Why Poland Allows No Muslim Refugees? Dominik Tarczynski

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Why Poland Allows No Muslim Refugees? Dominik Tarczynski

Postby CR » Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:30 pm

Why Poland Allows No Muslim Refugees?
Dominik Tarczynski Explains

America Should Learn from European Experiment with Muslims
America Should Learn from Polish Solution to the Muslim Problem!

In Recent Years Germany & France Dictated to EU
Allow Muslim Refugees in Your Countries
EU Accepted Millions of Muslim Refugees
Europe is in Shambles because of Muslim Refugees

Poland Accepted Over 2 Million Immigrants
Not a Single One was a Muslim Refugee
Poland doesn’t Accept Illegal Aliens
Poland doesn’t Accept Muslim Refugees

Dominik Tarczynski Explains Why!







Poland's government has long been proud of its strong stance against migration. While other European nations took in hundreds of thousands of people who'd fled war, Poland stood firm with its borders firmly closed.

But the country had a problem: a massive labor shortage. So, the solution was to oversee the largest influx of migrant workers in the country’s recent history. Over the last few years, more than two million foreigners have arrived in Poland. They're mostly Christian from neighboring Ukraine. So, is the government okay with migrants so long as they're not Muslims from Syria or Afghanistan?

Dominik Tarczynski
Member of Poland’s parliament with ruling Law and Justice party

Dominik Tarczynski Interviews & Debates

Polish Official Interview with TRT World Newsmakers

Here’s why Poland takes in millions of migrants... just not Muslim ones

File Version 2 with Films – Backup File

Katie Hopkins with Dominik Tarczyński, Law & Justice Party, Poland

Yascha Mounk and Dominik Tarczynski exchange views
on sovereignty within Europe

Dominik Tarczynski YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMn-ZD ... aRhDdi2Adg

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Re: Why Poland Allows No Muslim Refugees? Dominik Tarczynski

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:43 pm

Cat asks:

Why Poland Accepts No Muslim Refugees?

Atusa Answers:

No Islamic Terrorist Attacks in History of Poland.

Just visited :D

Islam Free Country = Heaven on Earth :badgrin:
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