IRAN102 - Chaos, Cheating, Partybaazy

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IRAN102 - Chaos, Cheating, Partybaazy

Postby Admzad » Thu Dec 23, 2004 7:34 pm

IRAN102 - Chaos, Cheating, Partybaazy

I'd like to talk about some of the things I've seen which could shed
some light on Iranian culture. I hope others could talk about & share
their observations/experiences on Iranian culture too.

1- I was trying to mix with Iranians, after having avoided them for
about 10 Years after the big "blood bath, Revenge/Hate party", and
went to a Sizdehbedar gathering outside Iran.

They gathered in a major park with Iranian flags(don't remember which
one, but it couldn't have been the new one due to so much music/dance,
perhaps it didn't have anything in the middle?) all over the place,
which stood out (not a feature of that country). They used
hand-held-speakers (bolandgoo), which
was not a thing to do in that country.

They were divided into 'family' groups, but you had to be careful
whom you said hello to! Everybody was looking from the corner of their
eyes to see what others were doing & who was talking to whom & gossip
galore. Most groups had their own music & many danced too. Too many smoked.

Most of the older ones (over 40) didn't have the shaady & the
spark-in-the-eye that was seen in most of the younger ones. The
newly arrived from Iran were 'shy' & there was uncertainty in
their eyes(not found a job yet, still living with the relatives,
...?). Young men tried not to be too obvious that they were
checking out the girls.

2- I was walking with an Iranian guy & he saw a young girl (25)
with no hejaab.

He greeted her & talked to her in a very warm/polite manner:
Salaam Khaanoom, Haaleh Shoma, Maamaan khooban, Baabaa khoban, ...,
Kheyly Salaam beresoonid, qorrrrrrrrrbooonnnnnnnnnnneh Shoma

I was thinking all the time gee 'garmieh Irooniaa' is something else &
I should not avoid Iranians, this is where I 'belong'!

Then the guy told me: Havaaset baasheh haa, in dokhtareh rahemesho
chandaffeh ammal kardeh(ie. watch out, not only she is not a
'virgin', but she has aborted a few times).

I wouldn't be surprised to know that she too said bad things about him!

3- After lunch there was sporting games (mosaabeqeh).
All adults were so full they couldn't move. So this was for the
kids. It was the race where you get into a sack & have to run/jump
in it. A guy was using the bolandgoo (like the Ashura days?) trying
to explain the rules to the kids, who were anything from 5 to 14
years old (!). Some fathers were helping the young ones. They had to
run to the end, about 30 m away, and run back to the start-line. It
was hard for the small kids to see the end because people were walking
everywhere & it was very crowded & noisy (another feature?). The kids
could not even hear the guy properly because he kept on turning his
back to them while talking.

Anyway the race started & the 'kids' ran for it. Soon there was a huge gap due
to the difference in size/age of the kids. It was very noisy/chaotic/crowded,
the guy was shouting in the speaker & some parents were shouting too.

In the middle of this CHAOS, one kid turned back even before reaching the 2/3,
a few others saw him & they turn back too, but some kids were still jumping to the
end. The guy with the speaker, while constantly shouting, somehow lost the plot &
started watching those who CHEATED by turning before reaching the end. Sure enough
3 of the big kids won & got their prizes.

Some of the honest kids were very upset & some of the young ones were crying.
Then I saw some of the fathers going to the prize-desk with their crying-kids doing
PAARTYBAAZI telling the guy in charge:
jooneh man, bacheh geryeh meekoneh, gonaah daareh, yek jaayezeh ham be in bedin
(my child is crying, pls give him a prize too)

Sure enough some of these kids (who may not have even finished the race properly)
got some prizes. They immediately stopped crying & took the prizes to show/brag
to other kids(some of whom went to their fathers crying too!)

Later on I asked myself: aren't these the foundation/basic-principles of the Iranian
- Total CHAOS
- Any rule can be & will be broken
- Lack of LOGIC/sense
- PAARTIBAAZI (bribery/corruption)
in every aspect of life from buying bread to whatever. If you are poor you do it
everyday buying bread, but you complain when you can't because it's out of your
- Hysteria/Shoor/Hayyajaan (just look at some the pictures of the election)
(Why is this? Is it because so much emotions are always forced inside?
Is it because Iranians have such sad lives?
Why are they always looking for the Messiah/Savior/Mahdi?
Was it like this before Shi'ite-Islam?)

So the kids learnt a very important lesson that day:
In order to get anywhere in Iranian culture you must:
break the rules, lie, cheat, bribe & do Partybaazi!

If somebody had used their brain, all of this could/should have been avoided:
- have one race for each different age-group kids.
- They should run/jump from start to finish (& not back!)
So the Guy starts the race & goes to the end watching that nobody cheats.

This is what I mean by:
All lies/emotion/Ego/qeyrat/Mardaanegy/Fanatisizm/hatred/hysteria/Hayyajaan
& no brain!

They don't think things through, just get angry & react & go on killing each other
with hatred & stupidity & destroy their own country with a 'Revolution'. But they
are surprised at the result & accuse each other of 'stealing the Revolution'!
And go around call each other names & blame foreigners & each other with so much

They have some kind-soul like Khalkhaali go around killing people &
go around brag about it "I killed Hoveyda, you know." & write a book about it.
Did he read from Sa'di to the victims "banni AAdam Azaayeh Yek diggarrand,
...", before they were tortured/killed ?!

But Iran is not enough, they want to export this 'Hate' to other countries & take
over the world.

Then the whole country goes on another Hysterical-movement 'electing' somebody who
can't do much because his hands are tied. Even one Mullah said "well, you should
have told people your hands were tied & resigned".

The shame of it is that they have(had?) so many people with 'brain' who live
in exile or jails(treated with "Mehmoon Navaazieh Garmeh Irooni"!) or murdered
(Kasravi & too many others).

I think this goes beyond 'Rezhym/Hezb' & bad-guy1/2/3/4/..., don't you agree?

Dammet Garm, Bee Khial, Saakht naggir baabaa, befarmaayeed dahannetoono shirin konid.

Baala raftim aab bood,
paa-in ommaddim dooq bood,
Iran hammash doorooq bood.
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