What is the problem?

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What is the problem?

Postby Darvish » Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:06 pm

What is the problem with some people, they want to administer for the sake of administration, as if they have an over sensitive hemorrhoids and they have to hop from one butt chick to another to relive the pain!

I put a dozen of roses in the living room, post US-news with a graphics context in the US-room, BUT NO.... the moron has to piss on the parade by moving my roses to the outhouse, the cartoon room?

Hey X, did U forget to tell the hired hand who I am and what my esteemed position here is?

PS: I personally would have smartly traded such deficient hired hand(s) for a goat or two. After all, when was the last time U bought goat milk or goat cheese? They are in Organic section and are real expansive too.

This is a kina admistrator that U need X----->
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