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New Eyewitness Reports & Analysis from Iran

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jun 06, 2005 1:13 pm

Latest Eyewitness Reports & Analysis from Iran
a social analysis
June 6, 2005


These analysis are based on 3 different Eyewitness' reports & observations from Iran. In IPC, we report the truth according to our contacts arriving from Iran as eyewitnesses. In IPC, unlike Iranian Exiled Media & So Called Opposition, we do not feed you Bull Shiite for Breakfast! Here you go:

I. The complete nation is basically in state of chaos, meaning there is no Law & Order! This chaos is visible in every aspect of Iranian Lives, Government & Society. The only reason that the Islamic Regime is in power is because of the sheer force. Islamic Republic of Iran is in absolute control of Iran; furthermore, they are in control of every Fundamentalist Islamist Para Militant Movement around the Middle East & Near East. So basically, they have loosen the leeshes of the people inside Iran & are applying less strict Islamic Ordinance inside Iran; however, if a random disturbance occurs, then they will crash it with Steel Claws & Iron Boots!

II. There are no trace of the security forces or police in the major cities of Iran, particularly in Tehran. If a traffic accident happens, people have to go out of their way to find a cop! It seems like the whole society has left on their own to govern themselves! No police, Basij, Sisters of Zeynab, Committee Men, Islamic Ordinance Police or Pasdars are anywhere in site; however, once a minor protest occurs, all the above forces appear from nowhere! IRI does not care to enforce everyday laws of Iran. They have left the cities in state of chaos, because:

a) The people are so fed up with the situation that they are about to explode. A site of security forces will trigger this task.

b) The population, traffic, crime rate, air pollution, unprovided proper facilities, for large cities are in such disastrous situation that even if the regime wants to control the situation, they are unable to do so! Take a look @ these numbers:

Population of Iranian Cities:

Tehran_____12,059,000 Â
Mashhad_____2,926,000 Â
Esfahan______1,598,000 Â
Shiraz_______1,271,000 Â
Karaj________1,090,000 Â
Ahvaz_________830,000 Â
Bandar Abbas___508,000 Â

The numbers have been astronomically developed since 1979, but the services did not equally developed!

c) Economy is in such state of chaos in which people despise further interference of security forces in their daily lives & Security Forces can't afford to appear more in the large cities!

III. Iranian Police Force has lost their old status & prestige @ Imperial Era! They do not have the facilities, funds or numbers. The uniforms look cheap, the stations looks run down & the officers look like Street Cleaners! IRI's priority is not to run the stream of funds & equipment towards the police! IRI heavily supplies Ghods Special Units, Pasdaran, Basij Para Militia, ARF (Anti Riot Forces) section of the police with the goods. The regular police gets no beef!

IV. @ a single site of a protest, demonstration, riot, strike or disturbance in Universities, neighborhoods or Factories, the security forces will appear out of nowhere & crush the disturbance silly!

V. Social Patterns of Iranian Large Cities as far as the dress codes, are in this manner:

a) Islamic Police to enforce Islamic Dress Code, specifically in Tehran, is no where in site! Hejab is worn in other large cities & small towns, but in Tehran, except Government offices & Down Town Districts, women are basically making a mockery of hejab! Young girls are wearing tight Islamic Uniforms so their body parts are showing under the cover! Once they walk, the butt cheeks are bouncing right to left & back! They are wearing scarves, half way falling off their heads from the front & the latest fasion is also to show hair from the back! So they walk with hair showing from front & back & with thin little colorful or plain scarves on the middle of their heads! They leave 6 inches of their ankle naked, pedicure feet, colored toe nail polish, bare feet wearing sandals! It is like a negative resistance to the Islamic Dress Code!

b) Dog eat Dog hot streets, full of pollution & no air, leaves men with no choice but to wear anything they want, even T-Shits & long dress shorts! But in Government facilities & Down Town Districts, men are wearing Maktabi cloths, long sleeved, band colar Islamic style dress shirts, coats, trousers, beard & mustache!

c) You must wear black, head to toe in government buildings. No matter if you work there or a client, you must obey the Islamic dress codes or you will get no where!

d) In many parts of Central Tehran, people wear masks in the streets! The pollution is out of control!

VI. Economy is in state of chaos!

800 Tooman = $1 (Official)
1000 Tooman = $1 (Free Market)

The unit is Rial! This is a joke! Because

1 Tooman = 10 Rials

They need to change the money unit to New Tooman.

New Tooman = 1000 Old Tooman

Same as Mexico, they need to change the currency unit!

Noticeable points:

a) An oiled rich nation like Iran does not have enough Oil Refineries to refine her oils, so they send much oil to places like Libya to be refined & sent back! This causes the price of Gas in Iran to be amazingly going up!

b) Few years ago, you could go to Iran & have the best "Chelo Kabob Sultani" costing 2500 Tooman ($2.50), but now the same Chelo Kabob Sultani costs between 7500 Tooman ($7.50) to 9000 Tooman ($9)! This Chelo Kabob is no where near the Chelo Kabob, you are having in Southern California Persian Restaurants! It has a small quantity, lower quality and lower taste! The best Chelo Kabob in Iran of today, tastes similar to Chelo Kabob available in European Nation's Persian Restaurants, but no where near the quality of Persian Restaurants in LA (Los Angeles) or SD (San Diego) or OC (Orange County) in Southern California aka New Iran!

c) Food is expensive & the quality is low! Certain food is more expensive than the equal Persian brand in southern California! The same food in Tehran (in dollars) is more expensive than its counterpart in California (in dollars)! Why? Because:

Food, produced in Iran, distributes in this manner:

1st Grade Food, including fruits, vegetables, dried food, can goods, other food products, exports to European Nations which are IRI's top trade partners. Iran's top quality food products go to Germany, France, England, etc. Rafsanjani opened a new Gigantic Food Distribution Center/Supermarket in Germany. From this center, Iran's best food products are being wholesale & retail around Germany & Europe. This center is much larger than the one Rafsanji owns in Canada. The one in Canada distributes Iranian Food to Canada & United States! Earlier, when Iran could not directly export to USA, then they would ship to Canada & from there to USA! Today, if you go to Gigantic Iranian Supermarkets of Southern California, you will see all Islamic Republic Products on their shelves! Everything from Nun Sokhari Vitana (Tea Biscuit), Pofak Namaki Minoo (Cheese Puffs), Persian 3 levels of Brown, Black & Gold Caviar from Caspian Sea, Tuna & Shrimp from Persian Gulf, Sohan, Gaz & other Pastry, Bakery, Dried Goods, Candy, etc. from Iran.

Today, you do not have to go to Iran to get your hands on delicacies such as:

Baqlava of Qazvin
Sohan of Qom
Koluche of Lahijan
Reshte Khoshka of Rasht
Poolaki of Esfahan
Lavashake Alu of Tehran
Sweets of Kashan
Olives of Roodbar
Pistachio of Rafsanjan

Just drop by one of the huge Persian Supermarkets in southern California & purchase them!

So Iran's 1st Grade Food Products is being exported to Europe, Canada & certain Arab Nations of Southern Persian Gulf!

2nd Grade Food of Iran is shipped to Tehran & other major Large Cities to either Exclusive markets for the Holy Elite, Hezbollah & Governing Pious Families or displayed @ the Selected Super Markets & Groceries in Top Neighborhoods for consumption of the rich!

3rd Grade Food Products of Iran which is basically low quality Shiite Ala Garbage, which I personally would not touch in a million years, are being fed to rest of Iran!

So basically Rafsanjani Dynasty which happens to own the food distribution industry of Iran, along with 101 other businesses, decides on where the Top Quality Iranian Food products go! This means majority of Iranians are eating Garbage & they call it food! And thats why the quality of Food Products & Restaurant Foods are generally lower than the past.

d) I do not even want to talk about Clothing, Housing & other prices! They are astronomical!

VII. Wages are a joke! $140 to $300 a month is the average wage of a high level government employee! That's why everyone has a first job, a second job & then a side job which is buying & selling cars, appliances, rugs, real estate, etc. College Professors, Air Force Pilots, Government Office Directors, Engineers & other professionals are either working a second job as Taxi Drivers, Sales persons or either deal land, auto, rugs, apartment complexes, or possibly do both! You cannot survive in Iran with only one job! Well, unless you are a Holy Man, Hizbollah Elite and Maktabi.

VIII. Transportation System has collapsed, & Traffic is a nightmare! Tehran Metro (Subway) does not cover the whole town & Buss System is a tragedy! Cabs are not allowed to drive in all areas of Tehran unless they are Special Rental Cabs or Call (phone) Cabs, which depending on the destination can go up to $12 to $14 or more a trip which is expensive for Iran! Tehran's traffic is a Zoo! No Laws & No Regulations & No Police to enforce them in site! Everything goes! 4 lane streets are used as 6 lane roads! Everyone cuts in front others, bangs on others cars, beeps unstop, & manuvers like Military Jeeps! People get stuck in Traffic as much as 1/3 of their lives! Hours & hours of people's lives are wasted in Traffic! Tehran cannot answer & provide smooth traffic for 12 million & adding population!

IX. Presently, there are no house left in Tehran! Everywhere you go, there are tall Buildings & High Rises! No Gardens, no back yards, no front yards, no pasio, no trees, no nothing! Tall Buildings & High Rises only! Everyone has leveled their old houses & built a 6 story to 24 story apartment complex to rent & make money, so they can afford the back breaking economy of Iran!

Everyone lives in apartment complexes! There are huge luxury apartments of 4 or 5 bedroom, all the way to dumps in South Tehran, renting or selling from expensive to astronomical for renters & buyers to enjoy! If you want a house, go way & way out in suburbs cause there are non in Tehran! No Trees, No Greens, No Sign of Life,................ just Tall Buildings & High Rises, built with no building codes, no beauty codes, no harmoney & no logic! It is like a mechanical cement & brick jungle! Welcome to the machine! Narrow Streets & High Rises had turned the landscapes of Tehran & vicinity in a manner that Tehran, Tajrish, Shemiran, Karaj, Mehr Shahr, Rey, etc. are now all connected to one another! All cities & suburbs are connected to one another with no sign of grass & greens in between them!

X. There are more Pizza Parlors, Burger Joints, Sandwich Shops, Kentucky Fried Chickens, Western Fast Food or Restaurants in Tehran than there are in San Diego! But if you want to eat Great Quality Persian Food (Polo Khoresht) or (Different Chelos), good luck finding it! It is very hard to find gourmet Persian Food of the quality, even in Tehran's Top Restaurants! Welcome to Kissing Westerner's Ass & losing our own identity!

XI. Defiance in the streets, banks, taxi cabs, & every aspect of Iranian Lives! People, specifically youth are openly cussing the hell out of Imam, Ayatollahs, Regime & Islam! They are screaming obscene words & arguments & angry profanity or slogans everywhere in Iran. No one cares, no one is stopping them! Everybody is pissed @ the regime & everyone is not too shy to express themselves! Everyone from students, Cab Drivers, Employees, private & government offices clients & customers, even government employees! They complain & cuss the regime calmly in government offices all the way to shouting them out loud in the streets & banks & super markets. Everyone is unhappy & no one is hiding their feelings! But as soon as anyone forms a protest or a riot, then 101 security forces will appear out of nowhere & crush that protest like a cock roach!

XII. In Iran, there are 4 million full time prostitutes, 4 million part time prostitutes, 4 million drug addicts, 4 million drug dealers, 4 million hard core criminals, 4 million embezzlers & con artists, & 4 million petty criminals living amongst the 70 million theives, in a national Islamic Harmony! Its a Moraly Bankrupt, Fabrically Corrupt, Spiritually Trashed, & Culturally Fragged society of corrupt living a harmonious life in a perfectly corrupt Eco System, named Iran! Example:

Lets say you want to sell a land & you need to go for permits & paper work preparations in government offices. As you enter the building door, you must bribe the door man all the way to the Director! Everyone openly puts their hands forward & asks for money! Prices & rates are also known to all!

Door man = 2000 Tooman
Secretary = 5000 Tooman
Admin = 7000 Tooman
Official = 25,000 Tooman

Soon or late, you end up laying down between $500 to $1000 of bribe money, depending on the type of the business which you are having with these people! Selling land, opening a business, getting permits, getting your own old retirements, even opening a new bank account requires bribes!


Also, these days, Iran's main export is not oil, gas, caviar, or rugs! Iran's main export is Prostitutes! We export prostitutes to Little Arab southern Gulf Nations, Middle East, West Asia, Europe, Russia, and United States! Persian Whores, Full time & part time prostitutes, Gay Boys toys, Transsexuals, Child prostitutes, little girls & boys sex slaves are very popular in Rich Arab Nations of Southern Persian Gulf, Turkey & Europe! Thanks to Islamic Economical system of Government, Iran of today is one Large Whorehouse! And then the conservatives blame these victims for selling their bodies! They call them people of low morals! There was even this Islamist Serial Killer who killed 16 hookers & he saw himself as a soldier of Islam! Bazaaris & Hojaj even cheered for him to kill these poor prostitutes!

Islamists, they see the effects but they do not see the cause, which is Islam in itself as a Cancer!

XIII. People lead a Dual Life! One life portrays outside in public & one life comes out inside the house during private parties! Outside they are good Muslem & inside they are Sinners! We do not have a single devout Muslim in Iran who practices religion, but then again everyone is a good Muslim!

Around the administration & government offices or private sector,

All male are called "Haj Aqa"
All female are called "Haj Khanom"

XIV. Before 1979, after 20 years of work, people would retire with full benefits, pensions, retirements, insurance & comfort (one of the few places in the world)! Today, you must work 33 years to retire with a cheesy retirement & a half ass health insurance which you must pay for half the services! Back then, Education, housing for students, scholarships, health insurance, workers health benefits and shopping coupons and 101 other benefits were free & noticable, .................... now the only public plan & free goody which you might find in Iran will be Mullahs pulling down their pajamas & ask you to masasage their schlong for free!

XV. Mullahs are no where in sight & no where to be found in public. In our contact's opinions, because they are afraid to show in public, in Camran's opinion, because they are too arrogant for their social class to appear in public, but in my oppinion, because of both reasons, security & arrogance. Why would Mullahs want to unnecessarily appear in public, without drivers, body guards & pasdars? They have no business participating in daily lives of the streets! They are both, more secure & more comfortable in the Mosques, Seminary Schools, Holy Places & their Mansions!

The only places which you see Mullahs openly running around in public, would be certain Holy neighborhoods of the Holy Towns such as Qom, Mashhad, etc.

XVI. Persian Language of today:

1/4 Arabic Words
1/4 Arabic Rooted Persian Words
1/4 Other Foreign Words
1/4 Persian

Well I guess we are still better off than Spaniards because 1/3 of Spanish Language is consisting of Arabic words!

Lets dissect today's Persian Language:

1/4 Arabic Words

These are absolute Arabic Terms used in today's Arabic same as today's Persian. Such as:

Ahval, A'mal, Atfar, Advar, Matbu'at, Asar, Akhbar, etc.

1/4 Arabic Rooted Persian Words

These are Arab Rooted Persian Terms which Arabs do not understand them because they are Arabic Mutated words, which are mutated by Persians according to their likings! words such as:

Haramzadeh, Khoda Hafez, Emam Zadeh, Ruhiyeh, etc.

1/4 Other Foreign Words

These are French, Turkish, English, Russian & other foreign words used in Persian language such as:

Merci, Television, Agrandisman, Qermez, Samavar, Kurtazh, Internet, Pursantazh, etc.

1/4 Persian

These are old or modern Persian Terms still used in Persian Language. The example would be whatever which is not foreign & still used in Persian Language! Examples:

Dezhban, Zhiyan, Zhulide, Mozhe, Derafsh, Arman, Dorud, Bedrud, Puya, Arya, etc.

Yes, that's true, our language is Arabized, Westernized, & Fragged into an Abomination of whats spoken today!

XVII. Society is definitely industrialized, technologically advanced & moving towards information age. Computers, Netwroks, Hi Tech are wide spread in Government Offices & Private Sector. Industry & Factories are modernized & producing everything from aluminum cans to automobiles & missiles; however, this industrialization & urbanization & modernization is happening without any order, codes, balance or in accordance with any regulations! For example, High rises & tall buildings are poping out everywhere without any respect to the beauty & overview perspective of Tehran's landscape & general view! Unification, Order & Regulations are foreign words to chaotic minds of Iranians!

XVIII. The most popular TV programs are Iranian & Non Iranian TVs coming out of South Persian Gulf Region such as UAE! Majority of Iranians do not set much time watching Iranian TVs from Tehran full of Islamic propaganda & Exiled Iranian TVs from LA, full of boring garbage! The lies in form of news, fabricated in Los Angeles, Washington DC & London distributes to Iran, but only believed by Exiled Iranian Community!

XIX. Rafsanjani through Guardian Council & other Council decides on who shall & who shall not run for elections! Finally there will be a few candidates whom will be Islamically correct to run for elections & then @ last Rafsanjani will win the elections, yet once more! Already there are Rafsanjani's posters all over Iranian street walls! Rafsanjani, as the absolute Owner of his corporation named "Iran", runs Iran as a private corporation of "Iran LTD Corp.", and his family basically runs every industry, exports & trades of Iran. Economically, Iran belongs to Rafsanjani & his line of Moderates/Kar Gozaran. Once Imam dies, then Iran will also politically, belong to him, because he will be the third Imam!

Fa'ezeh (Faheshe) Hashemi Rafsanjani, his daughter who used to be a Parliament Representative & Political Activist, is now a Fasion Expert! She wears Thick Black Hejab in Tehran, but once in Europe & on to her own Botique Fasion chain, she wears thin, sexy Islamic Style of clothing! His son is another story, he is The Corporate Man! Rafsanjani Dynasty of "Hashemi Rafsanjani" has basically replaced the old "Pahlavi" Dynasty!

In his latest TV interview with Western Media:

Reporter: At how much would you estimate your Dynasties Wealth?

Rafsanjani: I am a humble man, I just sold my land in Rafsanjan, cashed it in, so I could buy a new state in Tehran.

Rep: According to the latest list of Top 100 Wealthiest Men in the world, you are in Top 20! How do you respond to that?

Raf: I am a simple man with no fortune!

Rep: According to our research, you have $..... in Cayman Islands Accounts, $..... in Canada accounts, $....... in Switzerland accounts, $......

Raf: Stop right there! I have no money, these accounts are funds belonging to Islam!

Rep: Then how come Islam's money is in your accounts?

Raf: I don't dignify these reports (smiles his famous smile)!

XX. Iran is a great place to visit but no place to live!


Society has been economically, spiritually, socially, & Moraly Corrupt. Every single aspect of Iranian society must be destroyed to the ground & re built from the column up. The complete fabric of the Iranian society is corrupt from the roots!

The last 26 years of enforced Islamic forced Sub Culture, has damaged Iran more than what the last 1400 years of Islamic forced culture could ever do!

The 2nd Arabo_Islamic Invasion_Occupation of Iran (1979 -present) has been 20 times more devastating than the 1st Arabo_Islamic Invasion_Occupation of Iran (651 BC). Why? Because now, they have the Hi Tech, The Media, The Advanced Propaganda, The School Texts, Application & Medai, and many other Modern Methods of Brain Wash to turn Iranians into obedient Muslim slaves.

The Degeneration & Abomination of Iran is 20 to 100 times more powerful & more rapid & more effective than 651 BC.

To revive Iran as I vision, ... ab2a019453

........ we shall destroy everything & rebuild everything from scratch. No other choice possible!


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Postby Liberator » Mon Jun 06, 2005 2:04 pm

To revive Iran as I vision, ........ we shall destroy everything & rebuild everything from scratch. No other choice possible!

Few years ago I would have objected; however today I don't see why not! Dariush predicted it long before us though I think:

"Dobare misazamet vatan......"

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