KIR dust

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KIR dust

Postby Admzad » Thu Dec 23, 2004 8:28 pm

KIRI supporters

The following is not about people who got sucked-in & 'voted' for KIRI &
is not about Muslims.

It is about those who actively supported (or still do) KIRI & call the
mother-of-hate, the Iranian-Shemr, 'Imam' after 1982.

Are the followings acceptible from KIRI-supporters who actively support
KIRI & campaign for it?

They love KIRI, but live outside Iran for all sorts of excuses
(like: for my wife & children don't-want/can't live in Iran)

saying they r against any kind of 'violence' !!!!!????
(isn't this the most stupid thing to say ?!)

to be 'educated' & still not just be pro-KIRI, but actively attack other
Iranians on BB for being anti-KIRI!

Not to use their real-names on BB
arent't these worst than vultures?
y not stand up for u'r GOD & be proud of his Goverment?
what do they have to be afraid of?
rn't these just aab-zireh-kaah, doru, halvaa beh nerkheh ruz khor, or just paid-agents
of this inhuman regime?

Arent all these 'creatures' responsible for what has happened & is happening?



Do u fast/ruzeh in the holy month?
When u do, if u do, do u ever think about how thousands of u'r own MUSLIM
brothers/sisters were/are butcherd?

Do u ever think about what kind of animal could get it up, in a
tragic/savage/criminal/inhuman place like Evin-jail where cries of torture/pain
is heard, & having done so can rape girls/women who could be half dead under torture?

What kind of Din/religion would allow this?
What kind of God's-Government would allow this?

All these animals must be 'Muslim' too!
Surely they were not borne like this.
What do u think this would've done to their psychy/din/ensaaniyat?

What would this do to their lives in terms of raising their own kids/dauqters/wives?

Do u think they would go home & show 'love' to their own dauqters.

What would happen to such a society?

What would this do those who may get out of this 'alive'?

What would this do the families of the victims?

U R alllllllllllllllll responsible!

Hitler was a sweatheart compared to Khomeini, piss upon him. Y ?
Coz Hitler was not a 'holy' man. He blamed Jews/gypsies/xxx for problems &
tried to kill them all. But for a 'holy' man, a man of God, to unleash so
much hate/butchery on a nation in the name of God, well the words fail me!

And those so called educated Iranians who supported KIRI after 82 & call this
animal their Imam, they can only be Against Islam, humanity, Iran, mohabat
& everything sacred!

Baabaa aab daad, emaam marg daad.


I've known educated people who fanatically supported KhoSHEMRi for years &
bragged about how KIRI was gona take over the world & on & on. They have
been blind to the corruption/butchery/cruelty of the traitor leaders of
KIRI , while living in Khaarej, some in USA the land of the great
Satan(in their view!) carrying American passports, but still call
KhoSHEMRi 'IMAM'. Some have gone back to Iran, after being 'retired',
getting retirement benefit from Khaarej/USA but living in Iran.

Are these acceptable:

1-After a year in Iran, they say this is NOT real Islam, that they don't
like living in Iran coz it's not civilized & it's a mess & no proper
education/health service ... & too much fesaad/corruption (from/among
the people, but not the 'leaders')! So they go back to Khaarej to live
& follow their own version of true-Islam, but still support KIRI!
So they drive their own cars & live in their cushy homes & try to be
good little Muslims & keep a blind eye to what happens in Iran. Even
when u talk about corruption of Mullahs, they'd say: those Mullahs r
responsible for their actions & God will punish the guilty.

2-Their Khaarej brouqt-up & educated kids, say this is NOT real Islam,
that they don't like living in Iran. So they go back to Khaarej to
study/work/live & follow their own version of true-Islam, but still
supporting KIRI!

Let's say these people r blind & can't see what damage has been done to
their country, having lived in Khaarej for so many years they r out of
touch & don't care about Iran, except when it comes to discussing the
Persian Empire or the Glory-of-ISLAM to boost their EGO. Let's say they
can't see the thousands being butchered/raped/destroyed
& millions of families affected by this. So let's not call them traitors,
coz they didn't steal money or killed anybody directly. Let's say they r
blinded by blind-FAITH.

But don't these people have a responsibility towards their OWN GOD ?!
I mean, they don't obviously care about Iran, but how about their own GOD?
Isn't this the biggest of crimes that they believe in their God & admit
that 'This is not real Islam', which means Government-of-GOD doesn't
follow real-Islam, meaning it doesn't follow GOD, but they just sit back
& watch & pretend it's all OK?! Don't these people have a great
responsibility to stand up against a Government that pretends to be
from-GOD, but it isn't? Wouldn't such Government do great damage
to their GOD? Is it OK for them to put their head in the sand &
pretend everything is OK, & that they don't have any responsibility,
& that they r just here to have a good time?!


A few reasons Y a KIR-dust would not use his real name:

1-They r part of the criminal regime & under cover
2-They r part of the corruption (have become rich from KIR) & so
are scared that they would be hurt after KIR comes down, which
they think it would happen in their lifetime.
3-Many live outside Iran in their cushy homes & are scared of so
many anti-KKIRI Iranians in khaarej knowing who they are
4-Even those in Iran are scared of so many anti-KIRI Iranians in
Iran knowing who they are
5-They r blind-by-faith? But surely nobody can be that stupid, I
mean how can any idiot not see the true face of the Mullahs
after 23 years?! OK, maybe some old woman in some far & forgotten
small village who can't read, but then she wouldn't have access
to internet to post on BB's in English, would she?
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