The Delicate Flirtations, Persian Style!

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The Delicate Flirtations, Persian Style!

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 22, 2005 1:37 pm

The Delicate Flirtations, Persian Style!

Dear Inquiring minds:

Let me teach you a new lesson for today!

This is a typical conversation that I carry to someone sexy, that I met for the first time in a public gathering or a reception. But then have in mind that I am very Bold & I speak very traditional Persian! This is one of my many versions of intro!

Example I (most possible scenario): If I behave the way I normally do & she is a surprised/shy girl, then Here it goes:

X: Salam khanoom
(Hello lady)

G: Salam
X: Hale shoma chetore?
(How are you)

G: Merci, khoobam, shoma chetorid?
(Thank you, I'm well, how are you?)
X: Man halam khoob bood, vali hala ke shoma ro didam, halam kheili behtar shod!
(I was feeling good before, but now that I have met you, I feel much better!)

G: .....[A long laugh mixed with an element of unexpected surprise & happiness in the face & eyes!]
[Without wasting a second, for the element of surprise & laughter to disappear, I continue...]
X: Vala rast migam! Shoma cheshmatoon chenan miderakhshe, ke man az oonvare salon madhoosh shodam!
(I swear I speak the truth! Your eyes shines in a way, that they made me fascinated & faint, all the way on the other side of the reception hall!)

G: ........ [Now, the long laugh, turns to an uncontrollable hysterical loud laughter & a bit tears in the eyes. The face is also turning red from shyness!]
[ I continue with the next out of the blue phrase, without letting her to rest, the element of surprise, does it!]
X: Akh! injoori khande nakonin, kheyli tahrik konandas!
( Oh! Please do not laugh like this, it is such a Turn On!)

G:...... [By this moment, she is laughing way too hard that she is practically crying. Her face is also blushing & turning red like a tomato!]
X: In khandas, ya aslahas ke mano bokoshe!?
(Is this a laugh or is it a lethal weapon, to shoot me!?)
[You also have to keep in mind to over exagerate & practice in the mirror about your expressive, facial expressions & hand moves. As you know, Persians, alike Italians, speak with their facial expressions & hand moves.]

X: Eva, qash nakonin! Man fadaye oon khandehatoon sham!
(Oah, please do not faint (from laughter)! I die to see those laughs!)

G:...Oh my God, please kill me......
[@ this point, she is totally disoriented by the elements of surprise, laughter, cry, & my boldness! She is all ready; furthermore, she will be the one who touches me first, leans on me (for laughing so hard!)]
[@ this point I put my arm around her & pull her close.........The rest is history.....]

In Persian they call this, "Hiziye Ba Zerafat"!
Meaning: "Detail Oriented & Delicate Flirtation"!

Mission accomplished


Dear Other ladies,
Do not tell about this to anyone, you will kill my element of surprise! Even though this is just one of my many versions, yet who knows, maybe I meet your girl friend in a reception next week! Do not spoil it for her!

Dear men,
Do not worry, I will not charge you for this one! But keep it to yourselves & practice it next time in The Club X of Orange County or Disco Tehran of Los Angeles, maybe Club Montage of San Diego! But for your next lesson on opening lines, I will ruthlessly charge you up the butt!

Dear Persians of IPC,
As you know, how Persians are, & if you tell one a secret, they act like Associated Press or Radio Iran, & announce the damn thing to the whole world by half an hour; therefore, my expectations of you, are much higher than an average Persian! If I find out about the leakage of this to any other Internet or off the net site & all over Southern California, I swear, this will be the last time I share an Episode of such, with youall (& thats Southern!), got it?

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