Deep State Coup Against Trump & the People

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Deep State Coup Against Trump & the People

Postby CR » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:59 pm

Deep State Coup Against Trump & the People

On 2020
We Will Vote to Keep America Great KAG
Or to Destroy America and Return to Welfare State

Learn Why is there
Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People
Democrat Party Coup Against the American People

Learn Why
Google Iranian American Management Refuses to Celebrate Nowruz!

Real Collusion AF Branco Cartoon
Democrats, Deep State (Obama Shadow), RINO Republicans and Media Collusion to Destroy Trump

Deep State CIA Watch Dog Ben Garrison Cartoon
Through the Years, CIA Doggie has grown to a Big Dog!

Learn about
Who are the Establishment?

Democrat Establishment
GOP Establishment
Deep State
Tech Giants
Social Media
Globalist International Corporations

And so on ……


Please review this important piece by Ahreeman X:


Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People
Democrat Party Coup Against the American People

Ahreeman X
October 7, 2019

Have you taken a trip to the Washington DC lately? Instead of sensing a glorious feeling due to standing in the capital of the most unique form of democracy in the globe, you will feel dirty, sticky, and unclean due to the thick firm of filth spreading all over the city and its Swamp Creatures! One may assume that he is not standing in “the land of the free and the home of the brave” but he is standing in a middle of the most filthy, humid, sticky, slippery and rotten swamp in the world! Welcome to the New Washington DC (George Washington is shaking and turning in his grave)!

Read More:

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People ... /index.htm

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Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office

No One is Above the Law Except Democrats Ben Garrison Cartoon
Deep State in Action - Justice, Nancy Pelosi Style!
Nancy Old Pussy (Nancy Pelosi), Pencil Neck Adam Shiite (Adam Schiff), Sleepy Creepy Joe (Joe Biden), James Dopey (James Comey), Lush Wacky Hillary Clitoris (Hillary Clinton), Deep State Brennan (John Brennan) and Muslim Barry (Hussein Obama) sitting on the high branch above the law!
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Re: Deep State Coup Against Trump & the People

Postby Atusa Qajar » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:59 am

Dear members

If we as citizens don’t do anything about limiting the power of the Deep State and government, then this republic and our democracy will be gone. It doesn’t matter who is in the office but the Deep State’s tail must be cut off. US supposed to be the government of the people not Deep State. The Real Collusion is the collusion of Democrats, RINOs, Media and Deep State.

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Re: Deep State Coup Against Trump & the People

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Thu Oct 17, 2019 3:35 pm

Bravo! Bravo! Dr. Ahreeman your article says it all for you have defined the problem as President Trump steadfastly tries to solve the problem. The cartoon illustrations drawn by Ben Garrison are outstanding. The cartoon contents are exceptionally thought out and I somehow feel you had a hand in their creations. I especially liked the one that showed Truman in 1947 walking the CIA dog, then Jack Kennedy in 1963 trying to heel a growling CIA dog, and presently, an angry and bullish CIA dog wields control over our Government characterized as Uncle Sam.

The following Dr. Ahreeman paragraphs impressed me and hopefully the minds of IPC readers:

The complete educational system needs an overhaul. We need to train powerful, self-made, free thinking, responsible and reliable strong men and women who take initiative to take on challenges and build the future. This includes factual and objective truth in our history books and a comparative study of the major religious organizations with an objective to eliminate bigotry, hatred and violence. The written word must emphasize integrity, truth, compassion, and love for one another.

In this holy battle for the heart and soul of America, we shall never fold, surrender and go back to the status quo. We will win and win more. Trump and the people have made America Great Again. Hussein Obama’s Welfare State, Food Stamp Nation and Bankrupt Country has been turned around into the greatest civilization on Earth. Yes, we the people have “Made America Great Again.” Now, it is time to help Trump to “Keep America Great.” In the 2020 election, get out and vote for leaders who have integrity and love for America and its people. There is no trust in the national media, the swamp, and Democratic leaders who wish to operate within closed doors to bring about a coup of impeachment against our President.
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