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Postby IPC » Sun Feb 06, 2005 2:18 pm

Dear Camran:

We differ,
Iran was a Constitutionalist Monarchy from 1906 (Constitutionalist Revolution of Iran) to 1925 (Reza Shah The Great's reign). Constitutionalists made a revolution and forced Mozafaredin Shah Qajar to submit to a Constitutionalist Monarchy. This system had last through Moahamad Shah and Ahmad Shah Qajar. On 1925 Reza Shah The Great ended the Constitutionalist Monarchy System, ended Parliament's power and re-established the Absolutist Monarchy. Pahlavi Dynasty ruled an Absolutist Monarchy system for 50 years. Monarch had the power, prime minister done administrative works and parliament was ceremonial.

Republic can also be a European Parliamentary system or the unique American Federal system.

In the post mentioned by you, we are debating over the nature of Monarchy or Republic. We are not debating over the types of each system. But it is up to the debaters.

Debaters can go general and debate:

Republic or Monarchy

and they can also go specific and debate:

- Absolutist
- Constitutionalist

- Parliamentary
- Federal

Debater is open to debate general or specific.

If you would like, we can continue further debates on generals or specifics of different Monarchy or Republic systems in:

Politics => Iran

where the topic is located.

With your permission, we move this topic to:

Comments => Comments on IPC Club

Because this post is neither an announcement nor an event.

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