A bad-quote by Dr. Ali Sina

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A bad-quote by Dr. Ali Sina

Postby neshershahor » Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:26 pm

while I was reading this article http://www.iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/5-steps-terrorism/index.htm I found following text:

To win any war, as the ancient Chinese sage Sun Zi said, we must first know the enemy...

First, I am Chinese and a Chinese-Nationalist as you know me. Therefore I believe my natinalistic-concience dictates me to correct errors regarding Chinese and Chinese-History in this forum.

For the start, Commanding-General Sun Wu-Zi (孫武子, ca.545-470 BC, he is more commonly known as "Sun-Zi" in the west) was no simple "Chinese sage", He held the rank of Lord-of-Senor-Rank (上大夫) and the post of Commanding-General of the Army of the Chinese State-of-Wu (吳國) during late Spring and autume period of Chinese Kingdom Era. So I would call him Arteshbod Lord Sun-Wu-Zi (Yes, I did some research)

The words Dr.Ali Sina quoted from Sun Wu-Zi was from the book written by Arteshbod Lord Sun Wu-Zi, Known as <The Art of War>——concerning this book, which I must say is a book which NEVER BEEN CORRECTLY TRANSLATED TO A FOURTH LANGUAGE(The Chinese original-book, the Kanji-Written Japanese version and the Hangul-Written Korean version).

The original text Dr. Ali Sina quoted saids 故曰:知己知彼,百戰不殆。 Which does not means "To win any war we must first know the enemy", but "Therefore I Would say: Only he who knows both his enemy and himself can be the one who could have win the war with the right-mind to make the correct decisions to against his enemy" and that people, is totally different from To win any war we must first know the enemy.

Because Lord Sun Wu-Zi's original text is about How-to-be-done 1234 instead of What-should-be-done-and-doing 1234. and the original "knowing the enemy" text Lord Sun Wu-Zi wrote for was for the reading of a member of the Joint-Chief or someone in charge at Langley with access to MI operations.

I am not against Dr Ali Sina's opion regarding one should know his/her enemy in order to outsmart and defeat his/her enemy here, but I cant simply let someone being mislead by a bad-translation! because "War is a matter of one Nations' life and death which is why one cannot afford to, and should not to, not taking the matter seriously when it cames to the decision-making regarding war and peace! (兵者,國之大事,死生之地,存亡之道,不可不察也)——Sun Wu-Zi.
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