Shiite Islam is not an Iranian invention!

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Shiite Islam is not an Iranian invention!

Postby Liberator » Mon Feb 19, 2007 6:02 am

Oh Great Wise One X,

Do you have more info. on this:

I have been reading a lot of Islamic books lately, recently I finished a book called “Shie’t dar Eslam”. This book was published 12 years before the revolution so there is no propaganda in it from IRR , it was written by one of the authorities on Shite and its philosophy, at least in recent times. This book is authored by no other than “Ostad Alameh seyed Mohamad Hosseinn Tabatabae”.

Any way from what I have been reading from various sources including this book, Shite is NOT an Iranian invention, in fact Shite way of thinking started right after Mohamad’s death. The fundamental difference between the two at that point was about how to lead and practice Islam. Shite insisting on living the way Mohamad did or would have by following his Hadiths and what ever was known about him on daily basis, for example if he entered the restroom with left foot then we all must do the same, for example. However the biggest difference and the reason for break up between the two was this, Sunni to some extend believed in sort of democracy (in their own way) i.e., a leader had to be well-known and should be supported by majority of people. Shite on the other hand discredits this majority thing and believes that “leadership” should not be based on anything other than its a god given right to Mohamad and his family, i.e., Emams.

I just wanted to point out that the notion of Shite being and Iranian invention is false, Iranians adopted it to distinguish themselves from the main stream Moslems and I am sure there were some political reasons for doing so as well.

p.s., as a side note, if you get a chance to read Shite philosophy and “Velayat”, you’ll see Khomeniey practiced it like a true Shite. IMHO, I don’t think if Ali, Hossein, etc were alive would have practiced it any differently.

Ba Sepaas
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Feb 19, 2007 2:13 pm

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