CNN's Top 25 Most Sensational People of ...!

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CNN's Top 25 Most Sensational People of ...!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri May 20, 2005 9:43 am

CNN's Top 25 Most Sensational People of ...!


A few days ago accidentally by a twist of finger & twist of faith, my TV tuned in to CNN! I mean for Allah's sake, CNN on TV in my state, Doctor's House of Pleasurful Pain?! Allah forbid! I never read or watch mainstream liberal bias media including all the major American:

Rag Papers such as New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, ..............
Ragazines such as Times, News Week, ......................
TV Stations such as CNN, CBS, ABC, .....................

Then how the Hell my TV got tuned in to CNN? By Camel of Prophet's left ball, it must have been a rare event!

Any how, you know what was on?

CNN's Top 25 most sensational people of all times, according to viewers poll or such............

Guess who were the top 4?

You won't believe it! Not from CNN! But amazing yet true!

Here you go:

4. George W Bush
Do you believe it? God Damn Liberal Viewers of CNN elected W as number 4? Maybe they done that as a Bad mark! He is sensational because he is an idiot & a fraud & a moron & Bush lied, kids died or Bush got elected & Liberal's Candy Jar in Education, Senate, Big Government & etc. got empty & the dough returned to the masses & ................

...........Bush got elected, yet bloody Barbara Streisand is still in America, even though she promised that she will leave on 2000! Or maybe Bush got elected & God Damn Jane Fonda is also here, furthermore, all the cockroaches came out of closet & like Hanoi Jane, writing books & appearing on Larry King, 3 times a week!

By the way, is Larry King still alive?! that old fart is still alive? What a life! Bangin a wife 1/3 his age, having a little kid & still feeding Garbage to the people on CNN! The man looks like Corps, something out of a Dawn of The Dead! I hate that bozo so much that I promised, as soon as he dies, I will give one of my famous massive parties & invite everyone! How long these dinasours like 60 minutes fossils will stay on air? You have to drag them out of the studio with stretchers like Dan Rather! God Damn Liberal Old Farts on bias Liberal Media! Like its not bad enough that we have our own God Damn Iranian Liberal Bozos & Bimbos, yet we have to listen to these Meatballs too!

But amazingly, W was number 4! That was a shock! In whatever ways, love or hate, it was still a shock!

@ number 4, W The Crusader himself! :WK:

3. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
Khomeini was number 3! The 3rd most sensational person of all times! Because as a spiritual leader, he started something on 1979 in Iran which not only Fragged the whole nation of Iran, yet the whole Region of Near East & the Whole World! Khomeini created or @ least Revived the Islamic Fundamentalism in the Globe! Khomeini started the Suicide Bombings, Anti West Hatred & all in the name of Spiritualism! The spiritual leader of global Muslim Terrorists indeed!

Hey boys & girls, aren't you glad that an Iranian's name went in the top 25 list? all the way to number 3? I know you lovse lovse lovse Khomeini, so aren't yous jumpin joy & pissing yourselves now?!

Sisters of Zeynab are now reading this & creaming in their chador over this erection of CNN!!!!!
:chadori: :lachak: :zeynab:
:dancechad: :dancechad: :dancechad:

2. Pop John Paul II
For all the boundary breakings in international arena, going to Synagogues, Mosques, meeting with all global leaders..........bla bla bla........... which I believe its OK. Even though I am a devout Atheist & Alergic to Religion & GOD, yet Hell, John Paul was OK. But for God's sake, he would not just die! He ruled Vatican until the end! They had to wheel him around but still he would not leave the throne! Thats how Holy men are! They won't leave the power until they die! Look @ Khamenei!

1. Ronald Reagan
Now I definitely got choked on this one! CNN elected Ronald Reagan as number one! The most sensational person of all times! What's the deal? I have revived my faith in Liberals! I would not be surprised if this was a Rush Limbaugh Radio Poll from 20 millions of his listeners or even if this was a MSNBC or FOX poll but CNN?!

How come they did not erect Carter :old: as number one? He won the Piss Niple Price in Norway!?

The great Pacifist & Destroyer of Iran, The one & only, Clitorises (Clinton's) Father?!

If Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, then by all means, Liberals must be in the third stage of the disease & the virus must have eaten their brains alive!
So there you go.................even Mentally Challenged Liberals & CNN cannot deny that Ronald Reagan is the most sensational character of all times!
Ronald Reagan,
The Greatest president of United States,
The Great Communicator,
The Destroyer of Communism,
The Master of Supply Side Economics,
The Inventor of Reagonomics,
The Heartland America,
The man o people,
The one & only,
Legendary Reagan..........

Amen to that!


In Great Ronald Reagan's memory, I salute

When Reagan Died, Bald Eagle Cried!

A Prayer
Dear Dark Father @ Under, residing in Depth and Sweet Cosey Warmth of Hell, Dear Dark Lord, please Deliver us from "All" Alchololic (Senator Kennedy), Murderers (Senator Kennedy), Adulterers (Senator Kennedy), Homo Libs (Rep. Barney Fag, Oops sorry Barney Frank), Femme Nazis (Hillary Clitoris), Dick Weed Bozos (Senator KIRi aka Kerry), Sensational Boy Wonders (Dean), Fossil Libs (Carter) and the rest of the Mentaly Challanged, social Engineers, whom are trying to rebuild America in the model & Mirror Image of Euro_Pee_On Onion! Dear Lord O Darkness, please Frag Liberals up the Shiiter (deep & hard) and Deliver America, Free Market, Capitalism, and Land of The Free, from God Damn Liberal socialists!


Go Grand Elephant, Go...........


To The right, Right We go!

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He is soooo much higher...

Postby LOJ » Sat Jun 04, 2005 11:10 am

Figures Bush would be 4th, he wouldn't even cut the top 100 with MOI!

So I guess CNN does know his secret that is why he is so "HIGH" on their list.

Personally my tops would have been:

#4. Lynard Skynard
#3. Tom and Jerry
#1. MOI

I mean seeeeriously why must you go with your favorites or even agree with your favorites by following some nutty people in a magazine that have nothing better to do than to take pics all day of Rice's ugly knees.

I mean where is the individualism here. Since when do we agree or base our decisions on some nuts who are paid by the govt. anyway to write pro-American BS?

I mean lets take Horror pictures for example....and I mean the Horror/Whore pics that don't include Rice and Bush.

If we were to go by Siskel and Ebert or whoever they are now since one died then we wouldn't have watched movies like:
Jeepers Creepers I or II (Personally my favorite).
The Grunge
and we would have watched movies like:

The Ring (which I think personally sucked bigtime, no realistic plot, and stupiddddddddd)

See my poiint, we might watch or read these polls out of entertainment but one should never base or bet on them being correct.

But I suppose you must have someone stable in your life to follow so I won't completely ruin it here for you.

I loved your little synopsis on

But that will take a while, I just got up, I mean it's only 3:07PM....
What do you mean losers only sleep during the sound like some ARMY recruiting office.

Just a little info here for your imagination.....Howard Hughes was a night really need to watch the Aviator...its wonderful.
So is White Noise, another thriller with Michael Keaton.
Luvs ya baby, just too tired at the moment.....
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