Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?!

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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:50 am

Camran Mirza:

“Are you replying because you have promised or because you’d like to?”

Because I loves you!

“What are all these keeping promises you make lately.”

What can I say? I am a man o promises. Man must keep his promises or else his reputation gets ruined and becomes joke of the neighborhood (ex: Reza Pahlavi).

“Are you sensitive towards keeping your promises or making them?”

I try

“Strange coming from a scientist to make or keep promises.”

Why? We’all gots to git on with our promises (that’s US Southern)! Man’s got to do what the man’s got to do.

“Isn’t it a religious term to make promise?”

Is it? You’re the expert?

“Why don’t you articulate it? “

You are an expert; however, you also have a bias due to your employment.

“That is not true! “

Don’t be so sure, you dry scientific person! Ahreeman could be a God and he could be everywhere. Ahreeman works in mysterious ways. Have an open mind!


If you say so.

“Staying longer something does not necessary bring expertise. “

Being a feisty smart-ass also does not get people where do they need to go!

“Avoiding debate!”

Sometimes I do. After all, you are a hard debate opponent. Sometimes it is good to sit near the exit door (Reza Pahlavi style at the events)! And don’t ask me why I base so much on Reza Pahlavi!

“Ok, why not enlighten us and tell us how the education guarantees many things. “

Simple case of reward and punishment.

“Another attempt to avoid debate?”

That’s not true! You are indeed a Mullah Loqati and you know it. Do not deny it because you and I know each other for centuries!

“Did it cross your mind why to make these mistakes? It is because when I check my words with the spell checker, if there is a incorrect letter in a word, it shows me the correct version and I click OK but now I see that the spell checker shows me another correct word instead of the original one I meant to, thank you for pointing it out to me and no thank you for making mistake to think I hadn’t checked. “

No it did not cross my mind, because this is simply not acceptable from a man of your intelligence and caliber! You must know that MS Word pops up correct words that it assumes you meant to write. It is up to you to view the choices it gives you and then decide which fits well. If non fits well, then go here:


and check the word for correct spelling, meaning and thesaurus.

Here is another cool software, which I know you would love:

Farsi Negar

Don’t ever tell me that I had never shown you cool software. You owe me 2 cool things (anything) to teach.

“but it will not work, Enqelab-e Akhlaqi, hehehe.”

Hehe He? Hendevaneh riz! What’s so funny? Why it will not work? It will work but it takes time.

Akhlaq-e Mardom bayad avaz beshe. Akhlaq, Adab, Rosum, Farhang va qeyro….

“Don’t you think the said term will add to the confusion and consequently leading to misunderstanding? “

No it doesn’t, because unlike you, I do not play with words! This statement, old or new, has a lot of meaning hidden in it:

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated.

It makes the listener think for hours. For you it is old but for many it is new and it is a wake up call!

“What about just remembering the text that university provides? Isn’t it enough to pass the test if one remembers what is in the text of a university?”

Yes it is just enough to pass the test and become another part of the machine in the 21sth century to make the machine work. Another animal (same as Gav o Olaq) to eat, shiite, sex and sleep. Another confused bastard who is a scientist at day time and holy man at evening and a drunk at night! But there is more, no? That’s why:

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated.


Mullah shodan che asan,
Alem shodan che moshkel.

“The term Dr. only belongs to the people who can practice medicion”

Isn’t that a pretty narrow-minded narration that will doom someone who went to school for ages to get a Ph.D.? C’mon be fair?

“Who are “we”? Can you name another person beside yourself to go round branding people? Just one name would be plenty.”

Only one more? I can give many, are you sure? OK Ok:

Pantea, the person who originally named you the Mullah Loqati of IPC. Recall?

Because you play with words for so long that the main subject gets disappeared!

“You are correct by quoting the words are tools (metaphorically)”

Metaphors are my game, same as the words are yours!

“but if you choose a wrong tools to work with, you may endanger yourself. Do you have the necessary skill to work with dangerous tools, and be safe?”

Yes, I took classes in Home Depot (Home Improvement Warehouse) before I bought my tools! Do you know what is Home Depot (considering you don’t live in USA)?

“If you are referring to work behind screens are to seize living with people”

No, I mean really cutting human contact and embracing plant contact (as much as possible).

“That is not good enough; you need a change of heart.”

I have no heart, I am Ahreeman!

“I told you in my email to you, I stopped drinking when you were born.”

I. I thought you said, you started back, smoking and drinking. Are you double talking me? So which is it? Don’t lie to me, I can see Araq Sagi and Oshno Vizheh in your hands! Did you start again or not?

II. How could you stopped drinking when I was born, when I am older than you? Now who is using metaphors? You hypocrite!

III. I know you stopped, but was it permanently?

“You have a few rooms that receives little attentions, making another room that is factual with documentation is not going to be a waste. You will eventually end up having an encyclopedia of the Persian language.

Yes, it will work and I don’t have to promise anything because my words are my bond and if people don’t want to accept, it is their problem. “

Aseman, Risman va Tarkhan …….. but will you contribute? Actually will be the main contributor, the same as I had done with the IPC Encyclopaedia of the Alternative Terms room?

“You gonna have to let that go. Do you want to know why I am frustrated? Because there is something you can do but choosing no to. “

That’s not true. I am a victim of the circumstances. I am doing as much as I can with what little that I have.

“mar gazideh az risman-e siah-o sefid mitarseh “

True but he also is afraid of more Marz!

“I don’t give any hope to anybody, false or otherwise. As far as I concern, hope takes away determination.”

But hope also gives motivation.

“Strategy looks like “abkesh” (cief),m there is more holes in it than my granny’s jaws”

Why your granny has holes in her jaws? Khoda bad nadeh? Qanqariya gereftand?

“Avoiding debate. “

No, just using metaphors!

“I support your “Literature Revolution”, even though I don’t practice it nor believe in your facilitation and implementation methods.”

I support your rational mind, even if you are a Mullah Loqati!

“You claim to have a scientific mind and think logically,”

I don’t claim, but I do have a scientific mind and I do think logically. Remember your words, Mr. Word Wonderful. I don’t “Claim” but I “Am”.

“ then let me invite you to ponder on the word “believe”. Does it not make sense to say it is a word used merely for religious purposes recently and more used closer to the god as we go further away in time?”

The word “Believe” is not a religious term, but it could be used as a religious term, but then again so does thousands of other words. The word “Believe” is a very scientific term.

The God exists (Dogmatic statement)
I “Believe” the God exists (relative statement, opinionated statement and more rational statement)

See the difference?

“Believe” can be in relation, relative and opinion.
“Believe” can be “Relativity” vs “Dogma”. Isn’t that what Einstein tried to prove?

“ If you say you are not religious, then why use its terms? Every kid on the block knows to use an element of something; there is more chances of gradually getting to use the thing itself, otherwise what is the point?? “

I. Terms can be used religiously or they can be used logically or they can be used metaphorically. Words can be taken out of context.

II. You are logical and rational with words, but then again you are also a Mullah Loqati. I, on the other hand, am a “Terminology Opportunist” who uses the words as they suit him for further advancement of his philosophical, political, social and ideological goals and desires. Speech is everything. Words are tools to play with and form a powerful speech. Without these tools, the speech will be dry and soul-less. Now go ahead and hand me some statement like this: “Soul is a religious term”!

III. Words are not there to build me, but I am here to use words to reach my goals. Words don’t make me, but I make the words. I can even change their meanings if I use them as much in a different version. I have the power to change the meaning of the words. They are my slaves. I am not slaves to the words. It is dogmatic to brand certain words with specific meanings. Everything is relative (Einstein). Why are you so dogmatic? Aren’t being dogmatic, also being religious? Are you religious? Gotchya! Hee Hee Hee .………. You are not the only one who can play with words!


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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Apr 07, 2008 1:36 pm

Camran Mirza:

If you believe that my reply to you is nonsense, then we can seize the nonsense right here, because I am much busier than you and everyone else in Iranian politics and media. I found the time to respond to your post, in the future I will not bother you with any more e-nonsense conversations.

The problem with Iranians (including you) is that they can’t dish in what they dish out.

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Re: Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?!

Postby Kargozaran » Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:01 am

You want to make moral revolution but you have no morality. Study Islamic spirituality and learn morality. You aren’t Iranian but you are American. Sooner you face it, sooner you will leave Iran alone and get on with your life. Pack of your crap, let these fools around you go and change your site to a porno site, you will make more money. Leave Iran alone because you have no ties and no business with Iran.

Long live Islamic Republic of Iran


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Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic: New 3rd Edition

Postby CR » Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:15 pm

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic
New 3rd Edition

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IPC Official Announcement

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The new edition of the “Moral Revolution” is out:


Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic
New 3rd Edition

Chapter Index

Part One: The Moral Revolution
Part Two: Why Moral Revolution is our Salvation?!
Part Three: The Iranian Moral Dilemma!

Dear Comrades

We shall change and update our tactics according to the times and science. We must adopt the best possible tactics to achieve our strategy. Our strategy is a major uprising and a political revolution in Iran. Our tactics were not as progressive, up-to-date and scientific as they should have been. We have tried to unite the present opposition organizations of Iran.

Read More:

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/movement/mo ... /index.htm

Movement Index


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