OK if you insist!!!

Take your shoes off, come on in, sit on the Persian rug, have a cup of Persian Tea & introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself. Reveal as much as you desire.

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OK if you insist!!!

Postby Bita K » Wed Jun 08, 2005 11:47 am

Hia people, where you been? [-(

So thats where all of you been hiding!!!!!!!!! [-X

I wondered what happened to this place & by a slight chance, I finally found you. Im an old member who lost & missed you. Remember me? Its me, same old me, still alive & making trouble! Now that I found you, I won't let go of you! I can see Hezies took you off the net, ha? What can I say, as Doc says, FRAG Them, if they can't take a joke! Let me use & twist one of your terms,

More power to me & those who dig me! \:D/

Your Social Critic :-$

No society without a "Socialist Foundation Base",
will function, prosper and last for long!
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Bita K
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Lance Corporal
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Postby IPC » Wed Jun 08, 2005 11:06 pm

Bita How can we not remember you?! :lol:
Welcome back

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Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
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