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Postby Admzad » Tue Oct 11, 2005 4:39 pm


The following is from a few books I’ve read.

My comments are in [-- ….. --]


Ridley, Yvonne; in the hands of the Taliban

British reporter goes to Afg without visa or passport in Sep 01 & is captured by Taliban
by doing stupid things & not being careful. She tries to be the bitch-from-hell.

Although burka-clad Afghan women give the impression of servility, the women from
Kama were strong, spirited & resilient. One woman … gently mocked when she asked
if I had any children & I said ‘one’.
Putting her hands on a fine pair of child-bearing hips she mocked: ‘only one? Ha!
You British & American women can only produce one or two children but I can have 15,
& when you run out of your boy soldiers to send to war we will have many replacements.
Our children are born with guns in their hands. They are fighters & will die fighting. It is
part of our life & our struggle. If I have to fight I will & so will she,’ she said, pointing
her long, bony fingers at an old woman whose tiny, crumpled frame & toothless smile
radiated great wisdom.
I was told she was 100 years old & that she had seen many wars. She shouted something
at me & everyone laughed. She had said of course she would fight the American soldiers
& said no one could conquer the Afghan people.
Most of the adult men had drifted off but the young translator continued to talk & he
admitted sadly, ‘here is nothing for me here & we are all very poor. It is difficult to
escape from this poverty & follow my ambitions. Very few of us can afford to have
…she threw me a succulent corn on the cob & roared with laughter because I squealed &
dropped it, it was so hot. One again she made a mocking gesture & told the onlookers
that women from the West were soft. I could tell her by her gesture.

To me this is a very telling story on how stupid the gaav/olaaq in Miran & Afghan are.

1- The culture creates stupid pig headed domineering bullies, men or women.

2- Anybody will use any means to dominate others, men or women.

3- It’s beyond me how a female gaav could laugh at a British journalist, but there u have
it. But this is how women in Miran/Afg are brought up to ‘think’. Even though women
have been brutally repressed by Men/Islam, they raise their profiles by bragging about
how many gaav/olaaq they could give birth to & treating like shit any woman who could
not do it. Their whole history is full of women being extremely cruel to their havu or
daughter in-laws.

4- The idiots have been fighting each other for centuries, killing & raping one another.
Their rulers & war lords have been on British pay rolls for decades, yet they claim to be
unbeatable fighters, carrying guns from childhood. What’s the point of carrying guns &
living in refugee camps by millions of starving gaav/olaaq, who are fanatic idiots without
any proper education, who don’t even trust their own people to go back to their own
country, coz their own ‘Muslim brothers’ will kill & rape them?!

5- Even a 100 year old toothless woman, who doesn’t have enough to eat will use an
opportunity to shout & make herself look important, if given half a chance.
This is Y the Taliban or KK Khomeini never gave the gaav/olaaq any chance.

6- They r too stupid to know that it was USA who beat the Soviets, not the Afghans.
Without the money & arms from US, Afghans couldn’t do a damn thing. Even with it
they destroyed their own country & killed & raped their own people, coz they were
too stupid to see the big picture & care about their own country & people.

7- British were not defeated by the gaav/olaaq. They knew that the Afghans were
too savage to be governable, so decided that Afg was not worth the trouble, so paid the
Afghan rulers & warlords & used Afghanistan as a buffer zone to protect their real
precious jewel: India.

8- But they are not even united by their stupidity & qurur & EGO. Many of the educated
ones know how bad things are. Many of them have been paid by this or that country
& have fought & killed their own people.

9- If u don’t fit the expectations, u’d be laughed at & will be dominated.
If u show any weakness, u’d be laughed at & will be dominated.

10- When she is captured & is being transferred by car, she sees a chanting crowd
& sees a cute boy who is just a child, as old as her daughter. She feels sorry
for the child, who stares back at her. Then the boy raises her finger in the air &
drags the finger over his throat, signaling that they were going to kill her!

11- When she is with the people in the village, she asks if she could take pictures.
She is told no, Taliban won’t allow it. Then later, she sees a young boy going around
taking many pictures, using her camera, as if he was plating with a toy.
To me this shows the chaos & stupidity of the whole ‘nation’.

In a sense this is what they did, the young men using the toys they got form USA,
going around shooting & killing & feeling important. Even selling some of the toys if
they could. Many of their warlords made a lot of money out of it too.

12- Millions Afghan refugee means that not all Afghans are fighters!

13- What’s the point of women giving birth to 15 uneducated fanatic savage idiots, who
would spend their lives fighting their own other 75 (at least 4 wives, each with 15 kids)
half-brothers & have sex with donkeys, following a savage religion in a GOH culture?!

14- Now let’s imagine a different scenario here. Imaging she lives in a huge mansion
outside Afg which has expensive carpets & gold everywhere. Then she sends 100 fully
armed Western soldiers with heavy arms to visit the local warlord to organize a group of
local leaders & elders to visit her for an interview. She is reputed to be extremely rich &
cruel. The Afg leaders are taken to her mansion & forced to wear very expensive cloths
& given lecture on how to bow to her & don’t look her in the eye & address her with
‘your highness’. Do u think that any of them would have dared to ‘mock’ her?!
Not only they wouldn’t have, but they’d have gone back to Afg & bragged about their
visit & exaggerated all the luxury & wealth & power they saw, just to raise their own
profile so they could rise above others.

15- I’ve heard many Afghans, in many books, complain about how the “West don’t careâ€
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Postby Admzad » Thu Oct 20, 2005 4:27 pm

These r for BK1 :

17- A dog can give birth to 15 puppies in one go, does this mean that Afghan women
who can only give birth to max 15 gaav/olaaq in a lifetime r worst than a DOG?

18 – Now let's imagine another scenario. Say that night there is a massive
earthquake & half the people in the village r killed. Do u think anybody would still brag?
NO! They will all behave like beggars & beg to be helped by the West. They will throw
themselves on the ground & pull their hairs out & will fight each other over blankets or
food. They will throw themselves at the feet of the British reporter & beg.
Did u see the guy in Pakistan recently kissing the hand of the infidel dirty British guy
who pulled his kid out of the rubble? Same guy who most likely shouted abuse at
Americans & British after Sep 11.

19- Afghans still blindly follow the religion of their invaders who raped & killed them
centuries ago & forced them to become Muslims. Some freedom fighter?!
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Postby Admzad » Thu Oct 20, 2005 5:52 pm


Latifa; my forbidden face, growing up under the Taliban

Latifa is not the real name.

A young 20 yo Afghan goes to Paris with his father & sick mother to speak about the
plight of Afghan women, but then can’t return due to the Taliban desire to punish her &
her family.

Aimal’s mother tried to interpose herself, but one of the Taliban hit her so hard she went
flying against barbed wire. Then, like a lynch mob, they all joined in beating the youth
with the butts of their rifles.
When the Taliban entered Kabul, Aimal’s family were amongst those who threw flowers
from their windows to salute their victory. Since this tragedy, his mother spends all her
time apologizing to everyone for having made the mistake of acclaiming the Taliban.
She’s grown mad with it all.

The man is angry, but he finally gives in. ‘All right. Just give me 50. Get on with you.’
50 Pakistani rupee is hardly an enormous sum, less than a pound. But it’s a question of
principle with my father. … He is furious. Once the bribe has been paid, he mutters
through his teeth, ‘that’s the last time I come to Pakistan!’
Father is taking mother & daughter to Pakistan for treatment, but the guards want bribes.
His whole country had been F*ed over & over, yet he has done nothing, yet he gets angry
when bribed in Pakistan because of ‘principle’?!
People with ‘principles’ will not let their country & lives to go down the drain.

‘Come & eat Daoud.’
‘No, I’m not hungry …’
‘What’s wrong with you?’
Daoud didn’t answer. … Mother sat next to him, waiting until he could speak.
‘I saw something that shocked me,’ he said at last. “something really horrible.’
‘What did you see?’
‘I saw a woman completely understand … She was … she was nailed to one of those
swinging doors at the faculty (in UNI in Kabul). They had cut her in 2 … in 2 parts. On
each panel of the doors, there was half of her. Half of her nailed-up body … And the door
opened & shut. It was appalling. Horrible.’
Mother started to cry. Daoud went on.
‘There were feet. Hands cut up. Bleeding remains here, there, & everywhere. It was a
massacre. I don’t know how many they killed, but it was terrifying … The radio only said
the students should clean the building, put things back in place.

Did u enjoy this story? It was written & acted by Muslim Afghans.
Daoud was at UNI after the battle between the various Mujahidin factions that lasted
from 1993 to 1996?
Author was 12 then & has not been able to forget.

Mother is aghast.
‘That’s the end for women. The very end. There’s nothing left. It’s genocide. And the UN
allows itself to be blackmailed by these Taliban.’

This is after Taliban kicked out all the humanitarian orgs run by women.
It was Afghans who welcomed Talibans. The leader, Mullah Omar, was a Goh Afghan.

The Taliban have occupied the sacred city – site of the blue mosque that shelters the tomb
of Ali, the prophet’s son-in-law.

I find this incredible.
How the hell could Ali’s tomb end up in Afghan?
How the hell could the Prophets coat end up in Afghan & last till today (was shown to
Afghans by Mullah Omar)
Ali’s tomb is in Najaf.

Radio Iran then takes over to accuse the US of supporting the Taliban in order to degrade
the image of Islam. Taliban, we learn, have massacred hundreds of civilians in the sacred
city & kidnapped some Iranian diplomats. My father says simply, ‘They’re preaching
Jihad. But a Muslim doesn’t kill another Muslim. Nowhere in the Koran is it written that
we should take life. This is the final proof that they’re inventing their own Sharia …

Miranian Gondeh Guzi at its best!
They follow a shit version of Islam & completely destroy any image Islam ever had, yet
now blame US for degrading image of Islam?
K*Keshy of Mullahs has no limits.

To mother, who asked why, he (driver) replied, “madam, if you have any jewels, you
have to give them to me, because very soon we’ll come to a place where thieves may stop
the car & take everything from us.’
After having hidden the watches & jeweler in the boot, he started to drive briskly.

Wahid (the eldest brother) was quite bossy. Sometimes at home he argued with Chakila
& they wouldn’t talk to each other for 2 or 3 days, without our parents realizing. …
With me (much younger sister), Wahid was different. He would take to me the
amusement park …
Wahid’s face has changed with the years. He doesn’t laugh anymore. He’s become grave,
altogether serious. …
He did his studies at the Ansari senior school, then went to military college. He graduated
top of his officer class & was attached to the presidential guard regiment. …
Wahid told us when he got back that the Soviet soldiers massacred civilians before their
very eyes. …
Wahid was then under the orders of Colonel Hazrat, his teacher, who praised soviet aid to
Afghanistan repeatedly & demanded blind obedience from his men to any orders from
Soviet officers. Wahid rebelled against Soviet orders & was often less than polite to his
teaching officers …

Mother sent Daoud to the barracks where he leaned that his eldest brother had been
condemned to 5 months in a cell for having thrown a teapot at his colonel. …
One day a mullah from the council of ancients, a very old man, came to see my father at
‘Your son has done remarkable work for us & I’ve come to thank you.’

Anyway to cut the story short, Wahid gets into trouble with the Afghan/Soviet regime &
becomes a political prisoner of the Soviets.

Did u notice him being “quite BOSSYâ€
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Postby Admzad » Thu Nov 10, 2005 3:32 pm


Behind the burqa, our life in Afghanistan …
By: Sulima & Hala

Story is told by B S Yasgur who met the sisters in USA in June 2001.

This is a very important book & is a must-read for all who like to understand the culture in

Sulima was borne in Afghan in 1954 & left in 1979.

Mother’s father, Babajan lives with Bibijan (only 1 wife) with many children,
grandchildren, cousins & other family members in their immense mansion which was
like a compound.

Growing up she lived in the house of her father’s father Aghajan..

Aghajan was all about power & control. …The atmosphere in his household was tense, a
simmering pot of conflict. The 4 wives squabbled incessantly. … When the men were
out, the wives allowed themselves the luxury of screaming, cursing, & raging, but when
the men were present, they fought with silent hisses, glares, muttered laments, & pursed
This is HAVU factor in action.
U can bet that the kids learnt to fight & hate their half-siblings.
If my mother hates u’r mother, then I hate u too.

The real friction was between my grandfather & my father (Abajan).

Father worked as a photographer, taking family pictures.
He also spent time on his father’s crops of wheat & rice. His father didn’t pay him salary,
coz he was living in the house rent-free.

In desperation, Abajan started his own sesame seed oil company.

“You are forbidden from using my seeds for this company,â€
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Postby Admzad » Thu Nov 10, 2005 3:36 pm


This book is by S Shah : storyteller's daughter


It has many good examples of how Afghan culture is totally F*ed.

I don’t have access to it, so I’m relying on my not very good memory.

She was borne & bred outside of Afghan & had Afghan parents & decides to go to Afghan
to learn about it.

One Afghan guy (A1) lives in Pakistan, working for the Army.
He spends a lot of his own money of the Afghan refugees, so much so that his wife is against it.
Another Afghan guy (A2) is a fighting mujaahed, riding around on his white-horse.
One day, A2 brings his very sick wife on his white horse to the refugee camp. A1 takes the wife to
the hospital risking his own position. A2 cries & says he can't thank A1 enough ...
Guess how the story ends?

Eventually A2 sets fire to A1's house in Pakistan because A1 ran out of money & could not meet
A2’s expectations. So A2 gave himself the right to burn A1’s house down! I wonder if A2 thought
Islam means ‘peace’ too! This story really got to me. It shows hoe the mordaab would destroy
everything that comes into contact with it. Even if u try to clean it to help, it will destroy u.

This book sheds light on many aspects of the shit culture of Afghan, which is very much like
Miran, eg:
bacheh baazi (rape of male children),
extreme authoritarian culture,
khaarej-raised Afghans (like the author) do not fit-in back in the Afghan culture(!),
etc, etc.

The author was told stories in her childhood about how brave/no-bell the old Afghan rulers
were. One story was :
after the ruler had a ton of 'Pilau', he asked his guest “what should we eat for dinnerâ€
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