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Analysis of the Present Situation!

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Jul 07, 2005 4:06 pm

Analysis of the present situation!
July 7, 2005

Greetings to All


Before I start, allow me to clearly state here, of the Graphic Nature of my preachings! Therefore, ahead of times, I apologize from the ladies & to children, well............ you have no business being in IPC @ the first place, so shoo, shoo away kidney beans, shoo.......... go play Arshimalalan or Kick the Jack-Ass or pin your testicles! What are you doing reading IPC?! Kids these days! I am telling yous!

Before I get on with the analysis, allow me to quickly mention a few points leading to this analysis. We have been receiving a certain number of E-mails regarding the way, Catayoun Razmjou & IPC Office had dealt with Aryo Pirouznia & his SMCCDI. Some of you were supportive of her actions & some of you thought Aryo deserved it, but then some of you thought that Catayoun has done a overkill & some of you have been asking me, how come I did not stop her or go ahead & smoothen the relationship with SMCCDI?! But non of you, mentioned any comments on why the Hell, Pirouznia had deleted the posts & banned IPC for the second time around, in his Toy forum! Some of you who hated Prirouznia, gave much support to Catayoun & some of you who like Pirouznia, criticized Catayoun but not a single person made any comments about how Pirouznia, once again trashed the Freedom of Speech! This makes me think, if Iranians really comprehend the true meanings of:

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Press
Press Shield's Law


After all, this is not a popularity contest between Pirouznia verses Razmjou! So, do Iranians really understand these concepts?!

Aryo Pirouznia & Elections!

My Thoughts on the issue

I do believe that Catayoun has done a overkill & I do believe that the situation could be handled differently & thats why I told her to drink some ice water, take a cold shower & take a vacation & a break from politics to cool down; however, I have to state that overall, I would align with Catayoun on this one! Why you ask? It is not because she is a comrade, my web mistress, an IPC member or a friend. But it is because, I can identify with the way she feels or in that manner, any other "Strong & Independent Woman" feels about this subject! Women feel it most! They have been oppressed & dictated to, by Iranian Chauvinist Male Pigs, for centuries, specifically during the last 26 years! Women are tired of being pushed around, told what they should do or not to do or what to wear or how to act! Women definitly do not want a Thug Figure to push them or others around & this thug figure, can perfectly be seen in Aryo Pirouznia! In Pirouznia's world, it is either His Way or High Way! The latest events @ the voting booths were the last spark to blow Catayoun! I feel her pain!

This is not about Aryo Pirouznia blocking the Iranians who wanted to vote in the "Sham Election", or as usual, Aryo trying to force his way upon people by shouting & pointing fingers @ them, or once again, Aryo blocks the Freedom of Speech on his Toy Forum or ...................

But this is about the Nature of Aryo Pirouznia as a Bully Thug, a Monarchist (Absolutist Monarchist) in Constitutionalist (Constitutionalist Monarchist) clothing, trying to once more Shut people up!

Aryo in the Park!

Not to be mistaken with "Shakespeare in the Park", in every occasion which there is a political episode going on in a public park, rally, speech or other public places in LA, one can see Aryo Pirouznia & a few Storm Troopers & "Qereshmal" (Catayoun's quote) Bimbos around him, barge the scene & try to silence the voice of opposing party, may this opposing party be Jebhe Meli, Reformists, or ordinary citizens trying to vote or talk!

Throw a political event in the park & in LA, & you can make sure that Pirouznia will be there to push people around! Everyone who speaks against Monarchy or Reza Pahlavi will be bashed & forced to become silenced by Pirouznia's Thugs! This man seems to have no job, except getting in people's faces!

Pirouznia @ the most, standing fully erect, stretched & straight, comes as high as my left testicle (Imam Hussein) or possibly my right testicle (Imam Hassan)! This rowdy, loud, thug o lard is basically a bald midget with Geek glasses. If he stretches his right arm, straight above his head, he might surpass my Habibati al Schlong (Haj Kuchike) & reach & grab my Belly Button! He might actually "Reach out & touch someone or something!" Yet the fellow believes, he is The Incredible Hulk! Whats with this guy? He reminds me of "Ernest Rohm" & his "Brown Shirts" @ the hight of Nazi Storm Troopings of the 1930s in Germany! Isn't that an irony?!

Why is it that many Short men with receding hair lines, have such inferiority complex in which they need to throw a Bully Tantrum to make up for their psychological needs?!

For years, Aryo has been bullying people around & in a way turning people away from us (Iranian Opposition)! Aryo's Thug behavior, would form a negative belief in the minds of the masses to falsly believe that "All" Iranian Opposition are mindless bullies! This would distant the masses from us. Aryo's thug behavior is no good for us. But then again, maybe Catayoun could deal differently with him rather than dumping him straight in the trash can; after all, he is an activist!

What could I do?

To be frank with you, I have faced a "Done Deal" by Catayoun & IPC Office, so I could not reverse the episode! What could I do? Appologize on behalf of Catayoun & Office to Pirouznia? And tell me, why would I appologize? Do you believe that I had to apologize to Pirouznia for deleting IPC posts & banning IPC in two separate occasions? You see, when I found out about the episode, it was already too late, the vase was broken & the Deal was Done! Too late to avoid it or act differently! And why apologize? For Aryo showing a history of suppresing Freedom of speech?! And what can we gain by kissing Aryo's Ass or in that manner any other Thug Petty Dictator Monarchist in the Iranian Opposition?! For how long can we sacrifice the principles for the common goal? Does Ends justifies the Means?

However, now that I have faced a "Done Deal" & now that all the curtains were torn & everything which had to be said, was already said, then why not go all the way?

Graphic Visualization of the Situation

Pardon me but now, I need to go visual about it! I am a visual person, I always need & use graphics & images to explain the text to my students, so please accept my apologies!

Let me use a metaphor, shall we start? Imagine one day I have entered a bedroom & all of a sudden I have witnessed Catayoun, has Aryo strapped by his four limbs, stretched from four opposite sides & tied up to the bed posts! Aryo is on his belly, buttocks sticking out & up, all naked, wearing nothing but his famous "Himler Nazi" Geek Glasses! He tries hard to set free, but hand cuffs & ankle cuffs are made of steel & the four bed posts are made of thick oak wood!

Couple of IPC Henchmen are holding Aryo's body & arms still, so Catayoun can shove a taste of "Reality", with her Strap-on Electric Digital Dildo, up his buttocks! As soon as I enter the room, Catayoun shoves up a third of her strap-on, model 707 Jet Turbo Engine, up Aryo's behind! Catayoun as a strong independent woman, fed up with Aryo's years of Gang Behavior & Bully Patherns, shows no mercy on Aryo's Butt! With no vaseline, KY Jelly or Lubricant, she tears Aryo's Roundle apart & starts a nightmarish thrust! What triggered her & the final spark was Aryo's 2nd banning of IPC in his little Monarchist Toy Forum!

She even went as far as not directly posting the complete text, in these Monarchist Forums such as SMCCDI & Activist Chat! She ordered the Office to strictly & only post links to the actual articles written by her in IPC, so these Moderator Thugs would not find a excuse to once again use the profanity gimmick to delete posts or ban people & luckily IPC done so! But Pirouznia's SMCCDI & later on Cyrus' forum for Monarchist X Generation Children, still could not digest even a linked article with sharp remarks!

Basically Catayoun was fed up with Aryo's Bully Behavior & she was going to do something about it, one way or another! I came in to the room & by then IPC Office, had taken the photos of this S&M session, attached with the reports of the Bondaged Orgious Episode, transmitted this latest news to around the globe! By the time I walked in, the story of Aryo's Torn Butt had reached Tehran, Paris & Moscow! Extra Extra.......... Monarchist Bully Thug got Butt Banged by a Femenist woman! Extra Extra..................

Ain't IPC Office amazing? In a matter of few hours, they spread the full event around the world! Ain't Internet great?! Next thing you know, folks in Tehran University were observing pictures of Catayoun inserting a third of a strap-on 707 Jet Turbo, up Aryo's Butt for years of political abuse!

I may not agree with the way Catayoun handled this issue, but then again, I have no sympathy for Aryo's Butt! He got what he deserved! So what was I to do? I faced a Done Deal! Now would I free Aryo from shackles & chains & let him run along to LA? Hell no! Aryo was our guest in San Diego & in chains, bonded & gagged, facing a complete anal overhaul via model 707 Jet Turbo! Who am I to stop it? Furthermore, it was kind of a turn on! Why you ask?

My Fantasies of Humbling Wanna Be Strong Dictators!

You see folks, I always have this fantasy of humbling Strong Dictators! I see, strong muscular, body builder type o thugs, pushing people around & gang banging around, then suddenly I get these urges! I have these urges to put them in bondage, gagged, tortured & Butt Fragged or maybe kneeled down on the floor, blind folded & Face Fragged! Oh Lord, talking about deprived fantasies!

Now do not get so excited, cause I am not going to reveal to yous, if I have ever acted out of my fantasies! But I tell you this much that my urges become more severe, when I witness the Bully is not even a Big Ol Goon Muscular Thug, but a measly Midget Geek like Pirouznia! What can I say, its the Sadist in me! This is my way of protecting the Under Dog by Fragging the Bully! Well in Aryo's case, I can fart & the wind will blow him away (Riot, Killer)!

What I have in mind & what I enjoy doing is pretty similar to that scene from the movie "Pulp Fiction", an all time classic! The one, where a Red neck, Gun Dealer & a KKK White Supremest, bonded & gagged "Ving Rhames" (A Big Black Muscular Gangster) near the wall, got him butt naked, & then they taken turns by Fragging him up the Shiiter & they even Fragged him with Barrel of a Shot Gun!

Now that scene was simply awesome! Even though I am a big time Ving Rhames fan & I follow Kojak religiously, yet Ving Rhames as a Big ol Black guy & a Gang Banger Boss, being Butt Raped by KKK got me so Hot & Bothered & extremely Turned On! It practically lighten up my Sexual Desires which I did not even know they exist! I practically got a Woody for a week! The Woody would not go down! I done a sexual marathon on young Teenage Girls (18 & over thank you) for 3 hours straight @ a time!

There is something about the Violent Rape of an Authority Figure sort of a Bully, that worked for me as a 20 shots of Vitamin E, Rhinoceroses horn powder or an aphrodisiac! This is one of my ultimate sexual fantasies in the top ten list but not the number one! Remind me to tell you about the number one fantasy?! I'll tell you later!

Boy, every time I look @ that scene, I just want to masturbate furiously like its few minutes before the End of The World by a Nuclear Catastrophe! Either that or it simply feels like, once more, its 1999 by Prince! Dear Lord O Mighty, Ale Luya?!

So basically, I am trying to show yous a justification on why I did not stop Catayoun! Furthermore, I started participating with her! I simply grabbed a Rusty Metal Handle of a Long Broom Stick & I shoved it up Aryo's Roundle (without Vaseline), until the Anti Islam Aryo, screamed Allah O Akbar & he saw visions of Allah before he fainted out in Reza Pahlavi's nurturing arms!

All of a sudden, I have found myself snapping out of a dream & in reality, standing over Bleeding Torso of Pirouznia with a Rusty Metal Broom Handle in my hand, pushed along side with Catayoun's Jet Turbo 707 Model Strap-On, both deeply in Aryo's Corn Hole! What perversity is this? What kind of a perverted behavior is this (I gently asked myself)?! Why am I participating in Gang Rape of Aryo Pirouznia & furthermore, I am enjoying it! Damn, there is even a wide grin on my face with my choppers (teeth) wide open smiling an Erotic Bad Grin! Lord have Merci on our soul, thus we have sinned! Ohhh the catastrophe, Ohhhhhh the tragedy, Ohhh the shame of it all, Ohhhhhh the rhapsody in heat!!!!

Praise the Lord!

All I can say, is that even though not agreeing with Catayoun's methods, yet I can feel her pain & I can identify with her emotions! Now about apologyzing to Pirouznia, well.................... I don't know about that, but folks, this Erotic Experience was Good for me! Was it also Good for yous as much as it was Good for me ( Googley eyes)?! We even made a Full length X Rated Movie of it to sell in Black Market! Hi Bids will make it! I can see some of our members are drooling furiously! They simply can't wait! You people are sick!

What's The Point?

Every day that passes by, I am beginning to more & more, believe in the fact that Iran has been gone too far to even be brought back in a short & a quick come back! Iran is gone, 26 years gone, morely 1400 years gone! There is no quick solution to the problem of Iran!

Islamic Republic of Iran, with the backing of the Majority of the "Active Masses" is in power. Active Masses means the ones who actively support IRI including the Armed Forces, Para Militia, Hizbollah, Conservatives, Moderates, Reformists, all Islamists & active government employees.

It does not matter if the "Silent Majority" hates IRI & Mullahs. The Silent Majority is no help to us (Iranian Opposition). The Silent Majority is an irrelevant factor towards the "Change"!

We (The Active Opposition) are in minority. The Majority (Active Pro IRI Majority) are greater in numbers, they have the power, security forces, judicial, legislative, & now the absolute executive branch of the government.

The Active Majority supports this Islamist Regime & thats why they have been in power for 26 years, otherwise, they would have been gone years ago! It is time for the Iranian Opposition to wake up & smell the reality! This is no British Plot, no US Plot, no Conspiracy Theory, no Bull Shiite Free Missionary or CIA or MI6 or MI5 Plot.

The Majority of the Active Masses want the IRI in power. Iranians want IRI in power or else she would have not stayed in power for 26 years. The Silent Majority means Shiite! The Iranian Opposition Groups as individually means Shiite, even as a group means Shiite!

The Real & Major Iranian Opposition Group is NCRI. NCRI with her Army (NLA) & with her political wings of MKO, Fedayian Independent, Democratic Front, Scholar Assemblies, Freelance National Fronts, Lobbyists in America, Tons of Media, Websites, Radio, TV, Political & Military Wings, Parliament of over 500 members, pre elected provisional government & President Erect, Maryam Rajavi & .......................... means Shiite to IRI!

Rest of the opposition, specifically little Gangs of Cyber Monarchists or Derelict Fascists like Fouladvand or local thugs like Pirouznia or other cheesy Monarchist bands of thugs are basically "Guz" & "Chos" in comparison to NCRI.

Even non Monarchist groups such as Jebhe Meli, Tudeh Party, the complete organization of Republicans, Nationalists, Marxists & other Right Wing Groups as a whole are "Dool" & Shambool" in comparison to NCRI.

NCRI herself, is like a little Ant in comparison to Islamic Republic of Iran's Armed Forces, Hizbollah, Basij, & the complete institution of the Islamist Government!

Reza Pahlavi, Monarchists & this whole opposition, lives in LaLa Land! Specifically psycho infants like "Dr. Dool-Avand" in London, are living in LaLa Land!

Iranian Opposition in LaLa Land

This scattered opposition has done so little in so many years, because they are indeed scattered! But aside that, even if they were united, as a whole unit, they would still be in minority compare to the Majority of "The Active Masses of Iran" behind this Islamist Regime.

It does not matter if the majority of Iranians hate IRI & Mullahs, but they are irrelevant because they are not doing anything about it! What matters are the Activists.

Majority of Activists are pro IRI.
Minority of Activists are against IRI (Opposition)
and then there are the "Silent Majority" which politically, act as a Dool-Avizan (Lame Penis)!
"Dool-Avizan" term, has French roots!

So, we (Iranian Opposition) mean Jack Shiite! Until the Silent Majority of Iranians wake up & take arms or @ least rebellion against IRI, then all our combine efforts means Shiite! Set aside that Iranian Opposition is scattered to 1000 groups which All hate each other's guts!

Armed Struggle

This idea:

Creation of the Iranian Resistance Army Corp

Will remain only an idea, unless the masses participate in the idea! Masses, Businesses, Individuals & Technocrats by majority or @ least by a good amount of minority must participate in the idea or it shall not work. How can this idea work in the short term (as Tactics), when the masses are not equipt with the weopn of "Moral Revolution" to participate in this idea!? This idea will occure (as a Strategy); however, only after the mass education to gain the Moral Revolution, so the masses will see beyond their own personal benefits & once they look into the Big Picture, then we can start the political revolution.

Ideas such as above are great & we will continiously arm this movement to progress towards achieving our goals; however, the paths we are taking may change.

The Solution

Moral Revolution, via Mass Education for the cause of Mass Enlightenment. We need to Educate the masses. And by Education, I do not mean teaching them literacy or mathematics! Iranians are already amongst the most educated folks in the globe! We have Doctors & Engineers coming out of our throats! We have College Graduates roaming around streets of Iran unemployed or driving cabs!

We need to Fundamentally, Philosophically, Economically, & Socially Educate the masses so in returns, they will enlighten to the "Moral Revolution". What lacks is Morality. We are a nation on the verge of becoming a Shiite Empire, supported by Islamists & Terrorists. Iran is going way off course & direction to become a Neo Global Power as a Shiite Empire. Iran is the second revival of the Islamism in the globe.

I guess Shah really Fragged Up when he was talking about the "Great Civilization"! Either that, or he really envisioned "Islamic Republic of Iran" as the "Great Civilization"!

Once we revive the Morality amongst our people. This Morality shall become a weapon to fight "Corruption", "Self Interests", "Special Interests", "Elite Interests", "Bribery", "Crimes" & the present abyss. With the power of Mass Education, we will come to an All Over Enlightenment & next comes a Moral Revolution which leads to a Full Blown Political Revolution.

Our mission for now is to Mass Educate the masses of Iran to accomplish this "Moral Revolution".

That's our agenda & thats why the new IPC Website is comming out soon to do this task.

Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?!

Moral Revolution is the Key to our Salvation as a Nation.

End Thoughts

Coalitions, support of all opposition groups, unions, cooperations & common fronts means nothing unless we manage to destroy the "Dictatorial Mentality" amongst our people. To do this task, we must inject them with the serum of democracy! Unfortunately, there is no such thing! The closest thing to this serum is the "Moral Revolution". Political Revolution can only be achieved via a Moral Revolution, & a Moral Revolution can be achieved via a Mass Education. Then we can have the visions of Democracy & in that manner, Mass Salvation!

Now you may fully or partially agree with everything which I have stated above. You may also fully or partially not agree with everything which I have stated above; however, you have the right to do so & in IPC, unlike certain Monarchist Brown Shirt's forums, you are allowed to state your opinion & preach your heart out, without the fear of being revised, deleted or banned! @ least in IPC, we respect your right to Freedom of Speech. My vision for IPC was not to shut people up, but allow them to express themselves & fully respect their Freedom of Speech. Thats also my vision for Iran of tomorrow. This here is IPC. In IPC we do not shut people up, but we learn from them & we teach them a thing or two. This here is the first & the last stand for Freedom of Speech, in Iranian Cyber community! Our records of the past 5 years, proves it!

So what are your thoughts? What say you?

And that's all folks!


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Point of views, you don't read in Exiled Media!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jul 18, 2005 3:41 pm

Point of views, you don't read in Exiled Media!
July 18, 2005


A few Factors made me think, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................

I would like to share a few point of views, which you do not read, watch or hear in the Exiled Media. Basically Iranian Exiled Media lives in LaLa Land, which is an imaginary land created in LA & Vicinity! Now on to the points:

I. The other day, I was channel surfing & accidentally I hit the CSPAN & there was a Women's Right Symposium going on with a Guest Speaker, no one but our dearly beloved Maryam Rajavi! I am telling you, there is something about that woman that turns me on! Maybe it's the colorful scarves!

Anyhow, she made a fine speech in front of a large size auditorium. The audience were mostly young Iranian women & then there were a number of Non Iranians, Women Rights Activists, Political characters, & representatives of various organization members of NCRI.

She made a remark that was extremely interesting to me. Of course I was aware of this fact; however, I never pondered about it much! Do you know that:

Almost All Military Commanders of NLA are women?!
Almost All Political Leaders of MKO are women?!
Almost All Representatives of Affiliate Organizations of NCRI are Women?!
Majority of the Parliament (NCRI Provisional Government) of over 500 members are women?!
Even the provisional President Elect is a woman?!

To be frank with you, women control the NCRI & that's a fact.

Now have in mind that the main organization of NCRI is MKO & The MKO even Marxist Islamist, yet are Muslim. Even though the Majority of NCRI are Muslim, yet they are one of the most Sophisticated Muslim which you can find & they clearly reversed the Traditional Iranian Male Control to a Neo Iranian Female Control! Now the funny thing is that Men of NCRI have no objection to this! Furthermore, they support the women! Even women support other women to progress & grow in positions & commands! Women of NCRI often do not view other women as competition! And men of NCRI often do not envy women as the controlling sex! And all this in a coalition which is Muslim by majority! How Un-Iranian! Think about it!

In the whole massive auditorium, there were a very few women with Scarves as a semi Hejab including Maryam Rajavi herself in a Royal Blue scarf & alfit. Almost no women in the audience had any head covering. Well actually the majority of audience were young Iranian girls or women with extremely westernized clothes & full make-up. Marxists, Socialists, Social Democrats, & Republican women were obviously without scarves but even MKO members were almost all without scarves!

Later on I talked with some NCRI women to get their take on this gathering. Now I want to mention a few interesting points to you,

Picture this:

Imagine, for a young Iranian woman who just recently migrates out of Iran & who is less than 26 years old, meaning that she was born & raised under IRI, & she starts her new life in exile & then wants to get political, she will analyze her alternatives .....................

Right away, she witnesses the massive hierarchy of NCRI with various different political organizations from various political ideologies gathered & work together. She sees the whole hierarchy of NCRI including Political, Media, Propaganda, Military, & Organization is being run by women. Almost every relevant position in NCRI & its affiliate organizations is occupied by strong women! She sees powerful strong women control even the parliament of NCRI all the way down to Military Commanders & Political Leaders. Just go to "Shahre Ashraf, Iraq", & witness all military commanders of NLA are women!

Next, she takes a look @ Monarchists & she sees that Reza Pahlavi, so called an open minded westernized next Shah in line, has been spending a great time in the bedroom, trying so hard to make a baby boy, so according to the Constitution of the Constitutional Monarchy, the baby boy will carry the torch of Shahdom! After all, The Constitution of the Constitutional Monarchy is according to the Shiite Islam & Religious Laws. In Shiite Islam, only men can become Monarchs; therefore, RP must make a baby boy! After failing for 3 times, he is still trying for the 4th time to hit the jackpot & make a baby boy! Monarchist Hypocrisy in action!

Now, you tell me, to a deprived young Iranian girl who grew up in a controlled Islamic Society of Iran & now is Free to live in the West, which one is more appetizing & attractive:

The United "National Council of Resistance of Iran"
101 Bands of Monarchists

You be the judge?

Would this young Iranian girl who grew up inside IRI & never seen an outside life, be identifying with Maryam Rajavi as a role model or Reza Pahlavi?!

Don't you think it's a No Brainer? Its pretty obvious isn't it?

Now have in mind that Maryam Rajavi & Reza Pahlavi are both Muslim & you do know that I am deeply Allergic to Muslim, but even to me, which I am pretty westernized & grew up in the west since age 16, it is still pretty amazing that a Muslim Woman (Maryam Rajavi) is such Feminist & Pro Women's right & actually a Militant Feminist; however, a westernized man such as Reza Pahlavi who is the preacher for equal rights, is so hypocritically reactionary who still is trying to abide by the old Shiite Constitution & still playing the bedroom games (Mashin-e Juje Keshi) in hope of making a boy!

Forget about my opinion because I am irrelevant in this scenario & forget about Iranian youth who were born & grew up in the west. We are all irrelevant in this scenario. What matters are the youth who were born & grew up in IRI & on daily bases they are exposed to Internet or they are moving out of Iran. A good number of them are trying to get political & 101 Iranian political parties are aiming to hitch them. Now once they analyze their options, they will see that if they want to join the opposition, they might as well join a solid org., the strongest org. but more important, an organization who is truly pro women's rights; furthermore, women rule this organization!

Do you see my point? Do you understand why NCRI comes out winner & monarchists come out loser?!

Now go figure.....................

II. On to point two we go.............., an acquaintance had recently arrived from a trip to Iran & he told me that:

"You had to be there & see the support for Ahmadinejad! Majority of the people, who voted, did vote for him & did support him! I was going to vote for Hashemi, but everywhere we went, from Bazaar to Shemiran, people were pro Ahmadinejad! Not everyone who was voting for him was Hezbollah or Fundamentalist, but almost all the lower classes, lower middle classes & under classes voted for him. He became the candidate of the working class & the poor!

Middle classes & Upper Middle Classes voted for Hashemi. Basically Tehran was divided & South , West & East voted for Ahmadinejad & only North voted for Hashemi.

Moin was a joke, even many Reformists did not vote for him because he was not charismatic!

Now half of the people did not vote, more than half of the people (according to opposition) & less than half of the people (according to regime) did not vote. But amongst those who voted, majority did for this guy! I didn't but the majority did!

I don't know what planet are Iranian Opposition in Exile living in, but I saw with my own eyes & I could not believe it but the majority of the people I seen, did vote for this guy! Due to my business, I went all over Tehran, Shiraz & Esfahan. I went uptown & downtown. I talked with people from various social classes & I am telling you, these people voted for this guy & wanted him to get elected!

They wanted him to get elected because they believed he is one of them & not one of the elite clergy who rules Iran! They did not vote for Hashemi because he is the Elite who rules Iran! They voted for him because they believed he is a better chance to cure the economy, create jobs & take care of the inflation. Most of the people who voted for him identified with his social stands.

People of South Tehran were saying our problem is economy & jobs. Our problem is not dress code, music & western freedoms which North Tehran desires!

Now thats fine, but then again, people also identified with his political stands!

Sham election or not, Hezbollahi or not, Democracy or not, majority of voters who voted, did vote for this guy!"

Now, this made me think because this acquaintance was not the only one who reported such episodes to me! So, we have the silent majority which means jack shiite & they are busy with their daily bread. They do not care who rules Iran. They want to live a quiet life & they do not get involved with politics. Then we got the ones who boycotted the election (Opposition). They were in minority. The Majority of political activists voted or lets say half the people more or less voted. If they clearly voted for this guy, then that's what they want!

Why is opposition so surprised & does not believe that the political people inside Iran, did vote for this guy?! They elected him & it is really not far off from reality! You & I maybe puzzled & not believe in him or this election but those inside voted for this guy!

III. Now this brings me to my final point to share with you................
This makes me think! If the majority of voters who voted, did infact vote for this guy, then tell me:

* Do Iranians really comprehend the meaning of Democracy?
* Do Iranians really care for Democracy?
* Do Iranians even care about concepts such as Secularism or Federalism?
* Do Iranians even know the true concept of Freedom & Human Rights?
* Do they care to know & if so, do they care to achieve it?

What do I see?

I see Iranian qualified voters inside, by the half (more or less) voted & they elected this guy! I see it is 26 years that IRI is in power & the Silent Majority living inside Iran does not give a Frag! I see the majority of political activists inside Iran are in this manner:

A minority who are opposition
A Majority who are of 3 faction of Fundamentalist, Moderate & Reformist
And this Majority voted for this guy.
Sham election or not, this guy is the president & he represents Iranians & Iran.

I see Majority of Iranians in Exile from All Political Ideologies are also almost the same way! Once again, I ask the Exilists, the same questions:

* Do Iranians really comprehend the meaning of Democracy?
* Do Iranians really care for Democracy?
* Do Iranians even care about concepts such as Secularism or Federalism?
* Do Iranians even know the true concept of Freedom & Human Rights?
* Do they care to know & if so, do they care to achieve it?

I see The Exiled (outside) or Inxiled (inside) Iranians do not even care to respect the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression & Freedom of Assembly!

Are Iranians in Exile, may they be Monarchist, Jebhei, Tudehi, etc. really act far different than Hezbollah, Fundies, Moderates & Reformists?

My friends, ask yourselves:

We shout Democracy but do we really want Democracy?
And if so, do we want it for "ALL" or just for "Some"?

A few Factors always make me think, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................


Folks, we as a nation are far far far off from Democracy! We are even far off from understanding the true meaning of Democracy!

"Government of each of Nation is a representative of the people of that nation. Then Iranians must truly deserve Islamic Republic of Iran!"

"We need to change these Sheeple to People!"

Q: What can we do?
A: Moral Revolution!

The Alternative Tactic: Moral Revolution ... =2340#2340

Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?!

That's All.


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