Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?!

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Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Nov 20, 2004 6:52 pm

Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?!
(part one)
November 20, 2004


Before we start, lets look @ a few links & review,

- Here are the roots of the problem:
Domestication of Persians
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/do ... -persians/

- Which has caused the symptoms,
The Iranian Disease! (part one)

- Which in return has resulted in the ills,
The Iranian Disease! (part two)

- To the point of where we are now:
The Iranian Disease! (part three)

- And we screamed & no one listened & no one cared to face that,
We Are Living a Lie!

- No one wanted to face the results of our ways,
IWI (Islamic Whorehouse of Iran)!

- Then we offered a solution,
Moral Revolution

- And we took a step,
Persian Cultural Month

....... and here we are today! Here I am & here you are, to find a solution to put this broken body (Mother Persia) together. I have been teaching for a number of years until this very last semester. I came to a point that the ever expanding conflict between the typical Big University liberal beuracratic administration & I, had came to a antagonistic unrest. My unpopular methods with administration, my extreme popularity among the student body, my history of being nominated (student online surveys) as the highest rating faculty for academics, style & popularity for the 5th year in a row, & my seniority mixed with a history of rebellion plus going against the wind, made the administration to realize that even though they need me, yet they cannot afford for me to input reality in student's brains anymore, thus this might get the students to realize the whole liberal hirarchy of Big University Buracracy is based on LaLa Land, where each Big Shot Faculty/Staff Honcho is a legend in his own mind! The University governing body has lost touch with the student body & everyday people; furthermore, this behavior cost them & their bosses in DC to lose the US Election for the 2nd time in a row, yet this time with 3.5 Million popular vote difference, Bleeding Heart Liberals lost the House, Senate, Governorships & Presidency! Democrats & their Catoonish representetives as Big University Beurucracies around the country have lost touch with the Heartland America & Strudent Body & Everyday People. This resulted in a sever defeat. America has spoken but will they learn? Hell no! Furthermore, they decide to clean house, so they can freely & without any resistance, brainwash the youth of America! Democratic Party is seeking relations with the Hollywood Elite, Mainstream Media & Academic Staff in universities; however, GOP (Grand Old Party) seeks relations with the hearts of Heartland America & the average Joe! Tell me, which is the true party of people?!

To not renew my contract with the excuses of government downsizing was the greatest crock which I have ever heard! There is no chip off my shoulder, cause computer consulting in private sector pays double of what university pays, yet there was a big chip off their shoulder, cause now, they are shorthanded, having a hard time finding a replacement to fill my shoes teaching all these computer courses! Actually I should thank them for finally getting rid of me after all these years! At last, I can have a vacation! I think I'll leave for a Sea cruise!

Bringing up this intro, I have a point to make. All these years, I have noticed that student body has a great potential & will to learn, educate themselves & seek for the truth. Equal opportunity, Fair & Balance academic environment would cause a growth in intellectual capacities of the students, yet biased, one sided liberal governing body of Big Universities, simply avoids this growth.

Iranian American Liberals are worst of the herd! These big bellied Doctors & Engineers, sit behind their large size office desks, on their large size office leather chairs, spending a good amount of time playing with their shoombools! While scratching their testicles & stretching their schlongs to the heat of the moment, switching it side to side, is an academic enlightenment for them. These "Hee-Rows" of the "In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All" left, write big grants proposals to squeeze the government for $, to fund their never ending needs as directors, deans & professors for a new Jaguar or Benz, every year! These Bald Headed, short & dark men with their silly little glasses, idiotic Persian mustache, big bellies & bigger butts, throw their love handles around, while walking the halls of colleges as true friends & supporters of the working class & the Ghetto man, while resting their bones @ evenings in their suburban heated swiming pools & jaquzies in their million dollars mansions! these great crusaiders of the rights for the poor are often little Iranian American short shiites looking like a Hairy Furball with only a big eggplant hemetic nose sticking out of the ball! These modern day Don Juans De Qazvin-o or Casanova De Qom-a are dime a dozen amongst the In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls of the Eye-Rain-ian Society. They run many of the high tech industries, media, business & ofcourse academic environment.

These Working man Hee-Rows often have a large size wall picture of Mosadeq (for those 2 days of running Iran & almost delivering her to USSR) & ofcourse a large size wall picture of Carter (for Fragging Iran on 1979) on their large office walls. They also have a pacifist version of a wall-framed photo or flag of Iran with the poor pitiful crippled, hand-less lion (looks like the hand been amputed), not holding the sword, on their wall or desk! The swordless, ball-less pacifist liberal lion! Od dear lord o mighty!

These Eye-Rainian Hee-Rows, almost unanimously support US Democratic Party & their father Cater & Ex-president "Slick Willey Clitoris" for the great foreign policy of supporting the Reforms in Iran, supporting Sister Ebadi, this Muslim Crusader for Rights of the Iranian women to jump out of chador & jump into Lachaq, & indeed advise United States Government to create an understanding with the Mullahs of Qom. They suggest to American Diplomats & Senators to understand the needs of the "Turbanites" & "Hizbollah" of Tehran for nuclear capabilities for a balanced Middle East! They urge US politicians, with their Iranian American Dollars as of campaign funds, to help the Islamic Republic of Fundamentalists to become the Islamic Republic of Reformists! They love to convince America that it is for her benefit to flirt with the Mullahs of Qom, have an understanding & help creating a "Secular Islamic Reformist" Abomination, so the trades, business & wheeling & deelings with Tehran can go on smoothly! You see, Iranian American Liberals are basically tools of the IRI for the very good reason of almost all, having economic, trade, import/export, cultural or Dollar-ical connections with Tehran. It is good for business as usual to keep the IRI but to switch the hairy pashmaloo face of Khatami with feminine sweet face of Sister Shirin Ebadi! Praise Allah! Can we all get along & be a good ethnic minority & one large happy Iranian family?! Can we find an "In Between Regime" & "In Between Ideology"?! Why don't we look @ "Euro-Pee-On Onion" & "Euro-Pee-On" nations & ofcourse United Nations & specifically French as role model? They been wheeling & dealing with IRI & banging the Iranian Masses up the Shiiter for a long while now!

Liberal Left teaches us: Can we find the common ground between Persian Nationalism & Islamic Teachings?! Can we combine Shiite Islam with Persian culture?! Liberals say: Can we modernize Turbans of Qom with Lachaqs of Tehran?! Can we display an Allah Emblem Flag of Iran for 15 days & an Amputed Crippled Swordless Handless Lion Flag of Iran for the rest of the 15 days of the month, on our office desk?! Can we keep on travelling back & fore to Tehran, close business deals with Rafsanjani & still celebrate 4th July in New York?! Are we really that different?! Aren't we all one big happy Iranian family?! All the Iranian brains can travel to Iran & still live here in states & provide benefits for both regimes & whats wrong with that?! Can we all get along?! Allah is merciful & Imam Khamenei has really been misunderstood! All these American Flag burnings in show rallies of Hizbollah in Tehran & all these terrorist training camps of Ghods Units of Sepah Pasdaran in suburbs of Tehran is truely a misunderstanding amongst friends! These Fascist Racist Nazi Iranian Right Wing GOP fans are agitating the tension between our two great nations! These GOP Fascists are Ultra Nationalists wanting to betray & destroy our beautiful Democratic Islamic Republic! These Right Wing Fascists are almost as bad as Christian Republican Right like Pat Robertson! Can Washington find common grounds with Qom, so we can be one big happy family & together do an Orgious Islamic Bangarooni, like the "Halaal Lavaat" or "Bang ol Savab" Islamicaly correct Butt-aroonis like they do in backrooms of the Mosqs of Qazvin?!

Jahanshah-e Javid or best put Mohammad Khan-e Javid & his Iranian.com are of these dual lovers of Qom's Turbans & Washington's dollars both!

Iranian American Liberals done some heavy funding for Senator KIRi's campaign. They done their best to erect Senator KIRi as the president & Teresa Hiney, the Queen of Hearts (Manchurian Candidate) as the first lady! Just picture, if the Boring, bland, Flip Flop Senator from Massachussets (The Gay Bright State) & The Psycho Woman would move to the White House! Spooky indeed, no? Kind o out of Twilight Zone Movie! Any hopes of Americans for national security & any hopes of Iranians for American support of the opposition or possible US Liberation of Iran or as liberals love to put it "US Invasion" of Iran would have been history. At least with W (G. W. Bush), we know where we stand & we know that the 2nd term of GOP in the White House, will only mean tougher stands on IRI, its nukes & its policies.

I have repeatedly emphasized that we must do our best to re-elect Bush. We must get Bush elected & then we must do our best to convince US Government to take a military action in Iran. You see, I live in reality. I do not live in Liberal LaLa Land & I know that pacifism like Syphilis grows on you & your brain! There are only two ways of salvation for Iran:

a) A Bloody Revolution
b) American Military Action

a, is not possible because this opposition is as united as the whores convention @ Hollywood Boulevard!

b, on the other hand is pretty much in view. If the present pigheadedness of Mullahs drags on & they insist on getting their hands on nukes, then with presure from Israel, GOP & Iranian Patriots, the administration will eventually consider a plans for liberation of Iran.

The difference between Iran & Iraq is that majority of masses in Iran will welcome US Liberation & Iranian Opposition will fight side by side of American Troops. Hell, I will be the first to grab a Uzi & a rifle & jump the next plane to Mehr-Abad. The more Ansar, Basij, Ghods & Maktabi we shoot, the more we help them to get closer to Allah! Isn't that what they are all seeking, anyway?! Whats wrong with that?! We would just help the Good Muslim to get closer to Allah. We should be rewarded for that with rivers of milk & honey & 72 virgins, maybe a couple of Pearly White Boluri Boys, like it has been said in Holy Qur'an! (Did you like the way I pronounced Qur'an with tashdid, accent & emphasis, so Qaliz & Maktabi like they do it in Qom (Googly eyes)?!

American Military liberation of Iran is good for all, you don't believe me? I prove it to you! Its a win/win situation, check it out:

* US Government will get rid of the major harborer, supporter, funder of Islamist Terrorism in the world.

* American people will be safer.

* Iranian Mullahs will shave, take the turbans off, wear suits & move to Cayman Island, South America & France to spend billions of $ stolen from Iranians.

* Iranian people will be free.

* Iranian youth can freely live in a democratic society.

* Iranian political parties can participate in free elections.

* Iranian Rockers can freely hold Metal, Industrial, Punk or Rock Concerts!

* Israel will be jumping joy!

* Iranian Americans will be as happy as a little girl with a brand new doll!

* We (Relevant Opposition) can do our Godly Deed, helping as many Good Hezbo Islamists to get closer to Allah!

* Myself, hell I can go back after 25 or possible more years & finally get my hands on some fresh prime golden Caviar & Ozonboron Kabob (Sturgeon Caviar Fish) from Caspians with some Mirza Qasemi & Torshi Tareh dishes & a side of Zeytun Parvardeh (Stuffed Olives of North Iran) & Sir Torshi (Garlic Pickles)! For God's sake, I am tired of frozen & unfrozen not so fresh garbage here!

You see, only then, we can really be one big happy family! Well, Weeeaall (As Great Ronald Reagan used to say) everyone except the envious French whom will lose their Tity & Gold Well from dealing with IRI, but you know what they say, Frag The French! Let them go suck on French Fries, Make more run down Citroens, sell them Ala Garbage to North Africa, smoke cigarettes & lay eggs in sidewalk cafes of Paris, droolin over Brigit Bardo's soggy Boobs! Praise the lord!

Dear colleagues, remember my great words of wisdom which I have been preaching to yous (plural for you in Jersey)?! I used to always enlighten yous with these politically incorrect Bits O Wisdom:

Liberals say: Do not shoot first but ask questions first.
Military Veterans say: Shoot first, ask questions later.
I say: Shoot first & don't even ask anything later!

"Shoot them all & let Allah sort them out!"

Oh Lord,
Bless my boots & shine them black, thus they are for stumping on some Fundie Shiite!
Ale Luya, Praise The Lord (dear me)!

Yes, comrades, I believe political correctness, sugar coating Islam, Islamist Apologism, putting Shiite on Shingle & bending over so far for Islamists & let them to do the nasty to our Habibati days are over. What I like about W, is that he is a Cowboy. He is a no nonsense Cowboy from Heartlands. G. W. kicks Ass. He is the true Turbanator! The Terminator of Turbans indeed.

The Agenda:

Our first goal was to get Bush re-elected.

Our second goal was to convince Bush that existence of IRI is bad for the national security of Americans & Iranians.

Our third goal was to make Bush realize that majority of Iranians will welcome & join in with US Military Invasion & Liberation of Iran.

All well done.

Now, our fourth goal is to get the administration to actually start on a military plan & make this goal a reality.

I promise you that many of you comrades & myself will be on the frontline along with US soldiers fighting house to house in Tehran with Hezbollah & Sepah. This is not a if or a but. This is reality of how majority of the Iranian youth specificaly inside Iran feels. Overthrow of the Islamic Republic by all means possible.

The days for Pacifist Preachings, Non Violence, Negative Struggle, Peaceful Sit-outs, Social Disobedience & playing the nice guy with representitive of Nazi Germany in the Islamic World (IRI) is over.

Nejabat, Kesafat Miavarad!

I say:

"If they send one of us to the hospital, we should send one of them to the morgue!"

Trust me, pacifism like syphilis is contagious & gets us nowhere! If we, the Iranian opposition, due to impotency & arrogance are not capable of commiting to a bloody revolution to bring democracy to Iran, then by all means let the American Military to jump start this process & we will have no choice but to participate & come united to achieve our common goal.

Sitting in LA, DC, London & Paris comfortably, smoking senatory Persian opium, drinking Russian Vodka during the day & dancing in orgious night receptions at night, like our opposition leaders in exile, ......, how can they know, how the 25 year old comrade of mine feels in Tehran? How can they know how it feels not to have a job, not to be able to dress the way she wants, not to even let her hair to blow in the wind freely, not to go to a music concert or a soccer game, not to even listen to loud music, not to ever have a chance of having an equal job & equal pay as a man, having a degree but unemloyed for years, being treated as a merchendise & a 2nd class human, not having any kind of life, depressed all the times, affraid to finally fall as the rest of her generation has fallen in the arms of drugs, booze, prostitution & suicide?!

I am in touch with many Iranian youth (members of IPC) inside Iran. We do audio or video net meeting or voice chat every week. I am in connection with Zahedan (Baluchestan) to Khoy (Azerbaijan), from Abadan (Khuzestan) to Tabas (Khorasan). Isn't Internet amazing?!

How can Monarchists of LA, Jebheis of DC, Tudehis of London & Moderate Muslim of Paris understand my comrade in Tehran?! My comrade & many like her in Tehran cannot wait anymore cause their youth is gone & they never tasted the true meaning of life! Now try to answer them & preach your bull shiite theories of Non Violence to them, will ya? You, the youth outside, are so lucky. Millions of youth inside, only wish to be in your place, to be free, to be care free, to live life as they please. Appreciate your freedoms & think about our comrades inside who do not have your privileges.

The point is, they are not armed & Hezbollah is armed. If tomorrow, we arm them & back them up with money & guns & American Troops, then see them fight like hell.

You cannot conduct a social change in cabarets, discos & night clubs of LA & DC! You can also not conduct a social revolution from your kitchen counter, playing a chef! Go figure!

Some of these career exilist Iranians or career opposition leaders remind me of this poem:

Cho Iran nabashad, be tokhmam ke nist,
Ravam jaye digar, zamin qaht nist!

Isn't that really what they believe in?

Then we got the Party of the Wind people. they change directions as the wind blows! The same people who been waving Mosadeq posters before 28 Mordad, suddenly after 28 Mordad started to wave the Shah's picture! The amazing Chameleon metamorphic transparent capability of the Iranian Lizards cannot be under estimated! Nothing changes color like the ever famous Iran Lizard! Let me quote from a poem:

Bar zendeh bad goftan-e in qom-e por farib, del mane,
Ke yek tan-e bar sangarat zanand!

how about this one on the face changing abilities of good Iranian people?

Ma mardom-e Iran, por jush-o zerangim,
Afsus ke chon Buqalamun rang be rangim,
Gah bar dar-e masjed,
Gah bar dar-e meykhane malangim!

Isn't this really the sad reality of our people?!

The minute that we understand that every single aspect of our social value, based on the Arabo_Islamic Sub Culture of Bedouin is wrong, the minute that we realize of everything must be changed, the minute that we realize reforms & patch jobs won't do & a major revolution is needed, then that will be the minute of our salvation.

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Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?! (part II)

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Nov 20, 2004 6:55 pm

Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?!
(part two)
November 20, 2004

The whole social system must change.

Everything is wrong & everything must change. Change must be fundamental. Foundation must be destroyed, the house must be collapsed & be rebuilt, simply because it is about to fall! The roots to branches are rotten. The culture has been corrupted. The traditions have been falsified. The people have been degenerated. The philosophy of Zaratushtra Spitmata, The Aryan Race, The Purity of Persian Way of life, the goodness of Persian minds, the Persian culture, Persian thoughts, our language, our literature, our celebrations, our psych to the bone & our "Persianhood" in total (as I call it), is dying or already gone!

Degeneration of a nation, Arabization of a nation, colonialization of a culture, Islamization of the slaves & mind control of the masses like Gav O Guspandan (Slave Cattle) is well programed! Whatever catastrophe which the Original theoreticians of Islam such as Mohammed, Salman, Ali, Omar, Hussein & others have failed finish doing, ....................., these present day Holy Baboons such as Khamenei, Rafsanjani & Khatami are making sure to finish! The Brainwash & Islamization of the Persians must go on ...................

The first Arabo_Muslim Invasion (651 AD) destroyed our land
The second Arabo_Muslim Invasion (1979 AD) is destroying our minds!

Eventually Persians have become Arabo_Muslim Slaves. A Group of bandits, half beasts, savages, child molesters, rapists & barbarians have invaded Iran about 1400 years ago. Today, we create prophets & saints & Imams out of them & worship them!

Today we are proud of ancestry of Seyed-dom! Seyeds are holey & elite! We proudly preach we are seyed! Basically a bunch of Arabs invaded our land, they raped your mothers, tore your little sisters' vaginas apart, banged your little brothers' buttocks, killed your fathers, ........... raped every boy, girl or woman that they found & whoever they could not rape, they killed. They basically raped your mothers & created a bastard race of Half Arabs called Seyeds! Today, some of us are proud of being a Seyed! Today Seyeds rule Iran & proudly preach of their ancestry which goes back to Mohammed. They dispute which it is more prestigious to be a Seyed & if he is Seyed of Hassani or Husseini! Are you from Hassan or Hussein's roots?!

It is a shame, that even over here in exile, a fellow opposition member, a fellow resistance, a fellow comrade such as Reza Pahlavi & even the well educated Empress Farrah jump on the banwagon of Seyed-dom & try to connect themselves to both Hassan & Hussein & bring on documents in her website that Diba Family & herself are both Seyeds of Hassani & Husseini! Go read part two of my dialogue with RP:

Dialogue of Reza Pahlavi and AX (part two)
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/re ... /index.htm

And suddenly when they realized that the days of Seyed-dom, Islamic Celebrities, Ali Bazi, Seyed Bazi, and Islam Bazi is over, then Shahbanu took the Family Tree page, off her website!

2/3 of the Iranian population are under 35 & mostly under 25 years of age. Minority of this group hate Islam & majority of this group were just happen to be Muslim by birth, yet despise Religious practices & are not religious @ all. This group does not practice Islam & knows nothing of religion. this group knows more about Heavy Metal & Rap than Islam!

It is unfortunate that some of our opposition leaders jump the gravy train & banwagon of Seyed-dom & Islam & connect themselves to Mohammed when it is convinient! however, once the atmospher changes & the masses turn anti Islam, then they take certain web pages off the net & stop calling themselves Seyed Reza Pahlavi & start calling themselves "Cyrus Reza Pahlavi". Their fans & followers start the cleanup of any trace of Seyed-dom & start connecting RP to Cyrus ancestry & now call him Reza Shah-e Dovom, Cyrus Reza Pahlavi!

Mr. Reza Pahlavi never managed to respond & debate with me. Check all the three parts starting from:

Dialogue of Reza Pahlavi and AX (part one)
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/re ... /index.htm

What could he say?!

His followers started scream, cuss & interrupt IPC Club, rather than doing logical argumentaions. The fact of the matter is that unlike the Ass Kissers & Hand Kissers around Mr. Pahlavi, I do neither & I tell it like it is! They do not like what they hear, so what?! You see, unlike Reza Pahlavi, I have no political ambitions, so I do not have to jump on any banwagon or train of Islam or Seyed-dom and now ancestry of Cyrus! I do not give a flying Fandango to get the popular vote of the masses! All I care is to preach the true history of Iran to the youth of Iran. I am here to protect & serve the Persian Culture as I have promised my master "Kourosh Aryamanesh".

Dr. Aryamanesh
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/history/ary ... /index.htm

Memory of Kourosh

I remember a while ago, a famous Iranian lady in industry & media called me & told me that Dr. X, you must realize that with your Athiest stands, Nationalist stands & sharp tong, you will not get the vote of majority of Iranians. I told her: Dear lady, I believe you have misunderstood me! I have not wasted 25 years of my life fighting with & for this opposition, to get the popular vote! I do not need the popular vote & nor do I have any political intention. I am not a politician. Long ago, to the ashes of my mentor, I made a blood oath to protect & serve the Persian Culture, to teach Persian History & to continue his path, thats all. Thats what I do. I educate the youth of their culture & help them to find their identity. I tell them about their Persian Identity, so without it, they will not be lost as lambs of Allah! I have no intention to get the popular vote, so basically I do not give a flying fandango about the popular vote! I have a cultural duty to Iran & Iranians to teah them their culture & aware them of their Persian-hood. Thats all.

Hand Kissers & Cabaret Dwelers & Techno Monarchists of LA, later on tried to put a brand on me, as an anti Pahlavi and anti Imperial Forces person! These Juje Khorus (young chikens) were not even hatched in the 80s & 90s, when I was running missions in Americas, Europe & Trans Atlantic, operating political missions with Imperial Forces' Generals & Officers of the Imperial Army, Navy & Immortal Guards. When my comrades were running liaison missions to Iran back in 80s & I was providing fast contacts & facilities in exile for them or when we were safe keeping crucial factors/comrades of the opposition in exile, with the Imperial forces officers, these Monarchist Cheeseballs were not even born or possibly they were in diapers! All my life, I have been working with the Imperial Officers & Active Monarchists. Where the Frag were these Juje thugs, when we kept the resistance alive? Where was Reza Pahlavi for 20 years in 80s & 90s keeping silence?

How can I be anti Pahlavi, if I practically worship Reza Khan?! How can I be anti Pahlavi when I call him Father of Nation?!

I do not even have a beef with RP. I consider him a good member of Iranian opposition & a nationalist & a good man in heart. I grew up in Imperial Courthouse. I know Reza Pahlavi's mentality pretty well. However, he is far from leading this opposition & I specifically disagree with his tactics & beliefs. I do believe he is one of us & we are fighting the same enemy & that is why I can give him the best advise because I am not in the circle of his Hand Kissers. I tell him the facts. I tell him the truth & I give him my advise. I know he reads every single article or book that I have written, so I know perfectly that he will read this one. I know where he is comming from & he knows where I am comming from. When I said, it is in his best interest to drop the Seyed act, I meant it & eventually he realised it & came to the same conclusion. When today, I am saying that the pacifist act is a disaster, he will listen, & eventually he will come back to my words. I can give him & many other opposition leaders of Iran, the best advise possible, simply because I am not one of their hand kissers, yet I am their comrade. I consider all of them as fellow opposition members. If I criticise any of them, well, I have earned the right to do this. I have layed down 25 years of my life, personal wealth, family's wealth & hard effort to fight IRI. I earned the right to criticise all of you. If you do not like what I say, you can always get pissed & turn your heads & ignore it; however, if you see any truth & base to my criticism, then get the point & act upon it before it will be too late. You can listen to me or turn me off but you can never stop me from stating the facts. I am the most blunt person that you can find around. I say it like it is. Thats why the masses believe my words.

Reza Khan, Father of Nation, did not achieve greatness for Iran by pacifism & political correctness. He cut Chador & Aba (Cleric robes) on the intersections of Iranian cities. He forced hejab off their heads, draged them to industrial age, modernized the nation, civilized their habbits, nationalized wealth for the masses, pushed them to greatness, educate the youth, built industry, shoved them forward & when Reactionaries, Mullahs, Feudals, Bazaaris & Islamists shown resistance to drive us back to dark ages, he did not play house with them or did kiss & tell! He supressed, eliminated & stumped & stepped on their heads with his long tall black boots! Smooshed them like insects that they were. Thats Reza Khani Way. Thats Aqa Mohamad Khani Way. Thats Naderi Way. Thats How its done in Iran. This is our herritage. Wrong or right, reaction & superstition is in our blood. When words do not work, then force will always work! Force is necessary to drag a nation out of dark ages. Force is necessary to educate the masses & definitly Force is necessary to bring Democracy to Iran. Freedom does not come cheap, it has a high price & it must be written with blood.

United States of America is not where it is today, if it wasn't because of violence. American Independence took a revolution & much blood to happen. Abolition of slavery in south took a civil war & bloodshed to happen. Even Civil rights Movement in 60s took much violence & blood & sacrifice to happen. No everlasting peace will happen without the sacrifice & much bloodshed. We (Americans) have fought WWII & saved French's ass, otherwise, French would be singing:

Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles,
Uber All In All Dem Werlt!
Lala la la lala la la ...........

or scream:

Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, ....................

while German troops would be marching in streets of Paris today.

Peace without war cannot be accomplished. Democracy without sacrifice & bloodshed is not possible. Pacifism, reforms, civil disobidience, rule of law, dialogue of civilizations & other nonsense are all rubbish. Actualy Khatami preaches all this garbage, much better than Reza Pahlavi & it got us no where & it cost us 8 years of vegetating, so I suggest for Reza Pahlavi to get with the program cause during Bush's 2nd term, with or without Reza Pahlavi & the Hand Kissers around him, we will most likely launch an offensive on Islamic Republic of Iran. I do not know in what forms, but I know the IRI will about to get some rough times coming towards him!

I suggest to all opposition leaders to get back to the masses & remain with the masses cause without the masses, you are nothing. Stay in people's hearts.

Then we have these opportunist derelicts like Ahura Yazdani or so ................. what kind of garbage is that? Iranians have scooped so low & so gulable that anyone who shows them any slight possible gleam of hope, they will flip baclkward for them! This guy talked of taking people to Iran with planes, while Mullahs would leave & these guys would go site seeing & taking over Iran! This bozo talked like Islamic Republic of Iran is a mosquito & they can smoosh it or slam it with a newspaper! I am sure, the hirarchy & massive organization & fearful armory of Sepah Pasdaran, Ghods, Ansare Hizbollah, Basij & other Hezbo would lay down their arms & serrender to Mr. Usta Chosak, Chose Fil, Ahura Yazdani & his group of pilgrims! Haven't we heard this garbage before? How many times they told us to pack your suitcases & we will be in Tehran in one month or so?

Personally, Iranian 24 hour TVs & Cable Radios give me the runs & Diarrhea! The programming is so cheesy that gives my stomach the runs! They are not TVs, they are more like Radio phone talk shows which can be performed on radio, then why bother wasting viewrship's time & vision?! So they talk with people for 12 hours on the phone & then they reshow the same bull shiite for another 12 hours & they call themselves 24 hour TVs! We have tens of Iranian Sattelite TVs & adding! Why don't they all join & make one meaningful Iranian Cable TV? Even Chinese have their own cable network now & it preaches propaganda for Chinese System & regime. Mexicans have two channels, why not us? This is an example of our impossible unity to even create a normal TV station. Thats Iranians for you! Thats why IRI has been in power for 25 years.

Some people tell me, oh dear Dr. X, why are you so pessimistic? People need hope, someone should give them hope. Hope is essential.

I say, hope is a sweet word but this is selling advertisement, causing commotion, creating false hope & fooling the masses into believing a paper dream. When the dream ends, people will fall in a deeper derpression than they are today! Why not tell them the truth? Why not tell them it takes blood to achieve freedom? Maybe only by telling the truth, we will get this lost tribe of Cyrus, to finally get off of their asses & their opium dens & Booze Parties & Sexual Orgies & get them to commit to a bloody revolution to achieve freedom, no?!

Sometimes I wonder if people like Yazdanis are stupid, crazy or just con artists trying to make some dough out of more stupid Iranian public viewers of their TVs? How about advertisers who sell their garbage on these TVs?! The whole concept is mind blowing. Our people have lost their minds in exile!

Disappointment after disappointment, economical breakdowns after another, tragedy after another, despair after another, .................... all & all have resulted in indifference! Corrupted Arabo_Islamic Sub Culture of relying on Hope rather than Fist, has caused us to become slaves to Arabo_Muslim Lords whom themselves have used the Knife against us!

The youth inside are lost in parties, drugs, booze, despair, sorrow, prostitution & corruption.

The youth outside, oh lord, forget the youth outside, ......... we do not even go there.......... sometimes we cannot even call them Iranians! They have lost their identity!

The youth inside been Arabized while the youth outside been Westernized! Both have lost their Persian Identity. Thats what we are fighting for, The Persian Identity or as I call it The Persian-hood.

You have to open your eyes & face the music. Only a small portion of our youth are political & care about freedom of Iran & are willing to fight for it. They have created an identity & they call themselves Persians. The rest, do not even care about Iran. If outside Iran, they do not even consider themselves Iranian, they do not even speak Persian (a lot of this cultural gap & laps are parents' fault). If inside Iran, they are so lost in corruption & oppresion that they are used to being slaves & domesticated slaughter lambs. What can you expect from parents who throw Rouzeh Khani Religious mourning & Sofre-ye Hazrat-e Abolfazl (Abol Sag) on weekends & then speak English with their children @ home in LA?! They well saved their Arabization & Westoxications but how about their Persianhood?!

Only a small amount of youth are political, culturally educated, and nationalist to the bone. What we want to do is to transfer this spirit of Persianhood to a greater number of youth to hopefully save Iran & free Iran by creating a Persian Identity for every youth of our nation.

We want the youth to once more become proud of their Persian Identity & scream outloud:
Hell yes, we are Iranians!

Thats why, until the bloody revolution happens & until the military intervention happens, we must educate the youth. Forget the old, they are too old to change. We are working on the youth. Youth are our only hope. When the youth gets turned on to his or her Persian Identity & celebrates his Persianhood & learns about his 8000 years old history, then the youth becomes proud of her own & sadened by what Arabo_Muslim have done to his land & people. Only then, a social revolution is possible to happen. We need an educational revival, a cultural revival; morely, we need a Moral Revolution to pave the way for a Social Revolution.

Our problem is not shortage of culture. We have 8000 years of culture & engeniuty. Our problem is Morality. Our people have been corrupted & degenarated by Arabo_Islamic Sub Culture. This brainwash has specifically happened since 1979. Propaganda of the 20th & 21st century Islam is much effective & wider than the begining of Islam & Muhammed's era! Today Islamists use the technology for their benefits. In today's Iran brother screws brother & sister screws sister out of wealth, rights & position or opportunity. You cannot trust your own family. Crime Rate is astronomical. Everyone has two faces, one for outdoor in society & one saved for inside the home. Everyone has a dual life! Corruption is everywhere, economy has been collapsed for the masses yet blooming for the Mullahs & their cronies. The fundamental threads of the good Persian Traditional Morality & Morals, the Persianhood has been collapsed, simply because the system knows no method of checks & balances. The whole history, culture & society in Islam is based on duality, one superficial holy face to put out in public & one extreme corrupt internal face & lifestyle to have in our homes.

Each of us been taught since childhood to have two faces & lead a dual life. How can this Arabo_Islamic Sub Culture teaches us better?! A Religion, a culture, a philosophy, that its prophet was a pedophile, a caravan bandit, a rapist, a murderer & a thief (Muhammed), its deciple saint was a mass murderer & a serial killer (Ali), & its grand martyred hero holy saint had 1000 wives & died over a power struggle to take over the government (Hussein), had a history of violence & its dedication to the global civilization were either Jihad, Martyrdom (Suicide Bombing), Polygamy, Pedophelia, Beheadings (Killing The Infidels) or Jaziyeh (taxing the infidels)! When people like us (Persians) with 8000 years of sophisticated history, start believing in this 1400 years old sub culture of crimes & duality, then by all means, we deserve our society to be trashed & torn apart like today's Iran is! Is there any wonder on why today's Iran is doomed? Everything is for a show! Nothing is fundamental & basic! Corruption is deep in the bone marrow! Comrades, we do not need a cultural revolution, but we need a Moral Revolution to change the moral system of our society.

Moral Revolution
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/movement/mo ... /index.htm

Yes indeed. Alas O alas, thus many of us are still confused on the roots of our disease which is eating us alive! We look very hard to put off the guilt & the cause of our problems on foreigners, super powers & on everyone else's behalf, except the true cause of our misfortune which is ourselves, our rotten Arabo_Islamic Superstitions & way of life.

How can we call ourselves Persians, when we throw Mourning bashes, self mutilations, & sorrow for days (Ashura, Tasua) & for a long period of time (Moharam), crying & mourning the loss of some Tazi Arab Bandit who raped our mothers (Hussein), yet we have no idea about who are our own good heros who stood their grounds, & took the last stand (Rostam Farokhzad) against these Tazi Cockroaches & their invasion of death (Islamic Invasion) to Iran?! We do not know who Rostam Farokhzad was but all of us know who Hussein was! Is this Arab Worship, Tazi Worship & Foreign Worship or what? No wonder we are doomed & redused to the present catastrophical situation of Iran! I openly confess that I am ashamed of being an Iranian & on 1979, I kept my Imperial Passport & Birth Certificate & refused to trade it in with the Islamic paper rags with the emblem of Allah! I am an American & a proud citizen of USA, thus I believe in what America stands for. I refuse to call myself Iranian, until we get rid of this Terrorist Regime which destroyed our land, economy, way of life & mostly our prestigue in the globe. I prefer to die than to become a citizen of Islamic Republic of Iran (Jonhuriye Heyvani)!

Yes my friends, we are in need of a Moral Revolution, with the use of Personal Education to finally achieve our Holy Salvation by committing to a Social Revolution. I promise you one thing, The glory Days are ahead of us. I see a bright future cause I have faith in the youth.

Bless you all,

No Deals
No Reforms
No Pacifism
No Sweet Talks
No Political Correctness
No Dialogues of Civilizations
No Dancing Around The Issue
No Seeking Common Grounds
Only Absolute Overthrow of Islamic Republic of Iran,
"By All Means Possible"

More power to the resistance


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Postby Liberator » Sat Nov 20, 2004 8:17 pm

Dear Dr X,

Thank you for yet another enlightening post. Once again you hit upon all issues that need to be addressed. I only have one question in regards to your dialouge with Reza Pahlavi, which is that you should rather than engaging in an exchange of emails have a meeting and a real dialouge in which you can address your questions. Exchanging emails really isn't a "dialouge". You have to sit in front of the person, hear him, see his emotions etc for there to be a real dialouge. If i'm not wrong Reza Pahlavi did suggest such a meeting to take place.

Best wishes to you and more power to the Iranian resistance forces (our fellow youth!)

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Nov 21, 2004 1:45 pm



I. I enjoy your enthusiastic spirit, political nature & hard work. Your enthusiasm is remarkable. Office have directed my attention to all your posts around the net in response to IPC's return & my announcement. You remind me of great enthusiasm which Cat had during peek of her political career. She used to monitor about 40 Iranian forums, spread the word, debate & defend our stands. Cat maybe before your time & away from politics now, but you surely have her spirit!

II. When one starts a dialogue on the Internet with a second party, it is only logical, mannerful & political for the second party to respond back. If the second party cannot have the power or will not bother to conduct on a cyber dialogue, then how can he conduct an in person dialogue? Reza Pahlavi faced his toughest dialogue of his political life in IPC & by me & he could not respond. Personally I believe, he had nothing to say! What could he say? When Reza Pahlavi could make a difference (in 80s) & when a group of Imperial Generals & Officers well organized, & ready to plan a coup, asked for his help, he ignored them & sent them after "Nokhod Siyah"! I have copies of all the letters traded between both parties. Today, the same organization & connections inside Iran, are non existent. Today even if he wants, he would be irrelevant to effect a rapid change in Iran. He lost his chance & that was not the only time in which he lost the chance to make a difference.

He knows what am I talking about, few other generals & commanding officers know what am I talking about, a number of statesmen & politicians of the Imperial regime know whhat am I talking about. We all know what went on & how Reza Pahlavi failed to do his national duty in the 80s. Today, its too late, even he wants to. The rest of these career exilist bozos, hand kissers, cyber dwelers & cheesey opposition feeders have no clue about what went on back then. Most of them were in diapers back then. Rest of them were & are out of the relevant circle of the Iranian politics & out of touch with masses inside Iran. They do not know what the hell are they talking about! They are just dogmatic, braindead followers of Reza Pahlavi, just because his last name is Pahlavi!

Reza Pahlavi & the rest of Iranian opposition leaders are in need of IPC, simply because we have the connections inside Iran, we draft members for them inside & outside Iran, we advertise for them through the website & through the student body & pamphlets inside universities of Iran, & our members either directly or indirectly cooperate with them. So, they need IPC; however, IPC does not need them! Lets get this straight right here & right now.

If Reza Pahlavi ever wanted a direct dialogue, he could have easily have it. Face to Face or video Net Meeting, no difference to me; however, I would not even consider sitting in the same room with a group of Hand Kissers around him, to have a dialogue with him! These leaches & their types, were the cause for the downfall of Alahazrat & now they are the cause of Reza Pahlavi's lack of control, power & policy to lead the Iranian Opposition. Unfortunately, Pahlavis (except Reza Khan), have a history of gathering a group of hand kissers, Persian flatterers, Snake charmers & Con Artists around themselves. These Tofeylis are the reason & the cause for the distance between the Pahlavis & the reality! RP simply has to learn from the mistakes of Alahazrat & push away these leaches around himself & consult with knowledgable politicians & consultants, actually involved with the reality of the Iranian situation. Otherwise, RP will remain irrelevant in making an effective change in the scenario. Simple as that.

III. I would also like to thank you for your devoted, sincere political activities, helping Iran's Opposition, & being an effective IPC member. I cherich your spirit & encourage you to keep up the good work. Only if we had more youth & students, such as yourself, outside Iran! Only if ......

More power to you comrade
More power to Resistance

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Postby Liberator » Sun Nov 21, 2004 2:25 pm

Dear Dr X,

Thank you for your reply and kind words.

I still stick to my belief that a dialouge should be conducted face to face in a room (physically). But now that both of us have adressed this issue, and had our opinions stated, lets move on to more important/urgent issues.

More power to the Resistance!

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Different Issues

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Dec 02, 2004 4:55 pm

Different Issues


I agree, lets move to more important issues. So what is your opinion on "The Moral Revolution"?


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Postby Liberator » Thu Dec 02, 2004 6:01 pm

Dear Dr X,

I basically agree on the points you've set forth on the "Moral Revolution".
The basis for a better Iran is the change of this backward mentality that many Iranians have, and much of the blame is due to the TAZI ideology well engrained into the Iranian psyche by 1400 years of lies/deceits/propaganda and lethal/non-lethal intimidation. A moral revolution and a cultural revival is crucial for a better future. Education is essential for these "projects" to take shape; give the truth to the people. No more lies, deceits, superstitious crap, beating about the bush...Beginning with 1st grade in primary school children should be learning about their history, Persian culture, their true national heroes...Our country is a nation with 70% of the population under the age of 30. We have new blood/life in this country, ready to serve IRAN-ZAMIN; they aren't as brainwashed as say their parents or their grandparents generations. Educate the population and teach them to think for themselves. No more tazi mollah's/ tazinameh's telling people what to do. We need to become more open-minded, let go of out-dated practices and adapt to 21st century life. We need to reinforce our indentities, we need to associate ourselves with our true Persian heroes (Cyrus, Papak Khorammdin, Yaqoob Leis Saffarid, Artemisia, Apranik, Azad etc), we need to revive our Persian culture which unfortunately has been infected with Tazi culture. We need to teach our children to be happy, enjoy life and not be in constant mourning for a savage anti-Iranian who died 1100 years ago! Our language (Persian) needs a revival too! Its been infected with arabic words! We have our own language, revive it!

I can see a true renaissance and a very bright future for Iran and Iranians if these changes are adopted.


Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Liberator » Fri Dec 03, 2004 3:47 am

Dear prologicam,

They can be found here:
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/re ... /index.htm

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Pointers & Questions

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Dec 03, 2004 12:20 pm


As I have said, everything needs to be changed cause everything is not Persian. Everything is foreign (Tazi Sub Culture). We are a tribe who have lost their identity & grasped Arabo_Islamic identity. We have become strangers to our own culture. This is the ultimate treason to essense of being Iranian. This is degeneration of a nation. This is Arabization of Iran.

The funny thing, is that more & more Iranian youth inside are begining to see the reality of the crimes which their fathers' generation of 1979 has done to Iran. They hold their fathers responsible for "The Reaction of 1979". But I see a number of Iranian Youth outside whom are playing "Islamist Appologist" games! They seek a Middle Ground & a compromise or as Khatami said, "Dialogue of Civilizations"! Why is this?

This is because the youth inside are suffering first hand & tasting the fruits of the Islamic Revolution (Reaction) in their mouth. They are college graduates with no jobs, no place for fun, no rights to assembly, not allowed to openly intermingle with opposite sex, having segregated schools, segregated society (even in the bus transits), & Islam shoved down their throats 24 hours a day! The youth inside sees Rouzeh Khani, Aza Dari, Islamic propaganda & mourning 24 hours a day being preached from TV, Radio, Newspapers & even in street-corners from loud speakers! 365 days a year the regime is propagating the people to be good obedient Muslim, kneeling & worshiping & praying to False Gods & Prophets & Imams of Arabs! They practically enema the people & inject people with the unwanted info & make them worship Allah (a black rock used to be located in Kabbah)!

The Meaning of Crescent and Star, Islamic Symbol?
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/islam/cresc ... /index.htm

What kind of upside down bizzaro system is in place in land of Aryans? This is not a religion, this is an invasion, a cultural invasion, a brain virus, a takeover of Persian lifestyle! And that is why according to physics:

Every action, reflects a reaction of the same measure & strenght in return.

The more the regime shoves Islam down the youth's throats, the more the youth begins to hate Islam & fight back! 2/3 of Iranian population are youth & they are going head on against whatever the Islamic Regime believes & preaches! They are bounded to crash. A tiney 10% Fundamentalist Muslim (Max) are going head on to crash with youth of Iran. Majority of these youth are either Not religious Muslim, Muslim by birth, Not religious @ all, Non denominationals, converts (Zoroastrians/Bahaii/Christians/etc.), Atheists or simply ones who despise Islam & everything it represents. The more this regime will remain in power, the more, people of Iran will convert or become Anti Islam. The only reason you do not hear about it (officially), is because:

Conversion from Islam = Death Penalty

So no one talks about it (officially), but deep inside in their homes, more & more despise Islam. I will not be surprised, if hypotetically, in a free survey taken tomorrow morning, majority of the 69.5 million Iranians inside vote as Non Muslims. Eventually, there will be no Muslims left in Iran!

Regime is force feeding Islam to people. Regime is the main reason that people are beginning to hate Islam. We (Opposition) could not do a better job than this! For 25 years, we have failed to do what Islamic Republic successfully have done (making people hate Islam)!

I would like to officially thank IRI for making the youth so Anti Islam.

You made some valid points & interesting statements. My point is that, the youth outside are sitting in exile in comfort & with a peace of mind. It is easy for them to make "off the wall " statememnts such as:

Lets respect the religion of the majority of Iranians & their traditions.
Lets not insult our Islamic culture.
Lets find a medium to live & let live.
Lets all get along.
bla bla bla.....

These Islamic Apologists, are not living in that Hell Hole or Shiite Hole! They live in Canada, England, States, etc. & they talk off of their full belly & stomach gass! Send them to Iran, & not for a visit but to live there & then we see if they still want to get along! Then we see if they can respect Islam! Talking garbbage over a full stomach in Washington DC is easy. Living in an actual Shiite Hole named IRI takes courage!

The fact of the matter is that, we are a fallen empire. Our Persian Culture is under the gun, our land is occupied, we have become Arabo_Muslim's slaves, our women have turned to Badenjan (Egg Plant), our men have turned to Rish o Pashm Hairballs, our children are learning Quran, Arabic & Religious Studies in school, every single Iranian must do as Mullahs say or else there will be hell to be paid. You must Ruze (fast) during bullshiite of Ramazan & you must mourn during Moharam or else, they will lash you, jail you or kill you. If you are a woman, just forget it cause women in Islam specifically in Iran (a shiite, shiite hole) have no rights. You as a woman, are equal to cattle, property, concubine, sex slave, 2nd class citizen & Gav o Guspandan!

When I see these cheese balls sugar coat Islam & talk about the good Islam & bad Islam, it is very hard for me not to rip a new one for them! They are either ignorant to history or they are talking this garbage due to politics & political correctness or they are simply brain dead Hizbollahi.

Islam in its nature is Terrorism
There might be Moderate Muslim
Islam in its nature is Fundamentalist & Reactionary.

Ignorance to history & historical facts does not allow these people to go & read & discover that:

Muhammed married 21 wives for 3 reasons,

1. Financial
Eg: Khadijah

2. Political
Eg: Ayeshah

3. Erotical
Eg: Zeynab

Why don't you show me one prophet amongst thousands of them whom ever:

* Married a 6 years old (Ayeshah) & supposedly banged her @ age 9?
* Married his son's (adopted son) wife after making him to divorce her (Zeynab)?
* Having Concubines (Sex Slaves) such as Maria?
* Living off of women's wealth (Khadijah)?
* Pillaging Caravans for living?
* Mass Murdering (genocide) tribes of people (Safiyah's Jewish Tribe)?
* Expanding religion by force?
* Promising 72 virgins, food & drinks in heaven, to his hungry savage troops to fight & pilage other people's lands, so they have nothing to lose & everything to gain!?

Show me one prophet who was a Ruler first & prophet second?
Government has been & is a part of the Religion since Muhammed.
There is no separation of church & state in Islam.
Iranians need to get this in their thick head!

Brain is a good thing to have but unfortunately our people are either blind, deaf & dumb or they are pretending to be one or they are simply closing their eyes to the truth!

"Baba Maqz ham khub chiziye! Shour ham khub chiziye!

This is why we have limitation of Bright Minds, Open Minds & Free Thinkers, yet there are no shortage of: Gav O Guspandan O Olaqan-e Asil-e Parsi. Unique World Famous Persian Breed of Donkey are plenty in Iran & even in America. You can often locate them in the Mosques, Khaneqah, or @ home throwing Mourning Bashes (Sofre-ye Hazrat-e Abdol Sag) or Mourning Gatherings (Rouze-ye Hazrat-e Kharbas)!

These people cannot speak Farsi without an American accent but in Moharam they throw Sofreh & in Ashura they throw Ta'ziye! Seems like these people, our creme of crops, our exiled community have well "Westoxicated" & "Arabtoxicated" & Tazi-fied; however, they have no trace or knowledge of the "Persian-hood" in their blood!

"Khak bar sar-e Irani ke Qarb-zadegi va Arab-Parasti mikone, vali hoveyat-e Irani-ye khod ra gom karde ast!"

These people do not teach their children Farsi cause they don't want their American Accent to sound foreign but they cry & mourn for Hussein in Ashura.

My friend & comrade (Admzad), used to call these poeple: "Pee-Pole".

These are not people, but they are "Pee-Pole". They deserve to be pissed on & as we see Mullahs been pissing on them for 25 years. They been kicked out of their home & they are still Arab worshiping. These people deserve to be FRAGGED. These people deserve to be living around the world like gypsies & Desert Arab Nomads going from one land to another. People with no home, no identity, no education, no culture, no purity, no logic & no humanity. These people are not Iranian. These people are Degenerates lost from their own culture.

Is there any wonder the world looks @ us as Terrorist Arabs?

Government of each nation is a representative of that nation's values.
Iranians deserve Islamic Republic to bang them on the head & shove Islam up their Shiiters!

Yes my friend, everything needs to be changed & if by the will of majority (today), the minority does not want to change & leave the government & power, then by all means, we need to force change the regime. We must drag these people like the Cattle that they are & throw them& push them into 21st century. We must force feed some Persian Culture & Science & Progress into these people's minds. Reza Khan was not tough enough (like AttaTurk), we must be tougher than Reza Khan. We must be tougher than Peter The Great. We must force progress these people. We must dump the Shiite in the Shiite hole. Islam is the disease that we have. Islam will be the end of us if you & me & he & she will not do something about it, then Iran will die & become another Arab Nation.

Our time will come O our time will come, I promise you our time will come & on that day I am affraid to say that loose masses of Iranian Youth will hang Mullahs, Hizbollah, Akhund, Lachaqi, Chadori, Maktabi & other Dayus upside down in circles of Iran. Rivers of blood will be flowing until these Pee-Pole will turn to People! There will be a time that we cannot stop the masses to mass murder these Holy People in streets of Iran! Sweet Revenge indeed!

On Reza Pahlavi

By the way, Reza Pahlavi has never directly offered a face to face with me. And I refuse to sit in the same room with the Hand Kissers around him. Trade of E-mails with his office, does not mean that he wanted a face to face. I have never rejected a face to face with RP. But I refuse to participate in a Bang & Politics Convention in LA or DC with 20 other Hand Kissers & him!

But the good thing is that step by step RP is beginning to act upon my advise, even though his pride does not allow him to directly face me! First step was dumping his Seyed Muslim Ancestry, the second step will be dumping the Pacifist ideas. As I have said, people like me, who do not Hand Kiss, are the best value as advisors to him. Hand Kissers around him will be the end of him & they will keep him irrelevant to the political process of change. Hand Kissers caused his father to fall & now they will make him fall unless he replaces his advisors from Hand Kissers to Technocrats & Knowledgable People. Despot always manages to gather a group of leaches & flatterers & Kiss ups around him, & these leaches create a fantasy world away from reality for the despot, so it is time for RP to break the tradition or he will be as relevant to the future of Iran as Mr. Khatami!

Thanks for your input.

Now tell me what methods do you suggest to commit or expand & enforce the "Moral Revolution"? How can we globalize it amongst the Persian Community? Arabo_Islamic Sub Culture has resulted in the Degeneration of our Persian Morality, Purity, Goodness, & Thought Patterns. How do you suggest us to exelerate the De-Islamization of Iran? You are aware of everything that we (Operations) done so far.

Revolutionary Movement

Now tell me what else can we do? I take the advise & suggestions of the youth (such as yourself) very seriously. If there will be a change, it will come from the youth. The old is to dogmatic & shaped to change. The old is a gonner! Hello to the youth.

I encourage others to also participate in this discussion. You are forced to be silent inside Iran, yet here (cyberspace), you are free to enlighten us with your input.

"Khafe-khan ra beshkanid va bolbol zabani konid"!

More power to you & the youth
More power to resistance to tyranny



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What Say You?

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Dec 03, 2004 12:32 pm


I believe that we have came to the point that as Iranian Opposition we have failed to change the Islamic Regime. In addition our people will not uprise against the regime. We have no other choice but to welcome, encourage, aggitate & greet the Military Intervention of United States in Iran. Only then, we can count on opposition & the masses to unite against the regime & fight the Islamic Beast.

What say you?

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Re: What Say You?

Postby Liberator » Fri Dec 03, 2004 2:40 pm

AhreemanX wrote:Liberator:

I believe that we have came to the point that as Iranian Opposition we have failed to change the Islamic Regime. In addition our people will not uprise against the regime. We have no other choice but to welcome, encourage, aggitate & greet the Military Intervention of United States in Iran. Only then, we can count on opposition & the masses to unite against the regime & fight the Islamic Beast.

What say you?


Dear Dr X,

I will not give up hope on my fellow students in Iran until the day that American soldier puts his foot on Iranian soil or the bombs start dropping. Until then we should do whatever we can to encourage and help mobilize the forces of freedom inside the country to overthrow this regime. Once the strikes/invasion begin then I will support it, because at that point we have had 25 years to regain our dignity by correcting past mistakes!

I'm dismayed when I hear people say: "If the U.S. attacks Iran I will go and fight for my country!" I say badbakth, if you're so concerned about your country have you not noticed that your country has been under constant attack for 25 years by a bunch of anti-Iranian tazi-parasts?! The regime in Iran is at war with Iranians! We are already occupied! We are already being killed/massacred! What are they talking about that they'll go back and "defend" Iran if it's attacked!? Either these people are IRI-supporters or very very lost, confused, and naive Iranians!

The Iranian people can determine their destiny. They can show the world that they won't take SHIITE from these bastards! United they can overcome any difficulties. 1-2 million people out of Iran's 70 (!) million population can bring this regime on its knees! What are they waiting for! Scared? Of what!? Isn't it scarier to live the kind of miserable lives that they have to under the SHIITE regime rather than getting killed!? Isn't it true that Americans had to give lives in order to gain their INDEPENDENCE and become the superpower they are today!?

I firmly believe that a combination of civil disobedience and violent acts against this regime will bring it to its knees in days! What are the servants of this country waiting for! Yes today your stomachs aren't full as they were in 1979, and yes today rather than having good living standards you live in a SHIITE hole! That's your own faults! Would you like your living conditions to deterioate even further!? This regime wont care if you starve to death! This regime wont care if your daughters have to resort to prostitution! This regime doesn't care if your kids become drug-addicts because of all the badbakthi!!! GET UP! RISE! NATION AWAKEN!

Ba Sepaas

P.S. I'll come back to the issue of the "Moral Revolution" as soon as I get some time.
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Liberator » Fri Dec 03, 2004 7:03 pm

Dear Dr X and prologicam,

I seem to have confused Ali Sina's dialouge with Reza Pahlavi....sorry:(

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Is this Camran Mirza?!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Dec 04, 2004 4:52 pm

Before I respond to you, let me ask;

Is this our own Camran Mirza?
Is it you or they made your replica?
Khoda khafat nakone!
Is it really you?
I cannot imagine another person except you to create such ID:

So if it is you, please confirm, so I can properly respond to you.


For Allah's sake, get an avatar going in your profile! I am tired of looking @ your blank profile for 5 years! I have created over 500 avatars in 6 albums, so for Imam's sake, use the damn things or import your own! I know you are secresive but you have no face! Get one!

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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Dec 04, 2004 5:39 pm


I'm dismayed when I hear people say: "If the U.S. attacks Iran I will go and fight for my country!" I say badbakth, if you're so concerned about your country have you not noticed that your country has been under constant attack for 25 years by a bunch of anti-Iranian tazi-parasts?! The regime in Iran is at war with Iranians! We are already occupied! We are already being killed/massacred! What are they talking about that they'll go back and "defend" Iran if it's attacked!? Either these people are IRI-supporters or very very lost, confused, and naive Iranians

These people been Fragged up the Shiiter by Mullahs for so long (25 years), that they have been mistaking Mullahs' Tazi Schlong with Iranian love from Hamvatan!

I believe The Tazi Schlong got so high up their system through their intestines up to the brain, that it has effected their brains & moved/dislocated the gray matter! And thats why they consider the regime an Iranian Regime!

Pardon my French! Hee Hee Hee ...........

Our main problem these days are not Mullahs = :Mullah:

Our problem is not even Hezboz = (Hezbollahi + Bozos) = :happy06:

Our problem is a generation of Confused Bastards (product of IRI) not knowning their right from the left = :wow:

I see them everyday in the university! They rushed out of Iran (after 25 years of Islamic Brainwash & jumped the ship to America to become Millionares!)

Allah Help Us [-o<

As I have said:

* Keep Iranians hungry & they will not rise to commit a Revolution (Today).
* Keep Iranians Well Fed & they will rise & commit a Revolution (1979).

Keep them slaves & in chains & bang them on the head & treat them like dogs & they will be too occupied with elementery needs of life & running after a piece of bread, than to make a revolution.

Keep them well fed, big bellied, give them Polo/Chelo, free university tuitions, free medical care, free health insurance, free education, blooming economy, send them to abroad on the government grants to get a degree (so they could join the anti Shah Confederation!), create 1001 fun places for the youth, vacation spots for people & keep them so drunk from the happy life, & then ............ Iranians will turn around & bite your hand, shiite all over your face & burn your picture & commit to a revolution so they can pick up an axe & destroy their leader, their land & their lives!

Thats Iranians for you!

On 1979, they bitten Shah's hand, Shiite on his face & pissed on his legacy, then they made An-Qolab & they FRAGGED any prospect of greatness for their future & future of Iran & future of their children! They FRAGGED their children's future & doomed their childrens future for 25 years & adding!

They screwed a generation of Iranians, now 25 years of age & doomed them to depression, addiction, prostitution, crimes, hopelessness, corruption & wasted lives!

Thats why I tell the young generation to spit in your father's faces!

Crussify your fathers for 1979.

The fathers of 1979 have doomed the children of 1979 for quarter of a century of a doomed life!

Yes my friend, Give them a full belly & dough in the bank & they rip your guts out & piss on your face like they done to Shah!

These are not People, yet they are Pee-Pole!

Actualy I admire IRI for treating these people like Shiite that they are! Thats what they deserve. They deserve to be treated like caged animals & thats what exactly Mullahs are doing to them.

They wanted Islam, Now they got Islam!

Bon Appetite!

And yes, the only hope are the youth but we are talking about a minority group of youth activists inside. The majority of youth are not political. They are too busy with drugs, alchole, sex parties & Heavy Metal Concerts to make a move or lift a finger to embetter their own lives. Our political youth inside Iran, are a small minority. Lets not forget that & create overwelming Hope!


I will be interested to hear your input on the Moral Revolution. Take your time.


A Man With No Home Rambling on The Twilight
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Camran Mirza

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Dec 04, 2004 10:38 pm

Camran Mirza:

Never mind, I have read your other post & now I know for sure that it is you! First of all, it is good to see you! Secondly, long time ago you asked me "How come I still do not trust you?" I tell you right here that I do trust you.

I. You been with IPC almost since the beginning.
II. I do not consider you a member of IPC, yet more like The Host of IPC.
III. You are clearly a valuable part of operations.
IV. I did not have your E-mail to inform you of the grand opening.
V. Send me an E-mail with the topic "Camran" so I can input you in my directory.
VI. Yahoo deleted the E-mail list, so I have no one's E-mail.

"Dear Ahreeman,"

Yes Camran Mirza?

"Questions on IPC:"


"I am sorry to see you/us losing the first IPC in Yahoo! however, I am overwhelmed by you and your kind friends to put-in the speedy efforts for creating an independent IPC website."

Loss of IPC was for all of us, specially you. It was your cyber home.

"Speaking of independence reminds me of asking you how long are you going to stay independent?"

Is this one of those bizarre philosophical double talk/double meanings of you? If you mean club? Club will be independent forever. Website will also move to become independent. I do not want anyone to have a control or say on IPC. Not yahoo, not AOL, not anyone.

"Is this an independence or might it be a seclusion? You know how closely they look."

You are a cynical, critical, skeptic man.

"Are you going to blame whatever happens to others and declare yourself a total victim and innocent or maybe, you could consider stepping back and looking into actions from a distance?"

I am not the type who shifts the responsibility to others. I always volunteer to take the blame for everything.

"Whatever has happened is happened, nobody can change it but, one could prevent it from happening again however, this does not apply to you cause nobody can touch you any more. doesn't it sound like you sitting on top of a mountain and everybody else down below feeling secure? Doesn't it also mean, you are not part of them while they can't be a part of you?"

Are you pulling my shorts again? What is it with you & pulling shorts? Is it an obcession?

"If IPC was allowed to stay in Yahoo! with some warning, would you be willing to compromise, or would want to run the club entirely your way?"

During my whole life, I have never let anyone to dictate to me on what to do, what to say & which way to operate. I listen to people's advise but I simply do not allow dictation. Hypotetically saying, there was no room to compromise with yahoo. Compromising with yahoo meant that a new constitution would have to be written for IPC. Yahoo would have controlled everything. Yahoo is not qualified to tell IPC how to run a political organization. Yahoo does not know jack about the Iranian politics. However, yahoo did not even give a warning! One day out of the blue they deleted everything & never bothered to give back 5 years worth of work.

Let me inform you of something. The same thing happened with Graphics but the Graphic Host seized hosting the graphics, yet as soon as Robert wrote them an E-mail & explained the situation & our cause, they put the site back up & did compromise with Robert. Robert is a great negotiator & convinced them that what we do is essential to freedom of Iran, even though it may seem that we insult Islam. However, Yahoo never gave me the chance to negotiate. I wrote them a long E-mail explaining everything but they simply told me that Insulting Islam is inappropriate & they refused to give a time limit to transfer all the goods. There was nothing that I could do to save the material.

"Efforts that been put into the IPC cannot be erased, cause energy does not delete yet, can become corroded if not transformed and manipulated into a gold bars of successful outcome."

That was optimistic but the fact is that everything is lost. Yahoo savagely deleted everything & we must build everything from scratch. We made a effect in Iranian politics & youth but everything is lost. For instance, how can I replace all the amazing arguments, articles, debates & rebuttles on science, philosophy, logic, religion, socialogy & politics written by yourself? 5 years worth of your work is gone in the wind just like that. This is reality. If I could take yahoo to court, I would have done it but we have no case because of their terms of service.

"I want to know with losing a such massive of energy-put-in-IPC, what can you achieve this time. Are you aiming to achieve something thing this time, couldn't have wanting it the last time, otherwise would not be prepared to get killed in the battle."

It took 5 years to build IPC to its greatness. Everything is lost. Of course, we learn from our mistakes & ofcourse things will be different this time.

"The battle has been lost yet you are trying to win the war, as you put it. How do you know there are other battles on the way of the war? Yahoo! was just one that you failed, is this going to be another?"

I take full responsibility because I am the founder but I was not there for a period of months & while I was away, nothing was backed up, saved & in addition the whole operation went to Shiite! Everyone was fighting everyone else & operations came to a hault. Now everyone is gone & no one knows where they are! Are you trying to tell me that it is my fault that I have left IPC in operations hand & left for a while? Or are you telling me that I had to spell every detail to everyone before I have left? Or are you telling me that I am @ fault for the way I ran things? Is Operations responsible for anything? During my abcense, Anahita, Robert, Bobby & yourself where there. Why did everything went to Shiite? What have you guys done to avoid it? Where the hell is everybody? Beside Elizabeth, no one answered me! Where is Cat, Admzad, James? Where the hell is Robert?
Majority of the members do not even know we are back on the air!

"What was the most important cause of you failure?"

To not listening to Camran Mirza's advise & policies. Is that what you want to hear?

"Was it Yahoo!?"


"Was it IRI?"


"Was it your trait?"

Hell no!

"Was it your policy?"

Damn no!

"If there were a combination of them all, what is the hierarchy of the important?"

I told you, I am @ fault. I should have never start the IPC Club on yahoo. I should have started it on our own domain like now. But I told you, we needed the traffic inside Iran.

"Sometimes losing a battle can be devastating and braking an army's back. All wars were lost by starting to lose battles. Only ones won a war after losing a battle are the ones who learnt from it all or even using the lose of a battle as a bait. Latter requires skills of the mights."

I have learned a lot. I gained more experience. I try not to make the same mistakes again.

"Yahoo! is a platform derived from freedom."

Yahoo is an infection-like canker-Sore derived from the Syphilis of Liberalism & Political Correctness.

" Having a successful club in it is a stepping stone toward victory. What victory were you looking for? How fast did the IPC grow when it was started then and how fast will it grow now?"

It would have been a great stepping stone only if we had a chance to transfer things or @ least some of the things before they delete everything.

IPC grew pretty good, not great but pretty good. Now, the challenge is that we will not have the heavy traffic of inside Iran due to IRI filters & yahoo popularity, but on the bright side, due to organization of the club structure & independence of domain, we can attract more constructive clientel who would have never participate in the simple/distorted format of the club in yahoo. This way, club will attract more practical & knowledgable writers/activists to participate. We need to do heavy advertising to get more patriots inside & outside Iran over here. We will not have the luxury of the yahoo traffic anymore but then again, the new IPC club has the best format structure & facility amongst the Iranian political forums.

"What cause it's failure that will not be repeated here?"

Listening more & more to good advise from Camran Mirza will protect us from failure.

"Is every one subject to their destiny?"

I build my own destiny. I am in charge. You know I am an Atheist, so I create my destiny.

"do you choose where to go?"

Yes, do you?

" Then, do you choose where not to go?"


" Are you subject to your regrets and laughters?"

Yes Sir

" Then, do you avoid making regrettable and promote laughters?"

Yes Sir, Yassir, Yasir Arafat that is! Oh I forgot, he is dead!


I dig the new ID!

Camran Mirza, may I ask, what the hell this lecture had to do with the this topic of "Moral Revolution"? Ahhhhhh, you are still thinking this is yahoo & you are still getting familiar with the system here! You posted this in a wrong place! I see! Well, you'll get the hang of it!

Camran Mirza, great to see you.

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