Iran Politics Club is back on the Air after an IRI Attack

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Iran Politics Club is back on the Air after an IRI Attack

Postby IPC » Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:14 pm

Iran Politics Club is back on the Air after an IRI Attack

Iran Politics Club is back on the Air
Latest IRI – Hezbollah Cyber Attack on IPC (2009)
Ahreeman X and IPC
December 1, 2009

IPC Official Announcement

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom,
Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

IRI – Hezbollah has Once More Cyber Attacked IPC, The War is Not Over!

Dear Members, Sympathizers, Readers and other Comrades:

IPC is back on the air. IPC is now broadcasting for Free Iran.

Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) had launched a calculated cyber attack and managed to knock the IPC Website and Networks off the air for about a month (Late October to Late November of 2009).

IRI’s Latest Cyber Terrorist Attack Against IPC

For technical and security reasons, we cannot go to details. In a nutshell, IRI conducted a cyber attack in 2 fronts:

* The Decoy Attack from Tehran, Iran by IRI Cyber Terrorist Task Force to distract IPC’s Security System.

* The Main Attack from Beirut, Lebanon by Lebanese Hezbollah (ordered by Iranian Hezbollah) to shatter the IPC Security System and destroy the IPC Website and Networks.

IRI Cyber Terrorist Task Force has used hacking, decoding, viruses, programming and other cyber sabotage methods to destroy the IPC Networks beyond repairs! Obviously all other past tactics had failed, so now, IRI had to go for the jugular:

Read more:

Iran Politics Club is back on the Air

Iran Politics Club

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