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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:57 pm


An Oldies but Goodies!
Old IPC Files

In the name of all Mini Skirt Wearing Gals,

The point here, is not that Palestinian got to accept that they lost
their land! Israel perfectly agreed & already gave them the West bank
& Ghaza Strip. Palestine does officially exist & they have their own
land & flag & government, but obviously to agree on a long lasting
peace between Arafat & Barrack was not good enough for the Rag Heads!
Arafat rejected the peace plan that Barrack had on the table & that
is the best that Palestinians will ever get. Arafat lost his chance,
simply because PLO, Hamas, Al Jihad, Al Puss & Al WUS, & Al Vagina &
the rest of the Arab Palestinian Terror Groups do not get satisfied
with the West bank! They want to dump Israel in the sea of

This dangerous political ideology (Islam) knows no limitation nor
boundaries. Islam is 10 times worst than Nazism, ask us Persians, we
have the first hand experience being the victim of Islam for 23 years
since 1979!

United States is the only power standing behind Israel. If it was up
to European Bloody Socialists, like the French Whores cigarette
smoking wanna be intellectuals, German Pigs who sell their mothers
for a dollar, British Wheelers & Dealers who openly deal with Islamic
Republic on the cost of the people of Iran's blood, Italian rats who
open their Asses foe anyone who gives them some oil, or Spanish
bastards who gave a new meaning for the word
Liberalism, ...........they would all stand & gladly watch 6 million
Israelis get mass murdered just like W.W.II.

European Union is more like an old Whore who never ever stood by
United States in sanctioning Iran or any other Terrorist nation!
European Union are dealing billions of dollars with Iran & all the
money goes to Mullahs private bank accounts in Cayman or Canada, some
in Swiss!

The only European Sub Whores who partially stood by USA, was UK. The
worst of them are Germans. They do not give a flying Fandango about
Human Rights of over 30,000 Iranian Opposition who so far are
slaughtered by IRI. As long as they get the cheap oil, best of Iran's
Caviar, Pistachio, Carpet, Natural Gas, Uranium, Copper, Fruits, Food
Products, Caviar Fish, Tuna, & a dozen more goods, very cheap, they
are fine with Mullahs pillaging Iran for another 23 years.

It is amazing that number one fruits & vegetables of Iran are in
German, & French Markets & for the elite in Tehran & other large
cities. Number two fruits are for the Middle Class in Iran & the rest
of Iranian population can chew on Mullahs Schlong all day long!
Iranians can starve to death & Germans get the best of Iran's Fruits
& Vegetables, cause Europeans do not have Jack Shiite on their own, &
the fruit prices are sky high! As far as Europe cares, our people can
all join Allah in heavens, as long as Germany, France, England &
Italy will remain the Top Four Trade partners with Mullahs & steal
our resources for a dime or a nickel!

European Union is always screaming very loud for human rights but
when it comes down to action, they protect terrorist's rights over
hard working decent people!

European Union are like little whores who never stand behind USA when
US needs their moral support, but for GOD sake, if the Europe is in
trouble, like W.W.II or W.W.I or @ USSR's time, all these little
Shitsu European nations start begging & blowing USA's balls to send
troops, arms & money to save their little Socialist Asses!

If it wasn't because of USA, all these Shitsu European nations would
be Marching in the streets, singing Siege Heil, under Nazi jack boots
& if not so, then under Bolshevik Red Armies boots!

The whores that Europeans are, everytime they need help, they love
USA, but when USA needs moral support, they chow the finger to USA!
Thank God that USA never needs Jack Shiite from any of these European
Bloody Socialist Whores. USA does not need their military support,
economical support, or political support. They only thing that USA
cares is for them, to @ least support the war against Terrorism,
morally, & the whores that Europeans are, they cannot even do that!

Last year, when I was in Europe, I proudly wore a costume T Shirt
that I got made & on it, there was an AMERICAN FLAG & it said "Blow
Me, I am American!"

I wore this all over there, specially where they hate America most,
like in France! And the big heavy duty son of a bitch that I am
walking with my gang, the puny Socialist bastards would just suffer
giving me & my crew dirty looks & not having any balls to do
something about it! I love controversy, I live for controversy. Every
time I go to Europe, on purpose, I wear Football Jerseys or some kind
of American Flag T shirt to piss these shitsus off! I can hear them
with their socialist intellectual looks, cigarettes in the mouth &
long hair pointing to each other & mumbling "Here comes another
Capitalist Pig" or "another American Red Neck" or "Here comes another
Illiterate Hick Yankee" or so on..... but Do I give a Rats Ass?! Of
course not! And I will do it again next year, this time I wear a
football Jersey of Pittsburgh Steelers & the Steelers Cap backward on
my head too! Anything to piss the European bloody Socialists off!

As far as I care, if Europeans care so much about Palestinian Rights,
give them Versay or Windsor, maybe Koln Dom or Central Berlin, so
they can all come over there with their Rags on the heads, baggy
Pajamas, turbans, Islamic Flip Flops, & toilet pitcher (Aftabeh) &
camp in Moulin Rouge or Picadely!

People critic G. W. Bush on his Axis of Evil speech, when he openly
made a speech for Persian New Year & thanked Persian Americans for
being such powerful force in American Economy & he welcomed people of
Iran's struggle against the Axis of Evil & the Islamic Regime! People
who critic G W, have no bloody clue of American politics & that his
Axis of Evil has nothing to do with the people of Iran, Iraq or N.
Korea! Liberals just like to open the mouth & drop something, no
matter how illiterate, yet they just have to drop something or give
a "Parazit" (Persian).

I do not know, what is the worst:

A God Damn Socialist European Humanitarian, Environmentalist Waco,
Militant Pro Animal rights Activist


A Bloody God Damn X European Socialist who used to live in Europe &
now living in USA as a Neo Democrat Liberal?!?!?!

Thats like a double whammy! A Socialist Liberal Democrat! Praise the
lord o mighty, halle luya!

Gag me with the spoon, choke me with a coke bottle, even make me
French kiss Arafat, but please don't make me sit next to a God Damn
European Socialist who just migrated to America & is about to become
an American Citizen & cannot wait to join the Democratic Party & a
few Pro Animal Rights & Environmentalist groups! You know, the type
that would go all the way against digging Alaska for oil, so we can
rely on our own oil rather than sucking Arab Bone?! The kind who
would rather to save Alaska & the planet for Minks, & Raccoons, but
to let the human beings die out?! The type, that would give the trees
of Alaska the perfect love & care, & not to cut them, but to let us
import wood for double price from some God Damn Canadian Company?!

You know who I am talking about don't you? The type who would rather
to pay a buck ninety-five @ the gas station for Arab oil, but to have
a clean Alaska!

Well, I rather for Allah to send a thunder & lightning from the sky
to hit me in the rectum & shock me stiff, than to sit & listen &
suffer in silence to one of these left over hippies from 60's posing
as the University Official, Dean or maybe the president! Just make me
the personal bitch in a prison full of big boned Negroes, yet do not
make me listen to half an hour of speech from one of these
Educational Liberal X European Bastards!

Hey, all this made me think! Hmmmmmmm, by the way, all these
characteristics are present in my old buddy Pantea from London! and
she is about to become an American Citizen! Oh lord, help me get over
this! I think I run away to Africa for a while, you know, @ least
during the time that she will do the ceremony & the pledge of Legion
to the Star Spangled Banner & the US Flag!

Just kidding, just pulling Pantea's shorts, a bit!

Oki Doki, enough Rhetoric from me, gots to go bye byes.

Evil going under,,,under......under.....way beneath.......

Evil over & out


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The "As Is" Situation of The World

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 22, 2005 2:15 pm

The "As Is" Situation of The World
An Analysis
February 16, 2003

Oldies but Goodies
Old IPC Files

Dear Comrades,

In the beginning I shall state that I am writing this document as an American. My patriotism is for my country where I hold a citizenship & thats United States of America. As an Iranian, there is no conflict of interests between my stands as an American & benefits of Iran. However, I am not a citizen of Iran anymore. 1979 was the last point & period of time that I considered myself an Iranian Citizen. Imperial Iran died on 1979; furthermore, Iran as a civilized nation has died on 1979 & Iran went under occupation of Arabo_Muslem Bastards. I have no ties to Islamic Republic, I do not consider Islamic Republic an Iranian Regime & I do believe that The IRI Regime does not represent Iran. Iran has been under occupation since 1979 & until we free Iran, we can clearly consider Iran good as Dead! Therefore on 1979 I saved my Imperial passport as a souvenir, never traded it in for a new Islamic Rag Passport & refused to be a citizen of Islamic Republic cause it is a disgrace in my book!

In this article I am speaking as:

An American
An Iranian Resistance

What you will read is my personal opinion & has nothing to do with the official stands of IPC Operations or Revolutionary Movement or Iranian Opposition to The Islamic Republic.

My sympathy & allegiance is to United States of America as a patriotic citizen of this nation. I completely believe in what the constitution of United States stands for & what is the mission & role of The United States around the globe. Lets analyze a few facts:

As of last night, Dr. Condoleezza Rice appeared on Fox News & clearly stated that now, we have documented facts & reasons regarding the operations of some of the Al Qaeda's Top Figures from Iran. This will end any doubts that there have been a tie between IRI & Al Qaeda. We have been preaching this for a long time but now its documented.

Another issue is the way that IRI is manipulating the KPBS (American Public Broadcasting) & American Tax Payers money to propagate for Islamic Republic. For instance a few nights ago The IRI missionary to United Nation, Zarif, used Charlie Roses program to preach the IRI agendas & stands as a Nation which is going towards Democracy & a by stander in US-Iraq War for half an hour! This was more like advertisement, not an interview. And this was not the first program on KPBS perverted to benefits of IRI & propagating for IRI.

Lets jump on to the next issue. There is nothing to be afraid of regarding tens of thousands of Anti War Demonstrators in 60 different cities around the globe! There is nothing to be afraid of regarding numerous bands of Liberals, Internationalist Pacifists, Anarchists, Leftists, Environmentalist Wacos, Misfits, Hippies, other wus balls singing Peace Cumbaya Songs, holding hands, Peace Rallies, Anti US Demos, etc. There is no fear in the Whorish Alliance of France, Germany, Belgium. etc. etc. etc.

The fact is that French & German only isolated themselves in Europe! The same way that they are afraid of United States supremacy & control, also the Europeans are afraid of Franco-German Supremacy & Control of European Union! Smaller nations of Europe still remember that they were always crushed between Russia on one side & Germany on other side & they still remember that United States is the only Democratic Savior who protected them then & will do in the future. Nato as a majority is still behind us. Lets look @ some numbers:

70% of Americans are pro War with Iraq as the final resorts & 30% are against it.
75% of Americans are behind The President & 25% are not.
60% of Europeans are against The War as final resorts & 40% are pro War.
81% of Iranians are against IRI & 19% are pro (Internet Sample of Stats)
1/3 of Uk are Anti War & 2/3 are not

France, Germany & Belgium thought that they could lead the European Union into a stand against America. Well, it back fired against them! As of this moment this is the scenario in Europe. These nations are in alliance with United States in case of The War against Iraqi Regime:

United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia & Turkey.

Majority of Nato is against the "Axis of Whores":

France, Germany, Belgium

Majority of Europe is also going against The "Axis of Whores"!

Who said there is the world against United States? Its all nonsense. Opponents to War as always are very organized & make lots of noise. Hollywood Actors, Folk Singers, New York Liberals, Bunch of Hippies, Yuppies, Leftists, Muslim Radicals & other wacos do not represent the 75% of the Americans who stand behind the president.

Gerhard Schroder is a whore who went against USA for votes to win German Election. He got the votes alright! After his election he backed up on all his promises to recover economy, take care of inflation & etc to German people & the only reason that he is still in office is because of his Anti War Stand & Anti US stands. But it backfired on him & the European Union is isolating the "Axis of Whores"!

Jacque Chirac is another Whore. French have been famous for Anti American Rhetoric. If it wasn't because of us (The Americans), all three of these Axis of Whores would have been Soviet Republics of the USSR under Hammer & Sickle & Star!

We are the reason that French have a nation! We rescued them from Nazi Germany & then Communist Russia. Let me ask you something:

How many French man takes to defend Paris?
Non! Because you wont find any men around Paris!
They are all drinking French Wine, nibble on Cheese, Sip on Champaign & Bang each other in Night Clubs! Thats why everytime there is a World War or a Cold War, we have to go there & save their Asses from Russian or German Cocks! Fuck The French. Unappreciated bastards who been always against us & hate our guts & call us Imperialist Pigs, smoke their faggy cigarettes, drink their wines & open their rectum for Eiffel Tower to be shoved up their Ass by Invading Russians or Germans or any other European Thug!

What would be good is for Al Qaeda, Al Hammas, or Khadaffi to blow up Eiffel Tower or level Louvre Museum so Ass Holes like Chirac would get a reality grip on the High & Present Danger which is endangering the civilized world! Then we will see if Chirac still opposes War!

At this point we need to re-adjust & re-evaluate the NATO, the European Union, & the who is our friend & who is our Foe list in the globe!

Schroder goes one step further than Chirac & he clearly states that Germany would even go against any United Nation Resolution deciding on Military Action in case of the Diplomatic failure! He took a lot of criticism from German parliament for saying that! Not that he opposes USA in War, but he opposes a resolution by UN which has not even been accepted by UN yet! Such pacifist whores!

Now, do you really think that Axis of Whores are pacifist & against the war for the sake of Iraqi Citizens & civilians?
Hell no!

France & Germany are the top two trading economic partners with Regimes of

Baasi Republic of Iraq
Islamic Republic of Iran

They are pillaging both nations to the bone. Cheap oil, gas, minerals, resources, goods, etc.
They been selling their junks, equipment, parts, etc to both countries for 20 years.
They never participated in Sanctions against IRI held by USA.
They are selling the hell out of French bull shit crap cars like Renault, Pogue, Citroen, etc to Iran & Iraq.
Hell, no one else would buy them! Do you even see a French car in USA???????????

Many patriots have started to ban French products & goods & I am totally pro this. We do not need to rely on French or German products to live or survive. We have a superior technology in every aspect. They think they don't need us, they think they can start a New Super Power called "European Union" & be the Kings & Lords of Europe, they think they can show the finger to Uncle Sam. The fact is it back fired on them & American Politicians are seriously looking to re analyze & re figure their alliances in NATO & Europe. We need to see who is our true friend & who is our foe! In times of crises, we will truly know that who stands behind or beside us& who stabs us in the back!

UK, Japan, Australia, Italy are there when we don't even need them. They are there to support us militarily when we don't even need them. They are there to support us emotionally when we don't even need them. They are there in general. Blair is taking a lot of heat from his own people & parliament but he will not betray our friendship. I go further than that & call Tony Blair a Hero, man of principles, man of honor & a true gentleman.

We must fight Islamic Fundamentalism to secure the Democracy in the world. We must eliminate the Terrorist Regimes of:

Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Sudan & all these little Shiite Palestinian Terror Groups.

This is our duty to the civilized world. We will start a war, we will win this war, we will occupy Iraq until the provisional government takes over & holds discipline & order. We might stay in Iraq for 2 years but finally a responsible Iraqi regime will govern Iraq. The Iraqi Economy will bloom, sanctions will stop, of course oil will flow reasonably to USA & money will be spent for Iraqi People. Iraqi opposition including Kurds & Shiite & etc will help fight Saddom & Iraq will become a member of the civilized world. United States never occupies a nation & colonialize it to stay! United States is more like a Liberator. Of course United States does many actions for her own benefits, & who doesnt? American benefits is the most important thing. But America will not sacrifice a nation for its own benefits, @ least not now & no more @ this day & age. American Policy has changed since ancient times in Chile & Allende! America looks for the mutual benefits & Global benefits & Security.

We do not need permission from anybody to invade Iraq. We do not need help from anybody to invade Iraq. We do not need permission or help from anybody to take care of the Axis of Evil. Believe me, with or without the help of our allies, Iran will be next.

We do not Chinese or Russian blessings to secure the world & our nation from terrorism of the Islamic Kind, the new enemy to civilization.

The point is Iraqi & Irani opposition are with the program. Iraqi & Irani people are with the program. The part of the opposition who is against US interference is irrelevant & will be more irrelevant.
My question to Iranian opposition is:

If you could remove IRI from the power & establish democracy in Iran, then why haven't you done it during the last 24 years? What makes you think that you can do it in the next 24 years? Can the world risk it's security waiting for Iranian Opposition to remove IRI & Mullahs from the power by Reforms of Khatami or Non Violence of Reza Pahlavi? Can Iranian people wait another 24 years for the Iranian Opposition to remove Mullahs from the power?

This is where majority of Iranian People & opposition, due to the right time will be one voice with United States Government as Liberators & will fight the Islamic Regime hand to hand & in alliance with American Help in any way possible. America will not sit by & let Terrorism rule the globe. Iraqi Baasi Regime is only the second step after Afghanistan. This is only the beginning. IRI will have its turn & it will be for the benefit of American government & people & for the benefit of Iranian People & Opposition.

Now as usual there will be Anti American, Anti War, Anti Imperialism, bla bla bla songs to be performed by a various characters like Reverend Tootoo booboo of South Africa, Jesse Jaksons of the world, Hippies turned yuppies, & other 101 Waco orgs of the world, but does it matter?

Martin Shin can talk to death, Barbara Streisand can bitch to death, Joan Baez can sing to death, Madonna can give away Poon Tang to death & Nation of Islam can rip their Rectums aparts but it will not make a slight difference in the opinion & decisions of the people like:

Dr. Condoleeza Rice, General Collen Powell, Tom Ridge, Donald Rumsfeld, American Patriots, Great American Military, & of course G.W. my main man. This is the Heartland America. This is what America is all about.

Dear Bitching moaning, Conspiracy Theorists, Anarchists, Pacifists, Environmentalist Wacos, Feme Nazis, Bleeding Heart Liberals, Sugar Coating Muslims, Neo Muslims, Militant Commies, etc.

Get used to it:

G.W. is here to stay for two terms & he will be re elected for the second term & specially after the Iraqi Victory & destruction of Baas Regime of Baghdad & who ever will be next, North Korean Kim IL Jerk or Islamic Toilet of Qom.

The rating will grow, the economy will grow, cause a great war will always charge up the economy! Check Supply Side Economics, check The Great Ronald Regan's Theories.

Get used to it liberals:

We (The GOP) will remain in power for Bushes second term & even third term of GOP by whoever that will replace him, who knows, maybe Dr. Condoleeza Rice, the first Black Female Republican ever in office of presidency!

So, suffer & scream in pain & rip your butts apart & bleed liberalism as much as possible in Hollywood or Broadway! GOP is here to stay for three terms, its a long term plan for the United States & The World. Like it or not, this is "The New World Order" & it will work perfectly for Iran, Iraq & United States.

There you go kids, now you can continue your peace rallies, anti war petitions, sugar coating Islam as a religion of peace, Anti American Rhetorics, Yuppie Crap, & bla bla bla. You are irrelevant! The decisions are being made in Washington DC. not in the Grunge Waco Movements of Seattle, Washington. So blast on Nirvana & take another dose of Ecstasy or Dope & Trash the streets of Seattle or New York, cause basically noone cares, no one gives a flying fandango. You are in minority & will remain in Minority for three terms. This is a Democracy & you are voted out!

Reality Check, Ding ding dong Dalang Doloong.........


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