Hi from Argentina!!

Take your shoes off, come on in, sit on the Persian rug, have a cup of Persian Tea & introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself. Reveal as much as you desire.

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Hi from Argentina!!

Postby Tar-Andukannaro » Sat Aug 25, 2012 8:00 am

Hello, everyone!!!Yes I'm from South America and I love History!!!!I have an Italian name(mauro) and an Italian surname, so I'm a kind of those pesky romans who tried to invade Persia several times!!!! :D My grandfather was from the south of the peninsula so probably there might be a Greek ancestor far far far far far away in time!!!
I got into the site because of the costumes and the military dress and I've been around for weeks reading the articles and I gotta say they are amazing. Since I was a kid I love reading about history of any kind, and of course I already knew Persians are not Arab....Though I agree how many bad portraits are put in movies!!!!For instance I saw the movie 300 and I didn't like that the Persians were shown as monsters!!!!Far more insteresting would have been showing colourful soldiers like those depicted on the walls of the Palaces!!!!
Finally, I admire your effort to continue long trdition of culture that must be studied for everybody( even Xenophon has praise for Persian values of the time). I think the moral values of Zoroastrianism stand far more above than sayArab-Islam. I admire the pride and courage of Persians from Cyrus to the Sassanids and I lern more about other liberator of Persia too.
So definitely I'll be around!!!!
Finally I add: Up the Persians!!!!!
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Don't Cry for Me Argentina!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Aug 25, 2012 11:42 am

Don't Cry for Me Argentina!

Buenos Dias Mauro:

Como estas usted? Todos bueno? Que Pasiones en Buenos Aeres? Muchas fiestas?

Mauro is abbreviation for Maurice who in Latin means “Moorish” (From Morocco), North African or Dark Skinned. Mauro in history such as Mauro of Glanfeuil, disciple of Saint Benedict of Norcia (passed away 584).

OK now that the greetings are over, C’mon folks let’s crucify the Roman upon the cross! Nah, relax Mauro, we will not torture or kill you, not yet! Haven’t you heard of the Persian hospitality? Take off your shoes, sit on the Persian carpet, have some Darjiling Persian tea and Persian sweets ….. eat some Persian food … we want to get you all fat and chubby and then slaughter you for Thanksgiving! Hey do you guys have thanksgiving in Argentina?

Say Mauro, unless you are a Tom Boy, Transsexual or a Butch Girl, then with a name like Mauro you must be a man!

Now the question remains what does “Tar-Andukannaro” means?

To be honest with you, I replied to you because you are Argentine. In addition you are a history enthusiast and an English teacher. What level do you teach?

You Argentines are mostly racially white latins because are originally from Italy, Germany and Spain. This is why you speak Spanish with Italian accent and hand gestures!

So Argentina is basically the only South American nation with majority whites, how come you are “Dark Skinned”? Are you Mulato, Mestizo, Zambaigo, or Moreno? Or is it just the name?

I have an obsession with Argentina, Argentines, Argentine Girls, Soccer Team and Soccer.

I believe for a history buff such as you, IPC is a great source of study and fun. You must be enjoying the website. As far as Arabo-Muslims, this is the 2nd Arabo-Muslim invasion-occupation of Iran (651 AD and 1979 AD). This time we are under the occupation of the Internal Arabs (Islamic Republic of Iran) but not to worry, the same as the first Arab invasion, we will once more kick them out (soon or late)!

Yes, I can’t blame the globe for looking at Ahmadinejad, Khamenei, and the rest of the IRI government and assume that we are Arabs! The reality is that the IRI Government and supporters are Arabs or Half Breeds. They are not White Persian Aryans or even Mixed Persian Aryans. So as you can see, in the future we must once more cleanse our culture, traditions, celebrations, language, writing, religion and country off of these degenerates; send them back to the mosques or maybe straight to their Allah!

By the way, speaking of the language, did you know that 1/3 of the Spanish language is either Arabic or Arabic Rooted words? Versus the Persian which is ½ Arabic and Arabic Rooted words? But believe it or not since 1979 as a back lash we have been cleaning up the language and replacing the Arab Terms with Persian terms.

So as you know, your language is also heavily infected with the Arab terms (due to occupation of Spain for centuries under the Arabo-Muslims. All of your El, La, Al, etc words are Arabic!

Arabs did not just degenerated Iran but a huge chunk of the civilized world including Latinos!

About Hollywood movies, you already know that the majority of the ancient historical movies released by Hollywood are garbage, Anti Persian and fairy tales.

About Romans, you already know that we have defeated them in 3 different occasions, took over the Roman Empire and assigned Persian Puppet Caesars to run it! But Romans could never take over Persepolis, Hecatompylos, Ctesiphone or barely get near them!

It is not that they were always militaristically inferior to us but also culturally inferior to us. And I do not say this due to being Persian but I say it because it is a historical reality which has been obscured and twisted by the Western historians, Hollywood, and lies!

You know, throughout the history (8000 years) and specifically the past 2500 years, Iran has been either the envy or the thorn in the eyes of the West. Even today IRI under sanctions has been challenging the west for 30 years and they cannot do anything about it!

After all, like it or not the Persian Culture and Civilization is the mother civilization of the world. Throughout the history this statement has been very hard to swallow and digest by the West including but not limited to Greeks, Romans, British and Americans, but they cannot fabricate the history or the reality.

Persian Superiority Rules the globe. Even today, thanks to Persians, United States of America is blooming in the medical, aerospace, military, computers and other scientific fields. Just imagine where Iran would have been if all of these brains, engineers, doctors, technical experts and computer scientists were back in Iran serving their own country! Unfortunately no free human being can live under and serve under an Islamic Regime. This is why Persian brains live outside Iran. America knows it and America loves it.

I am a River Plate man, how about you?

I have been a hardcore Argentine National Team fanatic since 1974 World Cup Germany! And I mean we are soccer fanatics in Iran! Even though soccer is not my first love (I am a Football Guy meaning American Football) but I religiously watch the world cups.

Hey what do you think of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner? As a hardcore American Conservative, I am not a fan of her socialist policies but I surely am a great fan of her shins! After all what other nation can say that their president is an ex model? I always had a thing for her and now that her husband is dead, maybe this is my chance to charm her for some passionate Argentine sex! She is a hot and juicy mature lady! Parada parada parada, better stop right here!

Nothing like Argentine Steak, I feel sorry for vegetarians, do you guys eat anything beside beef?!

I think I’ll be briefly in Argentina next year.

Love your country. The best South American nation to visit. Of course as a historian I enjoy expeditions in Mexico and Peru but for fun, nothing comes close to Argentina!

Anyhow, enjoy the website, have fun, express your opinion, give your input and are glad you are here. We are always looking for people of brains and free thinkers.

Welcome to the Club.

Stay healthy, happy and stay thirsty for history my friend.


Adios Amigo
Buena Suerte

El Lobo de Persa
Watcher in the woods
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Ahreeman X
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Postby IPC » Sat Aug 25, 2012 11:53 am

Welcome Mauro, you got the official welcome from Ahreeman, was he hard on you?

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)
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Thank you Ahreeman X

Postby Tar-Andukannaro » Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:04 am

WOW, Thanks for such a warm welcome!!!! Persian hospitality is truely legendary!!!! :D
Well, my name hasn´t got to do anything with my skin really. My grandfather got the same name too. kind of tradition. And I see that you know Argentine people fairly well!!!!Weird as it is, we speak spanish with a huge Italian accent( especially form the Neapolitan dialect of southern Italy),but this influence is more remarkable in the center of the country around the capital city of Buenos Aires. For instance if you go to the north of the country, you will find more Spanish and native accents and cultural influences(traditions, food, customs); and if you go southwards into Patagonia, you´ll find lots of English and Welsh influences in tea houses and towns!!!!!So Argentina is a huge country!!!(in fact the 8th in the world according to extension)
And by the way..... I'M A RIVER PLATE FAN TOO!!!!!!We are back now ready for the SUPERCLASICO with Boca Juniors....I think it is in a month or so.....And of course we've got Messi(did you see Argentina 4-Brazil 3 when they played in the States????Awesome match)
And about Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, there is a lot of division here in Argentina. Perhaps her government might seem socialist for the outside world, but is really authoritarian for the inside!!!!It´s populist, trying to favour the lowest classes at the expense of the middle working class(while the upper class, friends of the powerful and foreign bussinessmen, got a lot of priviliges of all sorts!!!!)A kind of strange mixture of brutal capitalism in the economy and authoritarian marxism in politics!!!As crazy as it might sound; it is called Peronismo( from Peron, Evita´s husband and president in the 50's)But I 've got to agree that Cristina Fernandez has charisma and is very very appealing to the masses.
Finally, Tar-andukannaro is Quenya, the invented language of the Elves from The Lord of the Ring by Tolkien(it's like "High Commander of the Western Flame")
So hope to see you when you come down to Argentina!!!!!!
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