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Quote Issues

Postby IPC » Tue Jan 04, 2005 8:51 pm

Dear Friends:

Some of you friends are having problems with quoting the message that you are replying to. You can read the "faq" link on top right of the club's homepage or you can do as we do. Copy/Paste statements you need to quote, from the posted message, into your message on the text editor. Then you can highlight the parts you need to quote & click on "quote" button on top of the text editor. Once you make your remarks, click preview to view if the quotes are well formed and in white background. Then you can post your message by clicking on post message. Any small BB Code mistake can make your quotes not to show. Of course there are many ways to quote people on the BB, and this is only our simple way of doing it.

Once you master the quoting, then you don't need to use " " or > marks to quote people. The color fonts, white background quotes, and other text editor options, are luxuries of the new IPC Club system, so use them and enjoy them.

If anyone has other suggestions/methods of easy quoting for our members, then please post it here. How do you do it?


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