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Sat Sri Akaal

Postby Sher-e-Punjab » Sat Nov 27, 2004 8:10 am


Im not a Persian, im a Punjabi, although i cant say for sure that i dont have any connection to Iran from way back. I dont know for how long but for some generations my father's family has been bi-lingual in Punjabi and Persian, my dad doesnt speak it, but his eldest brother does. Im also planning to take classes starting 2005 (hopefully).

I've never been to Iran or know many Iranians but i got a strong interest and fondness for Persian history and culture. I can see traces of Persian influence on Punjab and its culture. From things like the clay oven (what we call 'tandoor') to Persian vocabulary which has been assimilated into Punjabi.

Because im an outsider and dont know too much on the situation and modern history of Iran i have a neutral stance on most political and internal issues of your country. In terms of Persian culture though, i think you'll find me to be a big supporter of things like the growth and development of Persian cinema, music etc and preservation and promotion of Persian architectural history in and outside of Iran.

BTW, i love traditional Persian arts and crafts. The Persian influence on Mughal and Punjabi crafts is definitely there.

Just to clear any confusion, im not a Pakistani, im not an Indian, and im not a Muslim. Im a Punjabi, that is the only ethnic/cultural identity of mine. My religious identity is Sikh.

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