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Postby Admzad » Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:31 pm

==============Pislam : Pure Islam ============

This is from a good book by V S Naipaul: among the believers, Islamic journey.

Author (VSN) goes to Iran/Pakistan/Malaysia/Indonesia in 79-80 to observe Islam.

My comments are in --< >-- .

KIR: Khomeini's Islamic Republic.
KK : K*Kesh.



This Kom is a place that, excepting on the subject of religion, & settling who
are worthy of salvation & who to be damned, no one opens his lips. Every man
you meet is either a descendant of the prophet or a man of the law ... Perhaps,
friend Hajji, you do not know that this is the residence of the celebrated
Mirza Abdul Cossim, the first mushtehed(divine) of Persia; a man who, if he
were to give himself sufficient stir, would make the people believe any doctrine
that he might choose to promulgate. Such is his influence, that many believe
he could even subvert the authority of the Shah himself, & make his subjects
look upon his firmans as worthless, as so much waste paper. - James Morier:
the adventures of Haji Baba of Ispahan (1824).

Yes, the Goh mullahs of Miran have been very powerful for centuries, preventing people
to use their brain & think for themselves, always brainwashing them & keep them ignorant.
The British had identified them as the 'key' to the control & manipulation of Miran & have
had the mullahs in their payrolls for decades & still do.

But, they never tried to do Ane-Qollaab, so why did they try it in 78?
Masters gave them the green light, that's why!
Goheh a'zam, ruhollah lived in exile for many years, but couldn't do any goh-khori.



The Bahai movement in the 19 century was subversive. An early call was for
'heads to be cut off, books & leaves burnt, places demolished & laid waste,
& a general slaughter made'; in 1852 there was an attempt to kill the king.


VSN is talking to Mr Jaffrey, an Indian Shia who moved to Pakistan in 48,
then to Iran in 58. he said that all Muslim people tend to put their faith
in one man, in the 60s the Shah was loved, now in the late 70s, Khomeini was
loved. He said that Khomeini should've stood down after the revolution in favor
of the administrators, but he didn't & now the country is in the hands of the
'fanatics'. He thought that “Islam was the answer” to the situation in Iran &
that Islam stands for 4 things, brotherhood, honesty, the will to work, proper
recompense for labor.

But this is pure nonsense, because none of these things exists in any Muslim
country today.

He was pro-Khomeini, but ends up running away back to Pakistan. he says,
"you see, all my life I've wanted to see the true 'jame towhidi'”, which means
'the society of believers'. Well, Pakistan was supposed to be the pure-land of
'Islam', but today, it is a country where 1 woman is raped every hour, or
ganged-raped every 8 hours bu her Muslim 'brothers'.


Five billion dollars worth of American F-14 jets were written off, their
missile systems too 'difficult & uneconomical'. And other big pre-revolutionary
projects were canceled, in addition to the 2 West German nuclear power plants on
which a billion dollars were owed.

Behzad was born in 1955. he took the existence of national wealth for granted;
he took the expansion of his society for granted; he had an eye only for what
was still unjust in that society. I saw him as emerged, even privileged. He saw
himself as poor, & as proof he said he didn't own a jacket; in winter he only
wore a pullover. This idea of poverty had been given Behzad by his father, who,
as a communist, had been imprisoned for some time during Shah's rule. And that
idea of poverty was far from mine in Trinidad 25 years before.

This is a very important point!

VSN is basically saying that those idiots didn't even know what real 'poverty'
was, because VSN had seen it himself in old colonies.

VSN's other book (see my 'meat') shows very clearly how many who 'protested',
had no right to protest at all. They all had done well under the old regime.

As for his stupid father being in prison, he too must've been one of the brainwashed
- who fell for Soviet propaganda;
- who would've killed many people, if he could, just like his son end up admitting;
- who transferred his hate & stupidity & ego to his son;
- who was another victim of the Goh culture of Miran.

Anthony Eden hated Nasir of Egypt, tried very hard to kill him, bombed & killed many
people in Egypt, was a major factor in making/letting Israel to invade Egypt.
Yet, he brainwashed the whole world that Nasir was fascist & evil & that the British
were God's chosen people to spread freedom & justice around the world, completely hiding
the fact that the British government was very selfish & nasty.

Nobody can beat the Masters when it comes to propaganda.
They have brainwashed the whole world that Shah was corrupt & cruel, yet they are
business partners with Saudi Royal family, communist China, & many other criminal dictators.

Millions of Iranians have opposed the KIR, but the media never shows their oppositions.
Instead, the media is always showing fanatic KIR supporters shouting death-to this/that,
trying to brainwash the whole world that all Iranians support KIR, which is not true
at all.

Many people in Miran opposed Shah, but the media never showed their opposition, because
the Masters wanted Shah in power. But after the Masters decided to do a regime change
in Iran, all of a sudden, all we saw in the media was Miranians opposing the Shah, in
or out of Miran.

Masters placed Saddam in power in Iraq, used him to do their dirty work, made tons of
money, then got rid of him, when it suited them, completely ignoring health & well being
of millions of innocent (but ignorant) people in Iraq, causing millions of Iraqis to
die, yet brainwashing the whole world that they really 'care' & want “peace & justice”.

Well if they care so much, then how come most of the world is full of “piss & just-piss”?!
Hell, they don't even have “peace & harmony” in their own countries (look at their
crime-rate), how could they care about the rest of the world?

How could Iraq produce a monster like Saddam, who would kill & torture millions of
his own people, while pretending to pray to God every day?

How could Miran produce so many KK killer a*hole mullahs?

But, nobody can rule any country for long, without blessing & permission from the
Masters. (read my MASTER-101)

When he was a child - it would have been in mid 60s - Behzad had one day asked
his father, ' why don't we have a car? Why don't we have a refrigerator? That
was when his father had told him about poverty & injustice, & had begun to
induct him into the idea of revolution. In Behzad's house revolution had replaced
religion as an animating idea. To Behzad it was even touched, like religion, with
the notion of filial piety. And Behzad, in his own faith, was as rigid as any
mullah in Qom in his. He judged men & countries by their revolutionary qualities.
Apart from Persian literature, for which he had a special feeling, he read only
revolutionary writers or writers he considered revolutionary, & I wasn't sure that
he could put dates to them: Sholokhov, Steinbeck, Jack London. He had never been
tempted to stray. He told me that there was no true freedom in the West. The workers
were oppressed, exchanging their labour for the barest necessities. True freedom
had existed only once in the world, in Russia, between 1917 & 1953.
I said, 'but there was a lot of suffering. A lot of people were jailed & killed'.
He pounced on that, 'what sort of people'?
He had no religious faith. But he had grown up in Shia Iran, & his idea of justice
for the pure & the suffering was inseparable from the idea of punishment for the
wicked. His dream of the reign of Stalin was a version of the dream of the rule
of Ali - the prophet's true successor.

Wow, how could anybody mix Stalin with a religious semi-God?
Well, Miranians even mixed Marxism with Islam & many still follow such a party!
They have a woman-president who covers her hair, & behaves as if she owned the world!



Later, on the avenue of the Islamic Republic, formerly Shah, the siren sounded
again, & again I saw the Muslims with guns. No emergency had called them out.
They were only driving fast round the town, the siren their battle-horn; & they
were doing it, as Behzad have said, to show their power.
Two days later, I saw Behzad. He had been standing with the dispossessed communists
across the road from the sand-bags & the machine-gun. He was sad but calm. He had
found his battle. ...
Such emotion, such bravery; &, unavoidably in Iran, his cause was as simple as his
enemy's, & in the end really no more than a version of his enemy's. Both sides
depended on revealed truth & a special reading of historical events; both required
absolute faith. And both were fed by the same passion: justice, union, vengeance.

I wouldn't say “such bravery”, I'd say such stupidity, such khariyyat, such hemaaqat,
such jenaayat, such goh-khori, such oqdeh, such nefrat, such rage.

None of the baboons were 'brave' enough to even shout against the 'Palang', when he
was alive; but when they saw that it was safe, that the Masters wanted the Palang out,
they all became angry & full of rage for killing, destruction & power. They were
too stupid to see how they were being brainwashed & used to destroy their country &
lives, & how their leaders were on the Masters' payroll.


In his advertisement in the NY Times in Jan 79, when he was still in France,
Khomeini had appealed to 'the Christians of the world' as to people of an equal
civilization. It was a different Khomeini who said in Aug, on Jerusalem Day (the
day the Phantoms were sent against the Kurds): 'the governments of the world
should know that Islam cannot be defeated. Islam will be victorious in all the
countries of the world, & Islam & the teachings of the Koran will prevail all
over the world'.
That couldn't have been said to the readers of the NY Times. Nor could this,
spoken on the last Friday of Ramadan: 'when democrats talk about freedom they
are inspired by the super-powers. They want to lead our youth to places of
corruption ... If that is what they want, then yes, we are reactionaries. You
who want prostitution & freedom in every matter are intellectuals. You consider
corrupt morality as freedom, prostitution as freedom ... Those who want freedom
want the freedom to have bars, brothels, casinos, opium. But we want our youth
to crave out a new period in history. We do not want intellectuals. ... interpreter
of God's will, leader of the faithful, he expressed all the confusion of his people
& made it appear like glory, like the familiar faith: the confusion of a people
of high medieval culture awakening to oil & money, a sense of power & violation,
& a knowledge of a great new encircling civilization. That civilization couldn't
be mastered. It was to be rejected; at the same time it was to be depended on.

The whole regime-change was designed by the Masters to:
- make money in the long-run ;
- brainwash the world that all Iranians were uneducated stupid Muslim fanatics,
who wanted the stupid mullahs to rule over them;
- to show the Afghans that fanatic-Islam can beat super-powers, so Muslims in
Russia & Afghanistan would rise up against the soviets;
- break-up of USSR.
- etc.



I Iran, in spite of all that was said about the wickedness of the Shah,
the money had gone down far. Money & foreign goods & tools that it bought, gave
an illusion of Islamic power. Seventy million unearned dollars a day kept the
idle country on the boil, & fed the idea of the revolution.

In case you missed this, read it again:

in spite of all that was said about the wickedness of the Shah,
the money had gone down far.

& education had gone down far, but it created many idiots like Behzad, who couldn't
see that the problem was with the 'culture' (not that government), who couldn't see
that his rage was being used to cause the regime-change.

The idea of a separate Indian Muslim state ... was put forward in 1930 by revered
poet, Mohammed Iqbal (1876-1938). Iqbal's argument was like this. Islam is not
only an ethical idea; it is also 'a certain kind of polity'. .... to accept Islam
is to accept certain 'legal concept'. ... Iqbal, in fact, is saying in a
philosophical way that in an undivided India Islam will be in danger, will go
the way of Christianity in Europe & cease to be itself.

It was only afterwards that it became clear that the plan for the creation of
Pakistan, apparently logical, meeting Muslim needs, had a simple, terrible flaw.

Muslim passions were strongest among the Muslims who felt most threatened, &
they were in that part of the sub-continent which was to remain in India. Not
all of those Muslims, not a half, not a quarter, could migrate to Pakistan.

The state withered. But the faith didn't. Failure only led back to the faith.
The state had been founded as a homeland for Muslims. If the state failed, it
wasn't because the dream was flawed, or the faith flawed; it could only be
because men had failed the faith. A purer & purer faith began to be called for.
And in that quest of the Islamic absolute - the society of believers, where
every action was instinct with worship - men lost sight of the political origins
of their state. They forgot the secular ambitions of Mr Jinnah, the state's
political founder, who wanted only a state where Muslims wouldn't be swamped by
non-Muslims. Even Iqbal was laid aside. Extraordinary claims began to be made
for Pakistan: it was founded as the land of the pure; it was to be the first
truly Islamic state since the days of the Prophet & his close companions.

Same goh-logic is used in Miran. The Goh-killer, kharkhaali, told VSN in 95
that “a beginning had been made”, that only %30 of KIR had been achieved.

KK MJ knows that people know that KIR has been a major failure & a disaster,
so he can't brag about it. He doesn't want to admit his Goh-khori & failure & crimes,
so he has to claim that not-all-was-done & it's not finished yet. They still
need to kill the remaining %70, so nobody would complain.

Miranians are too stupid to question their shiit religion & shit culture.

Same thing is happening in all Muslim countries. They can't accept that Islam
has not delivered after 1400 years, because it simply can't deliver. So they keep on
blaming people for not following the pure Islam.

wouldn't have been better if the creation of Pakistan had been seen as a political
achievement, something to build on, rather as a victory of the faith, something
complete in itself? ... Wouldn't have been better for Muslims to trust less to
the saving faith & to sit down hard-headedly to work out institution? Wasn't
that an essential part of the history of civilization, after all: the conversion
of ethical ideas into institutions?

yes, it would've been, ONLY IF they had a brain & could use it.
But fanatic Islam, specially the shiit kind, kills brain cells.

What do they have to show for it today in Pakistan, the land of Pure-Islam(PIslam),
after so many years of struggle & civil-war & killings?
1 woman is raped every hour, with only %15 literacy?
And, after so much killing & suffering, more than 100 million Muslims are still in India!


I said, 'I want to see Islam in action'. Mr Sherwani said that many people said
they were Muslims, but there were very few true Muslims. Islam was a complete
way of life & for that reason was too hard for most people. I mentioned Iran;
Mr Sherwani said with immense, fatherly tolerance that Shias of Iran were a deviation.

The all-knowing all-powerful God would not have a religion that only a very few humans
could follow. If such a God wanted all humans to follow His religion, He would design
it in such a way that most humans would follow it.
Most humans don't have a problem with sex because they were 'designed' for it.


She was training her children to leave Pakistan. She said, 'I have to. We are
a minority. We are non-Muslim. We believe in the prophet. But 3 years ago we were
declared non-Muslims by the government. We are Ahmadis'.

The sect began with a man called Ahmad, who was born in North India in the 19
century. In 1890, he came to the realization, by many signs given him, that he
was the Mahdi or the Promised Messiah. There were Muslims who believed that the
Messiah was going to come only at doomsday; but another interpretation of the
prophecy was that the Messiah would appear when Islam had degenerated, & in 1890
Islam had degenerated. ... Ahmadis were divided. Some believed in the successors
to the Messiah; others didn't.


According to Khalid Ishaq, not much has been achieved by the Ideology Council.
They were still trying to get around the problem of interest in banking. There
was an idea they had put up to government for getting everyone to wear the same
clothes & drive the same make of car; but nothing had come of that. There were
difficulties. There were the 'modernists' among the Islamizers, people who in
old age or for some private reason had turned from secular life to religion.
They read a few books about Islam, & thought they knew a lot; but they knew very
little. These people were really mystics & knew nothing about institutions. And
there were the mullahs. It was to the mullahs that the military government had
turned when they had decided to Islamize.

The mullahs really had no idea what was being asked of them. They could only
think of “the good man” or “the good men” to whom everything should be entrusted.
I have met these people & I really think that many of them don't even begin to
have an idea of the need for institutions of any kind. They don't know what we
are talking about.

Hell, Miranian mullahs of KIR didn't even want “the good men”, they only wanted
every killer & torturer they could find.
They even placed all “good mullahs” under house arrest or in jail.

The poet Iqbal had spoken of a Muslim polity or social order as something arising
naturally out of the 'Islamic principle of solidarity'. But the Islamic state of
which people now spoke was more abstract than Iqbal's. This Islamic state couldn't
simply be decreed; it had to be invented, & in that invention faith was of little
help. Faith, at the moment, could supply only the simple negatives that answered
emotional needs: no alcohol, no feminine immodesty, no interest in the banks. But
soon in Pakistan these negatives were to be added to: no political parties, no
parliament, no dissent, no law courts. So existing institutions were deemed
unIslamic & undermined or undone; the faith was asserted because only the faith
seemed to be whole; & in the vacuum only the army could rule.

I think Miranians ended up pissing on their 'religion'!
I've seen young US-EU born 'Muslim' Miranians going to Miran for a visit & saying
“in eslaam nist” ('this is not Islam')!
As for bank-interest, all top KIR-mullahs keep their money in Swiss banks.
Many mullahs used to manage hidden prostitution in the past, but now it is more
in the open, with so many war-widows at their service!


During the Bangladesh crisis, reports that Pakistani soldiers were raping Bengali
women had caused him unspeakable anguish. Rape, for a Muslim, was more than a
physical assault on a woman; it destroyed her honour, & so destroyed her life;
it destroyed the honour of her family.

Today in Pakistan, 1 woman is gang-raped every 8 hours by her Muslim brothers!
So why should it cause 'unspeakable anguish' during war/crisis?
Women were raped at raids/war even during the Prophet's time!
It's halaal to take women & children as slaves & rape them.

Ahmed said: 'I will tell you the story of this country in 2 sentences. In the first
quarter of this century the Hindus of India decided that everything that was wrong
had to do with foreigners & foreign influence. Then in the second quarter the
Muslims of India woke up. They had a double hate. They hated the foreigners & they
hated the Hindus. So the country of Pakistan was built on hate & nothing else. The
people here weren't ready for Pakistan, & people who don't deserve shouldn't demand.
It was what many conservative Muslims said: that the Muslims of India, as Muslims,
hadn't been pure enough for a Muslim state.

Both Pakistan & Kiran (KIR Iran) were built on hate.

The idea that only the 'pure' can follow the pure Islam is pure rubbish.
Most people would say that the purest Muslims were the Prophet's close companions.
Yet, they declared civil war on each other after Mohammad's death, over who should
be the next ruler.
Islam has never meant peace & has never 'delivered' any form of harmonious society.
It never did, & never will.
It's all about invading, raping, & looting the infidels.
Without invasion & looting, there wouldn't have been any Islam today.

Just imagine what would've happened if the early Muslims hadn't done any invading
or looting. What if Mohammad hadn't attacked & defeated Mekkah?
Would the people of Mekkah have volunteered to become Muslims & destroyed all their idols?
Would the owners of the house-of-idols in Mekkah have allowed this to happen?
How would the early Muslims have survived without looting caravans, Jews of Arabia, &
other tribes?
How many Arabs would've voluntarily become Muslims? How many non-Arabs would've become
Muslims voluntarily? Surely, not many in India would've volunteered to become Muslims.

Some would say, Muslims didn't invade Indonesia. But Islam wouldn't have been that
established to set foot in Indonesia, if the early Muslims hadn't done their invasion
& looting.

Arabs were killing each other in Mekkah & Medianh, even at Mohammad's time. You had to
be part of a tribe for protection. Mohammad was asked to go to Medinah/Yathrib that help
the locals stop killing each other. Why people who were killing each other care about
people in other countries? Why should they want to spread “peace” in the world. Early
Muslims didn't have “peace” even among each other, so Islam could not have meant “peace”.

I can understand Buddha or Jesus being called men of “peace”, but not Mohammad or Moses
or many other prophets of Old Testament.

Ahmed & his other visitor agreed that people were turning to Islam because everything
else had failed. Even at the universities the Islamic wave was swamping academic life.

But wasn't that, I asked, the special trap of a place like Pakistan? Couldn't people
now accept that they were Muslims in a Muslim country, & that Pakistan was what the
faith had made of it? Did it make sense - after the centuries of Islamic history -
to say that Islam hadn't been tried?
Ahmed became grave, 'No, it has never been tried'.

This is khar-khaali mentality: only %30 of KIR has been achieved/erected!


Kufa was associated with the rightly guided Muslims at the very beginning of
Islam; it was one of the earliest military towns the Arabs established among
the conquered peoples north of Arabia; it was from Kufa that Ali, the cousin &
son-in-law of the Prophet, ruled as the 4th caliph from AD 656 to 661. conquest
first, Islam later: it was the pattern of Arab expansion.

There was the mosque, or the floor-plan of the mosque, modelled on the mosque of
Kufa in Iraq: that was the treasure of Banbhore. ... and everywhere, too, mixed
with the earth, & commoner than pottery, were crushed bones, white & clean &
sharp. Ahmed said they were human bones. But such a quantity! The bones weren't
only on the surface; the excavation trenches showed the mixture of bones & earth
all the way down, the bones like a kind of building material. Had the town been
built on a cemetery? But why were the bones so crushed? If Ahmed was right, &
the bones were human bones, Banbhore held another mystery.

“conquest first, Islam later”!
Islam never meant 'peace'.

A religion that says “kill'm all”, in its holy book, cannot be a religion of 'peace'.
No true 'religion' of a true God, would do any conquest/war, rape women & children
& take them into slavery, because there is no need.
People from all over the world will rush to the 'true religion of the true God'
without being forced to.

The fact that all humans do not follow One religion today, after thousands of
years, is the proof that God has never wanted all humans to follow His religion.


The poet Iqbal ... had said that the Islam of India was special, 'a people-building
force ... at its best. I therefore demand the formation of a consolidated Muslim
state in the best interests of India & Islam. For India, it means security & peace
...; for Islam, an opportunity to rid itself of the stamp that Arabian imperialism
was forced to give it'.

But the world had changed since 1930; Arabia had some say in the world again.
--< but thanks to Oil, not Islam! >-- Pakistan had changed since 1947. seeking more
than Iqbal's Muslim polity now, seeking in failure an impossibly pure faith, it
called up its Arabian origins, mystical but at the same time real. At Banbhore, a
remote outpost of the earliest Arab empires, you walked on human bones.

The Arab account of the conquest of Sind - contained in a book called the chachnama,
which I read in Pakistan - tells a less apocalyptic story. The Arabs had to
fight hard. They turned their attention to Sind at some time between 634 & 644
... & in the next 60 or 70 years made 10 attempts at conquest. The aim of the
final invasion, as the chachnama makes clear, was not the propagation of the
faith. The invasion was a commercial-imperial enterprise; it had to show a profit.
Revenge was a subsidiary motive; but what was required form the conquered people
was not conversion to Islam, but tribute & taxes, treasure, slaves, & women.
The invasion was superintended from Kufa by Hajjaj, the government of Iraq.

When, in the middle of the campaign, he received the head of the defeated king
of Sind, together with 60,000 slaves & the royal 1/5 of the loot of Sind, Hajjaj
placed his forehead on the ground & offered prayers of thanksgiving, by 2
genuflection to God, & praised him, saying “Now have I got all the treasures,
whether open or buried, as well as other wealth & the kingdom of the world”. He
summoned the people of Kufa to the famous Mosque ... & told them, 'good news &
good luck to the people of Syria & Arabia, whom I congratulate on the conquest
of Hind & the possession of immense wealth ... which the great & omnipotent God
has kindly bestowed on them'. It was open to the conquered people to accept Islam.
But the conquerors were Arabs, & the kingdom of the world was theirs.

Not even one word about 'new family of believers joining our family/ommat',
no mention of spread of holy-Islam, no mention of Islam-means-peace, no mention
of peace-upon-earth, because it was all about conquest, rape, treasure, loot, & killing.
They thought Allah was rewarding them with the slaves/loot/wealth, by letting
them kill & rape the dirty infidels.

the Chachnama is Arab or Muslim genre writing, a 'pleasant story of conquest',
& it was written 500 years after the conquest of Sind. The author was Persian;
his source was an Arabic manuscript preserved by the family of the conqueror,
Bin Qasim. The intervening 5 centuries have added no extra moral or historical
sense to the Persian narrative, no new wonder or compassion, no idea of what is
cruel & what is not cruel. To the Persian, writing in 1216, the Arab conquests -
of Khurasan, Ajam (Persia), Iraq, Sham(Syria), Rum(Byzantium) & Hind - are
glorious; they are the story of the spread of true civilization. Chach is
reported as being the native dynasty of Sind that was overthrown. Then a
fairy-tale story is told about how the dynasty was formed & how morally corrupt
it was.

There are many betrayals that assisted the Arab conquest. But they are not
betrayals, really. They are no more than the actions of people who understand
only that power is power, & believe they are only changing rulers; they cannot
conceive that a new way is about to come.

Using a local brahmin's advice/betrayal, the Arabs destroy the defense of a
town. People open the gates & ask for mercy. But Hajjaj has issued precise
instructions for this first victory: the residents of Debal are not to spared.
The Arab army has to slaughter for 3 days: it is what Bin Qasim tells the people
of Debal.

The war is far from over. Sind is big, & has many fortified towns. But Debal
sets the pattern: the siege, the betrayal by nobles of brahmins or Buddhist
priests who do not believe in killing; the entry by the Arabs; the killing;
the checking ^ distribution of the booty, after the caliph's fifth has been
deducted (& in one place the sharing out of the booty takes as long as the killing).

After the massacre of Debal the killing is more selective. Traders, artisans &
peasants are allowed to continue in their occupations & practice their religion;
brahmins continue to be administrators. All that is required of unbelievers is
the tribute & the special tax. But Hajjaj insists on the killing of the warrior
class & the enslaving of their dependents. When he gets Daha's head & Bin Qasim's
report of victory he writes sternly: 'my dear cousin, I have received your
life-augmenting letter. On its receipt my gladness & joy knew no bounds ... But
the way of granting pardon prescribed by the law is different from the one adopted
by you ... The great God says in the Koran:”O true believers, when you encounter
the unbelievers, strike off their heads”. The above command of the Great God is
great command & must be respected & followed ... Concluded with compliments. Written
by Nafia in the year 93'. and he returns to the pint even later in the campaign.
'My distinct orders are that all those who are fighting men should be assassinated,
& their sons & daughters imprisoned & retained as hostage'.

What kind of God would create humans in His own image, wishing them to follow His
religion, but then choose savage killers to invade & loot other countries, kill
the men, rape the women & children & enslave them, commanding "strike off their
heads", & tax them to death?

What's wrong with sending dreams to the leaders of the world that God wants them
to follow His religion, then send a prophet/angel telling them about the religion,
or having clergies moving about spreading the message?

Why should Yahweh, choose Abraham & his line, through only one Son, as His chosen
People, promising to protect them forever; then all of a sudden after centuries, change
His name to Allah, pick an illiterate nomad from the enemies of His Chosen-People
to preach a different religion in a completely new language that His Chosen-People
wouldn't understand; then tell them to go & loot, rape, & kill everybody else,
including His own Chosen-People?

... the chachnama might be said to be an account of the Islamic beginnings of
the state. But it is a bloody story, & the parts that get into the school books
are the airy-tales. An Arab ship was taking gifts to the caliph; the ship was
seized by king Dahar, & Muslims were made captive. The women among them called
out, 'Hajjaj, save us!' To rescue them (rather than the soldiers captured during
the previous Arab expedition), Hajjaj invaded Sind.

This is typical of Islamic/Arab bullshit, deliberately trying to brainwash &
manipulate public opinion.

Notice that 'Muslims' didn't call out, but Muslim 'women' called out! The
emphasis is always on the few Muslim women & children who are victims of non-Muslims,
while completely ignoring thousands of non-Muslim women & children who are routinely
raped & taken as slaves or killed by Muslims.

How could they call out in Sind & be heard thousands of miles away?

The whole system/religion is full of lies. Allah clearly supposed to have said
“strike off their heads”, but we are told Islam means 'peace'. Even today, in all
Muslim countries, it is very difficult to find honesty, truth, justice, harmony,
or compassion.

In orthodox theology only the first 4 caliphs were rightly guided. After that the
caliphate becomes a dynasty; the Islamic ideals of brotherhood are betrayed.

This is another proof that Islam was not designed by God. The all-knowing God would
know humans better & would design a system/religion that would not be affected by
human corruption.

Sind, therefore, was conquered by the Arabs in the bad time; but the Arabs
brought the faith, so the bad time becomes a sacred time. The Mongols destroyed
the Arab empire in the east. So the Mongols were bad. But the Mongols became
Muslims & established the great Mongol empire in India; so that becomes a
wonderful time. The Turks displace the Mongols; but the Turks also become Muslims
& powerful, & they too cease to be bad. So history - begins as a 'pleasant
story of conquest' - becomes hopelessly confusing. And out of this more-than-colonial
confusion some Pakistanis fabricate personalities for themselves, in which they
are Islamic & conquerors & - in Pakistan - a little like people in exile from
their glory. They become Turks or Mongols. Or Arabs.

It becomes even more tragic when you consider that these converted Indians
(Pakistanis), after centuries of pain & suffering, have nothing to show for it,
no true religion of God, no 'peace', no justice, living in poverty in a country
where 1 Muslim woman is raped every hour, & gang-raped every 8 hours by her Muslim

Thousands of them are forced to work in Arabs countries, where they are treated &
regarded as 'shit', by their Arab 'Muslim brothers'.

The chachnama shows the Arabs of the 7 century as a people stimulated & enlightened
& disciplined by Islam, developing fast, picking up learning & new ways & new
weapons (catapults, Greek fire) from the people they conquer. The current
fundamentalist wish in Pakistan to go back to that pure Islamic time has nothing
to do with a historical understanding of the Arab expansion. The fundamentalists
feel that to be like those early Arabs they need only the one tool: the Koran.
--< which says “strike off their heads”! >-- Islam, that made the 7 century Arab
world-conquerors, now clouds the minds of their successors or pretended successors.

'people stimulated & enlightened & disciplined by Islam, developing fast ...'?
This is pure rubbish propaganda!

Why is there so much poverty & misery in all Muslim countries today?
Fanatics would say 'because they don't follow true Islam', but I say 'Islam has
never delivered after 1400 years, because it can not deliver'.

Even the Prophet's own close companions fought each other after his death!

Why is it that millions of Muslims would move to the dirty-infidel West, if they
could; but hardly any Westerner would want to move to Muslim countries?

It was the poet Iqbal's hope that an Indian Muslim state might rod Islam of 'the
stamp that Arab imperialism was forced to give it'. It turns out now that the
Arabs were the most successful imperialists of all time; since to be conquered
by them (& then to be like them) is still, in the minds of the faithful, to be saved.

Perhaps, because Islam kills the 'mind'!
What kind of God would force people to pray in the language they don't understand,
in the language of their invaders, who raped their women & killed their men?!
Worshiping a God who commanded their invaders to “strike off their heads”!

History as selective as this leads quickly to unreality. Before Mohammed there
is blackness: slavery, exploitation. After Mohammed there is light: slavery &
exploitation vanish. But did it? How can that be said or taught? What about
all those slaves sent back from Sind to the caliph? What about the descendants of
the African slaves who walk about Karachi? There is no adequate answer: so
the faith begins to nullify or overlay the real world.

“you are either with us, or against God”, so if you are not with us, we'll
“strike off your heads”.

How can millions of non-Arab Muslims work & live like slaves & be treated like
'shit' by their Muslim brothers today in the country of Allah, Saudi Arabia?!

Country of Allah would be a rubbish dump today, if it didn't have oil.

Millions of Muslims live in so many Muslim countries, each with its own version
of Islam, yet none of them seems to be following the true-Islam?!

So we left & drove on to the shrine of Shah abdul Latif. ... and listening to
the music at the end of the long day - a small crowd, some sleep, people coming
& going - I felt that Islam had achieved community & a kind of beauty, had given
people a feeling of completeness - if only the world outside could be shut out,
& men could be made to forget what they knew.

Sitting in a small quiet rose garden in a Muslim country, listening to the sound
of water is not 'Islam'.

If you walk out you could see a running sewer in the street, with kids walking
in it bare feet; or a brothel next door; or thousands living in poverty & misery
in the neighborhood, where 1 woman is raped every hour; or people spitting as loud
as possible all day long; or the local mosque stinking of piss so bad you can't even
walk next to it.


they had bribed someone 3000 rupees to get the lease through. But that man has
taken the money & done nothing. And they had bribed somebody else 800 rupees to
get back the 3000 rupees, & tat man had done nothing. So they shrieked & wailed
in the upper verandah of the court, the old woman spitting out the thick pan
paste, until the azan sounded, the muezzin's call to the midday prayer. The
government had decreed that government departments should cease work for these
prayers. And in the courts, not especially active that morning, the azan seemed
less a call to prayer than a signal to people who were not doing much to do
absolutely nothing.


The Pakistan Times man could not hide his rage about the mullahs. They were
politically ambitious; they had 'shrewdly entrapped' the government by framing
laws that couldn't work & then blaming the government for not operating these
laws; they had divided Islam into conflicting sects & made Islam a mockery.

One could say that a religion that tells people to be kind & compassionate
in the first part of its book; but then commands to “strike off their heads”
in the second part, resulting in mass looting, raping, & killing of others
makes mockery of the all-knowing & all-compassionate God.

The answer was to by-pass the mullahs, do away with the sects, & go back to
the holy book. Do that, & we find the light all around. But once we wriggle
out of the Koran, there is nothing but darkness & confusion in store for us.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!
See what I mean by “Islam kills the mind”!

But was it as easy as that? To raise just one point: how old was Aisha when
she married the 50 year old Prophet? Was she 6 or 9 or 19? did she, as in one
tender story, take her dolls & toys to the Prophet's tent?

In the fundamentalist scheme the world constantly decays & has constantly to
be re-created. The only function of intellect is to assist that re-creation.
It re-interprets the text; it re-establishes divine precedent. So history has
to serve theology, law is separated from the idea of equity, & learning is
separated from learning. --< & logic & sense are separated from brain >-- ...
The doctrine has its attractions. To a student from Karachi university, from
perhaps a province or peasant background, the old faith comes more easily than
any new-fangled academic discipline. So fundamentalism takes root in the
universities, & to deny education can become the approved educated act.


The Islamic fundamentalist wish is to work back to such a whole, for them a
God-given whole, but with the tool of faith alone - belief, religious practices
& rituals. It is like a wish - with intellect suppressed or limited, the
historical sense falsified - to work back from the abstract to the concrete, &
to set up the tribal walls again. It is to seek to re-create something like a
tribal or city state that - except in theological fantasy - never was.

The West, or the universal civilization it leads, is emotionally rejected. It
undermines; it threatens. But at the same time it is needed, for its machines,
goods, medicines, warplanes, ... All the rejection of the West is contained
within the assumption that there will always exist out there a living, creative
civilization, oddly neutral, open to all to appeal to. Rejection, therefore, is
not absolute rejection. It is also, for the community as a whole, a way of ceasing
to strive intellectually. It is to be parasitic; parasitism is one of the
unacknowledged fruits of fundamentalism. And the emigrants pour out from the
land of the faith: 30,000 Pakistanis shipped by the manpower-export experts to
West Berlin alone, to claim the political asylum meant for the people of East

The patron saint of the Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan was Maulana Maudoodi.
He opposed the idea of a separate Indian Muslim state because he felt that the
Muslims were not pure enough for such a state. ... He died in Boston. At the
end of his long .. life the Maulana had gone against all his high principles.
He had gone to a Boston hospital to look for health; he had at the very end
entrusted himself to the skill & science of the civilization he had tried to
shield his followers from. He had sought to reap where he had not wanted his
people to sow.

Step by step, out of its Islamic striving, Pakistan had undone the rule of law
it had inherited from the British, & replaced it with nothing.

It's more like 'replaced it with misery & chaos', a country where 1 Muslim woman
is gang-raped every 8 hours by her 'Muslim brothers'!


The Shias are supporters of Ali. Ali's defeated cause was in its beginnings a
political cause, but later became an anti-Arab cause within the expanding Arab
empire. The Shias are the minority sect in Pakistan.

The subject was Ali, the Shia hero, the cousin & son-in-law of the Prophet.
The Shia think that Ali should've succeeded the Prophet as the ruler of the
Muslims in 632. but Ali - stupendous though his life was: one of the earliest
Muslims, one of the handful, living to see Islam become an empire - was a
political failure. Three men became caliphs of the Islamic empire before him.
It wasn't until 656 that Ali became caliph; even then his rule was challenged;
& he was murdered in 661. and this was the sabbath debate: Ali, as caliph, had
led armies, but could it be said that he had ordered men to kill? Or had he
ordered his followers to kill only in self-defence?

Shia Muslims brag about how Ali could cut a man in half with his sword, so he
was a killer. As a caliph, he must have taken a leader's share of the loot &
slaves too.

As for being 'responsible', well, “he was only following orders” : “strike off
their heads”!

The doctor gave VSN a a book, the Maxims of Ali, which had “worked out wonders”
for him. VSN looks at famous Ali's-sayings:

Trust another as you would yourself.
The death of one's child breaks the spirit.
Perfection is not of this world.
The world is like a serpent: its touch soft, but its bite mortal.

They were the sayings of a righteous man eaten up by injustice & defeat. The
misanthropy, the pain! Could this give strength? But to the defeated, & the
faithful, Ali would have been the good man who had suffered more; he ennobled
worldly defeat & suffering. And there was no question here of forgiveness or
calm: he ennobled rage.


In the Pakistan Times a retired army man wrote an article about indiscipline.
'It is now openly acknowledged that ours is a corrupt society, practising every
conceivable social evil imaginable. Children growing up in a domestic atmosphere
where smuggling, black-marketing, hoarding, bribery & corruption ... are indulged
in quite balantly, should not be expected to accept discipline in any form. When
these children go to the educational institutions, they naturally try to project
the home atmosphere there ...' The solution was a greater firmness, 'an iron hand',
in the schools (no politics to be allowed there), & in the courts. 'Imprisonment,
flogging & even capital punishment will do the needful'.


I heard that the Ahmadis indulged in casuistry; that the man they publicly spoke
about only as the Promised Messiah was accepted by them in private as a second
prophet. I heard that the original Ahmad had been encouraged by the British, to
divide Indian Muslims. I also heard they they were strong in the armed forces;
that they were good businessmen & 'looked after their own'; that to become an Ahmadi
was to be secure & looked after.

(Imam said that last year there was a conference, about the deliverance of Christ
from the cross, in London, arranged by the Ahmadis, but the media ignored it.
Christ didn't die on the cross. He was only in a coma when he was taken down. ...
Christ's broken limbs were healed & he went about preaching to the lost tribes of
Israel. He made his way to Kashmir in India & died there at the age of 120.
the belief about Christ was central to the Ahmadi faith.

Some Muslims believe (though there is no sanction for it in Koran) that Christ will
return to earth as the redeemer or the Mahdi. The Ahmadis say that the prophecy has
been misinterpreted. For this reason: Christ is not alive in heaven somewhere,
waiting to come back to earth; Christ is dead. ... He lived his life as a man; it
was a very long life (120); he cannot come back to earth for a second spell.

The true prophecy, according to the Ahmadis, was that someone like Christ was going
to come back to earth as the Promised Messiah, to cleanse religion at a time of
darkness & restore the purity of Islam. And that man was Ahmad, born in 1838 in
the village of Qadian. ... It is known that Arabic, the holly language, came to
him without instructions; & that he suffered from vertigo & diabetes & had a slight
stammer. He had his first revelation when he was 40. but it wasn't until he was 52,
in 1890, that he announced his mission.)



... the rich Malaysia of today grows on colonial foundations & is a British-Chinese
creation. The British developed the mines & the plantations. They brought in
Chinese (the diligent, rootless peasants of a century back), & a lesser number
of Indians, to do the work the Malays couldn't do. Now the British no longer
rule. But the Malays are only half the population.

The chines have advanced; it is their energy & talent that keep the place going.
The chines are shut out from political power. Malays rule; the country is
officially Muslim, with Muslim personal laws; sexual relationships between
Muslims & non-Muslims are illegal, & there is a kind of prying religious police;
legal discriminations against non-Muslims are outrageous. But the Malays who
rule are established, or of old or royal families who crossed over into the
new world some generations ago.

The new men of the villages, who feel they have already lost so much, find
their path blocked at every turn. Money, development, education have awakened
them only to the knowledge that the world is not like their village, that the
world is not their own. The rage - the rage of the world - is comprehensive.
Now they have a weapon: Islam. It is their way of getting even with the world.
It serves their grief, their feeling of inadequacy, their social rage & racial hate.


a Tamil telling VSN: 'you know the Malays? You like Malays? The Malays stab
you in the back'.
(he had no money, but had 2 children, borrowed money at 300% to go to a wedding,
& got drunk every Saturday, with one top front tooth missing. He had no land in
India. He was descended from laborers brought over by the British long time ago.
Now, he was squeezed out. He was as much a lost man as the other village Malays.
And perhaps he was more lost, not having a sense of community or a knowledge of
a pure past, not having a faith to turn to, not being able to blame the world,
not knowing who to blame.)

The pleasures of money in Malaysia were simple. Money magnified the limitations
of places like Malaysia, small, uneducated, & coming late to everything. Money -
from oil, ribber, tin, palm oil - changed old ways. But money only turned people
into buyers of imported goods, fixed the country in a dependent relationship with
the developed world, kept all men colonials.


He (a lecturer in philosophy) had studied at the Islamic university of Al Azhar
in Cairo. He hadn't liked it (but few village Malays seemed to have liked their
travels). He found the Arabs undisciplined & unreliable.


He knew nothing of history. From his parents he had heard about the Japanese
occupation of Malaysia during the war; but that was all. There were old legends
in other districts; but in Kora Baru there were none, or he had heard none.
At school he wasn't interested in history. And now there wasn't time for
learning or reading; there was his work for the movement. The rich past of
his people remained closed to him: Hinduism, Buddhism, animism belief.
He existed in a limbo. He felt that as a Malay he had nothing; & in reaction
he wished - as though such a thing was possible - to be nothing but his faith,
a kind of abstract man. To be civilized, ha had said, a man had to know where
he had come from & where he was going to. That wasn't a matter of history; for
Shafi that was only a question of correct religious belief. Everything flowed
from the true faith. Out of love for his Malay people, his wish to put the world
right for them, he wished them to be as cleansed as he thought he was. That was
the great task he had set himself.
VSN said, ' but isn't religion diverting people from what they should be doing?
Isn't it giving them an easy way out'?

And I wondered how far - added to the absence of the sense of history - this
inability to fit words to feelings had led Shafi to where he was. Feelings,
uncontrolled by words, had remained feelings, & had flowed into religion; had
committed Shafi to learning the abstract articles of a missionary faith; had
concealed his motives, obscured his cause, partly hidden himself from himself.
Religion was buried real emotion. He loved his past, his village; now he worked
to uproot it.



The Dutch had ruled for more than 300 years; Jakarta was the city they had
called Batavia. But the Dutch language was nowhere to be seen. The language
everywhere, in Roman letters, was Indonesian, & the roots of some words were
Sanskrit. Jakarta itself was a Sanskrit name, 'the city of victory'.

Indonesia, like Malaysia, was a Muslim country. But the pre-Islamic past,
that in Malaysia seemed to be only a matter of village customs, in Indonesia -
or Java - showed as a great civilization. Islam, which had come only in 15
century, was the formal faith. But the Hindu-Buddhist past, that had lasted
for 1400 years before that, survived in many ways - half erased, slightly
mysterious, but still awesome. And it was this past which gave Indonesians -
or Javanese - the felling of their uniqueness.


and he had lost his daughter. She had become a convert to the new Muslim cause -
the Malaysian disease, some people called it here. At school & then at the
university she had been a lively girl. She had done Javanese dancing; she was
a diver; she liked to go camping. But then, at the university, she had met a
new Muslim, a born-again Muslim; & she had begun to change. She went out with
her hair covered; she wore drab long gowns; & her mind began correspondingly
to dull. ... The intellectual loss was what grieved him most. He said, 'but
don't you have a mind any longer? Do you have to go to that book every time?
Can't you think for yourself now?' She said, 'the Koran is the source of all
wisdom & virtue in the world'.

He (father) said, 'I have bought that little house for you. Why don't you go &
live there? Why does your husband want to keep on living with his parents? It
isn't right. Why doesn't he make up his mind to act on his own?' She had said
then, 'he's got an inferiority complex, father'.

And this little sign that his daughter still had a mind, was still capable of
judging, was a great comfort to Suryadi. She had seen what was clear to Suryadi:
that the boy was a poor student, didn't have the background, couldn't cope with
university life. He was still some way from taking his degree, & wasn't giving
enough time to his work. During the month of Ramadan, the fasting month, he had
given up his work altogether, fasting all day & going to the mosque in the
evening to pray. That was easier than being with the difficult books; & his
religious correctness was admired by his Islamic group at the university.

This was true with many Uni 'students' in Miran in early 70s:
didn't have the background,
couldn't cope with life,
couldn't cope with the 'rage' caused by a shit culture/religion,
angry & frustrated at their needs not being met,
looking for an escape goat to blame it all on,


the farmers today do not receive any justice. Most of them are poor because
they have no land. There are more farmers now who have no job. The landlords
use machines, instead of the farmers, in their farms. The farmers receive very
low prices for their products. Meanwhile the rich in our society are so rich.
They get their wealth from the money that is given or lent to our country by
very rich nations. How can a kiyai (pesantren leader)make the landlords & the
rich give up their properties which, according to Islam, belong to Allah & must
be given back to the people who are creatures of Allah?

This late 20 century Islam appeared to raise political issues. But it had
the flaw of its origins - the flaw that ran right through Islamic history:
to the political issues it raised it offered no political or practical solution.
It offered only the faith. It offered only the Prophet, who would settle
everything - but who had ceased to exist. This political Islam was rage, anarchy.


The system couldn't even decide who should rule after the prophet, which
resulted in major fights among the prophets close companions, which eventual
split Muslims into 2 major groups of Shias & Sunnis, who have hated each other ever since!

Not only it offers no solution, but the 'faith' it offers doesn't work, because
it has not worked for over 1400 years.

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Postby Admzad » Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:33 pm



Ali was passed over 3 times; he was only the 4th caliph, & then (after a reign
of only 5 years) he was murdered. Ali had 2 sons. Neither was granted the
caliphate. The first was poisoned. The second died in battle when he tried to
claim caliphate. The second son, Husain, had a daughter - Ali's granddaughter,
the Prophet's great-granddaughter.

So we are saying that the all-knowing all-powerful God chose this Ali to be the holy,
semi-divine, Imam, while His Prophet was alive. But, God forgot to tell this to His
Prophet, or the Prophet forgot to tell his people. So after the 'sudden' death of the
Prophet, which God must've known it coming, most people didn't know about God wanting
Ali to be the semi-divine Imam.

Then God 'failed' to have Ali 'elected' as a ruler, not once, but 3 times,
till it was his 'turn'. But even then, God could only keep Ali alive for 5 years,
before he was killed, in full view & knowledge of God!
God must've known that people were planning to kill him, yet He let them kill
Ali in cold blood while praying!

Then not only God failed to make Ali's 2 sons the caliph, but He failed
generations after generations for 1400 years!

But, the all-knowing all-powerful God, by definition, doesn't 'fail, so the
Shia's claim must be pure rubbish! (or MullShit: Mullah-Shit)

Ali could NOT have been 'chosen' by God to be holy, semi-divine, Imam.

There is some controversy between the 2 main Muslim sects about this woman. The
Arabians (or orthodox) try to suggest that she was not interested in the cause
of her father Husain, or her grandfather Ali. They say that, after her father's
death, she settled down happily in the Arabian city of Medina; that Medina,
bursting with the wealth of the Arab conquests, --< loot, rape, & killings >--,
became in the 8 century a city of luxury & culture: musicians, singers, courtesans,
slaves, exquisite brothels; & that Husain's daughter, many times married, queened
over the city.

To the Shias, grieving for Ali & his sons, this story about Ali's granddaughter
adds insult to injury. They reject it. They say that the girl never grew up, died
as a child.


Behzad said, '... there are so many things. But I just think & do nothing. I
don't know what to do'.
VSN: 'You mean political activity?'
'It's such a mess. I spend so much time thinking of what to do. You wouldn't
call this a political activity, but it is. You have to know where you are going.
Nothing has changed here since the Shah, you know. The workers & the lower
classes are living under the same conditions. Nothing has changed for them. So
for the third time in this century the people of Iran have been broken. This is
what I think about every day'.

What pure CommShit (communist shit)! How stupid!
What happened was a total disaster!

US$ going from 7.5 Toman to 800 over night, alone, was enough to make it a disaster!
Miranians were broken by their KK opposition leaders of 78, who sold out to the Masters.
But they have not been man enough to admit their mistake, & have to blame Shah for
everything as long as they live. Then their kids will try to turn their fathers into
saints & blame Shah for everything, because they couldn't blame their idiot fathers.

If time could be turned back, more than 80% of Miranians wouldn't want a regime change.

We can't expect much from a guy who was stupid enough to loved Stalin in 79!

'Seventy years ago we wanted to get rid of the Qajar kings. We got a constitution
then. But it was never carried out'.

I fail to see how somebody who says “we too have to do a lot of killings”, could
give himself the right to use 'WE' & speak on behalf of millions, & how such a
guy could even mention 'constitution'!

I wouldn't mind if some very educated Iranian, who has contributed a lot to the
country, criticizes this or that dynasty based on logic; but who the hell is this
guy to talk down & look-down at Qajar/Pahlavi dynasty? What has he done for the
country? What exactly is his qualification or assets other than his EGO & the urge
to dominate & kill others, for the love of his beloved Stalin?

'And now for the third time you see what's happening. A revolution, & then nothing.
Khomeini is a petty bourgeois. They are going to start the whole system up again
& they're going to call it Islamic. That's all'.

Wrong, wrong.

Masters were going to use KIR mullahs to destroy communism in Miran, like they
used Saddam in Iraq.

They wanted to stir Afghans & Russian Muslims to rise up & break up USSR.
And they wanted to make lots & lots of money by creating wars in the region,
etc ...

And this idiot & others like him didn't see how they were used by Miranian
opposition leaders of 78.

So they ended up having no Islam, no religion, no revolution, no justice;
only hate, killings, Shit-LAM (Shiit-Islam), PIslam, & just-Piss.


He meets Behzad in Iran who is pro-communist, who loved Stalin & said:
“Maybe he [Stalin] made some mistakes. But I can say he was the most suitable man
to do what he did. What he did in Russia, we have to do in Iran. we too have to do a
lot of killings. A lot. We have to kill all the bourgeoisie. All the bourgeoisie of the
oppressor class.”


Behzad - & other students of Iran, & the estimated 300,000 Iranian students abroad
- were all really the Shah’s children, the first intellectual fruits of the state he
had tried to build. But they were too new, too raw, unsupported by an intellectual
tradition; they were too many; & neither they nor the state had been able to cope.

I see nothing wrong in having faith in an all-compassionate creator, preaching
'peace' & compassion.

For me, the problem with Muslims, is not with the faith, but the rubbish they
believe in, & promoting 'hate' & commanding “strike of their heads”.

And, having nothing to show for it after 1400 years of following every version
of Islam imaginable!

Is religion only there to comfort people & make them feel good, or is it supposed
to tell the 'truth' about God & 'creation'?

I heard a young man talking about his Hajj experience, saying how overwhelming it
was to be pushed by the vast crowd & following the crowd. He also said that at some
points his rational thinking would make him question things; but he ignored it,
because he didn't want his rational thinking take away from the experience.

This is very strange to me. Billions of people believe in all sorts of rubbish &
gods & religions all over the world, so it must 'work' for them at some level, it
must pay off & give them some comfort at least. So it seems to me that no matter
what religion you follow, you'd benefit from it, so any religion would do the job.
So why not follow the one that would make more sense & would cause the least damage.
But to find such a religion, we need to use our rational thinking & logic, & not
just give in to peer pressure & follow the stampeding-cattle-crowd.

At very least we must try to be open, not be fanatic about what our parents have
told us about their religion, & we must not accept it all as God-given facts.

What if there is a God & we are following the wrong religion?!

Could corrupt, filthy, & killer clergies (KIR Mullahs), represent the religion
of the all-knowing all-powerful All-merciful God?

What kind of God would force people to pray in a language they don't understand?

What kind of God would allow corrupt filthy killer clergies to rule in His name?

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