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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby CR » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:31 am

:namaz: Dear Sheep of Allah :namaz:

:sheeple: Baaaaa Baaaaa

Do you honestly expect a decent response to your rhetoric?

:question: Hey, I didn’t know you speak Persian! How can a half breed Arab like you write Persian poetry like this? How did these sheep got so smart? It is amazing how they train these sheep these days! God forbid!

First of, dog is your mother and sister

Second of, I rather to live free as a dog in America than to live as a slave to Islam and jackasses like you in Iran. Until animals like you rule Iran, there is no place for us, the free human beings in Iran.

Third of, if you are a lion, then I must quit being a member of species from planet Earth because there is no place for me on Earth! You are no lion but you are an old hyena.

Fourth of, correction needed: the place of lions used to be in Iran but today the old hyenas reside in land of Aryans. Muslim hyenas are in charge of the land.

Fifth of, thanks again, as I wrote, I prefer to live as a free dog in exile than a slave to Islam and Muslim in Islamic Whorehouse of Iran where hyenas like you rule.

:coffee: I honestly didn’t want to respond to a Muslim imbecile like you because I was so busy and also because a lowly Muslim ape like you don’t deserve a response.

Now that I replied and you got the pleasure of my reply and you are jumping in joy because a thinking independent woman (not one of your siqeh dahati) replied to you and you have probably peed yourself due to joy of consorting with a free thinking woman, then go and change your Islamic diaper, powder your butt and stick 2/3 of your middle finger in your butt hole (Islamically correct) by the Shari’a, and pull up your pajamas and robe, then count your blessings from God that I finally replied to a Muslim chimpanzee like you.
:namaz2: :ayatollah:

Now, you can go on with your life as a Muslim leech, sucking the blood of the Iranian hard working people inside Iran, marry another dumb siqeh chadori woman and go shove a baseball bat up your Muslim hole.
:hizboarab: :lachak:

Ps: make sure to read a verse of Quran before you shove the baseball bat up yours, so it will be Halaal and clean, up to standards of the Shari’a law!

:sheeple: May Allah bless all his lambs including an ape lamb like you

Now by the power invested in me, I order: You may continue kissing and licking my black leather boot, only the right one which is dirty! Don’t dirty the left one until we make sure that you do a good job cleaning and licking.

Bye Sheep

:sheeple: Baaaaaa Baaaaaa

Your Goddess and Owner
Goddess Catayoun
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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby Qambujiye » Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:33 am

I don’t know why you bother going head to head with these low lives and IRI agents? Do you think you can change them? Do you think suddenly people change from mercenaries on Mullahs payroll and become humans? Maybe you are countering the propaganda they spew to inform the public but I think you are wasting your breath. You are too good for these Angals.

I love you anyway
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Freedom comes with Blood.
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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:37 am

Iran-doost Warrior Q:

With all due respect to Q, if us the True Iranian Nationalists don’t stand up to these IRI agents and set the records straight, then they will take over this board like they took over Iran, then who will stand up to them? I think Cat should expose them and level them as much as she has time and as much as she can. I’m behind Cat.

Islam and Muslims are about propaganda, aggressiveness and offense. If no one stands up to them, step by step they take over the board, the society and the world the same as they took over Iran and they kicked us out. This is a fact not fiction. The left and the liberals maybe sleep but the Iranian opposition knows the facts and knows these people very well.

We’re here to take our country back not to hand IPC to Islam and Muslims. We must fight Islam and Muslims every step of the way or Iran will never be free.

Ba Sepas
I am a Liberated Woman.
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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby CR » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:54 pm

Thank you for your comments pro and con on how I operate on the forum. Comments are constructive and to learn from. Useful they are and good they are to express.

Happy International Women Day to all the women and to everyone.
Wome are so underrepresented in IRI and Islam.
Women Rock :yourock:

Ba Sepas
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The Crippled Iran

Postby CR » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:06 pm

The Crippled Iran

Once again another sham election in IRI and once again another selected presidential term for another Mullah in IRI. Sheeple and cattle cheer for seemingly legit elections which are selected by VF Khamenei and Sepah IRGC. The charade goes on and fools are happy that they voted!

Their mercenaries in exile such as NIAC and PAAIA lobby for Mullahs and undermine Trump! Criminals and Mozdoors paid by IRI protest in USA against Trump and call themselves activists! No shortage of IRI servants inside or outside Iran.

40 years of IRI and Islam crippling Iran, goes on …….

That’s the story of crippled Iran by Islam and Muslims.

When will Iranians wake up? :-k

A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:51 am


Iranians will wake up when they become educated enough to wake up!

Ahreeman always says:

Many are schooled but only a few are truly educated!

Schooling doesn’t bring education. We have so many schooled people in Iran. Everyone has a degree. We have doctors and engineers coming out of our ears. Iranians are one of the most schooled people in the world but are they really educated?

If so, then how come Velayate Faghih (Cleric Guardian) guides them? Only children need a guardian and mentally challenged people need a guardian, then Iranians must be children or mentally challenged! Which is it?

So sad that in 21sth century our country must be so intellectually backward and bankrupt. ](*,)

I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby Shahrzad BB » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:13 am

:badgrin: Another Mullah Empty Threat :D

Look at this nonsense:

Rouhani threatens America


Article ... sanctions/ ... story.html ... r-program/

Once again Rouhani and Mullahs threaten US to build a Bomb. They already have the Bomb but can they do anything with it? It is all fake, bluffs, brags and empty threats. Trump owns them and they know it. Cheap shots won’t help IRI because Mullahs got to go, Islam got to go and Iran will return to the civilized world.

Trump is not Obama, same as the gun boat incident, he will not hesitate to level Mullahs and IRI.

Mullahs are an infection in the body of Iran

BTW, where are all the Hezboes of the board. I guess they shutten the hell up and went in their shells because Trump means business. Run Rats Run!

:B The Only Good Mullah is a Dead Mullah :B

BB O BB, what’s a girl to do?


Psychiatrist of the Board
Dr. BB
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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby LatifSimorghi » Mon May 18, 2020 1:29 pm

Hello Everyone,
I think there is a true possibility for an eventual political and economic union on the Iranian plateau but all the different ethnic groups (Persians, Kurds, Azeris, Arabs, Hazaras, Turkmen, Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Armenians, etc) need to have autonomy (federalism and confederalism). Also I think that Arab, Turkish, Persian, and Pashtun nationalism needs to be toned down or such a dream of a large superstate that thrives and can keep foreign powers out won't ever come true. We need to look back at our pre-nationalist history and see the vibrancy and richness of the over-arching culture that binds all the different ethnic groups together. I think a movement built on respect and inclusiveness between the various peoples of Iran and the wider Iranshahr would be powerful enough to create a new superstate.

I wanted to share a document that I have worked on that I think would be relevant to this conversation. I have designed a constitution for a decentralized mutliethnic, multilingual superstate based on the idea of the cultural continent Iranshahr. I would really like to get opinions about this constitution and continue this dialogue about what the future of Iran and the wider region could look like. What works? What doesn't? The link below takes you to my page. It includes a link to a free pdf and a link to buy my constitution from amazon as a book called A Vision of Iranshahr: Constitution for Change. My goal isn't to make money from this but I do want to move this conversation forward.
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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon May 18, 2020 4:19 pm

Review of Iranshahr Project

Welcome Latif Simorghi

Welcome to the club. So, you are a Kurd. I am ¼ Kurd and Cat is part Kurd. I like Kurds.

I must ask you to kindly seize posting repetitive posts of the same phrase because the Club Admin will delete the duplicates.

Your project is a good attempt:

Vision of Iranshahr

Your site is a good try:


However, there are some issues with your worldview.

It is vague that what do you exactly mean by Iranshahr as a landmass? It especially becomes complicated when you include Arabs, Turks and other Non-Iranian Ethnicities!

I wonder if by Arabs you mean Arab-Iranians?
I wonder if by Turks you mean Azeri-Iranians?
I wonder if by Turks you mean Turkmens, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan) and so on?

If so, then these people are either Iranian, Iranian rooted or mix Iranians. If their tongs are Arabic and Turkic, then it is due to Arab and Turk Imperialism forcing their tongs upon them as their language. They are not Arabs and Turks but they are Arab Tonged and Turkic Tonged.

But if you are actually thinking of including Arabs, Turks and so on in to this Union, Federation, Empire or whatever you want to call it, then good luck because that would be a cold day in hell! I do not believe there exists any desire amongst Arabs, Turks and Iranians to mingle and mix a Super state.

On the other hand, the Ex states of the Persian Empire have no other economical choice (in long run) and identity beside the Iranian Union and Identity.


When I speak of Persian, it means Iranian. Persian is the Latin term for Iranian people, language and culture. By Persian, I do not mean the Persian Ethnic group of Iran.

Iran or Persia? Iranian or Persian? Farsi or Persian?
Country, People and Language, Which is Correct and Why? ... /index.htm

Amongst your problems are these:

Foreign Domination
Climate Change


You must comprehend that Nationalism is not a problem but it is the only solution. I believe you are confusing Nationalism with Imperialism. By Nationalism, we do not mean Persian Imperialism. By Nationalism we mean Iranianism or Persianhood.

You refer to the Persian Empire’s past Federalism (primitive form) during Achaemenids which was a unique system of governing with respect to all cultures sand minorities. That federalism was the Persian Federalism and the original Federalism introduced to the world by Persians.

History of Federalism in Iran ... /index.htm

Civilization: Persia versus Greece and Rome ... /index.htm

We created Federalism while Greco-Romans created and/or expanded on the concepts of slavery and oppression.

Once Islam took over Iran, then Persian Federalism changed to the Islamic Centralism!

Iranian Identity

Nationalism is your Iranian identity which without it, you will have no state or union or whatever.


Today’s Iraqi Kurdistan

The assume they are autonomous and independent. In reality, they are a part of Iraq. Another part of Kurdistan is in Turkey, another part in Syria and another part in Iran. You have 4 Kurdistan and none of them are truly autonomous or independent.

Under the Persian Union (Iranian Union), there will be one Kurdistan (Kurdia) as a state (Khashtarah) of Iran. All parts of Kurdistan will be one autonomous state under Iran. That is true freedom, independence and unity amongst the Kurds and in relation with other Iranian tribes.

Let me put it this way, there exists no other identity beside the Iranian identity for the Ex States of the Persian Empire. I refer you to:

Last Persian Emperor: Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar ... /index.htm


Iranian Plateau Under One Iran

Allow me to clarify an important historical fact for all. Until about 250 years ago, the complete Iranian Plateau was under one Iran, a united Iran including Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Parts of Pakistan (Baluchestan Half), Parts of Kazakhstan, Parts of Kyrgyzstan, and Parts of Iraq (Mesopotamia).

Next, the Russians and the British separated all of these Iranian States from the Motherland and included them as parts of their empires. Eventually, in later years they granted them independence and fabricated them as independent nations!

There is no Afghan identity. Afghanistan was 2 states of Iran (Ariana and Bakhtar).

There is no Azeri identity. Azerbaijan (both internal and external) was a state of Iran (Atropatgan).

There is no Baluch identity. Baluchestan (both internal and external) was a state of Iran.

There is no Kurdish identity. Almost the complete Kurdistan (in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey) was a state of Iran.

There is no Ahvazi or Khuzestani Arab identity, Khuzestan is a state of Iran.

There is no Turkmen identity. The Turkmenistan (both internal and external) was a state of Iran.

Fake “Istan” Countries!

Every single country with “Istan” at the end of its name is a fabricated state and independent nation which were fabricated by the Russian and the British Imperialism to separate the states of Iran from the motherland!

Of course, they do not teach you these historical facts in your classrooms in these nations, but they teach you false dogma and fake history.

Kurds, Azeris, Georgians, Armenians, Khuzestanis, Turkmens, Uzbeks, Baluchis, Afghans, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Iraqis, Bahrainis, and so on, you do not have a national identity. The Russians and the British have fabricated one for you! The only national identity which you have is the Iranian Identity. You are all Iranian. The only reason that presently you are independent nations is because the Russians and the British Imperialism separated you from Iran, put an “Istan” at the end of your state and voila, they created all of these “Istan” fabricated countries!

Your wise scholars, professors and elders are perfectly aware of this fact but they are all afraid to speak of it or teach you the true history. They are afraid of your little state governments. Their policy is to teach you lies. That is what they do in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and so on. Your professors from around the Ex States of Iran are in touch with me and all of them openly state to me that they are aware of the fact that they are all Iranians but they are afraid to even say it in the public set aside to teach it in the universities, because if they do, then surely they will lose their jobs, become blacklisted and possibly get arrested. Azeri, Turkmen, Afghan and so on professors, they all tell me the same story: they must continue teaching lies or they will be blackballed by their state governments!

These cheesy little states and wanna be independent nations are not real nations. They are fabricated nations and even the governments who run them, know that their only identity is the Iranian Identity. No matter how hard they try to claim that they are Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Baluch, and so on, there is one identity that they share and that is the Iranian Identity.

You may speak Turkish but you are not Turks.
You may speak Arabic but you are not Arabs.
And so on …

This is due to the centuries of Turkish and Arab Imperialism which invaded and occupied your lands; therefore, you are Turkic tongued and Arabic tongued but you are not Turks nor Arabs.

In the future, all of these present little fabricated independent nations (ex-states of Iran) will join together and recreate the “Persian Empire” or the “Iranian Union” or whatever you want to call it because on their own, they are economically, militaristically, and politically irrelevant. Together they are a giant but separately they are nothing!


So, Iranian Nationalism is the only factor that holds these tribes together. Without it, they are torn apart, weak and useless.

Major scholars from these countries know perfectly that they are Iranian but they are afraid to reveal it in their universities because they will get fired. Many of them are in touch with me and they state that to me.

In regards to constitution, there are various other versions and scholars whom like you attempted to come up with something. They are in this room and you are welcomed to review them. Maybe they are helpful to you:

Political Activists Room

More on Nationalism:

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow - Nationalism ... /index.htm

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow: Nationalism

More on Federalism:

History of Federalism in Iran ... /index.htm

Ahreeman: Why Federalism for Iran?

Basically, we shall conclude that,

If you are trying to unite the Iranian tribes, then that is called Iranian Nationalism.

If you are trying to include Arabs, Turks and so on, then it is called Globalism and Internationalism.

If you are Anti Nationalism, then you must realize that you will not find many people to mingle with here because this place is loaded with Hard Core Nationalists.

In fact, the whole world is moving towards Nationalism and putting Trump’s Model as a lead to follow.

Once, we are on equal base with other nations, then we can talk about an Earth Government. Until then, it is all about Nationalism.

Foreign Domination

Again, you need to be clear on who is the foreigner who wants to dominate? If we are talking about Russians, British, Turks and Arabs, they are natural enemies of Persianhood and the Iranian Nation.

But if you want to include the whole Middle East, then that would be another story and it will be more of a fantasy to occur.

Climate Change

Climate Change as the Liberal Made Catastrophe is a hoax. The Climate Change nonsense which is about to destroy Earth in 12 years is something which I have been hearing since 1970s. It is a pile of rubbish.

Climate Change (Global Warming) is the new religion of the left as a gimmick. GOP has the Gimmick of Religion and the liberals didn’t have any, so Al Gore created the Global Warming!

Climate Change is a money maker for the liberals and a tool to draft foot soldiers to run the streets, protest and blindly follow the liberal leaders while their leaders make the big bucks (George Soros, Clintons, Obamas and Gore). It is all a sham.

Scientifically, there is global warming and indeed global cooling. If anything, sine the 1970s, the o-zone hole got smaller and the world got cooler.

Today’s USA is the most environmentally clean, safe and sound nation in the world. Climate Change is a liberal, globalist hoax to rob the nations of their wealth, business, industry, manufacturing and natural resources.

Not that it is not a problem we are facing, but it is a hoax which we are facing.

Amongst your solution is this:



Feminism is a sperate thing than Women’s rights. Feminism is as bad as Chauvinism. Same thing. Feminism is another liberal leftist gimmick to brain wash the women. Feminism does not seek strong independent women but it seeks Liberal Democrat Women Activists like Hollywood.

When Feminists face a strong Conservative or National Populist woman like Sarah Palin, Laura Ingraham, or our own Catayoun Razmjou, they black ball them, bash them and single them out!

So, you may want to reconsider some of your statements, categories, classifications, problems and solutions.

But at least, you are attempting to make something and get it going which that within itself is a good attempt and a positive move.

Best to you

Watcher in the woods
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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby LatifSimorghi » Tue May 19, 2020 2:31 pm

Thank you Ahreeman X for the welcome. I appreciate it. And I apologize for the posts in different threads for being similar. I will avoid that. I am also 1/4 Kurd but I identify with my Persian heritage as anyone who knows me can attest haha.

I really appreciate the feed back you provided.

So my worldview is somewhat different from yours but I think there is a good amount of overlap that might be bridged. With Climate Change and Feminism not sure we can bridge our views but that is no matter. I think as the droughts become more pronounced in Iran and the wider region, and the disappearance of Lake Urmia and the Aral Sea, action will become more apparent. I don't equate feminism with chauvanism but I think we define feminism differently. I view feminism as an ideology that seeks to dismantle socially created privileges and barriers between women and men. I think fake gender roles have been forced on men and women that reduces our potential as human beings and as a society. That's all. As a man I don't want to be oppressed by anyone and my experience with feminists has not given me any impression of a desire to oppress men. Just my experience. But now to the main idea.

First let me define my ethnicities:

Iranian (Aryan descendents): Persians, Pashtuns, Kurds, Baluchis, Luris, Gilanis, Talysh, Armenians, Zazas, Tajiks, Azeris (from my research are probably mostly Turkified Iranians based on genetic testing showing more similarity between Azeris and Persians than Azeris and other Turko-Mongolian groups). Sorry if I missed any others.

Semitic: Arabs (Iraqi Arabs, Khuzestanis, Arabs along the Persian Gulf, Bahrainis), Chaldeans, Assyrians

Turko-Mongolians: Turkmens, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Turks (of Turkey), Hazaras (though linguistically they are Persianized)

Caucasian: Georgians (they are their own weird and wonderful people haha).

My definition of nationalism: viewing one ethnic group as superior to others. viewing fellow members of a community as not belonging to a land because they are different ethnicity or religion. Only accepting the glory of your history without accepting its darker chapters.

My definition of patriotism: love of your country, pride in your ethnicity, accepting the good, bad, and ugly in your people's history, and viewing other ethnicities within your community as different but equal and deserving of the same self-respect you hold in yourself

So finalizing my thoughts on Iranian identity, I do not use Iranian and Persian interchangeably. I think of Iranian as an overarching term for a collection of Aryan descended ethnicities. I am Iranian and within that I am Persian and Kurdish, both ethnicities equally Iranian in my view. I am guessing you will probably disagree with this line of thinking but I just wanted to lay it out as I see it.

So yes I think our main difference is how ethnically exclusive/inclusive we believe a superstate should be.

So I think we can agree that Central Asia and Middle East are fake designations. Only until very recently have these regions been split up politically, economically, and culturally. So the term I use is Iranshahr (which is basically the same as the word Iran but for me broadens the horizon of the region). I view it as a cultural continent similar to Europe, India, China. I believe this cultural continent was built by a cultural fusion between the Persian Sassanid political system (and later literary tradition), Arab religious tradition, and the Turko-Mongolian martial tradition, a new overarching culture has emerged since the 1000s CE. Some scholars have named it Persianate or Turco-Persian tradtion, but I find those terms don't express the full meaning of this fusion, which is why I use Iranshahr to define this rich and complex culture. The dynasties (regardless of what ethnicity) from the Sassanids to the Safavids, Qajars, Ottomans, and Mughals all utilized this tradition to foster their legitimacy, at least before the 1800s CE.

So for me I think a decentralized democratic superstate should include the entire cultural continent of Iranshahr: from eastern Turkey, eastern Syria, and Georgia all the way to the Indus River and Aral Sea. This would include All the groups list above (minus Turks of Turkey, since they are in western Anatolia and don't really have the same cultural bond that the rest do). I used to be a Persian nationalist when I was younger and subscribed to the Pan-Iranism idea, but as I've read more history and seen the complexities of mass migrations, invasions, integrations, ethnic mixing, I think it would be better for this region to unite rather than follow the nation-state model that has been pushed by the Turkification policy of Attaturk Turkey, the Persianization policy of Pahlavi and Islamic Republic Iran, the Arabization policy of Assad's Syria and Saddam's Iraq, and the Pashtunization policy of the Taliban Afghanistan. I think these nationalist policies (which you call imperialist right?) are detrimental to the whole region as its leaves all the peoples of Iranshahr exposed to foreign domination (Russia, UK, France, US, China, and India).

Creating a larger state based on purely ethnic Iranian state would still leave more than have the region to be pathetic little nation-states, and would still keep Iran too small, much smaller than it should be. If we don't reforge bonds between our Semitic and Turko-Monglian bretheren then we are abandoning our birth right to the entire region. I don't view Arabs and Turks as invaders and enemies (except ultra-nationalists and Wahhabists) since they have been living and blending in Iranshahr for more than a 1000 years. So I think there is more that unites the various ethnic groups of this region than divides it.

So what I think would be better than a purely Iranian union would be a more integrated European Union style system (combining federalism and confederalism) , almost like a modernized democratic Holy Roman Empire with tiny enclaves and large states based on the ethnic groups. Basically an empire of nations like the empires of the Shahanshah just democratic and no one ethnic group dominating the rest.

See constitution: ... ficial.pdf

I think pursuing a purely pan-Iranian union would result in ethnic cleansing and genocide and would weaken the region to further to foreign imperialism. I don't think it is Internationalism to want to unite a region that has been politically united for most of the last 2000 years. Its focused on a geographic region filled with multiple peoples related by history and a common over-arching culture. Only in the last 200 years has imperialism and nationalism clouded those bonds.

Loved this conversation. Hope to continue this dialogue. Would love for you to review the meat of the constitution I wrote to see what you think of its federalism structure. I know my ideas may be different but I think we share the main goal of getting our people and country out of the dark age its been put in.

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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby CR » Tue May 19, 2020 5:17 pm

Persianhood for Now, for Future and for Ever

Dorud bar Latif

I have to give you credit because at least you are thinking about these issues which means you care about Iran. Many in exile are as Ahreeman puts it “Career Exilists” and do not care about any of this, except their line of work and their bank accounts.

I disagree with your approach, your categorization, your solutions (some) and your views (some) but I still must give you credit.

As far as race relations goes, before you read what I wrote, read this:

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology Philosophy ... /index.htm

Instead of quoting from you and responding to each part, I will quickly go over a few points which you made and I display my thoughts in bullets.

* IRI is not a Nationalist system but an Islamist Sectarian theological Hegemonial State. IRI cares none for the Iranian Nationalism, morely wants to destroy it. Don’t refer to Mullahs as Nationalists. They are half breed Arabs. To us, Nationalism is a holy term.

* Through the centuries, it was Persian ingenuity which created this amazing civilization and empire. It was Persian style of government. There must be a dominant system which is the Persian system to put the whole thing together or it will never be put together. This does not mean that separate states have less rights and less autonomy. All the states will have equal rights.

* Federalism is precious and will be established but the official language will be Persian. Each state can have their local dialect or language studied but Persian will be taught as the official language of the government. Without an official language, this union will be chaos. What unites this union is the Persian language and the Persian culture.

* We are not saying that all the states are Aryans but we are saying that all the states are Iranians meaning that they are either Aryans or Aryan rooted. An Uzbek is an oriental Turk but ethnically and culturally he is Aryan rooted because at one time, he was so. Even today, that Uzbek is more Iranian than Mullahs. So, every past state of the Persian Empire is Iranian because in nature they are Iranian (Zateshun Iraniye).

* The essence of Persian Culture (Iranian Culture) makes one Persian, not the race or language. I can show you youth in exile which are more Persian than the lost souls in Iran. Again “Zateshun Iraniye”.

* We have no desire to create a multilingual and multicultural union like European Union. The EU is falling apart and the experiment failed. We want to create a Neo Persian Empire based on Nationalism and Persian Culture and language. In this Empire, same as Cyrus and Darius era, each state (Satrapi AKA Khashtarah) has equal rights, autonomy and equal say. Heart of this empire is Iran; the official language is Persian and the dominant culture is Persian. Nothing Multi works. Multicultural, Multilingual and so on are liberal failed concepts. Multiculturalism brought Islam to Europe and now Europe is getting destructed from within.

* What you call Iranshahr is the Greater Iran or Iranian Plateau. The Iranian Plateau belongs to the Iranians. That Kyrgyz or Uzbek is as much Iranian as the Tajiks and Iranians who speak Persian.

* The drought-stricken desert can become a green garden full of fruits and vegetables. Go to Israel and see how it is done. The reason for drought and expansion of desert is not Climate Change Hoax but it is the incompetence of the region’s people to create a heaven. An example is IRI where the gardeners don’t know how to garden!

* I have never met a feminist who has any respect for me or any Nationalist and Conservative woman. Feminists support liberals and leftists. Feminists openly shout that women like me are stupid, belong in the kitchen serving men and following their lead. Feminists are Leftist Democrats. They rather die than to support someone like me or stand up for my rights. The greatest treason to the Women’s Rights movement is Feminism.

* Iraqis are Persians because they are Persian rooted. Go to Iraq and witness how Iraqis’ food, music, culture, traditions and everyday life is closer to us than Arabs. Until 250 years ago they were a state of Iran (Mesopotamia) which later we referred to as Eraq.

* Georgians are Persians and Aryans. They are solid Aryans. Do you know how we can clean the race by Aryan-ize it? We bring Georgian men to impregnate Iranian women and Georgian women to be impregnated by Iranian men. We encourage marriage with Georgians and in no time, we will get the degenerated Arab genes out of our system and replace it with the Aryan genes! Call me racist but I don’t care. We are degenerated because of the Arab genes. Everywhere the Arabs went, they degenerated the genes! They screwed up Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Libya and every other civilized culture in the region. Thank God we did not lose our language or else we would have been called Arabs today. We speak Persian and they still call us Arabs, just picture if we didn’t speak Persian! God bless Ferdowsi and Yaqub Leis:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD): Chapter 4 ... /index.htm

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Book in 23 Chapters
Chapter 14. Saffarid ... /index.htm

* What created this 8000-year-old civilization were Persians not chopped livers or choqondar Qand. So, it is time to get credit for it. The problem and the block on the way of this union is IRI. No one wants to make a union with Terrorist sponsor regime. If there was a civilized Persian Nationalist regime in Iran, then all of these past states would run to make a union with Iran. Iran and the Persian Culture is the key to this union.

* People like me are way beyond political correctness, liberal PC police and multicultural society and utopia of the west. We do not care to be called Racist. Multiculturalism is what destroyed Europe and is destroying America. We have no desire to bring this infection to the Greater Iran and the future Persian Union or Persian Empire. We want to make Iran Great Again not to create a PC Liberal State infected with Multiculturalism. The region’s glory and success lie with Persianhood not Multiculturalism.

* Once IRI is overthrown and dead, everyone, specifically Iraq, Kurdestan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and even Bahrain will run to jump in motherland’s arms and lap to become a part of this union because they know what’s good for them. It is called Mother Iran and it is called Persian Empire not Iranshahr because it is not a city! That’s a good thing you didn’t call it Iranistan!

I got news for you. The other day, I was asking this chick: Are you Persian? She said yes but later I found that she is Iraqi. I said you are Iraqi. She asked me, were we a part of Persian Empire? I said yes. She said then I am Persian. Same thing happened to me with a Turkmen guy. You must understand that these people consider themselves Persian because Persians are the superior culture who civilized the world. One way or another they connect themselves with Iran and to Iran. They don’t connect themselves with abarqu but they connect themselves with Iran.

We lost our Persian ways and that is why Mullahs rule Iran for over 4 decades.

If we lose our Persian identity, we will have nothing.

Nice chatting with ya

Pure Persian Pride Forever

A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby LatifSimorghi » Wed May 20, 2020 3:11 pm

Hi Cat,
Thank you for your response. I appreciate your acknowledgement that I have taken this topic seriously and have spent many, many hours researching and reflecting. I will read through those links you and Ahreeman have shared.

Though I see there are some gaps between our views, this has made me hopeful. I am very happy that it seems this community of yours is behind the idea of federalism. I absolutely agree that federalism is a natural part of the Iranian political tradition and I am pleased with the ideas of local automonous satrapies that meet local needs while having a Language of Administration taught to all (which I agree Persian would be the Persian language for this).

I think multiculturalism has gotten a bad rap because of the Western form of this. Western multiculturalism to me is very isolating because it basically says "everyone do your own thing" But I think there is a natural Iranian version of multiculturalism. Based on my study of Iranian history, such a concept has been part of the Iranian political system since Cyrus the Great. The lack of force assimilation throughout Iranian history equivalent to that in Europe and the US and most modern nation-states, tells me that a modified version of multiculturalism is very Iranian. What I think is needed is what Ibn Khaldun called assabiyahh or group solidarity to forge the different ethnic groups towards a common purpose that trancends ethnicity, religion, and political leanings. That assabiyah is what forged the Achaemenids, Aracids, Sassanids, and yes also the Abbassids, Seljuks, Ilkanids, Samanids, Ghaznavids, etc.

It is possible to build a superstate (the one I envision would be called The Guarded Domains of Iranshahr), solely on the Persian tradition, but I fear a purist pre-Islamic focus would isolate the many ethnicities that have mixed traditions within Iranshahr (Greater Iran, Iranzamin, Iran e Bozorgh). The Uzbeks, Turkmens, and others have the Persian tradition within them, but they also have the history of the Timurids, the Ghaznavids, the Seljuks, and Shaybanids within them as well. All those dynasties built their legitimacy off of the Iranian Shahanshah tradition, and they are our traditions as well as Persians. The savagery of the Bedouin, Oghuz and the Mongols was tamed and incorporated into the long tradition of Iranshahr's culture. But the Persian culture was also changed by this and some things were bad and somethings were good but to me it just adds to the richness and amazingness of this region.

So incorporating the turkish arab and Islamic aspects of our history and culture does not necessarily diminish our glorious Persian heritage but in fact enhances it since Persian traditions changed invaders into members of the same tradition and Zoroastrianism changed Islam. I think incorporating the post-Sassanid heritage into our ideology would not only strengthen our cause but would help forge those closer bonds between the non-Persian ethnic groups and Persian groups (a modern assabiyah).

I am agnostic and definitely not a fan religion as it is practiced by most people around the world, but as I love Cyrus the Great, I try to mirror his attitude towards religion. He made offerings to the gods of his many subjects so I will not be anti-Islamic or any religion unless it is of a fundamentalist form (fuck IRI, Saudi monarchy, Hezbollah, ISIL, Taliban, Hindu extremists, Buddhist extremists, Christian extremists and Jewish extremists, etc). And I still believe that Arabs and Turks can be partners in this endevour without Persianization.

Again I will read those link you have shared. I just needed to throw that stuff out there. I am trying to put my ideas forward to be scrutinized and reflected upon so I greatly appreciate the respectful crtique you and Ahreeman have shown. I would love for you and members of the Iran Politics Club to review the constitution I wrote (perhaps as a new discussion thread?) since it is very federalist in nature. I would be interested in knowing what parts of my constitution work with this group and what doesn't. But no worries if you don't think its worth your time to peruse. ... ficial.pdf

Again thank you for the cordial discussion. Very refreshing for a an internet forum haha.

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Re: Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed May 20, 2020 9:02 pm

Latif Welcome

“I think multiculturalism has gotten a bad rap because of the Western form of this. Western multiculturalism to me is very isolating because it basically says "everyone do your own thing" But I think there is a natural Iranian version of multiculturalism. Based on my study of Iranian history, such a concept has been part of the Iranian political system since Cyrus the Great.”

Bravo, great observation.

It is good to see “Thinking Iranians” such as you because we surely have too many “None Thinking Iranians”!

Your Constitution / Book is interesting. You spent time on it and you surely done research and study. Looks like you are a student and lover of history and Iran both or you would have not been here.

I have 2 suggestions for you to promote your site and constitution using IPC heavy traffic without spamming. You can do either:

1. Go to your control panel and create a signature to put the links to your site and book in your signature, so it will be at the bottom of every post you make as your signature. You can make a custom-made signature in IPC club. This way people will get to click and view your links.

2. There is a Hall and a Room to promote your links, you can post them there with an explanation about them.

This way you don’t have to post your paragraph and link in every post you make to promote your links. A few people post repetition. The Repetition with links is a form of spam and I delete them. You are a thinking Iranian but I will not have mercy even on you!

It takes time to learn the IPC club System, toys, gadgets and how to use them.

Your book is worthy of reading.

More tech information:


In your bottom right side of the message posting page there is BB code link:

BB Code Guide

when you log in, on your top left side of the club homepage there is:

User Control Panel

More Information:

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