Ooooooooohhh Why Not!?

Take your shoes off, come on in, sit on the Persian rug, have a cup of Persian Tea & introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself. Reveal as much as you desire.

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Ooooooooohhh Why Not!?

Postby SirZJ » Fri Dec 10, 2004 4:33 am

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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Dec 10, 2004 9:41 am


Lordi lordi lord!
Sir Zen James:

Our Head Honcho in Land O Tony Blair! Our True British Gentleman is back!
Unbelievable! It is you! Seeing you back in The New IPC is almost better than Sex & Violence & you already know that those 2 are my favorite beefs!!!!
May I ask how did you get informed that we are back on air? For statistics sake?

Send me an E-mail to my private account (, with the title "IPC Operation" so I can input your E-mail in my directory. & no, please no one else send me anything in my private E-mail. If you must send me an E-mail, then send it to ( E-mail. Do not spam me or I will jinx you!
We lost the E-mail list. I also asked Camran to do the same but it must have slide by him! @ least I want to get the E-mails of Operation members in my directory. Our members are scattered around the world & no way to get in touch with them!

I am so glad to see you back. Eventually all of our old members will be back or @ least I hope so!

Yes my friend, the sons of the camels destroyed everything including all your graphics!
You know what? We brought all that traffic to Yahoo, all that business to yahoo & thats how they thanked us & I told them so!

I swear to you:

"Everytime I stuck my hand in a jar of honey & put it in someone's mouth, they licked off the honey but bitten my hand off!" (Persian Expression for you)!

Well, its a good thing that I have not stuck Haji Kuchike in the jar of honey & put it in their mouths or they would have first licked it & then bitten Haji off! Can you picture me in hospital with Haji bitten off?!

Dear Lord O Mighty!
Our Lord O Savior down under, below in flames & darkness!
Say, you are an MI6 or MI5 Type o guy, then can you locate LOP? Is he on a mission for the Agency in chad Republic Central Africa fingering young Charcoaled native gals?!
If we could locate Robert, then maybe we can put the productions back together! Camran is here & we have a new guy Xerxes, & now you are here. Only if we could locate Robert & Admzad, we be rollling in Shiite! Oops sorry I mean we be rolling in Art Work!
So your company is dealing with IRI. Damn sellouts, and whats new?!
I just wanted to welcome you & tell you that I lovse lovse lovse lovse loves to see you!
Well look @ it this way, even though we lost everything & the Old IPC, but finally your wish came true & we created The New IPC, exactly according to your wishes with many Halls & Rooms. You were the first one insisting to create a club in such structure, well you got your wish. @ least something good came out of all this! How do you like the new structure of the club?

See you around ZJ.

Welcome Back Home

A Bicycle Rider Passing Through IPC
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