Why Trump Propaganda Works?

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Why Trump Propaganda Works?

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:49 am

Why Trump Propaganda Works?
To All Dearly Beloved Trump Haters!

Do you want to know why Trump propaganda works and not only on 30 % of Americans but on the majority of Americans?!

Trump the Captain steers the American Ship Inauguration Cartoon (Benjamin Garrison)
Trump steers the American ship towards the “Shinning City upon the Hill”!
Direction of the wheel is from Globalism towards MAGA (Making America Great Again)

Before I roll, I need to make a point:

It is funny how liberals want Socialism for America and want to let Muslim Refugees in! They have never actually lived under Socialism and Islam or else they would have not desired this upon America!

Now we can Rock & Roll:

To all Trump haters in all categories including but not limited to:

Liberal Establishment
GOP Establishment
Big Government Enthusiasts
Corporate Media Establishment
Hollywood Establishment
Academic Establishment
Wall Street Establishment
International Global Corporate Establishment
George Soros Empire (MoveOn.Org, Black Lives Matter, etc.)
And 1001 other liberal or semi liberal beloved folks

2016 Election is over. Trump is the president. He has been in office since Jan 20, 2017. I completely comprehend how hard it is to digest this and cope with the reality because I also suffered for 8 years under Hussein Obama Marxist Islamist Regime in silence!

De Nile AKA Denial is not only a river in Egypt but it is also a liberal state of mind! Get out of this state and accept the reality. Eventually all of these riots, protests, congressional derailing, media slander, sabotage, leaking national security, crimes and lies which never have seen before in the history of America at this extent, will end and Trump will still be there!

Hussein Obama, the Muslim leader of resistance can remain in DC, run a shadow government to sabotage Trump Administration until Hell freezes over, Hollywood can bash and trash forever, Media can spew Fake News until next Ice Age, Academics can throw tantrum and block freedom of speech in universities for another few years like they have done for many decades and all and all can riot and burn public and private property until next eclipse but at the end of the day, all these good folks will end up in their Safe Space licking their wounds, holding hands and singing Cumbaya! Trump would still be there!

Trump will be president for 8 years and he will do such an awesome job that after 8 years Trump Jr. will be there for another 8 years! Hell, why not making it a monarchy?! So all of you good folks can scream from top of your lungs and sabotage and spew hateful, spiteful, envious insults forever, however, get ready for 16 years of Trumpism. Welcome to the New America!

Now, you can whine, nag, create conspiracy theories, search for Russian connection or missing link but then you can also grasp the reality and come out of your Bubbles detached from the reality and the average American Joe and Jane! Face the reality because the sooner you face it, the sooner the pain will be over and you can digest Trump and Trumpism!

Bells are ringing, light bulb is showing, fact is unveiling, Ding Dong, Ding Dong, are you ready for Reality? Let’s roll:

After decades of government corruption, media corruption, both party corruption, and one big happy corrupt global corporate corruption and their cronies in DC, a Revolution occurred!

A National Populist Revolution had occurred. American People created a Movement. They said enough is enough and we want to put an end to the DC Swamp. After Brexit came Trexit!

Movement won, Leader of the Movement became president. Yes, majority voted for him and I am excluding the millions of Dead People, Double State Voters and Illegal Aliens who voted for the Corrupt Witch!

After decades and since Reagan, for the first time America is:

Government of People by the People and for the People

The Liberal, GOP, Media, Wall Street, Global Corporations and their paid protestors are angry because they are losing power and power is slipping away from their grips!

What can I say?

National Populist Revolution has established. Welcome to New America! Digest it! The sooner you do, the less suffering you will do!

Now, I have been a revolutionary since teen years. It is 38 + years that I am with Iranian opposition fighting with IRI AKA Islamic Republic of Iran, major sponsor of the Islamist Terrorism in the globe. I also publish the largest Iranian Website in English online.

As an American Patriot and a Persian Nationalist, In 2015 I told myself that on 1979, I have already lost one country to Islam and Muslims; therefore, I am not planning to lose another one! That is why I endorsed Trump, campaigned hard and supported hard to get him elected.

Regime Change in Iran Requires Regime Change in America. One Down, One to go!

With American Muslim President Obama who betrayed the Iranian Opposition and flirted with the Mullahs, a Free Iran was not possible; with Trump it is very much possible!

I do not care about GOP or Liberal Establishment. I really do not know which is worse?

Americans specifically Liberals are extremely naïve and ignorant about the global history and historical threat of Islam. They have no clue about the history of Islam and the danger it poses to the civilized world. Liberals always bend over backward for Muslims and the funny thing is that when Muslims come to power, the first people they kill are the liberals and leftists who helped them to gain power! This happened in Iran, it is pretty close in Europe and it almost happened in America during the first Muslim presidency of Hussein Obama!

Do you want to stop the ignorant rants and raves and know historically, philosophically, economically and culturally, why Trump came to power and why he will succeed and why there will be at least 8 years of Trumpism?

Please educate yourselves:

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/is ... /index.htm

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/li ... /index.htm

Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/sh ... /index.htm

Welfare States of America: WSA

http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/we ... /index.htm

Trump National Populist Revolution
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/tr ... /index.htm

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/ah ... /index.htm

Iran Online Library Index

Islam Index

Iran Politics Club

And please stop comparing Trump to Hitler because it is getting old and boring, so please find a new line, will ya?!

Many are Schooled, yet only a few are truly Educated!

And there is your prayer …


Loves and kisses

Ahreeman X
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Ahreeman X
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Re: Why Trump Propaganda Works?

Postby CR » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:24 am

Message from Ahreeman X to Trump


Read a message from Ahreeman to President Trump:


Why Trump Propaganda Works?

Greeting to Donald & Other Friends in Our Movement

Donald I want to emphasize that Iranian Opposition have been with you since the beginning and we support you on the new Refugee Ban and we urge you to go all the way to the Supreme Court if you have to. We also urge you to clean house and get rid of Obama Operatives in all government departments specifically National Security because it seems like it will be War for 8 years! Every step of the way the liberals will sabotage, leak, derail, stall, riot, protest and resist the National Populist Movement and its leader which is you. They are still in denial about the victory of the Workers Movement!

Donald we got your back and we will be there to fight alongside with the internal saboteurs and external enemies such as IRI Islamist Regime of Mullahs every inch of the way.

Read this, you will enjoy it:

Why Trump Propaganda Works?

Iran Politics Club

Ahreeman X & IPC Op.
A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Re: Why Trump Propaganda Works?

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:07 pm

Dr. Ahreeman,

Your post. "Why Trump Propaganda Works," was top notch. You presented sound advice for irate people who cannot accept Donald Trump as President of the United States. For the most part, they are the spoiled kids given a free education and the millions of lazy people who prefer to live off the Government. They are too ignorant to realize that President Trump is in office to make their lives better with not only better health care but jobs, jobs, jobs to allow them to gain back their self respect by working for a living and bring up children who are well fed and educated.

It's sad when our colleges and universities have brain-washed our youth whereby they are not able to engage in civil discussions with people who have different points of view. To shut down voices who support President Trump really indicates that hate has infested their minds and they can no longer think objectively and determine what is best for them. To stop freedom of speech is the most stupid way of trying to win any disagreement. It simply means that these people opposing Trump are really stupid or so hateful that they have lost the American dream.

No other country in the world affords people the opportunities that are available for those who have self-respect and willing to work for a living. But again, have educated youth been so indoctrinated in our educational system that they lose respect for their country and the American flag? If so, they will continue to be losers. It's time for them to wake up and like any opposing team that lost to graciously accept the winners. By playing fair and showing respect, one day the losing team will become a winner. But it won't happen if all they are capable of doing is throwing stones and filling their minds with hate that distorts the ability to reason.
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Nicholas Ginex
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Re: Why Trump Propaganda Works?

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:56 pm

Reality Check for Liberals

We shall not allow 1 Muslim Refugee or 1 Illegal Alien or 1 Hispanic Migrant Worker in to this country until we feed all American hungry children, get jobs for all American unemployed and home all American homeless. Not even 1 unskilled immigrant, legal or illegal should enter United States until we take care of our own people first.

We are not the Mother of the world underprivileged, uneducated and poor.

Multiculturalism kills American Culture

This is not Racism but it is Logic and common sense.

America, love it or leave it.
America First

There is your prayer

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Ahreeman X
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Re: Why Trump Propaganda Works?

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:04 am

Why America is a Democracy?

Some of the good folks on the Liberal Left claim that America is not a democracy because the people do not directly vote for presidency by the popular votes like Europe. Well look at the European Parliamentary Republics where the cabinets and the governments constantly fail and collapse due to lack of the popular vote of confidence in the European parliaments! Then the whole country goes in shambles!

In fact America is the most unique type of democracy because the wise Founding Fathers invented the Electoral College; therefore, every state of the union no matter how small, has a say in the elections or else, New York and Los Angeles would decide the US elections and we know how that goes!

NY and LA loaded with liberals, illegal aliens, dual state voters, convicted felons and dead people who vote would erect Bill de Blasio, Madonna, Pocahontas, Bugs Bunny or better Jerry Brown as the president and then he would bankrupt the nation the same as he bankrupted the richest state of the union California!

Founding Fathers were the most visionary and wise Free Thinkers of the modern era and back then they seen the future of the popular vote! Founding Fathers saved America from NY, LA and becoming yet another bankrupt Socialist nation, European Style!

But I have to hand it to the liberals; they really tried to transform America away from America during the 8 years of Hussein Obama Socialist Islamist Regime! But now the nightmare is over! Thank God for our National Populist Revolution and the Wisdom of the American Hard Workers, the average Joe and the average Jane.

In 100 Days, Trump has done more good than Obama has done in 8 years of destruction. See you in Harrisburg next Weekend where we turned over America by turning Pennsylvania to celebrate the 2016 Revolution of the American People and the 100 days presidency of the Savior of America, The Godsend Donald J Trump.

Making America Practical Again

And there is your prayer


Loves & Kisses

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