BB is Back

Take your shoes off, come on in, sit on the Persian rug, have a cup of Persian Tea & introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself. Reveal as much as you desire.

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BB is Back

Postby Shahrzad BB » Wed Oct 05, 2005 8:55 am

BB is Back

Missed me BBs?
The Blonde Bombshell is here.
The Heart and Soul of this club is back in the club.

So you wanna know about me? I am a drop dead gorgeous Persian Goddess. I'm originally from Heavens relocated to Earth to study you.

I'm also known as: Psychiatrist of The Board, Club's Conspiracy Theorists, Amateur Philosopher, Heart of Wisdom, Definition of Beauty and of course "The Blonde Bombshell" (BB).

Favorite Book: Book of BB
Favorite Personality: BB
Favorite Role Model: BB
Favorite Actress: BB
Favorite Fashion Model: BB
Favorite Movie: Blondes have more fun (Marilyn Monroe)
Favorite song: Heart of Glass (Blondie)
Favorite Album: Blondes have more fun (Rod Stewart)
Favorite Band: Blondie
Favorite Singer: Blondie
Favorite Series: Dayi Jan Napoleon (Dear Uncle Napoleon)
Favorite Political Leader: Reza Pahlavi II
Favorite Political Ideology: Saltanat Talab (Constitutional Monarchy)
Favorite Personality: Marilyn Monroe
Favorite Artist: Bob Marley
Favorite Music: Raggae
Favorite Food: Ghormeh Sabzi
Favorite Fruit: Kharbozeh Melone (sweet like me)
Favorite Person in the whole wide world: BB (myself)
Favorite Subject: Conspiracy Theories
Favorite Statement:

Bow to your Goddess BB. Down boys down, bark like Dogs and worship your Goddess BB.

PS: Ahreeman has a crush on me, he is head over hills for me, he loves, cherrish and adores me.

Official Signature,

Psychiatrist of The Board

Long Live Me,
Death To Those Who Hate Me.
Blonde Bombshell
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Shahrzad BB
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