Mr Siamak Zand when will the lies end!?

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Postby Liberator » Sun Nov 05, 2006 1:11 pm

I've submitted a proposal to be discussed in a new thread. Please contribute so that we can send it off ASAP!

As for Siamak Zand he has sent me two more emails which I will post below:

Har gohi tonesti bekhori noucheh jounet.

Siamak zand


Demand???? Little insignificant pieces of shit are in no position to demand anything.get that through your thick skull.your overthrown monarch in his last days tried to demand from the Iranian people forgiveness with crocodile tears in his eyes but to no avail and was thrown out of the country like a rat.Aghaye Ari az mehr, khahareh gendeye eechanra ya farzandeh haroum zadash ra be iran meekhaheed bargardouneed!!!!kesafat hayi amsale shoma va tarafdaranet nagozirand dar ghorbat geda var zendegi konand ta be darak vasel shavand.

Siamak Zand ke hatman koseh naneye darbareet gozashte.

Have in mind that both these emails and the others i've received from this CBS and Sky News producer have come from his official CBS work email.

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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