Exist?

Multiverse implies many universes. You wrote,

“Actually, because the scientists have no idea of the beginning and the ending of our universe, is the more reason to logically believe that there are other universes.”

Those are not reasons that allows anybody to conclude there are other universes.
You also wrote,

“Now if there are other planets, other systems, other galaxies in our universe, then what makes you think that our universe is the only universe? You see, I am using reverse logic and create a rebuttal that the theory of single universe is unscientific and illogical.”

Your reverse logic does not work. It is illogical to presume that because our universe has planets and galaxies that there must be other universes. First of all, the new, scientific paradigm of quantum physics has substantiated that particles are created from the transformation of energy throughout space. Since space is limitless, or unlimited, all planets, stars and galaxies throughout space is part of the same universe. To think otherwise, is to believe space ends and starts somewhere else. I think not. Space goes on for infinity.

Can you imagine the extent of space? We know galaxies are billions and trillions of miles away, many that are not visible with our strongest telescopes. Also, it has been found that there are galaxies that are much older and bigger than our own at the very distant areas of our universe. This, of course nullifies the logic of a Big Bang, which initiated all matter and beginning of the universe. Frankly, this is today, knowing what we know, a very stupid idea or theory.

Conclusion. There are no other universes but the one we know of. Our universe is so vast, it is incomprehensible to even think that other universes exist.

Dr. X, you provided a reason why you disagree with my idea, my belief, that Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe by writing,

“The reason that I disagree with your “Everything has a beginning” theory is that if you look at the big picture (Macro sense), then nothing has a beginning nor an ending. It may seem like you created this table and the beginning point is when you finished building it; however, in the big picture, before the table was formed as a table, it was a pile of wood, nails, glue, paint, polish and so on. So, in a way, nothing was created here.”

Your big picture or (macro sense) asserts that nothing has a beginning nor an ending. If so, where did the planets, stars and galaxies come from? It is you who has created the “table” saying before it became a table it was a pile of wood, nails, glue, paint, polish and so on. Really, where did the table components come from? Are you agreeing with me that those components came from space, which is imbued with energy?

Yes, there is no creator but there is the creation of particles from energy that exists throughout space. It is ridiculous to believe the macro view that the table of planets, stars and galaxies always existed. To believe that, you have to believe a creator God and I know you don’t. It seems your view does not compute. In fact, it does not even agree with the faulty Big Bang Theory that assumes all matter originated from one point in space.

Universal Intelligence

Dr. X, you wrote,

“I believe it (Universal Intelligence) is very logical and saves the thinking mind to wonder out there looking for a creator or god! On the other hand, it rejects Materialism and pure Dialectical Materialism of the Marxists and Leftist Scientists.”

We do agree that Consciousness exists, for it is the inherent force that wills itself to form atoms and life as we know it. As I wrote previously, this Consciousness imbues all living organisms with the desire to procreate and therefore inherently instills the attribute of love in all living things. To me, Consciousness has a purpose as described in my paper, Everything Has a Beginning – Even the universe. This force is greater than Universal Intelligence. For UI is formed from Consciousness inherent in matter. Only after matter is formed can the aspect of Universal Intelligence exist in the cosmos.

I recommend our IPC readers to go to Section 1.2 of the paper titled, Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe? It may be accessed via the link: ... -universe/

Evidences of ETs and UFOs

Dr. X I was pleased to see that you have no disputes with the evidences that our military has conducted underground Area 51 activities to investigate the anatomy of ETs and back engineer their UFO interstellar flight capabilities. However, you wrote I have not provided evidence that UFOs actually use zero-point energy and anti-gravity.

You are correct that the military industrial complex (MIC) has successfully kept secret this new technology so that we have no proof that this new technology exists. However, it is clear that the MIC has designed space craft that hovers and flies into interstellar space since the 1960s. It is therefore a reality that the MIC has been able to duplicate ET UFO technology. Since you believe zero-point energy and anti-gravity may not be, or you don’t know it is the technology that the MIC has duplicated, perhaps you will rather call this technology Extraterrestrial Space Technology (EST).

Therefore, plenty of evidence proves EST exists but the MIC will not disclose its design and physical make up for fear that other countries may use it against us. This is an imagined fear built up by their own destructive propensities to destroy anything that interferes with their objective to control economies worldwide. This objective is harbored by the Surreptitious Shadow Government (SSG) that controls the big oil industries and the fake news media.

Dr. X, have you ignored the evidence given that shows the MIC and government FBI-CIA agencies have killed ETs and, more monstrous, have killed more than 150 UFO researchers, biologists, engineers, scientists, and top military officers that had knowledge of, or worked in, Area 51? Surely, such proof should incite all Americans to demand disclosure of EST.

You raise significant reasons that even if we are able to use EST to design it in all moving vehicles, manufacturing and production plants, agriculture machinery, and cars, trucks, planes, aircraft, and space ships, it would possibly cause disrupt continued use of oil causing decreases in jobs. But this is a lame excuse by the SSG who spend billions of dollars on fake news to convince people that EST cannot replace oil usage without causing recession with mass unemployment.

There is nothing the human mind cannot overcome with proper planning to gradually replace much of the oil running machines with EST. Your first through fourth reasons below can easily be resolved with intelligent planning.

“First, I doubt that scientifically we are there yet to produce these systems as a mass production.
Second, I doubt, the public will buy in to it.
Third, I doubt that they will be economic.
Fourth, there is no guarantee that with our level of science, these systems will be practical, economical, and fiscal to be used by the popular demand"

The above reasons do not give credence to the fact that EST does not require fuel but can be freely obtained from the space around us. That alone will obviate the use of oil. Yes, it will take intelligent minds to invent the machines that can operate with EST, but if the Extraterrestrials can do it, so can we. What if it takes one to two decades to perfect use of EST, it will be worth it. People in oil producing countries would not have to worry about the production of oil, or kill other people to protect oils fields. It is the SSG that has a lot to lose and they will infect the minds of people to think EST is an impossibility. They will lose control of large economies when free nations are able to utilize EST.

Pessimism is a Deterrent

Dr. X, you believe that the following reasons for having no confidence in ETs:

“These aliens are here for a reason. Maybe we are their genetic experiment and they are observing how we have developed, so they have been studying us like lab rats.

Maybe they see something of value in us, our planet and our resources which could benefit them.

Maybe they could use our alliance to battle another breed of aliens.”

The above reasons reflect not only a pessimistic view, but they originate out of unknown fears of aliens. I always felt the idea that aliens are using us as an experiment was ridiculous. Such an idea does not give credit to our Mother Earth that has evolved all living organisms and the balance it created to allow life to exist. To think it was aliens is to belittle the ability of human beings. No, we humans have invented automated travel in cars, trains, boats and planes; invented use of electricity, telephones, television; and can now travel among the stars. I give no credit to Extraterrestrials. In fact, they may be impressed with the great literature and music that were produced by gifted people and our own human geniuses.

Are Humans Ready for Reality?

Dr. X, you are very articulate in listing a number of atrocities committed by religious and political differences. But you also elaborated on the myths taught by religious leaders, such as, man was created in the image of God. This image will surely be shattered when followers learn that there are other beings from other worlds that do not look like us.

That is why I emphasize that all of our educational institutions and religious organizations need to be reevaluated and revamped to strongly impart in the minds of their followers and students the attributes of integrity, truth and love for all people. Hopefully, that education can be so effective that they will learn to love all living entities in the universe. Yes, this is a hope but not of a dreamer, but of a practical, perceptive author who looks into the future and “sees” no prospect for enjoying the wonders of our universe and communication with other living beings unless we have instilled in our character those attributes.

It is arrogance, ignorance, stupidity and fear that is symptomatic of a poor education and poor sense of values not taught at all levels of intellectual growth. Our educational and religious institutions have failed to have people believe in the attributes that makes a lovely, compassionate human being.

Adopting the New Technology, EST

Dr. X, your pessimistic views are valid but that does not mean we put head in sand and give up. Human beings have a will to live, they are born with the capability to love, and they possess the mind to do great things. The problem is that from the very beginning, a young mind is exposed to a poor environment, uneducated parents, little guidance from a mentor or teacher. Others are blessed with love and nourishment from birth, an education, and instructed to pursue a successful path with righteousness and truth.

All the new technology, even with EST, will mean nothing if our leaders, from the president and down, do not change the direction of our educational institutions. Regarding religious institutions, this is a hard nut to crack because beliefs are hard to let go of. They can only be corrected through an open and fair education that allows students to compare and evaluate the beliefs of each religion. They will then “see” the faults and myths that do not serve to think logically. Beliefs are not the same as ATTRIBUTES. Integrity, truth, love and compassion for others are not beliefs but are standards to lead prosperous and successful lives. The sooner religious teachers understand that it is not godly beliefs but a standard of attributes that make a person beautiful and trustworthy, then we can finally achieve a wonderful life for all of us.

Regarding EST (Extraterrestrial Space Technology), the MIC needs to disclose all documentation to the American people. I do not like being made a fool of, just as they have made fools of half the people with fake news. EST definitely exists when military officers and others have actually witnessed an IFO (interstellar flying object) hovering at the Area 51 facility and flying within seconds out of sight with no noise or expulsion of fuel pollution.

I have written that EST can be implemented with proper planning by our engineers and industrialists. It requires a coordinated effort by city leaders and builders to prove a city can be built using EST. A modern city that will run solely on and with EST. Once proven, it can be introduced to cities in America and then to countries around the world. Such innovation will require a new set of books that will allow students and people world over, to be prepared mentally, emotionally and motivated to meet the challenge to build a new world here on earth.

Yes, I am a dreamer. But the world has been created with the dreams of gifted men and women who have made their dreams a reality. At the age of 84, I don’t think I can fulfill such a dream, but at least, I can be a catalyst to motivate our youth and all those who would like to build a better world.


Nicholas with love
Author of Philosophy
Student of Science
Writer of Untold
Seeker of Truth
Lover of Life

Future of God Amen
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Re: Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X: Philosophy of Existence

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Jun 06, 2020 8:05 pm


Greetings Master Philosopher Brother Ginex

Regarding posting, I always use MS word to complete my writings, spell and grammar check and then go over them a couple of time for error cleaning before I publish anything.

Allow us to divert the debate to a few points which came to me due to your response. Let us move towards something totally different and another aspect of our discussion on “Philosophy of Existence”. Primarily I will bring forward these points and then move on to main focus which is the Evolution:

I. Matters and Energies

“It is a two-way process but, keep in mind, energy came first; it started the universe. It is ridiculous to think there were massive bodies of matter in the beginning. If so, who created them, God? Logic and scientific knowledge affirms that something, matter, does not appear out of nothing.”

Do you know what is the problem with you? As a scientific mind and a scientist, your perspective and view of the world is still having tendencies and spices of a Creationist. Again, you are bothered with which came first, the egg or the chicken? Why is it so hard for the humanity to simply comprehend this concept that:

Nothing came first
No one created anything else
There was no creator or creation

The complete Multiverse (you don’t like that term) is the result of infinite, eternal and never beginning and never-ending chain reactions between matters and energies.

Get out of the creationist mindset and do not focus on what came first but focus on the big picture and the concept of the system of the universe.

Let’s try it this way,

There was never a beginning; therefore, we are not discussing on whether there was a pile of matter first or a stream of energy! It was all a continuous chain reaction of various chemical, physical and eventually biological interactions between the matters and energies.

Is it really that hard to picture this reality? I know it is hard to picture this reality for a religious person, a priest or a theist but you are not only a scientist but a scientific philosopher, so why is it so difficult to picture this fact? Why are you constantly seeking and searching for a beginning and a creator to the events?

There was no beginning
There was no what came first or second
There was only an endless chain of reactions

Maybe my graph of the snake loops would help picturing the concept:

String of Eternity Theory

String of Eternity is similar to an eternal Snake-like Graph.

On “Beginning of the Universe,” issue, this everything which created our first atom and our beginning is a string of eternity which has no beginning and no end.

“The String of Eternity which the Evolving Force dictates to it to evolve.”

String of Eternity Snake-Like Graph
Snake Has many loops but they never close, yet they are continuous for eternity ……

Expanded more in this piece:

Universal Intelligence vs. God ... /index.htm

II. Big Bang

“Big Bang”

I do not believe in Big Bang. It was the most simplistic description of the universal timeline that the scientists came up with. Even the first time that I have read about it in my youth, I knew it is off, flawed, incomplete, illogical and it just gives ammunition to the theists and clerics to attack the science.

Big Bang Theory is in fact moronic! That is why I believe in the “String of Eternity Theory” which of course existed way before me but I again polished it, elaborate on it, expanded it and brought it to the present evolved form:

Theory of Everything
Part One: The Basic Concepts ... /index.htm

Theory of Everything
Part Two: Parallel Universes ... /index.htm

Universal Intelligence vs. God ... /index.htm

III. Consciousness and Universal Intelligence

“To me, Consciousness has a purpose as described in my paper, Everything Has a Beginning – Even the universe. This force is greater than Universal Intelligence. For UI is formed from Consciousness inherent in matter. Only after matter is formed can the aspect of Universal Intelligence exist in the cosmos.”

* Universal Intelligence does have a purpose and it is not only a concept without a purpose.

* Nothing has a beginning, specifically the universe.

* No force is greater than Universal Intelligence.

* Universal Intelligence was not created from the matter and consciousness. Universal Intelligence was the eternal force and is the infinite reality.

Again, I refer to Universal Intelligence piece,

Universal Intelligence Definition

“Universal Intelligence is a collective intelligence force made up of all intelligence around the universe and all interactive forces between energies and matters. This is a real force and a reality. This entity is not holy; therefore, it does not require respect or worship and it is not requirement to respect it.

UI (Universal Intelligence) is not a higher power but it is ‘The Higher Power’, it is a collective universal intelligence which includes yours and my intelligence. Every element in the universe is a part of it. No higher power here. No lower power here. Universal Intelligence is The Force.”

Universal Man and Universal Intelligence System

Intelligence evolves via experimentation, experience, mutation and leaps. As Intelligence evolves, various Intelligence become interwoven and compatible with one another. This is how Intelligence self-organizes and become complex.

Universal Intelligence Purpose

There is a purpose for Universal Intelligence and it is called Evolution. UI is not an automated machine but its purpose is to Evolve.

The Universal System

* Universal Intelligence is the combine intelligence of all.
* Universal Man is the intelligence of part.
* Evolving Force is the Power which sparks Evolution and Evolves the System.

Elaborated more:

Universal Intelligence vs. God ... /index.htm

Man stares at the Universe
You are not alone. You are so small and insignificant compare to the universe, yet you are a part of the Universal Intelligence; therefore, you matter.

The problem is that again you view the universe from the creationist lens! Man or matter or brain did not create the UI but the UI has been eternal and infinite.

IV. Role of Aliens in Human Evolution

“I always felt the idea that aliens are using us as an experiment was ridiculous. Such an idea does not give credit to our Mother Earth that has evolved all living organisms and the balance it created to allow life to exist. To think it was aliens is to belittle the ability of human beings.”

I also am not in harmony with the Ancient Aliens Theory but I do believe that Aliens played a role in the process.

Alien Factor
The Philosophical and the Scientific Theory
Part One: Macro-analysis ... /index.htm

Alien Factor
The Philosophical and the Scientific Theory
Part Two: Micro-analysis ... /index.htm

Maybe you are looking at the process from the wrong aspect and perspective which this brings me to my main point:


Do not assume that people like me are in harmony with Ancient Aliens Theorists. Do not view the process as if Aliens created the man as a genetic experiment but look at the process as if the Aliens played the role of the Missing Link of Darwin in the process!

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology Philosophy in 3 Chapters
Part One: Fundamentals
Part Two: Survival of Species
Part Three: Behavioral Analysis ... /index.htm

The evolution of man and the evolution in general had occurred through millions of years; however, the jump from Primate to Man or as evolutionists refer to it as the Missing Link was the result of Alien interference.

This genetic experiment was done for the Aliens to not screw with our genes but for them to search for their ancestors!

Look at this evolution in this manner:

Evolution of Man in 3 Stages Theory

Alien Genetic Experimentation on Humans

Aliens are not our ancestors, at least not in the old original era of our evolution. In the new era of our evolution, aliens played a role with their genetic experimentations but originally aliens were not our ancestors but we are their ancestors!

Stage One: Human
In this stage we use only 5 % of our brains

Originally it was man in our humanoid form of homo sapiens who eventually evolved to the green aliens. Our bodies evolved, our brains got bigger, our heads to store it got larger, our fingers got longer for holding better, we lost our excess fat, we also lost our muscle mass because of computers and less time exercising. The worst part was we lost our productive parts by having less sex to the point that greens are now cloning rather than having sex. Their schlongs shrunk!

Stage Two: Greens
In this stage we use 50 % of our brains

Our colors also adapted by adapting from various colors to green, our eyes got larger and complete skull mutated to satisfy our evolution. Eventually we become the greens. Our complete bodies mutated, adapted to the environment and life conditions and we become more intelligent and less muscular and sexual. We grew large brains.

Stage Three: Ascension
In this stage we use 75 % and more of our brains

Greens eventually evolved to the level of intelligence and spirituality that they did not require physical bodies; therefore, they evolved by ascending to pure energy and become lifeforms made up of sole energy with super physical powers even more than they had as Greens. As Greens they could use telepathy as a form of communication but now in energy form, they have telekinetic powers, teleportation powers, supreme intellect and even power of descending back to lower physical lifeforms.

Now you may ask how this system works? At the same time, we have man in all three forms as homo sapiens, greens and energy; because not all mankind evolved at the same rate. Picture survival of the fittest, adaptation and mutation at different rates for different members of the species. So presently we have all three forms in the universe.

For example, an Islamist suicide bomber ape man evolved less than a scientific philosopher like you!

Now you May ask, how these jumps occurred and these time conflicts occurred? Answer is simple, Time Travel. It is one large loop in the history of man. As Greens went back in time to find their ancestors which is us!

As we discussed earlier, Time Travel is possible even now. Go back and view our discussions. We can travel back and forth in time by changing speed (Einstein Theory of Relativity), event horizon (travelling near black holes), different degrees of gravity (Bermuda Triangle) and more. Of course, you disagree on travelling to the past but we can travel to past and present both; however, we must try not to change the history. As you know, I have been experimenting and conducting expeditions about time travel for a long time. One day in the future, Time Travel will be a norm.

Above is an old theory which again, I polished it and elaborated on it. It is one theory amongst other theories of the alien genetic experimentation on humans. In this theory aliens are us and we are the aliens’ ancestors and descendants both!

I just wanted to bring these few points and a different perspective on Evolution to your attention. This is only a theory but a scientific theory. I also wanted to elaborate on a few points above.

Ginex, it is always a thrill discussing philosophy with you. I like the way your mind works. I surely cherish these moments with a mind like you.

I put this moment over here in the archives of my mind and cherish it, thus they will never return!

Hallowed Art the IPC Minds
Hallowed Art the Debates of Minds



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