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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Shahrzad BB » Fri Jan 18, 2019 8:44 am


I want to see evidence and see what Ahreeman has on Reza Pahlavi? He has been very passive and disappointing to Iranian Opposition but a secret deal? I wish Ahreeman publish it soon. I know Ahreeman takes his time. I know Ahreeman doesn’t throw something in there if he doesn’t have something on Reza Pahlavi, so I’m waiting to see it!
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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Atusa Qajar » Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:46 pm

Patience is a virtue. Investigation is like a fruit, it must become ripe to pick and unveil! :gardner:

Good things come to those who wait! :coffee:

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A Nightmare, Together We Share!

Postby CR » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:02 pm

A Nightmare, Together We Share!

Poetic Justice!

Hope for Tomorrow?

It’s Up to You!

Sins of the Fathers


Ahreeman X Laid it all out!

40 years of arguments and waste of time, is there an end?

In regards to all of your discussions and all of your talks, you do understand that he wrote this about 1979, right? This is exactly what happened, this is exactly what everyone is discussing after 40 years and this is exactly why it is useless and this is exactly what we should do to change things and this is exactly the only solution to our common problem. It is all in there and he wrote it just like that. Read it again, it may open a new window and shed some light for those who want some light and those who want a way out to the light. It’s all in there.

A Nightmare, Together We Share!

Tomorrow is bright if we build it today!


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Re: Monarchy or Republic?

Postby Admzad » Thu Aug 01, 2019 3:51 am

Gush, I haven't done any posts in IPC for ages.
I read my old post again after so many years & brought back memories ...

As the GTX ad says: oil ain't oil!
So not every monarchy is good, depends who v r talking about.

qajarollAhi hA ridand be Iran.
So, they can go to hell.
most-deq & most-deqi hA & their hate/nefrat & doruq hA.

as for gAv/olAq removing shAh, see these by soheyl malekpur
from radio shahyAd, ashkAn publisher.

The fact is that Pahlavis loved Iran & saved Iran, so I vote for them any day, I owe them so much.
Just follow mehrA maleki to find historical facts, not the BS KIRollAhi hA & most-deq hA have been saying.
About the K*Keshy & past fetrati of tudeh/pudeh/kudeh & koponist hA & jendeye zedde melli hA.
It's shocking what tudeh/koponists did & still do (supporting KIR).
Hell, they had broken parts of Iran off after WW2.
Stalin wd've moved millions of ppl out of iran like he did in other parts.
KK koponist hA in Iran wd've helped him.

Also, I totally agree wt khosro fravahar & manook & amir tAheri others that Pahlavi card is the only card that can be used & should be used against KIRollAhi hA, koponist, mojAhede jalq, jendeye zedde melli.
mashruteh law is still valid, the system is there to replace KIR.

I like these 2 clips:

Also, I love ashu zartosht & his values & real Iranians values of avestA.

I love what zartosht setude says about the real forgotten Iran (below are from him):
hame Alam tan ast, irAn del, nist guyandeh zin qiyAs khejel, chon ke irAn dele zamin bAshad, del ze tan beh bovad, yaqin bAshad --nezAmi
din or da'enA is vojdAn, but there is no vojAn in islam, so it is not din
namAz in avestA means dorud, but muslims do it wt closed hands like slaves
islam says ppl are slaves of allAh
namAz is full of fear & slavery
even arabs are slaves, so Iranians are slaves of slaves
if the arab lord was asad, his slaves became bani-asad; or slaves of ahmad became Ale-ahmad

Setude says zende yAd shAh freed slaves in Iran(ra'yat), which is true.
most-deq was a big slave owner, qajars considered Iranians their slaves.

Setudeh says:
avestA knows 2 far: fare Iran , fare shAhanshAhi
far = shokuh va tavAnA'i of Iran

Culture of Iran before Piss-lAm was all about celebrating life & shAdi & rAsti & niki.
I love all that.

So, I like shAhanshAhi & real Iranian values.

amir tAheri had a nice talk recently about shAh, which I liked.
T says he never praised shah wn he was a jorno coz he didn't see a need for it, but he is sorry now
shah thought there was no need for debate & protests for women-right, he gave them voting right; he had all fair rules for workers so no need for unions
shah gave ppl what was needed
T thinks ppl like to feel they gained something & brag about it, so if u keep on giving them too many things they become talab-kAr
they won't thanks u, they think u sd've given more but didn't
land reforms lead to 23 yrs war in Germany, but was done in Iran over night; but nobody was grateful for it in 78

dAni ke pas az omr che mAnad bAqi, mehr ast va mohabbat ast va bAqi hame hich ---molAnA
But, mollA hA, komonist hA, mojAhed hA, most-deq hA, jendeye zedde melli hA believe:
…, zahr ast va nefrat ast va bAqi hame hich

la'nat beh jaddo AbAde all opposition leaders of goh-khoriye-78 (AyatollAt tAzi hA,
qajarollAhi, khari'ati, so/goh-rush, Al-ahmaq, shAmluye gohe mo'tAd, komonist/koponist,
tudeh/pudeh/kudeh/kundeh, gohe sorkhi, jendeye eslAmiye zedde melli (JM), most-deq-ollAhi,
mammad lenin/amini tahini, mojAhede jalq-ollAhi, BBC (British Brainwashing Co), bani-zahr,
anjomane goh-teh ye AlmAn, bAzargAv, qotb/goh-zAdeh, ebrAhime gohe yazdi,
dariyush homA-un-khA'en, jafar kasif emAmi, goh-seyn khar-dust, jamshid Amuz-gAv,
abbAs gohe qara-gAvi, nAser moqaddam, shApur bad-bakhti-Ar, simin gAvesh-var,
abbAs anam barAt morabbAs malak zAdah milAni, mohsen goh-bAf, masud susule chos-bud,
kasife badi-nezhAde qomi, guzollAt zam, sAzgAvA, masume ebtegAv, omid kasifi gAvA,
shahrAm homA un dozd, guzi-alA, guzi-zAd, guzi-zAdeh,
mohsen gAv-ju, masmum noqre-gAv, gAv-nune nevisandegAn, bAqer & rAmin par/khar-khAm,
khamir kharbAz sharm-Avar (parivash), zesht-kalAm, sa'id khar-jAriyAn, KIRaj mess-gAvi,
hushang khamir ahmaqi, akbar gand/goh-ji, va va va), and all their tuleh sag hA
now living comfortably in US/Canada/EU.

Iranians are khodA parast and nik-sefat (pendAre nik, goftAre nik, kerdAre nik).
DIVollAh Khomeini (Piss buh) & his supporters are div-parast and div-sefat (pendAre div, goftAre div, kerdAre div).
Iranians love khodAye mehro jAno kherad, not al-lAto ahmaq.

jAvid shAh!
rezA shAh, ruhat shAd!
khodA, shAh, mihan!
pAyande Iran!
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