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Postby Admzad » Mon Sep 26, 2005 5:42 pm


In my youth, I was brain-washed to think that Russian people did revolution coz they
believed in communism. This is pure bullshit.

It was as if to be cool u had to be a revolutionary intellectual, which meant u had to
go against the regime to impress others. There were millions of books in Miran, but
young people bragged about how they were reading banned books. I went to so much
trouble to get a copy of Mother by the idiot Maxim Gorky, who supported an asshole
killer like Lenin.

There was only 2 years age difference between Lenin & Gorky.
Lenin was the son of a hereditary noble!
Gorky was raised by abusive father who pushed him out of the house before he’d
reached adolescence. Gorky helped underwrite the tiny Bolshevik party. Lenin
hounded Gorky to send him money. Within weeks of the so called “revolutionâ€
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Postby Admzad » Tue Sep 27, 2005 4:15 pm


In March 1919, Moscow launched a campaign to expose as
fraudulent the relics of saints. According to the Orthodox faith,
the bodies of saints do not decompose after death. Russian churches
& monasteries displayed elaborate coffins said to contain perfectly
preserved remains of saints. When opened on orders of the regime,
they turned out to contain either bare skeletons or dummies. These
disclosures damaged the prestige of the church among the better
educated. On simple people they seemed to have produced the
opposite effect, reinforcing their faith by giving rise to tales of
wonderful mysteries. "Baryshnia", an old peasant explained to an
American visitor, "our holy saints disappeared to heaven &
substituted rags & straw for their relics when they found that their
tombs were to be desecrated by nonbelievers. it was a great miracle."

This is an absolutely brilliant example of how stupid pee-pole can become with
religious mumbo jumbo. But, yet again, Miranians did even better: they could
see their Imam’s ass on the moon! Such intelligent pee-pole only deserve the best!

In1921, soviet Russia was struck by famine & by March 1922, over 30
million people were suffering hunger or actually starving. Various
private initiatives were organized to help the famine victims. Lenin
quickly disposed of such private initiatives, dissolving the committee
& arresting its members. Lenin, who even as a youth of 22 had
opposed giving humanitarian help to starving peasants in the Volga
region during the 1892 famine, had no interest in saving peasants'
lives. But he pretended to care in order to force the church into a
position of both un-Christian callousness & defiance of the state by
ordering it do something he knew it could not do, namely turn over
consecrated vessels for sale to aid victims of the famine.

So the stupid Russian people could only blame themselves for what happened.
They forgot what Lenin did & failed to see what an asshole he was. But most of
the blame here goes to the intelligentsia, who were lusting for power, not the
pee-pole who were too stupid to know any better.

In Miran, Goh intellectuals in Jendeyeh Melli, specially the Goh Baazargaan,
should have known that a KK Mullahs like Khomeini, who had Kasravi killed,
could never ever give anybody democracy! They should’ve read his book on
having sex with animals being OK, but maybe this is what made them like that KK,
they did were used to having sex with animals!

But in a culture where, Marxists & fanatic shit-Muslims could merge into 1 group,
anything can happen!

The regime wanted not relief for the hungry but a pretext for breaking
the church. In the town of Shuia, worshipers put to flight communist
officials who tried to raid the local church. 3 days later, these
officials returned in the company of troops equipped with machine
guns & soldiers opened fire on the crowd. Lenin seized on the
events in Shuia as justification for an all-out attack on the church
hierarchy. In a top secret memorandum, dictated over the phone &
sent to the politburo with instructions that no copies be made, he
spelled out how the famine & the resistance of the church to
confiscation of vessels could be exploited to serve the government's
economic & political ends. "... it is now & only now, when in the
regions afflicted by the famine there is cannibalism & the roads are
littered with hundreds if not thousands of corpses, that we can (&
therefore must) pursue the acquisition of(church) valuables with
the most ferocious & merciless energy, stopping at nothing in
suppressing all resistance.... In this way we shall assure ourselves
of capital worth several hundred million gold rubles ....All considerations
indicate that later on we will not succeed, because no other moment
except that of desperate hunger will offer us such a mood among the
broad peasant masses, which will either assure us of their sympathy,
or, at any rate, their neutrality in the sense that victory in the struggle
for the removal of the valuables will remain unconditionally &
completely on our side.... the politburo will give detailed instructions
to the judiciary authorities that the trial of the Shuia rebels who
opposed help to the starving should be conducted with maximum
swiftness & end with the execution of a very large number of the most
influential & dangerous black hundreds of Shuia & several other church
centers ...

Wow, what a MJ Lenin was!
Only to be matched by KK Khomeini in Miran. He must have said similar things
When he planned the burning of people in a cinema to blame the old regime …

Lenin proposes to capitalize on the famine, for which his agrarian
policies were largely responsible & which claimed millions of victims,
to discredit & break the Church &, along with it, what was left of
the bourgeoisie. The wealth extorted from the church in this manner
was to be used not for famine relief, but for the political & economical
needs of the regime. The American Relief Admin, which 6 months later
took charge of aid to the starving Russians, contended that there was
no need for additional funds to purchase food since ARA already had
more food & supplies at all parts & on all the lines leading into Russia
than the soviet transportation could handle.
Lenin ignored an offer made by the Vatican to redeem for any sum
required both catholic & orthodox church vessels slated for confiscation.

Where were the Russian intellectuals? Why didn’t they do anything to stop Lenin?
Were they like Miranians, who all moved to Khaarej to have a good time?
I think this is another proof that there was no “revolutionâ€
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Postby Admzad » Tue Sep 27, 2005 4:16 pm


The Russian revolution of 1917 was not an event or even a process, but a
sequence of disruptive & violent acts that occurred more or less concurrently
but involved actors with differing & in some measure contradictory objectives.
It began as a revolt of the most conservative elements in Russian society,
disgusted by the crown's familiarity with Rasputin & the mismanagement of
the war effort. From conservatives the revolt spread to the liberals, who
challenged the monarchy from fear that if it remained in office, revolution
would become inevitable. In Feb 1917, when the Petrograd garrison refused
to fire on civilian crowds, the generals, in agreement with parliamentary
politicians, hoping to prevent the mutiny from spreading to the front,
convinced Tsar to abdicate.

Although initially neither social discontent nor the agitation of the radical
intelligentsia played any significant role in these events, both moved to the
forefront the instant imperial authority collapsed. In the spring of 1917,
peasants began to seize & distribute among themselves noncommunal
properties. Next the rebellion spread to frontline troops, who deserted in
droves to share in the spoils; to workers, who took control of industrial
enterprises; & to ethnic minorities, but the cumulative effect of their assault
on the country's social & economic structure by the autumn of 1917 created
in Russia a state of anarchy.

Trust stupid pee-pole caring more about “sharing the spoilsâ€
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