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Future of Iran

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Mar 02, 2008 8:38 pm

Future of Iran

In this thread we are inviting all the people who love Iran, including the opposition members, activists, personalities, parties, and organizations to participate, start a dialogue with one another, debate ideas, trade opinions, put your minds together and try to seek a solution to our common problem on how to free our homeland?

30 years of separate ways are enough. Whatever you have done in the past 30 years, obviously did not work, so let’s try something new and different. Let’s start a dialogue.

All of us have a common goal to free Iran, so our conflicts cannot be antagonistic; therefore, they are solvable.

Welcome to a new start. Let us all start a new. The key is to find a solution and help one another to accelerate this solution.

For background information, please read:

Why Iran is a Mess? Problem and Solution
Iranian Opposition and Up-position!

http://iranpoliticsclub.net/founder/opp ... /index.htm

Both the problem and the solution are the opposition and they both lie within the opposition.

I work with anyone who is willing to pick up a pen or a gun and fight the AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government).

Now it is all up to you ….

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran

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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Mar 04, 2008 2:32 pm

Camran Mirza:

I rest my case! What kind of Bull Shiite answer was that? And you suppose to be the Theoretician of this opposition?

Pish Namaz ke beguzeh (that’s you),
Pas Namaz mirineh (That’s opposition members)!

Translation for Bi-Savads (Those who are Persian illiterate):

When Imam Jum’a (prayer leader) farts,
Then Muslims behind him (prayer followers) will Shiite all over themselves!

But I have to give it you,

You are developing a sense of humor. I had no idea that you had it in you!
You are always all logic and no fun, but here you had actually made a funny!
We should give you a medallion for attempt!

Now go figure something read worthy and come back and try again.

Allah bless you
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:59 am


Ponder on this important post by Camran Mirza:

Anti Clericalism

It is very hard to overthrow and end the reign of Islam or in that manner, any Religious Government. A Theocratic Regime is the worst type of dictatorship to overthrow, because afterall it is the Government of Allah (God)! It has deep superstitious roots inside the brains of its followers. The ruling class, in this case Clerics are perfectly aware of this fact and they are using this fact to rule and to survive.

We must seek ways to end a Theocratic Dictatorship. I have always believed that to end this regime is to damage it. To damage the Islamic Republic of Iran, we must damage the validity of this regime. Validity of this regime comes from Islam. In fact Islam is the heart and the brain and indeed the central neural system of this regime. To damage this regime is to damage Islam.

Once we provide education that Islam in its core is garbage, then this regime will lose its validity and eventually will collapse like a paper house.

The point is not only to logically prove that Islam is garbage, but to vastly propagate this fact for the general public to comprehend. The news must reach the most distant corners of the nation. Today there are 11 million Iranians on the net, versus the only 4 million a few years ago. The number is growing fast. This is why we invented IPC as an educational and a propaganda machine.

The key to destroy IRI lies in the destruction of Islam.

Islam is not just another religion, but a dangerous political ideology.

Chew on that for a while and see if you can come up with ideas regarding this issue.

I am sure that eventually Camran will connect the “Language Factor” to this issue and find the roots of all problems in Iran and identifies it as the “Language Factor”!

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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:20 am

Camran Mirza:

Very interesting point about the economy, but what can the opposition do about the economy without first, a regime change? Opposition is powerless in exile. In inxile, opposition are in jails or suppressed! What should the opposition do? Emphasize on the sad economy to discredit the regime? So from now on we should condemn the regime for poverty rather than attacking Islam?

No one forgot about your economical points but what can we do about it, besides cussing the regime for poverty and planing the future economical theories?

I agree with you, if we put dollars in people’s pockets, they forget about Islam, Imam and Allah! Look at 28 Mordad. CIA bought everyone in the streets whom 2 days before that, they were shouting: Long Live Mosadeq! But were the hell do we bring the money?

Pahlavis stole all the dough and now they say the Frag with Iran and they are resting in their mansions! Where the hell should we bring the money?

If I had billions, I would spread it amongst the good moral Iranians of the streets to make a coup! Unfortunately no money, no honey! So how can we use the economical factor against the regime?

After 30 years, this bloody opposition had come to the conclusion to give blow jobs to CIA. Now Mojahedin are racing the Monarchists on who can give a better blow job to CIA! We are still back to the first step!

So how can we implement the economical factor with absolutely having no means to do so?
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:39 pm

Camran Mirza:

What you suggest, as an economic tactic (the same as Marxism), does sound great in theory, but in practicality, we need investigative teams to expose every major corruption which is going on Iran. Who has the manpower?

Marxism also sounds fabulous but in reality the idea had turned to Shiite and we do not have a true Marxist system on Earth! It simply did not work!

On the other hand, don’t you think that every single Iranian already knows that the regime is corrupt? Actually the private sector is also corrupt! In fact without bribery and kickbacks, you cannot get anything done in Iran! Then why should we draft hundreds and thousands of people to investigate and to prove that the regime is corrupt? Everyone already knows it!

Today, we have the rich and the poor. There is no middle class left in Iran! You want to prove to the people that their riches and national income is getting slushed by the Mullahs? Everyone already knows that!

The point is that why Mullahs are in power? People must understand that Mullahs are not the problem, but the root of their misfortune is Islam. In fact, Islam is the reason for Mullahs to be in power. In results, corruption, bribery, poverty, drug addictions, prostitution and disease are the direct results of Mullahs being in power.

In theory, it is great to educate the people on how much of their money and in what ways and by exactly whom, it all gets slushed! But everyone already knows who are the thieves, how they steal it and where do they stash it and how do they steal it! So what’s the use?

The only possible result that we get by drafting your economic theory and bring it to reality, is that we will prove exactly and beyond the reasonable doubts that:

Who are the thieves?
How do they steal it?
Where do they stash it?
How much do they steal?

That is if we are lucky!

But this also has been done before (somewhat). We exposed the exact amounts that has been stolen in certain time period and by whom and how and where and….. remember Rafsanjani Family’s Extravaganzas? But where did it take us? What did we achieve?

Again we come to this question:

Isn’t the Economic Council in search of stolen dough, a waste of time? Hypothetically, even if we had the manpower to commit to this task, then why wouldn’t we use them to better propagate democracy inside Iran?

Now don’t get me wrong. I believe to plan the future economics is a major priority, but to put all this efforts to figure where does the money goes and why people don’t get any, is a waste of time!

Instead of creating a council of hundreds and thousands of people to figure out these questions, I rather send them to universities to draft new members!

But on the bright side, I agree with you that if people had money in their pockets, they would forget God! Also if we could put money in their pockets without a regime change, then good things would come as the results. And surely if we could put money in their pockets, they would most likely rise up to change the regime!

The reality is that non of the above are most likely to occur! It is all fiction! People have lost their will to rise up. People have been slaves for so long that they are used to being slaves (Stockholm syndrome), some even like it!

Let’s just say that it took 2 weeks for Ukrainians to stop all economic activities, seize all transportations, stop working and overthrow the Russian backed regime and establish democracy in Ukraine, but it is 30 years that we have ripped our asses apart for the people to rise up, and they won’t! They have lost their Hootspa!

Nothing will change in Iran unless we grab an axe and cut the roots of the disease, which is Islam. To do that, we must educate the true nature of Islam to “All” the people!

What say you?
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Mar 22, 2008 8:51 am

Camran Mirza:

“Ok then, if there is no point to seek and share information towards where and how the stolen public money is going to, and no point to form a shadow government outside Iran regardless how shaky and shabby it will look at the beginning, then what?”

How can we form a committee to investigate without any man power?

How can we draft this man power with no willing participants?

How can we form a shadow government, when the leadership of this opposition are not even willing to speak to each other on the cyber space (this room in this hall of the IPC Club), set aside facing each other in person and in a general meeting?

You speak of theory but I see reality. I am a realist.

“then what?”

Don’t ask me. You are the theoretician of this opposition. I am only an organizer. It is your job to seek solutions (practical ones).

“Another 30 years of slacking off the IRI religous leader, to dig out 1500 years dead and dusted bunch Imams from their graves to be called names, made into jokes and drawn cartoons for laughters, calling Iranians Gav and Goosfands to make the oppositions feel good about themselves, then by all means go ahead, or to teach Iranians how to evolve their moral standards.”

Yes, until you find a better practical way. You are the theoretician, so theorize baby, theorize …..

“Do you know how say "Moral Evolution" in Farsi language? “

Enqelab-e Akhlaqi

I already told you.

“In my opinion, blaming dead people and the Islamic ideology are not as effective as in catching the thieves and wrong doers of IRI religious leaders. Nobody is fighting the IRI with a right strategy, that’s why they have grown stronger each day since 1979.”

Going after thieves can only be in articles, but in practice, we cannot arrest anyone. Forming economic shadow government can also be only a shadow, which at this stage, it is far from implementation. How can you form an economical shadow government when you don’t have a relevant or powerful opposition in agreement?

Both your ideas have already been tried (partially). Some groups exposed Mullahs’ thieveries and Mojahedin formed a shadow government. Non of them worked. Maybe they did not work because they were not implemented in full (as you planed), but I believe both of these tactics are way too early at this stage of the struggle.

After 30 years, we are still at the primary stages of the struggle. In a normal revolution, this desired stage (which your ideas can be implemented) had to be reached 20 years ago. But we are not having a normal revolution!

The questions remain,

With this scattered opposition who hate each other more than IRI, and at this stage of revolution (primary), how can you draft your suggestions?

Why do you think that I am hopelessly, yet made one more attempt to unite this opposition?

Why do you think I am down to may last ace (Moral Revolution)?

Why do you think, I created the new IPC Commercial Website (Partially your idea)?

Every successful move that I make is a solo move, because this opposition refuses to unite, dialogue or even have a civilized cyber debate!

Don’t ask me what? It is your job to figure what? Aren’t you the theoretician?

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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Apr 07, 2008 1:41 pm

Camran Mirza:

I was too busy with the website to get back to you. Thanks for your input and now I will reply,

Those who choose to keep silence will remain silent and will remain irrelevant as always. Those who remain to discuss the future of Iran, such as you and I, are all that matters. This is the most democratic forum on Internet. If anyone has anything to say in regards to this issue, the time to speak is now. Tomorrow, we will not need you to speak or not to speak. Make yourselves relevant now. Now is the time.

At this moment we will make history. Watch it happen or participate in it,

“The past and future don’t count. What counts is what you are doing at a time. You can’t decide doing what you want, because you want to plan it first, this alone proofs the lack of experience, which leads to weakening of the self-confidence. If people do trust themselves, then they can be able to start acting upon whatever they think they want to do. The only time they don’t, is because they are afraid which is lack of self-confidence, the rest is all a mater of thinking how to not to do anything.”

For a logical person, this sounds like wishful thinking. This sounds like a motivational speech. Of course a plan is needed before action. Are you suggesting that we should jump in and jump around, Huff and puff (the same as many opposition organizations had done before) and end up landing on our ass? Logical mind seeks primarily a plan before any action.

“However, my question in return is; if you don’t know how to reach a certain objective, then have you started acting upon? Knowing that there is more threat in life than water in oceans, why not start acting upon anything that may take your interest seriously. You couldn’t have started acting upon your objective, you know you would have finish it, because I don’t think you leave jobs half done. “

I had started on an objective. I know the goal, the means and the end. What do you think I been doing for 8 years? You of all people must know that how hard I work on IPC Website. Whatever communication we have left with the network (inxile, exile and liaison) is because of my motivation and action. I am doing what I can with as less as I have. The question here is not if I have a tactic and strategy. Tactic and strategy are very clear. The question here is if we can reach our goals faster. This is where people like you come in. This is where the theoreticians come in.

“However, the question advances itself beyond lacking self-confidence or experience, there we face the third axel of enjoying in what we do.”

I have self-confidence and I have experience both, or else I would have not stuck with this business for 29 years. It is not the matter of me having self-confidence and experience, but it is a matter of opposition leaders and high-ranking opposition members having self-confidence and experience.

I am just an organizer. I need people to organize. When people are lacking courage, self-confidence, will, and experience, then I must be only a miracle worker to do anything set aside uniting this opposition! How can you have a corporation without employees? How can you be a CEO without a corporation? How can you unite an opposition when every group sings their own tunes and refuses to even learn another tune?

Actually I am all open to suggestions and I am all ears, but I am not so sure about Mojaheds, Monarchists, Marxists, Socialists, Jebheis, etc.?

“I think there are two types of people, one who make their destiny, and the other made by destiny. “

I make my own destiny but I can’t make the destiny of others, if they are not even willing to “Change”! The will to “Change” does not even exist in majority of Iranians. They are satisfied with what little food and comfort that they have. Iranian Opposition are no exception to this law. They are “Qane’” and Satisfied with bread crumbs. They don’t desire the whole warm and hot Sangak bread from the oven!

“The satisfaction of activating to break the sequences of any accessory provided to everyone is too overwhelming to bring any regret.”

It takes courage, effort, will and iron motivation to “Change”. Today’s Iranian Opposition leaders, members and people by majority are lacking all the above. They are even lacking “Conscience” to put away their differences and unite for Iran’s sake. Our people are also pussy whipped and learned to be house niggers to Islam and the Islamic Regime. In a situation like this, “Change” is practically impossible. That is why primarily a “Moral Revolution” and the change of all “Values” are needed to change the psyche of our people. We must change the minds first, and only then change the social patterns.

At this rate, this opposition may as well be dead, because they are useless to the cause and to the “Change”.

“The way you are handling the opposition situations sucks. Maybe you should see a course in Oxford or Cambridge instead of all the American jazz pot red Indians punk style. Does everything have to be so loud? “

I am not a politician. Are you trying to say that I am harsh? Well, I am fed up with this opposition. I am sick of all of them. We will get no where with these arrogant people. What you hear from me is the voice of frustration.

“There we go again!!! Everybody is wrong except you!!! Well, I don’t mind that a bit but to go round shouting about it and making a meal of it, is something I call jazzy.”

Do you really think that I preach that I am right and everyone else is wrong? It may sound like that to you and some others, but that is not my intention. I am far from perfect. I have flaws. But at least, I see the disease and damage. I know the problems and I know the cures. The problem is that I see no willing construction workers wanting to help to rebuild the house!

“There we go again, giving with one hand, taking it back by two. “

What can I say? I am an Indian Giver! :D

“Do you have the face to tell 67m Iranians to make “Enqelab-e Akhlaqi’,”

Actually I have the face to tell 70 million Iranians that their Moral, Social, Traditions and Cultural Values are corrupt, shallow, superficial, double standards, hypocritical and degenerated.

We must gather enough youth via Moral Revolution, to commit to the Social Revolution. Once in power, then we must end the reign of Arabo-Islamic infestation of our culture. Islam came to Iran with extreme violence and it will leave Iran with extreme violence. The point is to get enough backing of the masses to make a revolution or a coup. After that point, it will be a piece of cake. The mass cleansing will begin. Culture will change and back to Persianhood we go. This must happen at “All Costs”.

“It sound too funny”

It will not be so funny when heads will roll (Aqa Mohamad Khani style)!

“no wonder why I couldn’t find it after so much racking my brain, because it was too hilarious, Enqelab-e Akhlaqi”

Enqelab-e Akhlaqi repeat it and it will come true.

“Have you ever met those lat-haye kooche bazari or sitting in araq forooshi-ha, trying to prech them the Enqelab-e Akhlaqi????? Surely you weren’t going to tell them in English tootoosh mamani style, were you, Enqelab-e Akhlaqi may push the price of tomatoes up in the Wall Street. “

Actually I have been living amongst the masses, all types of masses. I have been living with all types of Lat O Put. After years of experience with our people, I have come to this conclusion:

Today’s Iranians are not yesterday’s Persians. Today’s Iranians by majority are cowards and conservative. They do not need headaches, they want a simple and comfortable life and they are willing to avoid politics, religion and ideology to continue their lifestyle. A ruling regime (whatever it may be) can do a mass reform of every aspect of their lives and twist and turn them to mold in to any shape or form by force. Monarchy done it before 1979 and Islam done it after 1979. Iranians are flexible, lack courage, morality and ideology. They are good slaves to any thug!

Now, once a Nationalist regime takes over, we will force change everything at all costs, but this time for the benefit of Iran and Iranians.

You see, we do not need to kill every single Mullah, Hezbollah and Hard core Muslim to change people. All we have to do is to mass exterminate a few but make it severe and extreme. Make it so ruthless and in public squares and so violent, that it effects deep psyche of the people. Extreme violent death of a few will register deep in their minds. They will forget the mosque, Allah and Mohammed along with Hussein and Ali all in one shot! Iranians are too lazy, comfort seeking and satisfied with so less to even put up a fight. Make an example and they will forget religion.

Khomeini in the 80s killed over 30,000 opposition members and arrested another 30,000 for torture and prison terms.

We must expect a resistance from Hezbollah and Hard Core Muslim, so insurgency and exterminations will continue, yet in Iran, unlike US in Iraq, we will have no liberal congress to avoid us by blocking our hands. Our firm hands will deal with Fundamental Islam and Muslim.

Once hills will be made from beheaded heads of Hezbollah (Aqa Mohamad Khani style), and rivers of blood will run the streets, then people will forget Allah and Islam. This is the solution. Violence is solution to all problems.

Liberalism and Pacifism had brought us nothing but misery for 30 years. Liberalism and Pacifism is like syphilis! It eats the brain out! Extreme Violent Extermination will end the reign of Islam in Iran. The more, the merrier.

“Mojahedin are considered terrorists”

I would not go that far. I believe they are mentally inferior confused creatures who believe in an oxymoronic ideology (Marxist Islamism) which is outdated and belongs to the museum, but then again so are Monarchists and some others.

“if you don’t I will,”

I wish you would. I love to see that. I will encourage you and support you. I think you have no clue about how hard it is to build a movement from scratch! I practically ripped my ass for 29 years to get to this point. You must think it is a piece of cake! I tell you what:

You form the shadow government and grant me the Minister of Culture position. That’s all I want to change culture and morality.

“With or without a normal revolution, we have to do whatever we can.”

Then figure a way out of this Shiite Hole rather than lecturing me! My Moral Revolution may take 20 to a 100 years, do you have a faster way? Then shoot?

“Remember…….., one man’s poison is one man’s meat. You see what you like to see. You see what you think is there but you think its there which ain’t there at all because you are not there to see it happening, it’s all in the mind whether logically, calculatedly, scientifically or theorically. “

Then help me see the light …….. light of Jesus! Praise the Lord, Alle Luya …..

“Your attempt was another brick in the wall”

Pink Floyd fan?

“If you do a grain of democracy in compare to so much banging it’s stone to you chest, you would have overcome the opposition problems eight years ago that I know you, most probably earlier. “

And they say I am not Democratic enough! They say I am a Racist, Sexist Thug chauvinist pig! How dare they say that!

“let me tell you to bring oppositions of any kind together there is a negotiations element that requires certain skills which blaming doesn’t fit into the category.”

Then lets negotiate (William Shatner style in Expedia.com commercial)!

“ Instead, it requires dancing around a subject instead of arguing whose fault it is.”

I’m a dancer but I mostly dance on the graves!

You see, now you tell me that I am not democratic enough. A minute ago, you wanted me to be less democratic! So what should I do? Make up your mind?

“ Nothing pleases me more than seeing the website, it is my joy and pride, as a standby.”

Standby is correct. That reminds me, I wanted to publish a few of your articles (long ago), but you insisted that you rather work on the club and post in the club, than to be published in the website. So I obeyed your wishes and stopped bothering you to send me a short bio to make your index page in the site. Your wish is my command. In the future, if you want me to create your index and publish your articles in the site, just let me know. You can do whatever you like. Maybe you thought that you will be more effective posting in the club. No doubt, club has huge viewership. A few post but many read the club.

“Exactly!! That is because you are rushing into it.”

30 years of wait for this opposition to start a dialogue amongst themselves is too soon?

“You know you are right, just needs to pursue. You have the technology at heart may it be American type; all you have to do is to pursue it. Remember to use the black art of the salesmanship if you have to. However, first you must want to unite them, maybe you don’t. Maybe as a politician (however you say you aren’t but you certainly are showing otherwise in a extreme way too) “

What I use is reverse psychology more than politics. I try to be harsh to them and put them down and make them see that they are irrelevant (separated) and a Godlike force (united). Sort of like Rewards and Punishment.

“you would prefer people to be separated, who knows, your actions which speak louder than you talk confirm the theories, otherwise as I was saying, if you want to see them together, I see nothing but a piece of cake for you. “

Divide and Conquer (British Policy). Hey I have been trying every bloody method to unite this opposition. I will even dance on my head upside down, breakdance style to unite them!

“I can’t say what I think of my self; have to leave it to others to decide, baring in mind I don’t want to be appreciated for what I do, just to be liked.”

Well I appreciate what you do, but can’t you do miracles? Wait, that was a religious term!


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