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To IPC from API

Postby a-tash » Fri Aug 12, 2005 10:05 am

to IPC from API

first of all i would like to briefly intorduce myself. i am atash from api. i am a plasma-physicist from university of heidelberg in germany. i am with api for almost 5 years and have spend many days and hours with mr. fouladvand in his littel room were he broadcasts his program. i was in charge of conducting the talks with the belgium officials in azarakhsh and with the officials of the high commission of human rights in palais wilson in geneva. politicaly i am rather left than right.

now to the main issue. in order to get into dialog with api you have to read A-IINE RICHE-II. so please read the 36 page and 6 complimentary pages. you will get most of your answers by reading a-iine richeh-ii and create a basis for a dialog.

and the reason why we insist on reading it is because we neither fight for mr. fouladvand nor are we greedy for power but rather for a SYSTEM which you get to know if and only if you read a-iine richeh-ii.

don't forget that mr. fouladvand is the movements leader, but you don't have to get to him to get to api!


payandeh iran
pirooz a-iine riche-ii

anjomane padeshahi iran
the kingdom assembly of iran
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Postby CR » Sun Aug 14, 2005 3:20 pm

To Atash:

When Anjoman Padeshahi started its existence, we have attempted to communicate with you. We have attempted, not because we need to communicate with you, but because we offer our services to "All of The Iranian Opposition Groups". Our Website is not operational at the time but it will be operational very soon. IPC Website will be the most trafficked Iranian Political Website in the world. When we first contacted you, this website was operational and it was heavily advertising for "All of The Iranian Opposition Groups". As you are aware, we are not a political party, but we are an organization with members consisting of "All of The Iranian Opposition Groups".

Our services to "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups" are listed below:

1. We post Logos, Names and Links to "All of The Iranian Opposition Groups" and "All of The Iranian Political Parties and Organizations" under "Iranian Political Organizations" Index of the IPC Website. This is the best web advertisement, which a political organization can get.

2. We do verbal advertisement in political meetings, through our members' teams to Iranian youth. Our member's teams are:

Inside Iran Teams
Outside Iran Teams
Liaison Teams (traveling in between)

3. We distribute flyers and informative pamphlets inside major universities of Iran. We advertise for Opposition Groups, through these hard copy documents. Some of these universities included below:

Tehran University
Shahid Beheshti (Melli) University
Amir Kabir University
Sharif (Arya Mehr) University
Esfahan University
Pezeshki Mashhad University
Karaj University
Computer Jonub University
Shahryar Shahre Qods University
Shiraz University

4. IPC Operations is a covert organization. IPC Operations' members are the most politically active members of IPC. IPC Operation members operate the:

Political Operations
Web Operations
Club Operations

IPC Operation members consist of members from "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups" of Iran. These members are mostly University Students/Faculty/Staff, Technical Experts, Businessmen/women, Authors, Artists, Journalists, Mentors and Administrators from Government or Private Sectors, inside and outside Iran. They are the best source of mouth to mouth advertisement for "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups".


Ideological issues are secondary to our major goal, which is freedom of Iran, so we are in communication with "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups".


"in order to get into dialog with api you have to read A-IINE RICHE-II."

Please take notes of these facts:

1. We don't need to get in dialogue with any "Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups". They need to get in dialogue with us! We don't need anything from any "Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups", but they need us for political propaganda and advertisement. They need us for drafting members for them. So, API, same as "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups", needs us, but we don't need you.

2. No "Thinking Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups" would cut communication with us because they are aware of "Fact 1" (above). The most powerful of "Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups" have never ignored us or asked us to cut communication, but "a small group" such as you, done so! Why would a political group, "on purpose" cut communication with a free source of political advertisement/member drafts?!

3. We have read your Aine Rishei, bases, declarations and policies, when you started to exist (years back). We monitor all of the "Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups". We monitor them through the years and we are aware of their history. When Anjoman Padeshahi started its existence, we have attempted to communicate with you.

4. A Political Group's "Political Declaration" are only words. A Political Group's "Actions" represents "Their Fabrications". We are well aware of your actions through the years.

5. History of your Dialogues

This is how your Leader, Members and Sympathizers conduct dialogues:

Some Great Quotes from API

We have attempted, not because we need to communicate with you, but because we offer our services to "All of The Iranian Opposition Groups". Years ago, when you first started your political activities, In response to our first attempt for communication, this is what you wrote:

Foroud Fouladvand (API Leader):

"Please exclude us from your mailing list and keep your Ahreemanic propaganda & agenda to yourself.

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran"

Later Dialogues,

Kambiz Kian Kianfar (API Member):

"Hahaha, the great ego of ahreeman have managed to barf out some crap once again.
You don't even realize that you are a laughing stock, you prick.

Keep your site and your ego, and fool the ones who don't know any better. Anybody with half a brain who have browsed this site, would laugh at your remarks and probably feel pity for you.

Get your head out of your bottox, and don't judge people when they dont think exactly like you.
Your a sham, a disgrace to the hole resistence.

Good luck to you and the ahreeman army of commie mujaheds. "

Next came,

Azadeh (API Sympathizer):

"I know. You guys are all "professional" opposition (especially Hezbeh Tudeh on your list).

And Iranians from Sari to Bandar Abbas are rooting for IPC and Dr. X.

IPC is nothing more than an internet website desperate to get more hits with cheap shots at other groups. You guys don't exist outside of cyberspace."

and of course your own great words of wisdom!

Atash (API High Ranking Member):

"well mr. dr. prof. x, keep your advice for yourself and for your own kids, they might need it more. further, don't think you are very smart; your are not and putting snippets from sites on the net dosn't make you any smarter.

just carry on living your AMERICAN WAY of LIFE and stop showing of by debasing people who are truly fighting against barbaric and terrorist regime in our country and who don't wait for the CIA or MI5 to define terrorism for people of a country who have been suffering under terrorism since the invasion of tazis i.e for over 1400 years. in our own country we will do whatever it takes to get rid of this regime: FIST and BULLETS if necessary.

my advice to you is to carry on completing your list of organisations and parties who have done nothing in the past 26 years."

Of course, we have also, returned the favor and responded to you with beautiful words, but in every occasion and incident (since the first attempt to communicate), you were the "first ones" who trashed IPC with your most beautiful sophisticated tone and selection of words! Your members also write Great English! Their Grammar/Punctuations are perfect!


1. Above, were many examples of your past dialogues! why in the world, do you want to have more dialogues with us? We have enjoyed so much and have learned so much from your past, mature knowledge rich and deep words of wisdom. How can you top what you have already contributed to our so many beautiful past dialogues?

2. You have rejected every single relevant "Iranian Political Party and Organization". We (IPC), represent all of those "Iranian Political Parties and Organizations". You have trashed all of them from Monarchist, Mojahed, Marxist, Socialist, Nationalist all the way down to Muslim Groups. We work with all of them, we are in contact with all of them, we advertise for all of them and "We represent all of them".

Most of us, are people of Reason. We are not Naive Sensational Youth, which are emotions can be flourished and influenced by some Ultra Nationalist Rhetoric, preached from Iranian Television Shows. We are hard to brain wash! We have been doing what we are doing, for many years. We are Veteran Opposition Forces and Resistance Fighters. Why on Earth do you want to have a dialogue with us, rather than Teenage Homesick flag Wavers?

3. You have trashed European Governments, United States of America, Arab Nations, Israel, our own Arab and Jewish Groups and then more! We are pro solid relations, especially with United States Government and surely we are pro "All of The Iranian Minorities", especially Arab and Jewish Iranians. How can you have a dialogue with us, when your leader and yourself, call people such as us, "Agents of CIA and MI6" or "Tazi and Tazi Worshipers"?!

4. Please note:


"politicaly i am rather left than right."

Pardon my words, but how can you be a "Leftist" and then a "High Ranking Member" of an "Ultra Fascist-Nationalist Monarchist Group" (Anjoman Padeshahi)? Is "Master Fouladvand" aware of your "Leftist Perversions"?! Be Careful!

5. Why on Earth would you want to have a dialogue with us, a bunch of Commie, Tazi, Rag Head, Tudehi, MKO Loving, Ignorant people who only exist on cyber space (your words)? Whats with the change of heart? Was it 4 years ago when we first contacted you? Why it took you 4 years to respond? should we threw a grand celebration and jubilation that Finally Fuehrer Fouladvand has decided to respond to us, the "Lowly Servants and Half Tazi Dogs", after 4 years of waiting?!

6. You were the only Iranian Political Group who openly asked us to cut communication with you! Large and Powerful Iranian political parties & Organizations such as NCRI, MKO, FKO (Fedayian Khalq Organization), CPI (Monarchist), Komalah (Kurdish Marxist), Democrative Front (Social Democrats), Union of Iranian Republicans (Republicans) and many others, have gladly asked & embraced our communications and cooperation, but you, a "Small Group" openly mocked us and asked us to cut communication with you! We are all about "Iranian Opposition as a Whole" and you are all about "Isolation from rest of The Opposition", so wouldn't you be better off conducting a "Dialogue" with other Exclusive Little Gangs of Scattered "Ultra Parsi, Aryan, National Socialist, Monarchist Cults" Chatrooms such as SMCCDI or Activist Chat?

Why is it that Mr. Fouladvand is attempting to "Impure his Aryan Blood" by consorting with bunch of "Tazi Commie Muslim" such as us? Isn't this attempt against your "Aine Rishei " and "Good Parsi Teachings of Avesta"? Ahura forbid you, isn't this sacrilege against glory of your "Derafshe Kaviani"?! Why would Great Aryans such as you consort with Tazi Dogs such as us? Aren't you lowering your Racial Purity by having a dialogue with Half Tazi Dogs like us? Is Fouladvand, all of a sudden having an Spiritual Enlightening, a second rebirth, a Premonition, a holy vision and His Aryan-ness is now seeking human contacts with Sub Humen, maybe out of the Master Race?

7. "Pishva Fouladvand" never seizes to amaze me! First he was a Pacifist, then he declared partial Armed Struggle and now he wants a dialogue with Racially Impure, Non Parsi, Half Tazi, Semi Aryan, Racially Questionable rest of the Iranian Opposition! Are you sure, this is the same Fouladvand or have you guys killed him and used a plastic surgeon making someone else look like him to attain the position of Feuhrer of The Nationalist Socialist Party of Iran, Ahhhhh pardon me, Anjomane Padeshahi Iran?!

Final Words

Atash, but thank you for your kindness and attempt to cross over the barriers to contact other Iranians and other Human beings. Who knows, maybe afterall, there are "Humanity" even in the souls of groups such as Anjomane Padeshahi!

Despite your past behavior, despite our political differences, we are setting a better standard in comparison to some Little Ultra Monarchist-Fascist Chatrooms (SMCCDI, Activist Chat, ........).

We have no problem working with Constitutionalist Monarchist Groups. We even have no problem working with Nazi or Fascist Groups. But we respect honesty. Only if majority of Monarchists would come right out of the closet and admit that they are "Absolutist Monarchists" and/or "Nationalist Socialist" and show their true face, we would still work with them, respect their ideology and not hold it against them. But we encourage all of the opposition groups to be honest and "Tell The Truth about themselves". There is nothing wrong with having "National Socialist" Agendas. Proven Constitutionalist Monarchist Leader, Daryoush Homayoun, Head of CPI, himself is an Ex-member of SUMKA (National Socialist Party of Iran). We must be honest with each other. We must tell each other of how we really feel!

We will serve you as we serve the rest of the Iranian Opposition Groups. As long as you belong to Iranian Opposition, it is our duty to serve you. We will do all of the above services (mentioned) for you. Once the new site publishes, we start with advertising for you, same as we do for others.

There are people (little Fascist Thugs) who have done us wrong (Pirouznia, Cyrus, .......). We will not hold it against them because they do not know better. Thats how they grown up and they only know Force and how to Shut others with Force. We will set a better standard and we forgive them. We will also serve them as we serve the rest of the Opposition Forces.

Atash (Fire), is a female name. Atash (Urge) is not a person's name. Which is your name and are you a Lady or a Gentleman?

Would you tell us what does a Plasma-Physicist do? Inform us please?

Thank You for your attempt to break the barriers. I have to give you credit for it.
After all, maybe we can have an actual civil dialogue!

Good Day

A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Postby Bita K » Sun Aug 14, 2005 6:47 pm

CR wrote:

5. Why on Earth would you want to have a dialogue with us, a bunch of Commie, Tazi, Rag Head, Tudehi, MKO Loving, Ignorant people who only exist on cyber space (your words)?

Why is it that Mr. Fouladvand is attempting to "Impure his Aryan Blood" by consorting with bunch of "Tazi Commie Muslim" such as us?

Because all the roads ended to a Dead End. He Alienated everyone in opposition & isolated himself alone. He is in a deadlock at a dead end with no friend. Now, he needs to open a DIALOGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't this called political opportunism or Change of Menue as see fit?

No society without a "Socialist Foundation Base",
will function, prosper and last for long!
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Postby a-tash » Mon Aug 15, 2005 2:22 am

it seems the you at ipc don't know yourself what you write and what you want!

You see, when I politely ask people for a dialogue, either:

a) They respond back and agree having a dialogue with me ...

and again you conclude your posting with the words:

"... maybe we can have an actual civil dialogue"

thats why i responded to you and made a suggestion to read a-iine richeh-ii, since it answers many of your questions quoted in your posting and can pave the way for a constructive dialogue you "politely" asked for.

we realy don't need the services you offer since we have all the services you listed in your posting at our disposal.

regarding my first posting: it was a reaction towards the insolent and rude remarks and false accusations made by you about mr. fouladvand and api. fortunatley or unfortunatley i read these postings first. in any case we are not resentful!

i just wanted to contribut for your better understanding of API and to give you the opportunity to get rid of your cut and dried opinions.

by the way, what plasma-physicists do and that atash is a female name is not an issue at the momment.

now it's up to you to decide.

payandeh iran
pirooz a-iine richeh-ii
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Postby IPC » Mon Aug 15, 2005 3:43 pm

Lord Cam:

As a scientific person and a scientist, you must be aware that Plasma Physics is a branch of science (physics) which deals with ionized gas (plasma) issues in the fields of Physics, but one branch of Plasma Physics, deals with Medicine. It called Medicine Plasma Physics. Read this interesting article:

Plasma physicists move into medicine

[color=green]Physicists and bioengineers in the Netherlands have developed a new plasma-based approach that could be used in medical procedures such as removing diseased tissue and sterilizing wounds. The “plasma needleâ€
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