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Evil Means, Evil Ends

Postby Amir » Wed Jul 19, 2006 4:31 pm

Islam is both the evil ends, as well as the evil means.

Many mock and ridicule Islam as a fanatical hodge podge of superstition, backwardness, and barbarism. Though this is true, it is unfortunately also so much more. Islam is a very powerful enemy to the civilized world, and must not be underestimated.

Islam as the evil ends:

Islam is an ideology, religion, belief, and way of life. It has certain messages, protocols, ideals, and ethics. In so far as it was the creation of a certain man – Mohammad – and his companions, it reflects the ideals and ethics of that same man and the company he kept. It is also a reflection of his time, culture, and geography. The religion he created was a way for him to extend his own code of acceptable and non-acceptable behavior to his contemporaries and beyond. So what was that message and code of ethics?

This code is well obvious to anyone with any knowledge of the Quran and other accounts of Mohammad via Bukhari. It is more than anything the warrior’s code. Instructions are given in great amount on how to deal with enemies, wage war, and distribute war booty and plunder. Ambushes, assassinations, and any other “stratagems of warâ€
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