IRAN110 - Tall poppy syndrome, Morid/Ostaad

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IRAN110 - Tall poppy syndrome, Morid/Ostaad

Postby Admzad » Thu Dec 23, 2004 8:01 pm

IRAN110 - Tall poppy syndrome, Morid/Ostaad

The whole country has gone down the drain, thousands have been butchered/raped/hanged/killed, the whole
country reportedly went crazy asking for freedom & yet ends up in one of the most inhumane & brutal
dictatorships ever.

I mean see this:

Our holy-Imam have farmudand:
"mardom jaahel va naaqesand va naakaameland va niyaazmandeh kamaalan va shar'an ehtiyaaj beh
qayyem daarand."

Ali shari'ati farmudand (I think it was him, or maybe it was holy Imam?!):
"jahleh tudehaayeh avaameh moqalled ...bandehvaari keh ra'yeshaan raa beh yek shekameh aabgusht beh har
keh baani shavad ehdaa mikonand va in ra'yeh aanaan dar radifeh OLAAQHAA va GAAVHAA ast, nemitavaanad
malaakeh gozinesheh rahbari baashad."

Not only the holy leaders/Imam call Iranians GAAV va OLAAQ, they even take the constitution, which
many Iranians (including some Akhunds) fouqt to create, & change it into an absolute dictatorship
& totally suppress the whole country & Billions of $ r lost to bad contracts to the masters or to
the pocket of their holy criminal puppets.

1- Is this true or false?
if false, pls prove y it's false.

2- If true, then Y people still talk on BB's about SAVAK, who was a sweetheart compared to KhIRI's version?

3- Y people attack each other on BB's. Most of them claim to be pro-democracy & yet they attack each other?!
Shouldn't they attack KhIRI instead who has butchered them for 23 years & is totally against any form of democracy?

4- OK some KIR-parast(K's IR) would attack pro-democracy, which would mean anti-KIRI, but how about others?
Could the urge to DOMINATE others be a factor?

I'm sure this was a factor in she'reh-no being attacked as being rubbish originally:
this is not she'r it is K*-She'r.

Could this be a factor that some may say: x/y say all these things & claim to be genius, but don't know sh*t.

We DOMINATE by proving others to be wrong/small/bisavaad/ahmaq?

5- Could the morid-factor play a role here?
I mean many have a tendency to find somebody to worship & be morid of & raising him to GOD level (specially
after he dies). u said this & it is WRONG; therefore, u'r no good & must be shot & we'd never listen to u again!?

OK I look at what people say to read btwn the lines & find their hidden agenda & once I know they r
evil or full of shit or dishonest, I switch-off from them. But if somebody's heart is in the riqt place &
he makes a mistake, I wouldn't judge him harshly & attack him for posting a wrong number.

Is this a from of tall-Poppy syndrome: when somebody rises above others, people try to cut them down
over & over; but when they fail at the end, they worship him as Gods/Ostaad/Imam/Arbaab/King/Rostam?

(David called this 'lobster' syndrome, others have called it Indian-Crab syndrome)

Could this be a MAJOR factor for lack-of-unity among Iranians?
When somebody wants to lead, people attack him & cut him down.

6- Isn't this(5) a factor Y leaders end up being dictators?
I mean those who can survive the constant attacks must have strong characters to begin with.
But after they come to power, they know how much opposition they had to fiqt with & try to suppress
people to stop any further problems.

7- Isn't this(5) a factor Y any form of criticism of the 'leader' even in the shape of humour will NOT be allowed?
Coz once they win all the fiqts for the leadership, they know that it all starts from small funny criticism & gets
bigger & more serious, so they will NOT allow it.

This 'knocking' is very common in Australia, where tall-poppy-syndrome is a major feature. But in Australia, people
make fun of anything: their PM or Queen & they do NOT like 'authority' !

But even thouq Australian may sometimes make fun of their leaders, but when it matters they would unite behind them
& will fiqt for their country.

Or take Americans, many of whom used to lauq at GW Bush, but they united behind him after Set 11 2001.

GW Bush is NOT a GOD/rostam/hero/ostaad/khodaa for the American, but just the president. They may criticize him or
like him & support him or not. They would just shake his hand while looking at his eyes & may respect him as
Mr President, but they will NOT throw themselves at his feet or bend over to kiss his 'holy' hands.

8- Isn't this(7) a factor Y people often hide behind so many 'important' title/laqab?
jenaabeh hazrateh aaqaayeh doktor ...

To raise their profile so others don't dare to make fun of them & belittle them in order to establish their own

9- Apart from the followings being factors for lack-of-unity among Iranians,
-the urge to DOMINATE others
-division/debates/lies caused by KIRI agents

could this be another factor too:

Many people have been shouting & roaring in opposition for so many years that not only they feel some
form of ownership over Iran (it has be the way THEY say), but they also have some form of LION-den/castle which
they r in charge of, which makes them feel important. So if somebody else starts to lead, whom they don't like,
they would get angry & shout/roar against that he-is-no-good! The only way they would support him would be if he
was absolutely PERFECT in any way imaginable, so that they couldn't say anything against him, but such a person
can't exist.

10- The factor 9 above could only lead to more dictatorship, no?
I mean eventually KIRI has to go, either it would be softened by the Masters (which has already happened to some
extent), or they would have to replace it with somebody else, who has to fiqt with many groups opposing him. But
when he gets to the TOP, many would throw themselves at his feet & make him a GOD with 50 titles, like they always
have. Then he has to crush the roaring lions, like it has always been done, no?

11- The whole humanity is full of he-pock-RATs (hypocrites) & the whole world is RUN by them & always will be! The
MASTERS own the world & run it, no matter how many idealists shout/sing/dance about it.

Lift u'r hands in the air & Sing it loud:
They got the whollllllllllllle worlddddddddd ... in their hands
They got the whollllllllllllle worlddddddddd ... in their hands
They got the whollllllllllllle worlddddddddd ... in their hands
They got the whole world in their hands

Politics is a very dirty business & that's just how it is & always will be.
Iranians need to accept this fact & UNITE & show the Masters they will not put up with KIRI anymore & make a WIN-WIN
deal with the Masters to remove it. That's the best way & quickest way to get rid of KIRI.

But the real work starts after KIRI goes:
-working hard & smart to build up the country & improve the culture.
-to build a 'system' to prevent corruption (at all levels) & abuse of power.
-EEE : Education, Education, Education to teach people to THINK for themselves!
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