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Postby Admzad » Thu Dec 23, 2004 8:04 pm


This is from a very good book by Amir Taheri : The Spirit of Allah.

In the following 'K' means jennolSheytaan Divollah Khomeini.

I was shocked to know that k was a 'poet':

[Leads to a terrible lesson for those who forget God.
'Hindi', knowing all this, remembers at every breath]

[That's the revenge of God.
So as the Tatar pierced the roof with his cries,
The Angel of Revenge chuckled noiselessly.]

He called himself 'Hindi' when he was 38 years old! I had heard him being called hendi, but
didn't know it was so true!

I wonder if K, the new angel of REVENGE & HATE, also 'chuckled' when he ordered thousands to be butchered?

One of the slogans of KIR (K's Islamic Rape) was:
[The silence of the Muslims is a betrayal of the Qur'an]

Yes indeed!
But how come in the last 23 niqtmare years, when the filthy Mullahs have done so much crime/killing/stealing
all in the name of 'Islam', we haven't seen many 'Muslims' to stand up against the KIRI regime?!

[The Shah had tried to teach 'the little people' how to live and had failed. Khomeini set out
to teach them how to die and quickly succeeded.]

How true, he used kids to 'clear' mine fields during the war!

[He (Ahmad, his son) related how the Imam had admonished him for killing the flies which made life
'unpleasant' in .. Najaf. Even the flies had to be seen as creatures of Allah, and respected.]

To me this is absolutely shocking. These butchers set out to destroy Iran & kill/rape/hang/butcher
them by the thousands, yet want us to believe this Bullsh*t?!

Yes many Iranians believd in "mayaazaar muri keh daaneh kesh ast", but the leaders of KIR were bent
of killing & destruction & were after absolute POWER.

[As far as I was concerned, like war, the revolution was a tragedy under any circumstances.]


Sa'id Raja'i-Khorassani, the Imam's permanent delegate to UN in a debate on Human Riqts in Jan 1985
[the very concept of human riqts was 'Judo-Christian invention' and inadmissible in Islam]

Iranians wanted this SH*T?! Is this what so many got killed for?!
And most (if not all) of the hot-shot intellectuals 'voted' for it?!

[For the Imam has no qualms about announcing that lesser mortals have no riqt to legistale their own
affairs and that democracy can only lead to 'prostitution'.]

Now this is something allllllllllll Iranians should be PROUD of!
After thousands of years they have a 'revolution' in order to get freedom/aazaadi/democracy & this is the result?!

[Oh, Khomeini! Thou art the Idol of fatherless thugs;
Thou art the Dracula of the Age -
Thirstier for blood than attila and Genqis]

[For Khomeini any attachment to a town, a country ... is considered sinful ...
One should only love Allah, and absolutely no one and nothing but Him.
Patriotism and nationalism are simply other names for sherk, or the belief that Allah
should merely share one's love and affection with others. One cannot love even parents,
children or friends and still claim to be a true Muslim.]

Wait, it just gets 'better'!

[According to Shi'ite tradition, a single pilgrimage to Najaf and Karbala is equal to 70,000 pilgrimages
to Mecca]

How stupid one can be to think this?!
The HOLY book Quran, the word of ALLAH is less important than the word of Mullahs?!
If this is was the case, Allah would have said so in Quran, no?!
Where the hell did they get the number 70,000 from?!

[Some traditions even attribute medicinal properties to the sweat and saliva of sayyeds.
And Ayatollah Khomeini, in his ... tawzih al-Masayel ..., writes that sayyed women reach menopause ten
years later than non-sayyeds]

How could Iran have any form of 'democery', when people believe in this RUBBISH?!
How could there even be any form of 'refrendum', when the vote of anybody who believe in this ribbish
would count as much as the vote of an educated/intelligent Iranian?!

K's Grandpa, Mullah Sayyed Ahmad (PissBUH), went to Khomein around 1840 from Najaf. His greates handicapt
was [his ignorance of the Persian language and literature.]

He wrote book in 'Arabic' with mixed Hendi & Kashmiri words no Arab would understand! It had many violent
attacks on the Sunnis, calling them koffar al-harbi, who r fit to be put to the sword!

Now we know where K got his 'kindness' from!

[The title of sayyed, meaning 'gentleman' in Arabic, is in its more specific application, reserved for
those who claim direct descent from the Prophet Muhammed. ... Some traditions even attribute medicinal
properties to the sweat and saliva of sayyeds.]

K has written in his holy book that [sayyed women reach menopause ten years later than non-sayyeds.]

Seyyed Ahmad's Dad, borne & died in Kashmir, had 2 names:
1- Sayyed Mohammad-Hussein Nezshaburi
2- Mir Hamed Hindi (meaning the Indian !)

Until 1965 the house, where K was borne, was called by the locals of Khomein as khaaneyeh-Hendi. Later,
it became part of a garage owned by K's brother & so it was called Gaaraazheh-Hendi.
K's Dad was 19, when he married K's Mom Sadiqeh, who was 9.

K was borne in 1902 & before he was 6 month old, his Dad died.
It was said that K's Dad, Mustafaa, was killed (stabbed 6 times, one for each month of K !) coz K was
'bad-qadam' (ill-omened).

[The surest sign of a bad-qadam is, of course, the fact of being borne shortly before a major disaster,
usually a death in the family..... because his father had been so young, and his death so violent, this
made matters even worse. Women gathered ... to gossip about the bad-qadam. ... The undeserved hostility
that Ruhollah had provoked was so intense that his mother left him with his aunt, Roqiyyah ...The unloved
orphan never returned to his mother's embrace...]

[Ruhollah means 'the spirit or the soul of Allah'. ...It is an extremely rare name, which was occasionally
used by Iranian Jews who ... took Muslim names to avoid prosecution. ... To some Muslims the use of the
name Ruhollah as a first name is sacrilegious.]

[In many of his works Khomeini himself strongly recommends pre-menstruation marriage as 'a divine blessing'.
'Do your best to ensure that your dauqters do not see their first blood in your house' ...]

But this is not all folks, K also said:

[This world is but a passage; it is not a world in which we ouqt to live.....What is called Life in this
world is not Life but Death.]

[Leading the clerical opponents of the constitutional system was Shaikh Fazlollah Nuri.... His one-track mind
... earned him the nickname of Gav-e-mojassam (the Perfect Ass) ....Having failed to prevent the establishment
of a constitutional system, SF sided with rebellious princelings & aristocrats supported by Russia. It was on
their behalf that he declared jihad(holy war) against the constitutional government....]

When SF was being hanged, he made a sermon: 'Either this system must go or Islam will perish'.

And guess who was the only distinguished supporter of SF among the Mullahs?
Ayatollah Shaikh Mohsen Araki who became K's 'teacher' in 1918, when K was a sweet 16!!!

K's most favourite among Allah's 999 appellations was Montagem (the Avenger)!
[Ruholla's deep black eyes have been described by more than one intimate as 'fathomless oceans'.]

K's new Master, Shaikh Abdul-Karim Ha'eri moved to Qom in 1920. He was 60 & K was 18.

[Qom at that time, & until 1950, was served by open sewers which channelled every house's refuse into the town's
narrow streets & alleys. As a result the whole city town looked & smelled like a gigantic lavatory.]

[those who oppose the mullahs oppose Islam itself; eliminate the mullahs & the Islam shall disappear in 50 years.-K]

I never thouqt I could ever agree with this Monster, but I do on this one!

[Islam was originally meant to be the 1st major religion to have no priests. Even today the vast majority of Muslims,
the Sunnis, are, at least theoretically, supposed to cater for their religious needs without the services of
professional holy men. Shi'ism, however , is firmly based on the assumption that the mass of the people are unable to
distinguish riqt from wrong & need to be constantly shepherded throuq a sinful world....The mullahs must be such
guides; the unlearned people must imitate the learned ones in every domain of private & public life. The principle
of TAQLEED, which, translated literally, means 'imitation', is central to Shi'ite theology.]

So we got the MSMD principle here, Monkey See Monkey Do!

But this 'principle' would destroy the nation if Mullahs turn dishonest/criminal/bivojdaan, which has been the case
for centuries.

K repeating his teacher/Master word for word said: mujtahed should be
he should be 'adel, or one who acts with justice
he should NOT be domineering!

Wow, everybody agrees that K was extremely domineering (many hiq Mullahs didn't like him because of it!); and as for
his justice, the ******* khalkhaali's record/character speaks for itself!

[The purpose of the Madrasseh is not to foster freedom of thouqt or to encourage a spirit of inquiry....
Shi'ism opposes Fikr(thouqt) & Zikr(reassertion). ... The word Fikr(literally, thinking) has come to mean mentally
deranged in Shi'ite vocabulary.... The idea is to keep people's mind constantly occupied with prayers & repetition
of special formulas so as to leave absolutely no time for independent thinking.]

Wow, how advanced!
So not only they regard people as Gav-va-Olaaq, but they force them to be just that!
U just do what we tell u to & keep on making us rich & fat & bend over for us.

Mullahs provided a major banking services to get around the 'interest' being sin: was called kolaahe-shar'i:
X1 deposits money with a Mullah, who then gives it to X2.
Later, X2 returns money to Mullah, plus a 'voluntary' donation for 'charity'
Mullah gives back money to X1, plus part of the 'donation' as a 'gift'

[Mujtahid could waive almost any & every rule, including some fully spelled out in the Qur'an itself.]

Wow, the Mullahs invented cheating/taqallob! No wonder they always had such a bad reputation!
This fits in very well with what I said in IRAN102, cheating being one of the principles of Iranian culture.
When u cheat GOD, then there can be NO limit at all, anything goes!

[Most Iranians had all but forgotten their pre-Islamic past & had little or no chronological notion of history....
The tomb of Cyrus the Great at Pasargadae was believed to be the resting place of the King Solomon's mother....
Over some 400 years the mullahs had succeeded in effacing the nation's collective memory of its pre-Islamic past.
Iran's ancient history was considered a tragic tale of ignorance & damnation that was best bequeathed to oblivion...
Reza Khan's wish to develop Persian nationalism as an alternative ideology for Iranians was seen by many mullahs
as yet another anti-Islamic plot hatched by the Christian powers.]

K wrote an essay in 1924 saying "before Islam the land now blessed by our True Faith suffered miserably because of
ignorance & cruelty. There is nothing in the past that is worth glorification."

Wow! What can I say?
The cruelty/ignorance/duruq/deception/HATE/Butchery that he, the ****ing Imam, created in 79 must surely get the TOP
prize & those who voted for him!
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