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Postby Xerxes » Tue Nov 23, 2004 1:16 pm

My name is Khashayar. I am from Tehran :) currently living in England. Found this site not long ago and its truely amazing, the content and information on history of Iran seems to be the greatest source for all Iranians & Iran lovers. Shame the forum doesnt seem to be very alive at the moment..Where is everyone :doubt:

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Postby Liberator » Tue Nov 23, 2004 2:14 pm

Dear Khashayar,

The old IPC forum was unfortunately closed down due to excessive attack from the Hezbollahi's of the Islamic Regime occupying Iran and their intelligence services.

More info:

This forum was just recently inaugurated and hopefully more and more members will join us here and make it more "lively" in a good sense (not jumping up and down yelling allah o akbar!!!!!!:banghead: :tantrum: ).

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on affaires concerning Iran and Iranians.

Welcome to the club!

Ba Sepaas

P.S. I like these animations! :happy06:
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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We must make it happen!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Nov 27, 2004 2:06 pm

Dear Xerxes:

Greetings & welcome to IPC. I enjoy your anime & maybe in the future, we can do a project together. Unfortunately, head of IPC Productions Crew, which creates the Anime/Graphics, is presently MIA (Missing In Action) or I would have grabbed you to work with him. Many of our comrades are MIA! Also, did you know the correct Ancient Parsi Avestai (Achaemenid Lingo) pronunciation of your name is "Kheshayar"?! I like your name. My true name is also Ancient Persian & so far I have not even seen a single Iranian with the name same as mine! Historically he was a Persian Sepahbod of the Persian Army. One day I will reveal my true name to All, yet that day is not now.

In regards to your comment about this forum (Club), which unlike the site, is not lively, allow me to make a few pointers.

As Liberator, our comrade, had pointed out, IPC Website is 5 years old & presently, she is one of the top 10 Iranian political sites in the globe. A click on the statictics suqares @ the bottom of each website page (whole & sample stats) , will inform you of our viewership's stats. We also had a heavily trafficed forum (club) which a few months ago had closed down by the combine efforts of Islamists & Yahoo Liberals. This present forum (club) has officially been operating since Nov 20, which means 7 days ago. We have just started this forum (club).

Now, I want to give you a pointer on my attitude towards the issue. Iranian people (in general) are awaiting for a prince charming on a white horse to save them! Iranians inside are waiting for United States Invasion to liberate them & Iranians outside are waiting for a regime change to go back to Iran. Seems like you been one of our readers before you became one of our members, so I do not know if you have read this or not:

The Iranian Disease (part one)

This article would analyze & dig deeper in to this problem.

I have a different approach to the problem. 5 years ago, I started the 1st IPC Club from scratch. Back then, there was no such thing as the IPC Website or Movement. I started the club, then there were 3 members, then 7 members & together we built a club with over 1000 members & over 500 viewers. Then we built a website & then we built a movement & IPC is where IPC is today.

Today, due to Islamic Sabotage & interruption in communication & political dissapointments & frustrations, IPC Club has been dead & off the air for months & just recently, I have revived it (technically). There is no doubt in my mind that once again, this place will be central heart of debates & information on Iranian Politics & more. IPC Club was the original forum which taught & encouraged all these Persian forums to exist & behave democratically with respect to freedom of speech. We started the wave of the "freedom of speech for All", in the Iranian Cyber community.

You see, back then, I did not get disappointed, I did not stop my work of expanding a political forum & moving to creating a gossip, tabliod, bang & romance forum. I stuck to it & saw her thorough to become IPC. I done it with the help of a group of comrades who kept @ it. We kept @ it & we made it huge.

Here we are back to step one. We been destroyed because we were a threat to IRI. Here I am again & I am not waiting for a miracle. I am not quiting either! When I start something, I will see it through to greatness. I am not awaiting for the crowd to drop by here & cruise around the club & decide if it tickels their fancy to drop a line or two or not! I am not awaiting the mainstream society to come along our way. I am not looking @ the sky for miracles to make this place lively. I been there & done that. But I tell you what,

I will make this forum crawling with the brightest minds of Iran. I will make this forum crawling with the greatest Doers & not Talkers of Iran. I will make this forum crawling full of Iran's greatest political activists. I will make this forum full of top brains of Iran. I done it before & I will do it again & do you know why?

I. Because I have faith in myself.
II. I have faith in my comrades.

I know that I am not an Eye-rainian * but an Iranian!
* Eye-rainian = Iranian who keep their eyes to the sky for rain to fertilize the land, rather than irrigate the water & fertelize the land themselves!

I will make a difference & will bring on the change & I will force feed the mainstream society with the New Way. I will not follow the norm & I will not follow the Iranian community. I & my comrades, taught the Iranian Cyber Community & their forums to respect All's freedom of speech & stop deleting, revising & censoring posts. Once again, I will create The New IPC Club from nothing & I will make it possibly larger than what it was before.

Do you know why am I so self assured?

Because I always gather a group of Doers around myself. Look @ Liberator for instance. It is you & him & her & I that will make this place great. Forum does not build upon itself! We need to make this forum great because we are the owners of this forum & there is no big brother to censor or bring on miracles upon us.

Iranian mentality is for some kind of power, God, Prophet, Imam, Nader Shah The Great, Reza Shah The Great, & Miracles to save us.

I say, I must create the Change. I must Change the Iranian Mentality. I will force the society to change. And I will do it with your help.

It is easy to create an Iranian Sex & Porno Club & after a week, gather 1000 members in it.
It is easy to create an Gossip Tabloid Club & after a week, gather 2000 members in it.

But it is hard as hell to create a political Club & even after 1 year, gather a good number of Iranians in it. Considering this, we will swim against the waves of the ocean & upstream. So whats new?!

In the upcoming months,
I have to transfer the IPC Website to a new domain.
I have to redesign the whole IPC Website.
I have to recreate all the photo albums destroyed by Islamists such as historical albums.
I have to recreate all graphic arts lost & destroyed by Islamists.
I have to get the books destroyed by Islamists, back online.
I have to find & get our old members back in here.
I have to revive the IPC club.
I have to revive the IPC Movement.
I have to ........................

I have faith & I know that I can do it because I can rely on comrades who will gather around me & will help me, so together "we will make it happen". It will all come down to you & him & her & I, to make it all happen.

Ask not what IPC can do for you!
Ask what you can do for IPC?
because after all, IPC is you & him & her & I.

All it takes is "The Will", The Unshakable Will for accomplishment of some good for the nation, thats all.

I hope, now you understand better of where I am coming from.

More power to you & resistance


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Ahreeman X
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Postby Xerxes » Fri Dec 24, 2004 12:52 pm

Hey Ahreeman & Liberator!

I've been busy with university life, Thanks for such informative reply to my question! To be honest, I tried and grabbed some members for my art club on that site, but many times I was confronted by questions like.. "Why should I join the club?", "I dont live in Iran", or "I dont like politics", these were the general replies I got from Iranians when I asked them if they want to join an art group called "Persians".

Oh well. I dont know, I have a feeling that politics need to be discussed and I'll be happy to help you guys whenever you need any;

I came across sumka.org the other day. It has some cool content too, however adding "WORKERS PARTY" to national socialism sounds like Nazi wannabes. Now although we all have that Nazi feeling sometimes, I dont know how its possible in todays world!

Anyway peace & good luck :)
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