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Postby alialahi » Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:10 pm

I can tell U that I told U so, but that will be over killing it.

As U know certain admins here were put on the most wanted list, smack between OSAMA himself and Dr. Al-Zavahiri, by G.B.I. (Google Bureau of Investigations) for high treachery, stupidity, and terrorist actions.

It is real funny, but these were the same admins that were singing the riches tune against the evil doers, only to get aprehended and implicated as grand evil doers themselves?

In all honestly, my hart goes to X. After all he surrounded himself with hired hand embassies.

As soon as I saw Atusa, I could tell the canny family similarities with USAMA, hence the terrorist precipitous at hand.
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