IRAN101 - Hate, tazaad, COLD-HOT

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IRAN101 - Hate, tazaad, COLD-HOT

Postby Admzad » Thu Dec 23, 2004 7:28 pm

IRAN101 - Hate, tazaad, COLD-HOT

I've read some of the letters written about Leila. Somebody said:

<Why some of us Iranians have to bring ourselves down to such lowest depths of humanity?
... Why do we have to prove that we are still a bunch of treacherous, inhuman and deeply
callous characters? >

Isn't Hatred one of the features of Iranian culture?

In theory, we hear a lot about:
- Iranians are 'noble' Aryan
- pendaareh nik, kerdareh nik, goftaareh nik
- Muslems are kind & don't even step on ants
- Iranians often brag & look down at Americans/Canadians/Australians:
"inhaa messleh maa taarikh nadaarand"
- Many articles with so much kind words in them: "nassihat",
"azizaaneh man" , "khaaharaan/baraadaraan".
- if you fly, u'd be a bird; If you walk on water, you'd be stick;
Love & be loved if you want to be somebody.

But in practice:
- In early days of Bahai, some were paraded in the city with
lit candles inserted in holes made in their bodies -Kasravi.
(what kind of 'creatures' would do this?!)
- It was said that Saavaaki's were imported from Israel(coz
mardomeh sharifeh Iran wouldn't torture fellow Iranians!).
Surely they must all have gone back by now, so there should
not be any torture in Iran, right?
- Look at the chat forums of Iranians, it's all swear words
(goftaareh nik?) & hatred. And most of them have fake ID's
or names, WHY?!
- They can't even organize a poetry night outside Iran due to
- So much lies & hatred & division & killing.
(my western friends make fun of me by mimiking me "I Killl U",
which made me realize that I say it too often(jokingly) &
this is not common in the west)
- Every party/group HATES every other party/group.
- They always find a escapegoat: Shah/Fallaahian/...
'They' caused/forced the hatred/killing/torture.
NO, it wasn't Stalin who killed/tortured millions of Russians,
it was the russian people who did it.
- Millions of them think all their female singers are whores.
Others think they are filthy rich, yet others love their
female singers to death.

Can we expect more from a culture that brags & takes pride in
"Boro kaar meekon magoo chist kaar ..." ,
BUT in reality everyone knows that "Kaar maaleh Khareh":
If you work hard, you are KHAR-kaar
if you study hard, you are KHAR-khoon
the word for laborer is an insult: amaleh

They either love you to death(usually after you are dead:
the things they said/did to Neemaa; then they made him a hero
after his death), or hate you to death. One way or another it's
always DEATH.

Look at how they treated their KING.
I heard nothing but Jaavid-Shah for years & years. Everybody
had his picture in their shops/offices, then all of a sudden
blind-savage-hatred. Now somebody else's picture has to be
in every shop/office(till another cycle of hatred starts?)!
I still remember seeing on TV some people holding & kissing
pictures of valiahd, but look at them now? Can they be trusted?
They are full of emotions that can be easily changed over night
& explode & cause so much harm.

I remember some Iranian guy saying years ago to his
kids "iraninaa hamisheh poshtet aadam harf dar miaaran"

Once in a park I saw an Iranian father telling his child, who
was trying to touch a bird, "nah baabaa joon dast nazan, sang
bendaaz behesh".

They burn a cinema full of people to blame the other party!

They start a bloody/savage war & fight it blindly & almost
destroy the country. Then they go around blaming each other for
starting it (or blame the Brits/US. Why were you stupid to be
fooled?). They write books later & call each other names, but
their 'facts' are so full of bias that you don't know who to believe.

Even the big/super revolutionaries now write books saying they
were so "hysterical" with the 'fever of revolution' that they didn't
see what was happening/coming. And accuse others of stealing the

It all seems to be full of Hate, begging(holy Imaams to fix their
everyday trivial problems), mocking others(Torkeh x, rashtieh y, etc.
So even oustside religion they don't have 'unity') and mourning/azaadari
over & over & over.

Even the music is so sad/rozehkhoony one minute, then explodes into
dancing(read sinfull) rythem.

There is no middle ground, it is either too hot, or too cold.
Everything is a sin: laughing, singing, dancing.
But in a wedding anything goes & people go crazy: dance/sing/cry/...
for hours.

Nothing is serious & there is no integrity:
you lie, you cheat, you bribe, you beg.
"Sakht nageer baabaa, khosh baash, dammet garm"

In late 78 people used to say "come to my house tonight
for 'Allaho-Akbar-Baazi'" (going to the roof & shouting AA).
As if it was a joke, people going to demonstration & laughing &
not having a clue what they were doing.
Same people who used to shout with all their being 'Jaavid Shaah',
now say 'Marg bar shaah'!?
I have met many who went to 'tazaahoraat', but now live in the west
with 2 passports(which is not allowed) & say "maa nemydoonestim".

All lies/emotion/Ego/Gheyrat/mardaanegy/Fanatisizm/hatred/hysteria
& no brain!

Then they blame the 'west' for manipulating/buying/fooling them for
over 100 Years!

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

To make things worst, the 'facts' seems to depend on whose side you are on.
I saw one documentary where they showed a film of a young Russian woman
lecturing the peasants in 1924 during Stalin times. Then she was shown
in her old age talking with pride how she used to wear birch-bark sandals &
didn't have anything, but the revolution gave her everything, so she
loved Stalin. Then another guy was saying how he suffered in the camps
for years & how he hated Stalin because of it.
Yet in another documentary, this Russian guy saying "no wonder we are
a nation of thieves & murderers, we killed all our intellectuals
& educated people in cold blood".

The scorpion wants to cross the river and asks the frog if he can climb
onto his back and have the frog swim across the stream. The frog says,
well no because you will get excited & sting me. The scorpion says,
no I wont. So the frog tells him to jump on his back, and together they
swim to the middle of the river. Sure enough the scorpion gets excited
& stings the frog. The frog says: see I told you this would happen, now
we are both gona die, what's the logic behind this?.
The scorpion says: we are in middle-east, you are looking for logic?!

Dear David,
I read the link u gave. Very interesting, thanks again!

"In unity there are two major issues are involved:
1. Ability to manage the difference of views and policies.
2. Ability to give up something in order to gain something else in return."

How about:
3. Ability to recognize & accept the better-idea even when it's not ours!
4. Ability to let the best man win.
It's about doing one's best & cooperation & brotherhood, not winning/loosing.
5. just because somebody else 'wins' doesn't mean we should become their
morid/fadaayi & throw ourselves on their feet, nor it means we should
hate them & try to get rid of them!

I've seen too many arguments in my area of work, when EGO prevents people
from doing this. If westerners do it, then it must be worst among Iranians.
Often people side with others & would only support ideas coming from
those they support. So they go on & on arguing. The idea should be more
important than the person behind it.

" We Iranians are not team player."

Too much EGO & Qeyrat/mardaanegi?
Are Iranian women like this too?
I've known women who were dominated by their maadar-shuhar & havu!

" Non of us know this process(democracy) and only by practicing this,
we would become good at it."


"However we don't even have any equivalent word('Sharing') in Parsi for this word"

Point taken & agreed.
But, my aunt had a Naneh (old lady) who looked after her kids, who used to fight over food.
She used to tell them "sharik shariky bakhurid" !

"we need to learn how to share with each other. The distribution of
power and independence of public office should be respected and practiced."

As a child I saw my oldest uncle making too many mistakes, but he was DAADAASH &
nobody dared to criticize him. When I reached 17, I asked my brother/sisters
NOT to call me DAADAASH anymore & use my first name instead.
Dictatorship starts from HOME! I remember many kids who treated their kolfat
& nokar like dirt & ordered them around & insulted them.

Loved your "taglid" factor!!!

Loved your 'lobster' factor too. I heard a similar story from an Indian friend:
a successful indian guy kept Indian black crabs in an open jar on his desk in
the office. One day his visitor asked "can't they get out"? He said no these are
Indian crabs, the moment one tries to rise, others will pull him down.

I remember too many times hearing Iranians calling other well-off Iranians names!

"... everything is a mess. ...
The goal is to try to clean up the mess."

Not at all, I have to disagree with u on this!
"All those insinuations about Persian culture, history and civilization are
absolutely untrue,...>

Just kidding David, my sarcasm took over.

the sooner we 'accept' & clean up the mess, the better!
I don't mean we should 'kill' all the germs, but just to gently educate & clean.

I read in, Guive Minfendereski saying something about Iranians
having the Ostrich syndrome. We should take out our head from the sand & try
to SEE & identify the problems correctly & not look for escape goats.

Somebody said:
" there is no guarantee that they would form a government that I will like."

We need a reasonable 'system' that would ensure power is not abused & could get
the country going on the right path. Some Americans can't stand GW Bush, but
the 'system' works; it's not perfect & they have corruption, but it 'works' much
better than ours! Even people like Chomsky live in it & say what they want.

"Unity takes place when people or political parties realize that the
balance of power is changing."
"It was about six months before 79 uprising that people gradually
first started whispering each others ears about Unity, and then
started talking about unity in public."

I think we are talking about the Palang factor here (see NaaPahlavi).

I read that Khomeini was quiet for years, then all of a sudden
sends message to Qom that 'change is in the air', I don't think
he saw it on the moon or a dream. He must've been 'approached'.
He never said anything about CIA meeting with his people in Paris.
A TOP American General goes to Tehran, without Shah knowing to
ensure safe-return of Khomeini to Iran! Shah wrote that he had
sensed it coming & gave a few proofs for it in his book.
I wonder how much they spent this time?!

Many Iranians brag that they got rid of the SHAH. If this is so,
then how come they can't get rid of Mullahs in 22 years of constant
pain/torture/murder? There are far more people in opposition than
ever before with many parties/hezb, but nothing happens. After 20
years they elect another Mullah, who admits he can't do anything!
Some people still go around saying Shah was cruel, yet Shah was a
saint compared to the Mullahs!

We should not kid ourselves that it was Iranian-people who removed Shah.

"The reason they won't(unite) is because of their selfishness and jealousy."

And of course EGO/madraanegi/Qeyrat!

"Basically there are two groups in our society:
A. Those who want to build, and make progress.
B. Those who want to destroy and ruin everything that exist."

Some are in B , but don't even know it.

I think no matter who takes over from IRI, if ever(!), it MUST have the 'blessing'
of UK/US, or else they won't get there or won't last long (thanks to so many who
have sold themselves or Iran & will do it again). At least we know this much from
our history!

And there WILL be corruption & Dictatorship; if not high up, it will down bellow!
Y? coz the culture doesn't have what it takes at the moment.
We should stop fighting over choosing the perfect system, coz whatever we choose
will NOT remain perfect. Even if we found Kaaveh/Rostam, there are plenty around
who would kill our hero (like those who killed Kasravi & set fire to Abadan cinema).
IRI should be replaced with a reasonable system which would allow building
the country & cleaning up the culture/MESS.

Dear all,

I've heard too much about punishment.

"will savakies admit to their crimes and appologize ?
will ir savages admit to their crimes and appologize ?"

Interesting point.
There is this international-law lawyer, whose name I froget(Geoffrey Robinson?).
He had a TV program called hypothetical (IIRC). He had many people on
his show talking about a hypothetical situation like imagine this has
happened, now what would u do minister of so & so. In one his shows in Australia,
he talked about Nazi criminals & that some of them were committed 50 years ego,
should we still chase them up? Eventually gets somebody high up in government
saying "all criminals should be punished no matter when the crime was done".

So he immediately asked "no matter what country?". The answer was a firm YES.
Then he asked what about the Aborigines then? The Gov official went RED/pale
and many in the audience applauded. Rape/Murder/genocide of Aborigines is a
very HOT issue in Australia.

This is still a major issue. I heard some American journalists saying they
Didn't like these European courts going around prosecuting others, coz it
Could turn nasty, they could prosecute many Americans for Vietnam.

Where do we draw the line?

Many pasebaan & zhaandaarm & Arbaab deputies did a lot of bad things too.

Are we gona create another Hate cycle?

OK, suppose we kill them all. What would happen to their families & kids?
It will create a hate party where people will just go around & accuse anybody
they don't like as Savak.

Do u really think the new Gov will not have secret police? Do u really think
this will stop violence & brutality in Iran?

They were all Iranians doing it to Iranians going round & round in cycle of
hate & violence.

How do they apologize? Like this:
goh khordam
Qalat kardam
toro khodaa mano bebakhshid
man bichaareh hastam
man nafahmidam
khodaa mano zallllliiiiiiiiiil koneh

Or 'I was following orders' would do?

Should they be drugged or hanged or beaten to death by the people?
Should it all be shown on TV?
Should we beat them, then hang them & cut their balls & put them in their mouth?
(I heard this is what happened to the Savak officer who took Kh to Jail)

But Y should we stop there?
Y not kill everybody who voted for IRI?
Y not go back in time?
How about those Bahai that were beaten & paraded around with lit candles stuck in
man-made holes in their bodies? (Or is Kasravi lying again?)
Weren't those Bahai real Iranians?
Should we not blame the Qajars for this & go & kill them all too?

If Iranian Muslims can hurt other Muslims so much, God knows what they've done
to non Muslims in the last 200 years alone!

Is it OK for Iranians to kill non Iranians?
Should we return all the treasures that Naader 'took' from India? How about all those
Who were killed in the invasion of India?

Who are Iranians? Which point in history? Are the southern Russians Iranians?

Why not go back & find all the Safavi's descendant & kill them too, coz they invented
Najes, right?

Why not kill all the Greeks too?

Yeh, lets NUC the whole God damn world & make Imam Zamaan to appear!

23 God damn years of pain/murder/mistakes/regrets & we are still full of HATE?!

Maybe this is what happened to the dinosaurs. Instead of getting their acts together
& find a solution for their survival, they kept on fighting each other.

There is no mercy or free lunch in evolution, it's a jungle out there & those who
can't manage won't live long.

Bachehaayeh aziz:
meanwhile back in the woods the bad bad wolf raqaasi mikoneh!
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