IRAN108 - Din, religion

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IRAN108 - Din, religion

Postby Admzad » Thu Dec 23, 2004 7:52 pm

IRAN108 - Din, religion

Kudakaaneh aziz qesseyeh emruzeh maa din ast.

Yeki bud hich kas nabud qeyr az Khodaa !

After 4000 years of sending many prophets to so many nations in so many languages, God
thought that he had made a mistake & that people were confused as to what religion they
should worship him with.

So he sent the last one, Mohammad, to clear things out. First he told M to be nice to
people of other religions, but after 10 years he got angry & told M to 'kill them all',
the very same people who had obeyed him by following his previous prophets!

This anger came from knowing subconsciously that it was a mistake to kill his previous
'children' who believed in him, but there was no choice & he had to be tough.

But God didn't say in Quran who should take over from M, or maybe he wasn't sure yet.
Also God realized that telling M to kill & rape all the non-Muslims was a mistake. So
he 'pushed' some Iranians to follow Ali & his sons one after each other & so Shi'eh
Islam was created. He tried telling these Imams to teach Muslims to be kinder to
non-Muslims if they behaved properly (no need to rape & kill all the times).

But this having all-knowing all-powerful Imams couldn't go on forever,
coz what's the point of M being the last prophet, if all these Imams would
come after him? So he decided to have Imam Zaman to be the last Imam & a messiah.
Messiah was used by him before, but God couldn't go & change Quran coz M was in heaven.

After all this, God became tired & took a nap. He woke up to find out that Shi'eh
had not taken over the whole world. God realized that it was taking too long, so he
looked for an action man who was full of hate & voila he found Khomeini. He wanted a
huge-jump-forward by being 'backward' to speed up the coming of Imam Zaman (see
Naapahlavi for Y this is forward). So he came up with KIRI (Khomeini's IRI), or IRI
for short.

After a while Khomeini became so powerful that many worshiped him & turned him into
a Saint Imam. So he had to be sent to heaven.

But God realized that this IRI was another big mistake:
-Religion & politics don't mix
-People will get tired of hate & killing
-Educated westerners won't follow IRI
-IRI did too much damage & turned off many Iranians from Islam
-IRI can't be the ruling party (Government) for long, coz Imam Zaman will come when
the ruler is corrupt, but the Government-of-God can't be corrupt, so IRI can't be on
top for long!

But Iranians are so divided that they can NOT unite to get rid of IRI. And even if
IRI is removed, Shi'eh is gona go underground saying that 'nazaashtand', blaming
the British paying the corrupt Akhunds to ruin IRI/Islam. They r gona bring up their
kids with hate & teach them to be suicide-bombers to sabotage & kill whoever comes
to replace IRI for ever to keep the fire of Islam burning forever!

But God's biggest mistake was that he rushed things! If he had taken the time to
look into future, as an all-mighty all-knowing God could, he'd have seen that
eventually some damned Scientists would find out that:

-the earth isn't flat

-Sun doesn't rotate around earth

-Earth was created 4000 Million years ago, not 4000 years ago

-Dinosaurs & many other animals were created way before man was created

- "I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have
designedly created parasitic wasps with the express intention of their
feeding within the living bodies of Caterpillars."

- "I do not think it is necessary to believe that the same God who has
given us our senses, reason, and intelligence wished us to abandon
their use, giving us by some other means the information that we
could gain through them."

- "Is man one of God's blunders? Or is God one of man's blunders?"

- "The most ridiculous concept ever perpetrated by H.Sapiens is
that the Lord God of Creation, Shaper and Ruler of the
Universes, wants the saccharine adoration of his creations, that
he can be persuaded by their prayers, and becomes petulant
if he does not receive this flattery."

- "Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact,
every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God;
because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of
reason, than that of blindfolded fear".

- "Scientific views end in awe and mystery, lost at the edge in uncertainty,
but they appear to be so deep and so impressive that the theory that it is
all arranged as a stage for God to watch man's struggle for good and evil
seems inadequate."

- "[I believe in] more of a pantheistic god--a sense of wonder and mystery about
the universe--certainly not a meddling God who lets millions die of starvation
around the world, but moves my lost keys to the desk after I pray."

Also, people would find it strange that Quran doesn't mention a Messiah (Imam Zaman),
coz such a major feature of a any religion must be in the holy book!

God must have known that Communication/information is the KEY. So I don't understand
Y God didn't give a monitor/TV to each nation from day one to broadcast the book-of-God
(the N-commandments) in the original language that Adam/Eve spoke) & give a copy of
this book (written on metal pages to last for centuries) to each nation.

This would have saved so much trouble:
-Hundreds of different religions would not have been invented, each causing
so much killing & blood shed
-Hundreds of different languages would not have been invented & people all
over the world, speaking the same language, would have understood each other
better & wouldn't have gone to wars all the times to kill each other.
-No need for God to send so many Prophets to so many nations
-No need for some Prophets killing people of the previous Prophets

But this is not for us to question bachehaayeh aziz, coz GOD moves in mysterious ways!

Baalaa raftim aab bud,
paa'in umadim maast bud,
qesseyeh maa raast bud.

Eskimo: "If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?"
Priest: "No, not if you did not know."
Eskimo: "Then why did you tell me?"


The other things I don't understand are the issue of Language, race & Incest.

God spoke to Aadam & Havvaa, so they must've had a language, which must've been
the Original language or God's Language (GL1), and it must've been perfect, being
God's language. So their Children & grand children must've spoken GL1 for many
generations. But then Y are there hundreds of different languages today? I can
understand a few words being changed & new accents developed over time, but Y would
people let go of a perfect language & go invent so many languages from scratch?!!
And by doing this cause so many problems/wars due to language barriers &
miscommunications. Another mistake?

And to make things worst, God ended up sending so many Prophets to different nations,
all speaking different languages & causing so much confusions & Wars & bloodshed.

Y are there so many different types/Races of humans(black, white, red, yellow, short,
tall, round eye, almond eye, …)? I mean Adam & Eve must've been perfect in every details,
being created by God. So I can understand that over time, some could be more tanned than
others, but Y some should end up having dark black skins with totally different features
(Eyes, nose, hair, …)? Surely, this must've been caused by God, but then Y change something
that was perfect?

But how did this happen? God tried to experiment & a baby was born with dark-black skin from
white parents? Didn't this shock the hell out of them?

Also, Y should some animals have hundreds of totally different species? For example, Y should
there be hundreds of different types of frogs? Surely they were not created all at the same
time with Adam & Eve? I mean Noah could've never built a boat big enough to fit a pair of all
these species. Besides, all these species don't exist in the same place, so does this mean that
the big flood didn't happen in Australia/America? But then again all the land mass used to be
in one big chunk, but that was millions of years ago & not 4000 years ago at the time of Adam/Eve!

Surely God wouldn't allow 'evolution' to mess up his 'creation'! But then Y is it so then?

Almost all religions forbid sex between bothers & sisters, fathers & daughters, and mothers
& sons. But this is what must have happened, coz humans were created from Adam & Eve.
It has also been proven by science that incest is wrong & results in birth defects. Then Y
didn't God create 2 or more pairs of humans & forbid them to have incest from day one, rather
than forcing them to do it & then telling them later that it is a Sin?


On the issue of SEX in Heaven:

1- How come GOD would not offer sex as an incentive in his previous religions, preached by
his previous Prophets whom are also regarded as Prophets in Islam? I mean how come Jewish &
Christians men don’t get young virgins in heaven, but Muslims do?

2- Where do these young virgins come from?
a- Does God create them from nothing again, or he has to grab a rib/part from every man?
b- Are they the young virgins who died & now have gone to heaven?
c- If b, this is not fair, coz in heaven nobody is supposed to do any work, no? U just have to lie
down want/wish things & u’d get them.
d- Are they the dead old women who now appear as young virgins, like they used to be?
e- If d, do they still have all their memories? If so, then they r not real innocent ‘Virgins’, r they?
f- If d, this is not fair (see c above).
g- if d, then there is something for women: they all turn into Virgin sex-slaves for other men!
But this can be shucking for most women who got there by namaaz/ruzeh & had a sheltered life, no?
Surely they could not be sex-slaves in full view of all their brothers/fathers?!
Surely no fair/kind God would do this.
h- If b/d , then how come sex is bad (a sin) now, but OK in heaven?
i- If a, then how come it’s OK for the new generation (the ‘improved’ version?) of women to have free-sex?
j- Is there a minimum age? I mean what if some Mullahs, which I’m sure there r some , want 5 yo girls?

3- What age would the men appear in heaven?
I mean, when a 80 yo man dies, what age he would be when he goes to heaven, 80 or 20?

a- if 80, then what good would having a young virgin be to him?!
b- Do they get to choose what age they appear as?
c- If they appear young, then most of their family, who may get to heaven, may not even recognize them?!
d- I’m assuming that people don’t age in Heaven, coz otherwise it won't be that good!

4- what happens for Gay men?
Do they all go to hell, even if they were extremely kind & did nobody any harms?

5- do the Akhund/Mullahs get to choose the best looking ones & the youngest ones?

6- If anything u wish would happen, then what if some Mullahs would want young boys?
After all the deal was that u get anything u desire, right?

a- Where would these young boys come from then?
b- Or is it that those Mullahs would go to hell? How could God send his servants to hell?
c- But what if some Mullahs controlled themselves & went to heaven, but now they don’t have to control
themselves & can get anything they want? Having had so many Virgins, now they want a change.

7- What if some men would prefer their neighbours Virgins?

a- Do they have to fight for it then?
b- Wouldn’t this cause trouble in paradise? Specially if they are allowed to drink WINE!
Perhaps God have to create new rules for good/evil & create a new heaven/hell &
punishment/reward rules? And this could go on in the new heaven too, so it will have
to go on forever?!
c- But then they would not be Virgins any more, would they?! So they have to ask for
them to be made Virgins again. Gush these girls would forever be changed to virgins back & forth!

8- Wouldn’t men want new young Virgins every month?

a- They will sure get tired of the old Virgins soon, no?
b- Can they ask for more? After all, they can have anything they want, right?
c- Wouldn’t the old virgins get bored from not getting any ‘attention’?
Wouldn’t they get jealous & fight among each other?
How would God get them to behave? (new heaven/hell & new rules again?)
d- where would these new & improved Virgins come from?
Would God swap the Virgins around & change them back to virgins every time, or create new ones?
If create new ones, then what would happen to the old ones?

9- Wouldn’t some men feel uncomfortable having sex with their virgins all day in front
of their family (father/mother, Grand father/mother, brothers & sisters)? I take it
most people would want to be with their own family, right?

a- How far back can they go & recognize their family? I mean most people wouldn’t know
how their father(-2) looked like, but their father could. So u may get many generations
all hanging around each other: u see that guy over there, having sex with those young
virgins, he is my great(**9) grand father!
b- And all the great grand mothers would be hanging around too seeing all the orgies?!

10- What if some men/Mullahs want to have sex with young Virgin Animals for a change?!
Some maybe even used to it, after all some of their religious books, written by holy saints,
say it’s OK, no? Well the deal was to get anything they wanted right?

11- Do these girls get pregnant in heaven?
This opens a new big can of worms!

12- Not everybody would go to heaven, so when people can't find their relatives,
they'd assume they'd gone to hell. How could people enjoy having orgies with virgins when
they know their loved ones r suffering being burnt in Hell every minute of every day?!

13- What happens to people who died before knowing what sex was? If they appear as children,
then can't enjoy Sex in heaven. They wouldn't know how being adults would be like, so they
wouldn’t wish it. And even If they chose to be adults, they’d have mind of a child & body of
an adult, which would cause a lot problems.

14- What is there in heaven for women?
How come women don’t get young boys/men in heaven?



"Where did you get the 4000 years from? "
I saw a scientific DOC where they calculated when Adam must have lived form Torah/Bible
& came up with about 4000 years, but said Earth must be 4000 M years old.

"Worshiping a man or an object is shirk."
Given time, humans will destroy any 'ideal' system/ideology for their own gain!


Interesting that recently a kind soul attacked me on JM calling me hameh-chiz-doon,
u can find my reply to him there.

I believe that there are major major social problems in Iran, which in a way are responsible
for the mess it is in now. I do not blame Shah for this, coz he was 'Iranian' too, just like
most of the Akhunds who meant well or were paid by the Masters.

I'm not into self-glorifying-orgies & prefer self-analysis to identify problems & finding
solutions for them instead.

I see too much EGO (doktor/mohandes/ostaad/hazrat/…) & would like to see a fair society where
amaleh/kaar has respect & everybody has basic comfort/rights (but I'm not a commie).

I like to see some form of unity among Iranians, so that they can work together & build up
the country & clean up the culture with caring & hard-work. Too many people are fighting
each other & are concentrating on finding the 'perfect' system, but I think unless the
culture is fixed, we will not have a perfect system even by 2200. So perhaps I'm trying to
show that: guys this is very urgent, we need to clean up the culture.

I'm not a self-appointed nothing & do not belong to any party-hezb. I just got sick of
watching Iran turn into this barbaric mess & people suffering so much.

If I didn't care, I'd live happily ever after in Khaarej (I do have a reasonable job &
can live very comfortably), and go visit Iran every now & then with poz & efaadeh & brag
that I live in Khaarej (like many others who do this).

If u read my posts here/JM, u could see more of me, which u may like or dislike.
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Postby Admzad » Sun Jan 09, 2005 1:30 pm

1 thing that absolutely amazes me is that having blindly accepted the
reasons/priciples/supposed-history, mostly in their childhood,
people never question the details, like how the hell could anybody live
for 180 or 900 years (a few 'prophets' did way back).
Some pee-pole then do abosultely ANYTHING, I mean Kill/rape/steal/lie/...,
but then talk/pray to their "personal God" & make deals with him that:
- I'm sorry, Goh Khordam,
- pls forgive me, I do this for u, I do that for u to make up
- crying & grovelling
- then feeling good from the crying & grovelling & feeling 'holy'
- even bragging for reaching such 'holiness'

They somehow think that they were forgiven, as if they never did those
things & just go on living happily feeling "God" is behind them, coz they
got this 'deal' going on here, untill they do another CRIME.
But then they just make another deal ....
This all happens in their little minds, forever living like little RATs on drugs ...

If they had any BRAIN, they would stand-back & THINK & would reject all
the SHIT they were fed in their childhood.

Of course, the clergy make sure their pee-pole never wake up & forever
try to drug them by rubbish & FEAR to keep them fully under CONTROL ...

Not to mention what idiots these clergy have to be.
But the worst part is that all tru history a lot of absolutely FILTHY
CRIMINALS mngd to become top clergies & ruled in filth & power in
God's own name. But God tru his inaction, has proved that there is no
GOD as we've been told.

The scary part is that humans R designed for SIN.
Take a young man, he can never sleep without having major erection.
Even if he is not forced to do something about it, his body will & 1 way or
another he's done major SIN. So he is forced into making deals with his
personal slave-God all the times & living a double life.
The degree of this double life depends on how much SHIT he gets fed in
his childhood.

Iamgine a 3 yo kid playing with a doll & talking to it & making up
stories, living in his own fantasy, cpmpletelt unaware of the real world
around him. But this would make him feel good.

Now imagine him getting old & giving lecture to other kids how to talk to
their dolls & how it would make them feel good & help them not to be
scared of dark.

Then feeling more power, he starts telling kids how they will suffer if they
didn't talk to the dolls & ...., but kids may laugh at him, so he has to scare
them & raise the Doll's profile that how HE will punish them & will burn
them in hell ...

Then he sees that the more powerfull the Doll, the more power he'd
have on other kids & more powerfull he'd be.

So gradually in their ceremonies things get out of hand & all sort of
hormones kick in & the next thing u know they make sacrifices in temples
& they have have all sort of holly powerfull clergies & punishment ...

Now any kid who doesn't worship Dolls will have to be stoned.

But if a new kid comes to this city from another part of the planet, who
used to talk to pet fish, he'd find these kids very stupid & may end up
building another temple to talk to fish.

The more stupid the clergy, the more stupid his followers would become &
the more stupid his 'religion' would be.
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Postby Admzad » Sun Jan 09, 2005 10:01 pm

As an example of "blindly accepted the reasons/priciples/supposed-history"
consider this:

"Abrahsm doesn't appear as a 'messianic' leader who publically preached
a new creed. It is even unlikely that monotheism was Abraham's original
idea. There is no reference to a time when Abraham isolated himself from
his clan or wordly responsibilites."
U can't find a religion unless u go out & preach it & Abraham didn't.

Abraham was 100, when isaac was borne;
Abraham died at 177;
isaac died aged 180;
jacob died at 147;
Methuselah died aged 969!

I bet most pee-pole don't even know this.
I sure never knew this.
U just must be kidding, over 900 years old?! Maybe he was a robot!

Abraham goes to Egypt, but fears that beaty of his wife sarah could be
a threat to his life, so he passes her off as his sister. Abraham left
Egypt well rewarded by Pharaoh, most likely for Sarah's services!
Abraham also sold Sarah to king Abimelech, passing her off as his sister

People r saying "it is not inconceivable that Sarah produced a child for
Amenhotep I, so semitic genes entered the Amenhotep family line."

If this is not KKeshy, what is?!

Abraham meets a pagan king & both he & the king use the term 'El Elyon'
(god most high)! This phrase was very common in egypt for the supreme deity.
Abraham didn't know God by the name or characteristics that were later
'revealed' to Moses.

This is shocking to me, y didn't God didn't tell Abraham that his name was
YHWH (YaHWeh)? Also EL was a 'pagan' God!

Moses was brought up as an Egyptian prince, brought up as the son of
pharaoh's daughter. He was not even circumcised & didn't speak hebrew.
circumcision was long practiced in Egypt, but was not mandatory.
The egyptian name given to Moses was 'tisithen' & this name preserves
the name of 'Aten', which was the name of Akhenaten God.

Moses couldn't speak hebrew, so God appoints Aaron, his biblical
'brother', to be his spokesman!

Then y select him as prophet?
Surely, God could've made him speak Hebrew in 1 second?!

Moses takes the jews out of Egypt & spends 40 days on the mountain receiving
10 commandments written on 2 tablet of stones. Meanwhile some of his followers
make a golden calf to worship. When moses goes down & sees it, he gets so
angry that he broke the 2 tablets, destroyed the idol & had 3000 offenders put
to the sword! Moses goes back to the mountain for anothet 40 days to get
another copy of the 2 tablets. Hebrew was not invented at that time! The
tablets must've been in egyptian hieroglyphs.

a- y didn't God use metal that would last for centuries?

b- how could believers in 1 God go & worship a statue of a Cow, while their
prophet was talking to God?! These people have had many prophets for

c- u must be kidding, 3000 put to death?
He must've been 'biblical brother' of KKK!

d- y didn't God give the 10 Commands to the previous prophets?
I mean he only 'told' Abraham that Jews must cut their dudul as
their part of the deal with God. Surely God doesn't change in time,
so He should've set out all the rules in the begining, no?!

e- Moses must've tried all sort of 'miracles' to convince the
Jews that he was holy, then how come they start worshipping
an Idol, the minute he goes up the mountain?!

Y should God's name change : EL, YAHWEH, ..., Allah?
I don't mean names that reflect his character, like karim.

I remember once somebody bragging to me that Allah had 99 names.
I bet many Jews in Arabia used to criticize Islam by saying
that u'r God didn't send Moses, coz 'our book' doesn't even
mention Allah! Could this be y the argument that Allah had 99
names was created?

If the God had cleary said that His name was YahWeH (YHWH), then since
time doesn't apply to God, then God would not change his name after a
few century. So Allah can't be the same God as YaHWeH.

Mohammad's father name was Abdollah, which means worshipper
or salve of Allah. This is proof that Allah was one of the Gods in Arabia
before Islam. So Mohammad must've just used the name Allah for his
God so it would be easier to convert people to his religion.

I always thought that the Jews invented circumcision, but doesn't look like it.

"to trace back to the roots of why circumcision was practised at all
in egypt, we need to look at the ancient creation stories of egypt, to
the papyrus of Ani, written during the 18 dynasty, in the 14 century BCE.
In it we find the Re, the creator God, initiated the process of bringing
other beings into existence:
-It is the blood that descended from the phallus of Re
-After he proceeded to circumcise himself,
-And these gods are those who came into being after him.
This was the myth of how Re, or Ra, brought other gods into existence,
from the droplets of blood which came forth."


So it seems there could be hope after the fall of KIR in Miran?!
Sure, it will be bloody, but the blood could create LIFE,
IFF the Masters give their 'blessing'.
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Postby Admzad » Mon Jan 10, 2005 5:05 pm

The whole start of Christianity was a big MESS, which is NOT how
a perfect creator of the world would work!

The all knowing creator should've seen all this & made sure
everything went smoothly, but didn't.

Even Isaac Assimov knew this & in his book Foundation, he came
up with a design so that the 'system' would work for the benefit
of mankind, in spite of human stupidity.

How could the creator not see it coming & leave his religion to
'chance', guess work & future rejection?

Y should he change His mind & change the rules every time a different
'prophet' came along?

Y should each group of HIS followers end up hating other groups of HIS
followers, who follow a different ‘religion’ which HE sent?!

OK, God didn’t know any better & was experimenting, but surely HE must’ve
learnt quickly & should’ve got it right after the first 200 years; but
the whole thing is still a big mess, after 4000 years!

Look at some of the mess:

There is too much controversy on Jesus death & y he should say
“y have u abandoned me?â€
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Postby Admzad » Mon Jan 31, 2005 3:08 pm

More on J/Ch:

Y should God take 40 days to give 10 COMD to Moses?
God should've seen that his followers were building the Cow,
so He should've sent Moses back to put stop to it. Not wait
for 40 days, then Moses going back & see the Cow & put 3000
to the sword!

Y not appear to Moses & give 10 COMD to him right in front of everybody?
Obviously many of his followers were still not true believers, so this
would've cured them for life.

God 'chose' prophets from humans for thousands of years, never being
concerned about the 'original SIN'. Y should He all of a sudden change
his method & decide to come down Himself in the form of Jesus in a vigin
birth & confuse the hell out of humans?! So that he can die on the cross
so that HE himself can pay for the 'original-SIN'!
It's as if God tried this & didn't work, then tried another method, surely
the Creator of the LIFE & the universe, who is all knowing & all powerful,
wouldn't work like this.

Y should God choose only 1 group of people & tell them that men should
cut their dudule, which HE designed, to show they follow him; but only
if their mothers were 'followers'. (i.e. u can only become a Jew/follower
if u'r mother was a Jew/follower)

Then come up with Christianity, where anybody can become a follower,
without cutting his dudul.

Then come up with Islam & tell them to kill/burn all of His old followers,
but have to cut the dudul again?!

dudul OFF, dudul ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ON ....
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Postby Admzad » Wed Dec 21, 2005 3:35 pm

Muslims & Christians believe in the same God & same story of creation as Jews do.
So according to Islam, God sent thousands of prophets to Jews over centuries with
Jesus being the last one. Jews considered themselves as the chosen-people, which makes
perfect sense, coz why else would God send them, & ONLY them, thousands of prophets
& ignore everybody else?!

But why should God all of sudden, after centuries, decide to turn against His own
chosen-people, all of whom spoke the same the language & followed the same culture,
God’s culture, & choose a new prophet from savage Bedouin Saudi Arabs, who spoke a
totally different language & hated the Jews?

Why should the same God who had told his old chosen-people to “do to others what u’d
like done to uâ€
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Postby Admzad » Mon Jan 16, 2006 3:25 pm

If the Creator wanted to have humans follow its religion, it should’ve been done in one
generation. This should’ve been very easy for the all-powerful all-knowing creator to do.

All throughout history many rulers converted to a new religion & forced their entire
nation to convert too. Safavi King simply forced Shiit Islam on Miranians & imported
Shiit mullahs from Arab countries. Nobody objected & today millions of gaav/olaaq
in Miran still follow the rubbish religion. Simply because kids follow their parents’
religion, accepting what they are told as facts, not being able to use logic to question it.

It should’ve been very easy for the creator to convert all rulers on this planet to its
religion. This could’ve been done by dreams or creator ‘appearing’ to them or simply
‘flying’ its prophet all over the planet to convert all the rulers.

This religion would’ve been so logical & the fact revealed so ‘scientific’ that nobody
would’ve been able to find anything wrong with it. If any idiot invented his own religion,
Creator could’ve simply eliminated him or would’ve send him dreams to change his

There should’ve never been prophets who were poor or beggars or sheep-herders trying
to preach the poor, all the times trying to prove they were sent by a real God.

This means that by 2000 BC, all humans on this plant would’ve followed the same
religion & today we’d have only ONE religion on earth. The fact that this is not the case
proves that creator had never wanted humans to follow its religion.

Therefore, all religions today were made by man, & most of them are very different
to what they were originally, because they’ve all been gradually changed by man over
& over & over.
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