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Why Democracy Fails in Middle East? E-mails to Ahreeman X

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Dec 13, 2016 11:54 am

Why Democracy Fails in Middle East?

Middle Easterners Infected with Islam but Wanting Democracy!
Middle Easterners like this donkey do not know if they want to fly, swim or scuba dive!


This one is very interesting and it puts forward an important issue. Also due to my busy schedule, I have neglected this lovely reader, so without further due, let’s get to it. Ready, set, let’s roll:


Subject: Why Democracy Always Fails in Middle East?
From: Nooshin N.
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Date: November 13, 2016

Ahreeman Jan

Dorood from a Persian bunny living in snowy land of Russian Bear

I’m wondering if I’m the coldest climate IPC reader and IPC fan?

I have been e-mailing you few times and you don’t answer! Why don’t you answer your emails? That’s rude and shameful to ignore people. Something at the back of my mind always bothered me and I spent lots of time thinking about it, trying to find an answer? It makes me wonder why democracy always fails in Middle East?

I followed your work since you started IPC. I love you and the rest of IPC good people. You are good people. Thanks for keeping Real Iran and Persian culture alive and stand strong against the barbaric Mullah regime of IRI and their Hezbo goons in exile.

PS: You used to be nicer and reply to people’s emails but now you ignore them. You’re not a nice person, you will not get anymore sexy pictures from me and no more long distance kisses from Russia for you. I’m sulking you and will be in sulk with you.

Happy and wonderful days will come

Many hugs and kisses
Maach va Booseh
Nooshin N.


From: Ahreeman X
To: Nooshin N.

Dorud bar Nooshin-e Gerami

“Ahreeman Jan”

Akh joon, khosheman amad (Naser-edin Shah style)! Tahrik konande bud!

“Dorood from a Persian bunny living in snowy land of Russian Bear”

Hi snow bunny, I’m Gorg Ali the Exiled Wolf! Didn’t your mother warn you about hanging around with wolves? They can eat you up, no I don’t mean that way (your mind is in the gutter), I mean literally!

“I’m wondering if I’m the coldest climate IPC reader and IPC fan?”

I just love them Russian girls, even Iranian Russian girls! There’s something about Russian girls that is heavily erotic!

To be frank with you, we have many readers from Russia and lately, they have been breaking records in our stats and are becoming 2nd or 3rd down the line. We have many fans in Russia; however, Russia or Saint Petersburg is not where our coldest climate readers reside. Believe it or not (check our stats), we have readers from Alaska, North Canada, North Sweden and Iceland, all closer to the North Pole than you, but let me blow your mind, we have readers from Antarctica (South Pole)! I mean think about it, I don’t want to brag but who has readers from Antarctica (7th continent)?!

I get them hooked on IPC in the boonies!

Actually when I say that, Blondie makes fun of me and states:

<<<“Lot’s of people including scientists, technicians and specialists live in south Pole. When not working, they have nothing to do down there, so they read Kos O She’r (nonsense) on Internet and your site is qualified as the perfect Kos O She’r site to read and occupy time. Time is what they have in South Pole and if they don’t read your site, they have to jerk off all night long and you know that it is hard to jerk off all night long when there’s 6 months of light and no darkness at the poles!”>>>

Blondie always Cracks me up!

So the moral of the story is that we have readers in amazing places and exotic places, from Brazilian Rain Forest at Tropics to Antarctica the South Pole! Some much cooler climate than yours baby!

Hey baby, when next time I I’ll be in town there, will you promise to keep me warm and safe from the Russian deadly snow? I’ll promise to change my ways, be nicer and be a good productive member of the society! I know what you’re thinking and what you may say:

Toubeh Gorg Marg-e
Wolf’s redemption is Death!
(Persian Proverb)

“I have been e-mailing you few times and you don’t answer! Why don’t you answer your emails? That’s rude and shameful to ignore people.”

Dear, I truly apologize but please have in mind:

I. I am a dead busy person. Between world travels, work, publishing IPC, Iranian politics, American politics (Trump Campaign), Expeditions (Bermuda Triangle), personal life and so much more, sometimes I don’t even have time to shower or sleep (no, I’m not stink, I smell like watermelon because I just used watermelon shower gel)!

II. I receive hundreds of e-mails every month. So many emails, so little time or best said so many tasks and so little time!

III. I Am not ignoring anyone or being rude to anyone. I love all. It is that I am so damn busy that I been neglecting lovely dear readers such as you and many others.

Here’s my official apology:

Dear Nooshin and all,

Please accept my sincere apology for not responding to your e-mails. In the future, I will try to be more responsive.

“Something at the back of my mind always bothered me”

Are you sure it is not a benign fat lump at the back of your head, a monkey or sometimes moa (Devil) on your shoulder trying to whisper evil words in your ears to commit evil sins?!

“and I spent lots of time thinking about it, trying to find an answer? It makes me wonder why democracy always fails in Middle East?”

Wow, awesome analysis and question asked by many indeed!

Why Democracy Fails in Middle East?

Let’s be honest and not Bull Shiite ourselves!

In that part of the world, due to wonderful teachings of Islam and the Islamic Culture (Googly eyes), people are used to dictatorship and the mentality of the people is set on dictatorship. They are used to some type of dictator always banging on their heads and dictate to them on how to live. If there will be no dictator, then in the absence of a dictator, they might think that they are getting away with something! Freedom, Democracy and Free Oxygen is not well known in that part of the world and hard to digest! Give them some freedom and democracy, hey they may piss themselves, loot or worst start an “Islamic Republic”!

Look at how the Democratic Experiment has worked in the Middle East: Everywhere democracy and secularism was granted, has turned to Shiite! The only way that we will have a stable Middle East is to have a bunch of “Secular Dictatorships” in these countries to rule the people like herd with the Iron Fists! Of course it would be lovely if the dictatorships are benevolent and nationalistic, so they will do some good for the people.

Middle Easterners do not have the capacity and potential for democracy, freedom and free oxygen! You give them democracy and they don’t know what to do with it! Is democracy edible, sleep-able, readable, or what? They might Shiite all over themselves!

Every time the West, specifically idiots in American Administrations tried to meddle with the Middle Eastern affairs and artificially bring democracy to the Middle East, they ended up toppling the “Secular Dictatorships” and bring upon “Islamic Theocracy” to these countries.

They are lucky if the Islamic Theocracy takes over, because it could be worse and Civil War and Chaos may lead the way!

Look throughout the history, Carter (Green Belt around USSR), Bush (New World Order), Obama (Arab Spring) and so on, they all have turned to Shiite! One large Bull Shiite indeed named the Islamic Middle East and the rise of Islam!

Do you need examples?

Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya, and so on ….

Iran a Theocratic Nightmare

Iran: The country was like America (before 1979) but the country was safe, secure, prosperous, wealthy, healthy and girls were wearing miniskirts! The only thing was missing was the political freedom! FAQ the political freedom! Cattle do not need political freedom! Carter’s human right shenanigan toppled the Shah and replaced it with Khomeini! Yup, I am sure that these Sheeple loved to experiment with democracy in Iran! One by one, all of these liberals, socialists, Marxists and leftists who brought Khomeini to power, were eliminated by him! IRI killed all her babies! Suddenly Islam took over and the Bull Shiite hit the fan!

The problem with Shah was not the lack of democracy but it was his weakness to kill as many Muslims as possible to not allow Iran to become a theocracy! Shah should have done what Egyptian military or Bashar al Assad have done to these Sheeple!

These Sheeple are Guspand (sheep), they are a herd, they need a shepherd!

Shah used to say:

“My people are like Children and they will be lost without me. I need to guide and protect them.”

I use to criticize him then! Now I know that he was correct! Actually I would go one step farther than Shah: These people are not people but they are “Pee Pole” and “Sheeple”! They need someone to bang on their heads with baseball bat and directs them to be safe in their stable!

You take the shepherd away (like Carter, Bush and Obama did), and then these Sheeple do not know what to do with themselves and they may Shiite all over themselves or worst, bring upon an Islamic Republic!

More power to secular dictators of the Middle East because thanks to them, Islam is tamed or else Islam will take over the Middle East!

At least these dictators provide wealth and safety for the people. In Islamic Regimes, there is no safety, wealth or even freedom of dress code! Islamic Regime means no freedom of any kind!

More power to El Sisi and Bashar al Assad because the only thing the Sheeple of Middle East understand is “Force” and Pure Force. The only way to fight Islam is to support the Secular Dictators!

Turkey a Failed Secular Democracy

Turkey: Look at the Turkish experiment!

Turkey is supposedly the oldest secular nation in Middle East and look what happened! Ataturk brought secularism to these people in the 1920s and after all these decades he could not educate these people and get the Bull Shiite out of their brains! These people are Guspand!

Just recently Erdogan primarily used the democratic system to bring Islam to power and secondly he used the coup excuse to suppress everyone and soon he will totally establish an Islamic Republic!

Welcome to Islamic Republic of Turkey!

Turk is a Turk and he is a donkey! Almost a century of secularism and democracy of Ataturk style could not even bring these people out of the Dark Ages! Obviously Erdogan’s regime is bringing Islam back to power. The funny thing is that these idiots want to enter EU! Like EU already does not have enough problems with Islam!

Muslims have turned the Euro-Pee-On Onion (EU) to a Shiite Hole! No one in America wants to even travel to Paris or Berlin anymore! Why would Americans want to travel to the Third world!

Ataturk is shaking in his grave!

The existence of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Lachaky Hejabed wife in the palace is a spit in Ataturk’s face! Mustafa Kamal Ataturk is shaking in his grave!

If after a century, Ataturk could not turn these cattle to humans, what makes you think that America can?

These people are cattle, sheeple and donkeys (in Turkey’s case)! These people will never change. Renaissance and Industrial Revolution has passed them by and they still live and think like 7th Century Muhammadan Goons! Women are more stupid than men! Even in the west, they still wear hejab! They are Gav O Guspand! And you want to give democracy to the cattle?!

All they know is Force and they respect Force. Without Force, they don’t know what to do with themselves! They may piss or Shiite all over themselves and even all over the country and turn it to an Islamic Republic!

I only feel sorry for those few poor intellectuals and free thinkers who are still trapped living there! Otherwise FAQ the whole Middle East! Sheeple of Middle East only comprehends Force and respect Force.

Poor Jews, Christians and Free Thinkers are also doomed to live there co exist with these Sheeple! In other words, the Middle Eastern Jews, Christians and Free Thinkers are FAQed!


Now, you and all, do comprehend that why Middle East will never see Democracy until the absolute Death and Destruction of Islam is achieved! You can’t reform Islam but you must destroy Islam!

“I followed your work since you started IPC. I love you and the rest of IPC good people. You are good people.”

Shoma qashang mibinid!
(you see us beautiful and good)

We all have a duty to Iran and Iranians. We in IPC do our duty but some outside IPC have forgotten about their heritage and duty to Iran and Iranians, and then some like the Low Lives IRI Lobby and Hezbollah in the west, shake their asses and peddle their asses for a few dollars of Mullahs Regime and sell Iran and Iranians, and even their mothers for a fist full of dollars, example: Trita Parsi, NIAC and other Hezbo Baboons in Americas.

“Thanks for keeping Real Iran and Persian culture alive”

It is our duty. Life should have a meaning. By keeping Iran and the Persian Culture alive, I give meaning to my life.

“and stand strong against the barbaric Mullah regime of IRI and their Hezbo goons in exile.”

I don’t know what is worse? Mullahs in Iran or their lap dog petty snitches in America (Trita Parsi, NIAC, PAAIA, AIC and so on).

“PS: You used to be nicer and reply to people’s emails but now you ignore them. You’re not a nice person, you will not get anymore sexy pictures from me and no more long distance kisses from Russia for you. I’m sulking you and will be in sulk with you.”

Oh noooooooooooo don’t stop the pictures and kisses!

I’ll send the envelopes and stamps!

“Happy and wonderful days will come”

Only if WE Rise Up!


Bedrud Jigar Kaboby!

“Many hugs and kisses”

How many?!

“Maach va Booseh”

I thought you will seize the kisses?

“Nooshin N.”

Nooshin Joon, Akh Joon!


Thank you kindly for your e-mails, concerns, kind words and solid readership. By no means have I forgotten you and all other friends. My busy schedule has avoided me to consort, trade opinions, write and dialogue with many friends. This does not mean that I seized loving you all. I love you and all, with the full passion of my heart.

You, the readers and fans are the only reason we do what we do. It is because of you that we are still standing. I am here and still do my rebellion because people like you support me and support Iran. Opposition still lives because you keep the opposition alive or else the Iranian Psyche and Heritage, the same as the Iranian Land and Wealth would have been Mullah-fied (like Mummified) and Mullah Khor (eaten by Mullahs)!

Please never ever assume that I seize loving you, the beloved readers, fans and friends. The only reason that I continue this rebellion and resistance is because of you, the lovers of Iran.

Iran-dustan paydar bashid
Iran javidan bad

Millions of late but not forgotten Ahreemanic Kisses
Malach Moluch

Long live Resistance against IRI and Bloody Mullahs


Watcher in the woods
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Ahreeman X
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Re: E-mails to Ahreeman X

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:31 pm

Dear Dr. X,

Your reply to Nooshin N. was very refreshing, enlightening, and entertaining. You have a marvelous sense of humor while providing a good deal of knowledge. Thank you for educating me about two men I did not know enough of. You wrote,
More power to El Sisi and Bashar al Assad because the only thing the Sheeple of Middle East understand is “Force” and Pure Force. The only way to fight Islam is to support the Secular Dictators!

Yes, it is clear that there are two paths to solve the Islamic Terrorism and Death problem. One is to REVISE the Qur'an with the greatest command given by a man of God and eliminate many of its abominable verses; that command is:
Love One Another
by Jesus Christ - announced 3 times in the Gospel of John

The other path is to fight Islam by exposing this horrible religion for what it actually is by communicating its abominable verses to all people in Conservative, Liberal and Democratic Media, which includes the Internet. Unfortunately, may people have not read the Qur'an. A Free Read of Islam's history, the many abominable verses in the Qur'an, and recommended solution to end Islamic terrorism are provided on IPC via http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... /index.htm

If Islamic religious leaders and their followers fail to REVISE the Qur'an, terrorism will continue to Exist - until it is finally defeated by force - WWIII.

Dr. X, regarding your apology for not finding time to answer many e-mails, it is fully accepted. God knows, who will be able to take your place to continue the Great Works you have contributed to IPC and its followers. I take solace that by keeping your website alive for posterity, that is, even when you are gone, it will benefit many minds to read the documented words of knowledge provided throughout the pages of IPC.

God Bless You, or being secular, May the Force Be With You,

(Dr. X you always honour me by ending with Amen),

Refer to the press release, AMEN, the Beginning of the Creation of God
http://www.einpresswire.com/article/336 ... of-god?n=2

To attain an overview why Amen is the first-universal God conceived by man, please read the article, Provide History of Religion and God published by the Chute Institute: http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1073192.pdf
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Why Iran Politics Club or Ahreeman X aren’t on Social Media?

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:47 pm

Why Iran Politics Club or Ahreeman X aren’t on Social Media?

Q: Ahreeman why aren’t you or IPC on Social Media?


This one is pick of the month from last year. It is in regards to an interesting subject which concerns many of you. In fact, many of you indeed asked me the same question. Check it out:


Subject: Ahreeman why aren’t you or IPC on Social Media?
From: Debby Doulatshahi
Location: London, England, UK
Date: November 12, 2017

Dear Satan

No, this is not yet another dear Satan letter! I couldn’t find the proper words so I used Satan! What should I’ve called you? Dear Ahreeman, Ahreeman-e Gerami, Ahreeman-e Aziz, I mean come on, they would sound silly! How can I refer to a Persian God as dear Ahreeman or Ahreeman dear or so? But you’re very Devilish and Ahreeman is almost Satan so let’s go with Satan!

Any who, I wanted to discuss this with you for a long time but I never did. You know I love you and admire you and am your reader of decades. You keep on bragging about IPC the largest Iranian website in the world and in the globe and in the universe but how come neither you or IPC are on social media? What’s up with that deal?

Ps: You can post my info in public because I use alias for my first name.

Boos midi?
Inam ye boos,
Kiss kiss, don’t tell


From: Ahreeman X
To: Debby Doulatshahi

Debby Dear

Sorry for being late. I know you heard it before: Better be late than never! Pardon me for lack of time and tons of e-mails.

You have brought up an important subject to the public eye; therefore, I will dissect it in two parts:

* Why IPC is not on social media?
* Why Ahreeman X is not on social media?

Why IPC is not on social media?

I. IPC is too politically incorrect for Social Media.
Social Media is basically owned by politically correct liberals who do not allow Free Speech on the platforms. They revise your words, block your words, suspend your accounts or flat ban you.

We are and I am very politically incorrect and we tend to criticize Liberals and Muslims. Both groups are deeply protected by the social media.

In this day and age in America and the West, these groups are sacred and you are not allowed to talk about them:

Liberals are innocent intellectuals (not misguided socialist fascist fools)
Muslims are religious minority (not mass murdering political ideological basket cases)
Gays are a social minority (by sexual preference?!)
Transsexuals are the desired future (by liberal harmony!)
Fantastic Catastrophic Global Warming is a religion (liberal manmade)
Transgender Bathrooms are social justice (surely # 1 priority)
Black Lives Matter are Freedom Fighters (not a terrorist group)
Islamist Groups are misunderstood (not psychotic killers)
Net Companies Mind Control is fantasy (not existing reality)
Selective search results by Google is a lie (not blocking free speech)
Social Media is one big happy family (not a Censorship Tool)
And so on …

In IPC, we believe in Freedom of Speech. Social Media has no respect for freedom of speech; furthermore, they screen your posts, they allow you to say what is allowed, they even filter the searches in search engines and feed you what they want to feed you!

Google, Facebook, Twitter, the rest are all garbage. In a way, they are private corporations and you must abide by their rules. This is why in the past we said FAQ you AOL, FAQ you Yahoo and FAQ you Social Media. Next, I created IPC and IPC Club so we could do or say as we please! The last example was this one if you recall,

Iran Politics Club Leaves Facebook

I am sick and tired of the Big Brother telling me what to do and how to talk! So, before they censor me or ban me, I leave and tell them off by a good FAQ you!

II. IPC has No Time to Waste on Social Media.
To have a social media platform, you need to spend time on it and keep on updating it. Basically, it takes a lot of time. The time is what we do not have and if we have it, then we rather spend it on our own site, IPC.

Do you realize how much work it is to run IPC? As of now, we still have to update and upgrade half the IPC pages to the new format and design. So, we better spend all the time that we can on our own website and network.

III. IPC has No Need for Publicity on Social Media.
I understand that some people and some groups need the social media platform to advertise and publicize themselves. They need it to get popular or they need it to spread their message or talent around the net and around the world.

I don’t think IPC needs to advertise or gain publicity to become popular by being on the social media! I know you are mocking my statement but it is damn true:

“Iran Politics Club is the largest Iranian Website in English in the World.” :badgrin:

So why the hell do we need the social media? I busted by butt and killed myself to create this empire from a small baby platform. Now that it is a net empire, I do not need any promotions from AOL, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, or else! Screw them all! All of them are a bunch of liberal controlled international corporations progressing their own agenda.

It would be a cold day in Hell when Facebook tells me what to say or not to say, so I told them to go FAQ themselves!

IV. There is Lack of Free Speech on Social Media.
As I stated above, Free Speech in its real form does not exist on social media. You are allowed to say what they want you to say and they limit you to their standards. They are your big brother.

V. IPC doesn’t need the communication platform of the Social Media.
All of ours and my communications are done in private (video net meeting, e-mail, chats, so on) or in public (IPC forum Club). Why the hell do we need social media? Anyone who wants to get in touch with me, knows how to get in touch with me or others in IPC. We don’t need the big brother or the middle man.

VI. Social Media spies on you and sells your information, IPC doesn’t need it.
Only the people under rock are not aware that the social media makes money on you by selling all of your private information and in addition, they spy on you. Just check your e-mails or social media pages or even your search engine search pages and you will notice that the ads are directed exactly to your needs! How did they know? Get it? And there’s your prayer!

Why Ahreeman X is not on social media?

I. I am a very busy person with a full life.
Between running IPC, political activism, business travels, scientific, historical and archeological expeditions and private life, I do not have time to take a shower, set aside for Social Media! Don’t be scared, I don’t stink, I just took a shower!

I’m either working, taking care of my estate or traveling around the globe. Who the hell has time for Social Media or to line up Kos O She’r (Persian Expression meaning Pussy Poetry) online?

II. I am a very private person.
Dear, you don’t even put your real name on the letter and you use alias (but I know you), yet you want me to put my whole life on the social media? Really girl?!

Do not get me wrong, I did not say that I am not a sociable person (even though some say that I am), but I said that I am a private person.

Why would I post the details of my life, my whereabouts at any time and my private photos online? People are stupid to do so and this is how they get robbed, raped or killed. There are psychos out there who stalk you online. There are criminals out there who monitor you online. There are burglars out there who shadow your moves. There are killers out there who spot you and wait for opportunity.

In addition, I have tons of enemies including but not limited to IRI agents, Hezbollah, Islamists, Terrorists, Socialists, Marxists, Monarchists, Gay Hairy Bears, Bull Dykes, Ugly Trannies, Hairy Neanderthal Middle Easterners, Fat Ugly Persian Girls, Gay Liberals, Tree Huggers, Animal Rights Whacked Jobs, Climate Change Bozos, Militant Gays, Ugly Chicks with Dicks, Traditional Persian Alcoholics, Junkies and Smokers, Persian Moral Majority, Ya Hussein Islamist Thugs, Black Lives Matter, IRI Lobby, Fat Girls on Ice cream diet, Sad Sacks, LaLa Landers, Delusional Mental Baskets, Dick-less Boys in Tootoo, Old Fart Traditionalist Monarchists, Marxist Islamists, Drag Queens with hairy legs, Pacifists, Melancholics, Red Necks, Liberal Planation Negroes, Illegal Immigrant Drug Dealers, Mexican Thugs in the Ghetto, Cholos, Touchy Feely boys, Eye-Rainian In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls, and neighbors’ dogs!

So, as you can see, it is not such a good idea for me to play on social media!

III. I have better things to do as a hobby.
Think about it, the time I spend on social media (if I have the time), I can read a good book, shoot some guns, throw some knives or attend to some of the women which I never found the time to consort with or bang or both including but not limited to all the desperate housewives in the neighborhood with no jobs, no lives and too much money; neighbors’ wives, neighbors’ daughters, female police patrols and even chicks with dicks in the valley!

Thanks for bringing up this important subject which I am sure that is on the minds of the many.

I don’t mind you calling me Satan or Lucifer but have in mind that Satan was a fallen angel of God; however, Ahreeman is the Persian God of Evil, a God on his own! You can also call me “Ahreeman the Great” or “Great Ahreeman”, just kidding!

Even though some believe that Ahreeman and Ahuramazda are 2 sides of the same coin, 2 faces of the same entity and 2 personalities of the same God!

Read about the nature of Ahreeman and the Duality Factor (Ahreeman / Ahuramazda) here (middle of the page):

Persian Mythology 1
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/culture-lan ... /index.htm

Thanks for the question and lifetime of readership. You know I love you. Here’s your boos back:

Maaaach Malach Molouch Kisssssssssssssssss Kiss :kissey:

Don’t worry I don’t kiss and tell! :Candle:

Who loves you baby?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?!

From The Desk of Dr. X

Ph.D. in conservatism,
Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
With a truck load of magnetism,
Disciple of charm and romanticism,
The one and only, yours truly, Dr. X;
Ahreeman X

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Ahreeman X what makes you continue to fight?

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:24 pm

Ahreeman What Gets You Going?
Ahreeman X what makes you continue to fight?


Here is an interesting e-mail which many of you also have been asking me about and by responding to this one, I shall respond to all. Even though this is a commonly asked question, yet this wonderful reader brings it up in a special manner because he is an old reader and a faithful reader. Lovely letter indeed. Observe:


Subject: Ahreeman what makes you continue to fight?
From: Razmik Apik
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: January 1, 2018

Warm hello to you Iran Doost

Ahreeman I have to inform you that I love you. I been reading your writings since before IPC, even before Yahoo and you were writing in AOL and before that in Persian magazines. Maybe since 1994 or 1995 when Internet got popular, I started reading your writings and before in hard copy magazines. Man, I love you and I feel like I know you and can relate to you like a brother. I’m a big fan and big Nationalist. Who do we have, there’s you and a few others who can write and inform and capture our heart in a special way that keeps us following their writings.

So many years I been reading everything you wrote, well almost everything, but I always thought about asking you one question. You went through lots of ups and downs, much trouble, Hezbollah sabotage and other problems. All these years you never gave up, got tougher and you kept the spirit up. You kept on fighting without fear. My question is “What makes you fight and continue to fight?”

Love to hear your response. I’ll be waiting impatiently.

You can also print my name, I don’t care.



From: Ahreeman X
To: Razmik A.

Greetings Razmik jan

You have put a smile on my face. I do remember all of your lovely letters and yes, you have been a faithful reader since God knows when! Thank you for decades of readership and support. I love Spain, what a lovely land. I love Barcelona. Allow me to bullet point the main reasons that I do what I do, now for about 4 decades through the adversity.

So, you want to know what keeps me going?

* Love of Iran

* Hate of IRI

* To protect and serve the Persian Culture.
IRI Regime hates the Persian Culture. Our country is under occupation of Arabo-Muslims. Who should keep the Persian culture, history, literature, poetry, art and Persianhood alive? Looks like this tribe of career exilists have forgotten about Iran and Persianhood! They care about building their bank accounts and enjoying life to the fullest! If a few like me, do not keep the Persian Culture alive, then who will?

The funny thing is that some of these career exilists advise me to focus on building my portfolio and bank account, live a comfortable life without headache and hassle!

I tell them:

By no means I want to compare myself to Ferdowsi reviver of Persian language or Yaqub Leis Saffarid reviver of Persian Culture but let us be honest,

Would you tell Ferdowsi to go make money than writing Shahnameh?
Would you tell Yaqub Leis to live lavishly than to save the Persian Culture?
Then what gives you the right to tell me stop what I do and become another Persian Pig Career Exilist Millionaire and Billionaire like Reza Pahlavi II, Anousheh Ansari and other Jakesh o Jendeh?!

The question is:

If I don’t do what I do for Iran and Persianhood, then who will?

* One of my favorite Opposition leaders and members of all time, the dearly beloved Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar used to recite a little poem which went something like this:

Man morq-e tufanam, nayandisham ze tufan,
Mojam, na an moji ke az darya gorizad,
Abram, nayandisham ze baran,
Ra’dam, na an ra’di ke az tufan gorizad.

I am a storm bird, I am not afraid of the storm,
I am a wave, not that wave which escapes the sea,
I am a cloud, I am not afraid of the rain,
I am thunder, not that thunder which escapes the storm.

May his great spirit rest in peace and may one day we get the revenge of his assassination from the IRI Hezbollah murderers.

My friend,

I have been fighting IRI for about 4 decades
I have been writing for quarter of century
I have been publishing IPC for 18 years

I fought my way through Hezbollah assassinations, Islamist hand to hand combats, IRI hack jobs, Hezbollah tech sabotage of IPC, decades of war with IRI, and IPC is still here and I am still here. I have been fighting IRI for almost 4 decades and I have knife marks all over my body as battle scars which I hold dear.

Ab az sare man gozashteh

The water has passed way above my head

I am a Dead Man walking. I have no fear of death.

I am a man with no fear.

* If I manage to change one mind, then my goal is achieved. Fortunately, IPC as the largest Iranian website in English in the world is a 24/7 propaganda machine in the face of IRI with huge masses of people religiously following it. I have readers from San Diego to Tehran and from Moscow to Antarctica South Pole! So surely, I have achieved my goals and more.

* Last but not lease and the most important reason that I do what I do and like the energizer bunny, I keep on going and going and going ….. are folks such as yourself, the solid readers of IPC and my writings which have been following me for decades. You give me fuel and energy. You give me life. You are the reason that I keep on fighting. You are the reason that I keep on going.

I love you folks.

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!


From The Desk of Dr. X

Ph.D. in conservatism,
Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
Column of National Populism,
With a truck load of magnetism,
Disciple of charm and romanticism,
The one and only, yours truly, Dr. X;
Ahreeman X
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Re: E-mails to Ahreeman X

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Mar 28, 2018 5:28 pm

How on Earth You Club Hopped at 14 in Imperial Iran?


This one is interesting not because it is an often-asked question but because it points at an interesting era and period of my life. I’ll share it with you:


Subject: How on Earth?
From: Setare S.
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: February 14, 2018

Ahreeman jan:

Its me again, hee hee

Thank you for your lengthy response to my historical question and last letter. Sorry bothering you again. I am puzzled. I read your recent post on concerts and your teen band. I love when you write about old
memoirs and X Diaries. Yup, I am puzzled. How on earth did you club hop at 14? How did you get a pass?

Ahreeman please write a new chapter of X Diaries because I miss reading your memoirs. I love different IPC sections but my favorites are X Diaries. Can’t wait. Love you a lot.



From: Ahreeman X
To: Setare S.

Setare Khoshgele

Thank you for your readership, love and support for years. I love you.

Back already? No bother, you can always ask questions and I am glad to explain. Sorry it took long about the Greco-Persian Wars but I was very busy. Finally, I answered your question.

What an interesting point you brought up and what an observant person you are but obviously you are too young and you did not live during Imperial Iran, so that is why you are asking me this question. Allow me to explain,

For those who have no clue what the hell are you talking about, folks, Setare is talking about this:

Rolling Stones: black & Blue Album – Rare 1976 Music Videos

As long as you are a big fan of X Diaries, then let me give you a taste of a future chapter and answer your question all in one shot:

X Diaries

Growing up in Imperial Iran was nothing like growing up in IRI or the west. Picture that I was a tall teenager and looked too old for my age. I could always pass for 18. In addition, please have in mind that my family was one of the 40 ruling families of Iran. Both my parents were high ranking officials of the Shah’s Regime. But to be specific …

My father’s Red Convertible T Bird was pretty unique in Iran. In fact, there were only 2 in Iran. One belonged to Shahpur Gholamreza Pahlavi (may his spirit rest in peace) and one to my father. It was a special edition. The funny thing is that both Prince Shahpur and my father were tall and to a point looked alike. For instance, one of our estates resided in “Mehr Shahr” near Karaj. Princess Shams Pahlavi created Mehr Shahr and it was her city. Today, it is a great suburb of Karaj. Back then, Shams had her palace in Mehr Shahr. There were 2 parts to Mehr Shahr. The outer section for public and then the inner section which was blocked to the public and armed guards were at the gates, checking all cars.

Our estate was in the inner circle. Every time that we visited Mehr Shahr, if we were in the Red T Bird and my father was driving, the guards gave a formal stiff military salute to us because they assumed my father was Shahpur Gholamreza. Same car, same height, similar look and attitude!

Same situation in other places. For instance, at Sefid Kenar Hotel Resorts in Bandar Pahlavi (where I hung at the night club), Hotel Iran at Bandar Pahlavi, Kuchini Club at Tehran, Hilton Hotel at Tehran, Concert Halls and etc. the security knew the car or they knew my father.

The funny thing is that my father often went to the Prime Minister’s Palace in Kakh Avenue and Sepah Avenue, Pastore area because he was a cabinet minister at Hoveyda’s cabinet (that was his second job aside being a journalist publishing his own magazine). Even though the guards knew my fathers, yet when new guards would take over, sometimes they even made a mistake and assumed that my father is Shahpur Gholamreza!

So, the long story short, the security and the managers of these famous hotels, clubs, casinos and resorts either knew my father or they assumed that he is Shahpur Gholamreza. They surely knew the car. Even if I was driving another car, like the Blue Lotus, they were often luxury sports cars and they got used to my face.

So, considering that I looked 18 and I was too tall and mature for my age, they gave me a pass. Even if they knew that I was not 18, they knew my father and worse, some knew my mother. They were really scared of her! My mother was a high ranking official in Ministry of Health and her second job was Empress Farah’s assistant in one of her charity orgs. One of her duties was to OK the doctors’ medical certificates to be published to work. All her life, she used her power to help the poor and the working class. She forced the doctors and hospitals to visit and do surgeries on the poor patients for free. Working people loved her, medical people respected her and public officials were afraid of her. My mother kicked ass! My mother was a character! Read this:

Immortal Guards, Then and Now

So, the bottom line is that my tall height, my mature looks, my family and the cars I was driving without license and without their permission, made me get a pass from everyone.

Every time we went for vacations, I stole some car without permission, gathered the gang (cousins, friends and girls) and Rocked the Towns! Even when my father or uncle were out of country, town or house, I would steal one family car and cruise the town. Amazingly I was never caught! Since childhood, I was a master criminal!

Specifically, my uncle’s cars! Every year he would drive to Iran from Germany and bring a sports car to Iran, sell it and fly back to Germany. So, he was our guest for at least a month of summer. I am talking about cars like Ferrari, Lotus, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Aston Martin and so on. How could I not drive them without his permission? It was so tempting to sneak these cars out for cruising around town!

Now hypothetically, let’s say that some cop or security or manager would stop me, check me and investigate me! Do you really think that they dared giving me a ticket, avoid me for entering places or worse? You see, in Imperial Iran, everyone knew what aristocracy looked like and people dared to mess with aristocracy because messing with aristocracy meant losing their job, business or even livelihood!

Of course, I was aware of this fact; however, let me inform you that I was always pro labor and hard-working people. If you have not already, read this:

In Darbar, we eat this kind of Mame!

So, this is how I always managed to slide by and club hop, concert hop and hang around restricted adult areas in Imperial Iran since I was only 14 years of age! Life was good but suddenly everything got FAQed and a disaster happened named Khomeini (Piss Be Upon His Soul)!

Just for you, I will try to write a new chapter of X Diaries very soon.

Stay Real Baby

Read a page of IPC a day, it will keep the superstition away!


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Europe or America? San Diego the Finest City in the World?

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:18 am

Europe or America?
San Diego the Finest City in the World?


This one was interesting in a way that it brought up an important global comparison about,

San Diego vs. Vienna?
America vs. Europe?

The reader referred to a response of mine on a video in YouTube. Enjoy:


Name: Ziba Khaghani
Subject: Was it Necessary?
Location: La Jolla, California, USA
Date: April 29, 2018

Dear Ahreeman

You can be very rude sometimes. Actually, you are very rude most of the time. Was it necessary to crash and bash the little girl’s dreams of becoming a star on YouTube? Did you have to be so bold and forward? If you wonder what post I’m referring to, its to this video and I copy paste what you wrote:

Europe or America?
Vienna or San Diego?


From: Ahreeman X
To: Shadi Khaghani

Dear Shadi:

You really have no clue about what you are talking about.

Now I elaborate. I publish the largest Iranian website in English in the world. I travelled and lived around the world. I have been all over the globe; however, home is San Diego. The City of San Diego, the 8th largest city in USA is the finest city in the finest state in the finest country in the
world. During my travels around the world, everywhere I went and every time they asked me that where am I from? As soon as I said San Diego, they said they can only wish to visit San Diego, set aside living there!

There are so many attractions, sites and activities to do in San Diego that hypothetically if you start 7 AM and end 7 PM, for one month straight, you cannot cover everything to see and visit in San Diego. Let me be frank with you. Once you live in San Diego, then London and Paris are like old and dirty little towns in comparison to San Diego! Vienna is like Dahat and Village
compare to San Diego!

Let’s put it this way, anyone who is anybody in the world, has a villa in San Diego. It is amazing that you were lucky enough to live in San Diego for a few months and you line up a bunch of nonsense like this about San Diego!

Honestly, I travel a lot for business, politics and pleasure. No matter where I go, as soon as my trip becomes a week-long trip, I have enough and I cannot take it anymore. I count minutes to get back home to San Diego!

The problem is that you are used to living in Socialist countries. Euro-Pee-On Onion (European Union) is a pile of backward, socialist, dahat in comparison to USA, set aside San Diego. I would not trade living anywhere else but here and I have literally been around the world. I have no idea where you went and how did you live in San Diego but San Diego is not only the envy of America but the whole world. Everyone dreams of only visiting San Diego, and then you line up a pile of nonsense like this about San Diego!

There is a Persian expression which says: Once you work in a Leather bazaar, when you step in to the perfume bazaar, it smells horrible for you, because you are used to the smell of the leather! Obviously, San Diego, the finest city in the world is a horrible place for you.

You see, in America we work hard and then we party hard. We work for everything that we earn. We do not collect, welfare, healthcare, housing, benefits and free education. Lots of Iranians are used to getting free stuff and beg the government for free goodies. In America, we are trying to cut all that stuff. We do not like to work hard, pay taxes and support a bunch of foreigner bums’ lifestyle. Of course, you call that racism!

Listen Shadi, my estate is larger than Austria, my bathroom is larger than Vienna and the most amount of time that I can spend in Vienna is 3 days.

As I stated before, you have no idea about the meaning of life until you live in San Diego, but have in mind that you can go to the most beautiful city in the world but see 2 sides to it! You can go to the rich area or you can go the ghetto and see bums! Maybe you went to all the wrong places in San Diego.

In addition, your point of view has a lot to do with the way you see the life and the world. An educated working class pays up the butt tax in Europe to support the free lifestyle of the Muslim refugees. After Trexit (Trump Exit), we are changing things here. We say no more to free rides. Obviously, you have no clue what Capitalism, Free Market, and True Democracy means! You
enjoy being a servant to the big government. You are used to hand outs and begging for free stuff from the government.

I suggest, for your own sake, educate yourself about Iran, America and the World because you are absolutely in the dark!

Self-educate yourself because your schools and your teachers won’t!

Read a page of IPC a day, it will keep the ignorance away:

Iran Politics Club


I am a dead busy person and I would never waste my time in YouTube or Social Media. My time is money and no time to waste. The only reason I am writing this note to you is because of your upside-down statements, world views and also insulting San Diego! Accidentally I saw your video and good for you, I ended up responding to it. Read IPC, it may change your life.

Best wishes


Thank you for considering


From: Ahreeman X
To: Ziba Khaghani

Ziba jan:

Thank you for your readership, remarks and e-mail.

I. What do you do, stalk me around the net?

II. Are you this little girl’s relative? Is that why you stand up for her?

III. This little girl did not even public display my response but you have to log in to see my response. What does this tell you? No guts for criticism. Typical Iranian Know it all who in reality knows nothing! Free Speech is not only a taboo for the IRI and Iranian personalities but it is also a taboo for the majority. We need to educate the Iranians about the benefits and values of Free Speech. The Free Speech is not only for one side but for everyone. Iran and Iranians have a long way to go to learn about Free Speech and Democracy.

IV. This is not about being rude, blunt and bashing. This is about correcting the wrong statements spewed on YouTube. The YouTube (Google Censorship Video Tool) is already flawed, loaded with false and biased information. Why encourage more of it? Google and YouTube (in general Social Media) liberals see no problem with twisting the reality and encourage America to copy Europe as a Role Model to become a Socialist State. I am only educating the people, specifically those who have not been in both places. After all, I have been in all major places around the globe!

V. The funny thing is this little girl considers coming to America to make money but then go back to Europe to live. Why can’t she make money in Europe? Because Socialism killed Europe! A Doctor and a Cashier make pretty close amount of money and have the same social benefits. In other words, tax payers work their ass off to support the Bums and Muslim Refugees! You can’t always artificially equalize the whole society by other people’s money! Eventually you run out of other people/s money and that is where Europe is!

VI. At this point of my life, I have no more tolerance for Bull Shiite, Lies, Political Correctness, and Flatteries. I see it and I say it like it is. If some cannot take it, then they don’t have to read what I write. On the other hand, what I write is very enlightening and educational for many. Thanks to me, many for the first time, view the world from a different perspective by taking off the veil of ignorance off of their face and break the two walls on both sides of their temples!

Seeing the world through Social Media Liberal Biased Narrative is a catastrophe!

Seeing the World through Social Media Cyber Censorship Cartoon

Indulge please:

The Night San Diego Stood Still: SD Blackout 2011
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/founder/SD- ... /index.htm

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/cartoons/cy ... /index.htm

YouTube Shooter, the Real Story of Nasim Aghdam

Consider yourself lucky to be responded so fast because to the great amount of e-mails, I often respond to people 3 months later! I also posted this in the club because it brought forward an important subject.

Thank you for your concern and bringing up this issue.


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