Persian Cultural Month of March

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Persian Cultural Month of March

Postby CR » Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:02 pm

Persian Cultural Month of March
An IPC Tradition

Keeping Persian Culture Alive!

Official IPC Announcement

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Nowruz Persian New Year
Persian Cultural Month

New Edition: Celebrating 8000 Years of Persian History, Culture and Tradition
An IPC Tradition: Persian Cultural Month, Srping is in the Air

Persian Cultural Month

Battling Islam to Keep Persian Culture Alive!

We are here to protect and serve the 8000 years old Persian Culture which is being crushed under the boots of Islam via the Mullah’s IRI Islamist Regime that has been illegally occupying Iran since 1979.

We have chosen the month of March to celebrate, because we have the below events, all happening in the month of March:

a. Nowruz, Persian New Year and its 2 weeks of celebration period (March 21)
b. Reza Shah The Great, Father of Nation's Birthday (March 14)
c. Zarathustra Spitmata, Great Persian Philosopher Zartosht’s Birth day (March 26)
d. Beginning of Spring, beginning of rejuvenation, beginning of life (March 21)
e. Birth of Iran Politics Club (March 30)

It is amazing and interesting that how Persians chosen the beginning of Spring as the beginning of their calendar year. Spring is when the trees, plants and flowers rejuvenate and bloom, Spring is where the life starts.

Read more:

Persian Cultural Month of March
An IPC Tradition on Month of March ... /index.htm

:nowruz: Happy Persian Cultural Month :nowruz:

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