A F Branco Talented Patriotic Cartoonist of the People

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A F Branco Talented Patriotic Cartoonist of the People

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon May 11, 2020 8:40 am

A F Branco Talented Patriotic Cartoonist of the People

Cartoonist of the People
Artist of the Heartland America
American Patriot & National Populist
Friend of Iranian Opposition & Iranian People

Trump with Iranian People vs. Democrats with Mullahs A F Branco Iran Cartoon
Trump stands with the Iranian People and Iranian Opposition.
Democrats stand with Khamenei, Rouhani, Mullahs, Hezbollah and IRI Regime

Mullahs’ Shield A F Branco Iran Cartoon
Mullahs and IRI are shielded by the Obama’s Shadow Government Deep State Shield consisting of the American Media and the Democrat Party.

Social Media Internet Censorship of Conservatives Branco Cartoon






Comically Incorrect Cartoon Book by Antonio F Branco

Nashville After Hours art by Antonio F Branco


A F Branco Cartoonist of the People

A F Branco Talented Patriotic Cartoonist
Ahreeman X
May 11, 2020

I would like to introduce you to a decent man, a talented cartoonist, a great American patriot and a friend of the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People.

I am going to introduce you to a lovely great patriot, a fine nationalist and a talented artist. The same as the corporate media, the cartoon business is also 98 % liberal infected and completely devoted to the Democrat Party and the Deep State. There are only a few conservative and patriotic cartoonists whom are relevant, have talent and creativity to offer. One of these talented cartoonists is the friend of the National Populist Movement, a fabulous patriot and a talented artist, A F Branco.

I have been following A F Branco’s art for a long time. Without the doubt, he ages like wine and gets better by the age. His subjects, humor and art has been progressed well. He is very good with cleverly mocking the hypocrisy of the left and bureaucrats in various stages of the government and politics. He knows how to get the viewer’s attention with colors and humor to focus on the essential political subjects.

Joe Biden Sniffing Xi Jinping’s Dollars Branco Cartoon
“Obama – Biden Regime Sold America to China.” (Media)
“Joe Biden likes sniffing things such as women’s necks and …” (Media)
“Jo Biden does not believe China is a threat!” (Media)

His art is warm and lively. His humor is raw and funny. His toons have a homey feeling and are from heartland America.

A F Branco’s Iran toons are solid. A F Branco is a friend of Iran, Iranian Opposition and Iranian People. As a nationalist, his patriotism and love of America is pure but his drive for the National Populist Movement to succeed throughout the world is sincere.

A F Branco exposes the global establishment and Deep State, equally. A F Branco is not about the pencil pushers of the Big Gov but he is about the average Working Men and Women. Branco is about the government of the people for the people and by the people. He exposes the hypocrisy of the left, wide open.

Antonio F. Branco was born in California. He is a military veteran. He is a Washington State based cartoonist. He started his art as doodling in the logging industry where he was working. Eventually he kicked it up a notch and went pro.

A F Branco has a passion for politics and art; therefore, he combined them and created what we know today as the Branco Toons. In 2010s Branco had become relevant in the toon world. His early Obama cartoons exposed Hussein Obama as a Globalist, Socialist, Anti American element who was destined to change the fabrics of America, Constitution and to destroy Americanism.

Eventually Branco had become the talk of the town and made it big in the cartoon circa. He had some media exposure and become a major conservative cartoonist. Various patriots are fond of him. A F Branco is one of Sarah Palin’s favorite cartoonists. Rush Limbaugh is very fond of him.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter Crucify Free Speech Branco Cartoon
Google Goolag (Gulag) Comrades are killing the Conservative Views!

A F Branco is also a musician. He has his own band of oldies rock & roll playing local clubs. His band, “Tony and the Tigers” has been playing all over the Pacific Northwest and Washington State.

As a musician and a music historian, I share Branco’s love of music. I surely share Branco’s love of cartoons as a tool to promote the cause of the Working Man. Mostly I share Branco’s endless drive to battle and mock the Deep State who has been ruling America for over 3 decades.

Finally, the 2016 Revolution of Trump and the People had occurred and we have changed the GOP to the “American Workers Party” but the Deep State including RINOs will not just lay down and die. Deep State fights back like hell! No one said it would be easy! On the bright side and on the light side, Branco’s toons will make it fun and easy to fight the Deep State.

Democrat Party Faxes the Daily Talking Point Fake News to the Media A F Branco Iran Cartoon
Have you noticed that the daily talking point Fake News are the same on all the channels?
Do you know why?
Because they come from the same place!
American Media is a wing of the Democrat Party
Corporate Media is a part of the Deep State Swamp

As an American Patriot and a Persian Nationalist, I strongly promote Branco’s art and advise everyone to support Branco. It is people’s duty to support people’s artists such as Branco.

We wish Branco the best in his goals and desires. We wish him success, health and happiness.

More Power to the People

Dr. X

A F Branco Sites

Comically Incorrect – A F Branco Site

A F Branco Twitter

A F Branco Facebook
https://www.facebook.com/Comically-Inco ... 283712008/

Tony and the Tigers New

Tony and the Tigers Old



“Flag of Our Criminal Mother!” (Mainstream Media)
“Mainstream Media raising the flag of Clinton by sweeping the dirt under the Persian carpet!” (Media)

“Reporters in Mainstream Media are wearing New Blindfolds!” (Media)

“My Administration works like a fine-tuned machine.” (Trump)

Trump: In your face CNN!

Big Liberal Government Hypnotic Brainwash!
Zombies see, Zombies Do, but ……
And suddenly Phil felt very out of place!
And this was the rebellion of the Tea Party!
And this was the rise of the National Populist Movement!
And this was the beginning of the End to the Big Liberal Government Brainwash!
And this was when the People started to wake up!

Trump Hunt
Season of the Witch!
Trump has ended the Washington DC Swamp’s power cling but they love to cling to the power. They are used to clinging to the power for decades! So, Season of the Witch begins! It is a Witch Hunt! The Witch Head “Nancy Old Pussy” (Nancy Pelosi) that senile old corrupt bag, heads the Witch Hunt, “Chucky Doll Schumer” (Chuck Schumer) and the Media follows the lead! Haven’t Liberal Leaders become cartoon characters?! Media Fabricated Narrative of the “Trump – Russia Collusion” forms; however, it seems like nothing can bring Trump down! What is Trump’s Secret? Power of the People is behind Trump! And the Witch Hunt continues ……
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