Fouladvand's Arrogance ends in Terrorism!

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Fouladvand's Arrogance ends in Terrorism!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jun 13, 2005 9:56 am

Fouladvand's Arrogance ends in Terrorism!
June 13, 2005


Reza Pahlavi is an arrogant pacifist who refuses to ask for good advise from the technocrats, professionals & knowledgable activists of the opposition. His arrogance, leads to a type of stupidity which only hurts himself.

Foroud Fouladvand is an arrogant person in the opposite direction as the Reza Pahlavi operates. This wanna be Commando, talks garbage out of his TV in London & declares Jihad on Islamic Republic without having a trained army or militia & without having an internal organization or chain of command to do the war. His arrogance to not ask for help, to not have an organization, to not know what the hell he is doing, leads to a type of stupidity which is leathal to his followers & innocent people of Iran.

Who Truly Gets Hurt?

Reza Pahlavi's stupidity only hurts himself & indirectly hurts the chances of prosperity for people of Iran to gain their freedom, but Fouladvand's stupidity hurts & kills people, innocent people!

Allow me to elaborate. Anjomane Padeshahi is not a political organization. It is only a TV Program that Fouladvand preaches his hateful Anti Islam Lunacy in it. Then there are TV Viewers who watch his lunacy in exile & do random protests in Europe. And then there are TV Viewers who watch his lunacy in Iran! These Iranian Audience are just kids. Little ignorant kids who are fed up with IRI & want to do something about it. These kids watch Fouladvand's lunacy on TV or on Internet or on Video. Then they go make pipe bombs, sometimes they blow themselves or hurt themselves, yet sometimes they go & put these bombs in trash cans in the middle of the streets, busy avenues, near mosques or near offices. The results are that innocent Iranians get killed or get hurt!

Mojahedin do not take responsibility for any of the latest events in Qom, Tehran & Ahwaz. Why you ask? Because they are truly not involved. Mojahedin are a well trained pro armed struggle, Commando & Para Militia organization. Mojahedin & their Military Wing, from top (Maryam Rajavi) to the bottom, a simple commando, know what they are doing. They have been doing what they been doing for decades. Mojahedin do missions & when they do missions, they go blow up police stations, pasdar head quarters, sensitive government buildings, military targets, Hizbollah Party Headquarters & Parliament. Mojahedin use professional explosive material. Mojahedin are not amatures & they do not go blow up trash cans infront of mosques, in the streets & infront of offices in busy avenues! Mojahedin definitly do not use pipe bombs!

Chain of Stupidity

This is the chain of events which leads to tragedies in Iran. Fouladvand opens his mouth full of hatred & arrogance & preaches hatred in his TV. He sits his ass in London to preaches his poison to these stupid kids. Some kids, go & form a play army, consisting of bunch of kids & call themselves commanders & soldiers. Then they go protest in Belgium. But then there are some idiots who live in Iran & they go learn how to build pipe bombs on Internet or from Anjomane Padeshahi. These idiots make these cheap bombs & sometimes hurt themselves but sometimes they go plant them in trash cans in the streets & in wrong places. The results are that innocent people in the streets, near mosques, near gas stations, near offices, get hurt or get killed.

Copy Cats

These kids do not have a clue of what they are doing. Their toy commanders have no clue of what they are doing & Fouladvand definitly has no clue of what the hell he is doing! Afterwards, there are also a bunch of copy cats who copy these kids & Fouladvand! Copy Cats are other stupid kids who follow Anjoman Padeshahi & make pipe bombs or blow up targets & trash cans with other means. Copy cats are young stupid teens who also want to do something against IRI.

So basically Fouladvand preaches his stupidity from London. A few so called Commanders conduct the operations which have no clue about how to do such things. Kids in Exile make some noise in Europe & then kids in Iran hurt themselves & kill & hurt innocent people in cities of Iran. But the worst thing is that then comes the copy cats who also follow Fouladvand's crew & hurt more people! Its like Blind following the Blind!

These days, you can go to Internet & learn how to make Atomic Bomb, set aside Pipe Bomb! Anyone can learn anything on Internet, from Hacking all the way to making Machine Guns, Clock Bombs, Time Bombs, Atomic Bombs & Dirty Bombs. It is easy to go & learn how to make pipe bombs. But this information in the wrong hands (kids) taught & preached by irrisponsible idiots (Fouladvand & his crew) can be leathal.

Terrorism Due to Pure Stupidity

In a civilized society in the west, when you advertise how to make pipe bombs, tell kids to where to go to learn how to make them & then irrisponsibly set them loose in streets of Iran to explode things, kill people & hurt people, then you will be held liable. This is called Terrorism. This is called irrisponsible Terrorism! This is called Ignorant Stupid Terrorism. This is worst than what IRA does in Ireland! @ least IRA are professional Terrorists but Fouladvand, a few Bozos around him & a bunch of kids who are his TV Show fans, have no clue of what the hell they are doing! This is no political party or organization. This is just an old, arrogant hateful fool, talking trash in his TV Show & a bunch of old farts cheer for him & then a bunch of kids watch these shows & follow his teachings. This is all fine & dandy but remember how, while ago, I predicted that eventually kids will get hurt?!

Well now, kids are getting hurt, adults are getting hurt & people are getting killed because of pure stupidity of Fouladvand! Copy Cats are copying his pipe bombs & even in small scales & in few areas of few cities, yet still people are getting hurt. Some kids got hurt making these pipe bombs, but you do not hear about it because the news does not come out in IRI Media or Fouladvand's TV Show! I know for facts some kids got hurt making these pipe bombs. They are either Fans of Fouladvand's show or just Copy Cats who were hyped up by the news! Then, there were innocent Iranians who got hurt & killed in the streets of Iran.

Legal Matters

This is called Terrorism due to pure stupidity. The source of it, is Fouladvand. He started this hype. Responsible Freedom Fighting Organizations of Iran such as Mojahedin, Fedayeen, Organization of Constitutional Monarchists, Sarbedaran, Communist Labor Party of Iran or others, would never in a million years operate this way. I know for facts that no responsible Iranian Political Organization is involved in the recent events.

Recent Events are called Murder, Assault & Terrorism. Kids got hurt, Innocent people got hurt & Citizens got killed. Copy Cats are begining to grow in numbers. TV Fans are begining to play Toy Soldiers. This is called Terrorism of the Most Stupid Kind.

This type of Terrorism, does not hurt Islamic Republic of Iran. This kind of Terrorism only hurts the people of Iran. Terrorism is prosecutable & punishable by the American Law, the Western Law & the International Law.

A Word of Sense to Fouladvand & The Kids around him

This is an advise. This is not a threat, because when I threat people, I take action & Real Incidents end up happening to them. This is only an advise, it is definitly not a friendly advise, because you are no friend of mine, or any decent opposition member, or any true patriot. you are a bitter, old man with a Guru Complex who wants to be somebody, who wants to become famous & get TV Ratings @ the cost of innocent Iranian Lives.

You are a TV Showman. That's all you are, nothing more & nothing less. There are a group of Old Farts & Young Kids who are your TV Fans. They follow you because of deep resentment for Islam & IRI. Anjomane Padeshahi is not a political party or a political organization. Anjomane Padeshahi is a TV Show, a Website & a bunch of kids who call themselves commanders & soldiers.

At the beginning, it was fun & games, but now innocent people are getting hurt & getting killed! Your viewers who are Kids, are committing random acts of terrorism. Copy Cats are following the patherns & they are also committing random acts of Terrorism.

You are no freedom fighter, you have no political organization, you have no structured para militia, you have no military training, you have no internal chain of command, you are not a Resistance Fighter.

You are an old fool with a large head, a stupid arrogant typical empty drum, a know it all Iranian Hypocrite. At first, you were a cheesy TV Showman but now you are killing innocent people! Directly or indirectly, you are responsible for killing people, innocent people.

You are way above your head. You have no clue of what you are doing. You are not a threat to Islamic Republic of Iran. You are a threat to innocent Iranian People. You are a threat to poor Iranian Parents whom their kids either watched your show or copied other kids who watched your show & got hurt blowing their faces up & burning their skin badly. You are a threat to innocent pedestrians walking near Mosques, Government Buildings, Gas Stations, Streets & Busy Avenues & getting hurt ot killed by your kid TV fans or kid copy cats who copy them!

This is called International Terrorism. This is called Terrorism of The Stupid Kind. You are no Freedom Fighter, your efforts are not hurting IRI, but they are hurting innocent Iranians. Iranian Opposition, either Pro Armed Struggle, such as Maryam Rajavi or Pacifist such as Reza Pahlavi, do not recognize you as a Opposition Member.

The Advise

You have crossed the line. Now you are way above your head, you are out of your league & I have predicted that soon or late, this would have happened. Now kids & people are getting hurt. Back off & put an end to your Guru Complex & stupidity. Keep this up & soon or late You & your kid followers can be prosecuted as Terrorists in Western Courts of Law. United States Government disarmed NLA (National Liberation Army) of Mojahedin in Iraq. You & your band of foolish kids are nothing compare to NLA. You can be brought to trial & put into incarceration in a second. All your stupid kid followers & fans can also be held responsible for giving direct or indirect instructions on making leathal explosive devices. You could be put away for long & your Grocery Store (Anjomane Padeshahi) can be never heard from again.

Your stupidity & arrogance is now damaging & hazardeous to innocent Iranians. If you are smart, you will listen to my advise & shape up. Continue your silly so called Jihad on IRI but in reality continue hurting innocent Iranians, & I assure you that soon or late you will have serious problems. Islamic Republic of Iran does not care to hurt you. You are too irrelevant & small to be a threat to IRI. Islamic Republic of Iran never did then & neither does now, officially put you in the Terror List of Hizbollah. Just because some random Hezbo thug threatened your life, it does not mean that IRI wants you dead. IRI does not care if a Mosquito such as you is dead or alive. IRI does not care about you. IRI cares about Real Opposition threats, not a TV Show! You have a over inflated comprehension of your relevance! You are a paranoid, arrogant, old fool with a big head.

You do not need to worry about danger coming from Tehran. But worry about danger coming from Courts of Law in the west. You are walking a Thin line & it called Stupid Terrorism! Go back to your old life & do what you have been doing. Continue your TV Show & get some cheers from Old people & young kids. You are no Resistance Fighter, you are no Militia Commander, you are not even an opposition member. You are only a TV Showman. Go back to your TV life & leave the Struggle for Freedom of Iran, to us, The Iranian Opposition. This is the best logical advise that you will ever get from anyone.

Dr. X
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Postby Chinaski » Mon Jun 13, 2005 10:58 am

Although fouladvand is an educated person, he is a hell of a nervous and bitter humanbeing. Absolutely rude and counter productive. But to shut him down just because of reza pahlavi a person who never did something for iran either but to talk big is not correct. Fouladvands speeches causing terrorism? Give me a break.

He is an old hurt man, dont make him look more important as he realy is.

I realy fear some day one IR killer will stab him in his back and silent him for good.

If you ask me, this guy is not effective and nonimportant but he atleast has the guts to speak loud things many of you guys are still afraid of although you are living in abroad since several decades.

Your Reza pahlavi is also one of those who just talks big without any action. Having a good life in CA based on the money of iranian people had made him to a lazy idiot not having the guts to organize any significant movement.
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Postby Liberator » Mon Jun 13, 2005 11:11 am

Dear Dr X,

I really don't have time to write a long reply because i'm short on time and might not be able to respond to this thread in quite a while. However just wanted to make a quick point.

preaches his hateful Anti Islam Lunacy

WOW! I never thought the day would come when YOU would actually put somebody else down for INFORMING people about the TRUE ISLAM which you SHOCKINGLY classify as "anti islam lunacy"...I'm perplexed... :-? I'm really lost now...

And as for the recent bombings, Anjomane Padeshahi Iran has denied any involvement in them. IRI says that an arab seperatist group has claimed responsibility but then again it could be their own work. I take it that you are well informed about these "kids" you talk of that are part of "AP" (you say) and who hurt themselves whilst making bombs.

Whatever you might think of Mr Fooladvand, I and i'm sure many others are thankful to him for all the islam-exposing programs that he conducts. He knows what he's talking about - at least when it comes to Islam.

Ba Sepaas[/quote]
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Amirza » Wed Jun 15, 2005 9:07 am

The way I see it -
Fooladvand is part of the solution.
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Postby CR » Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:28 pm


The way I see it -
Fooladvand is part of the solution.

The solution is not to directly or indirectly hurt & kill innocent civilians! White washing the crime or not to report it, doesn't make it go away. Anyway you look at it, the phenomena is called Irresponsible terrorism.

These days, everyone who bad mouths Islam is being praised for. Every person who bad mouths Islam is not a Hero. You need to provide results to become a Hero. He should stick with his TV show and stop pretending he is a military commander! We have anough fakes as is, we don't need anymore wanna bees!
A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Postby a-tash » Sat Jun 18, 2005 6:26 pm

well mr. dr. prof. x, keep your advice for yourself and for your own kids, they might need it more. further, don't think you are very smart; your are not and putting snippets from sites on the net dosn't make you any smarter.

just carry on living your AMERICAN WAY of LIFE and stop showing of by debasing people who are truly fighting against barbaric and terrorist regime in our country and who don't wait for the CIA or MI5 to define terrorism for people of a country who have been suffering under terrorism since the invasion of tazis i.e for over 1400 years. in our own country we will do whatever it takes to get rid of this regime: FIST and BULLETS if necessary. we are determined to free this coutry from the malignancy of AKHUND and ISLAM. don't underestimate our power inside the country, i.e don't talk about things you don't know about and have no idea what so ever.

my advice to you is to carry on completing your list of organisations and parties who have done nothing in the past 26 years.

how about a game of chess in 5 rounds to proof that your words are too big for your mouth. would you like to bet that you lose all the 5 games?


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Postby Kaafer » Sun Jun 19, 2005 5:24 pm

Agha Mainyoo - AHSANT BAR SHOMA! =D> =D> =D>
Ye bAgh gol kAshti! You took the words right out of my mouth. It is unfortunate that those dissidents that are simply too disgruntled to think and act with rationale also choose to take roles in addressing Iranians at large. What these silly people fail to recognize is that they are attaching a negative association to reasonable dissidents such as you and I. For undecided Iranian citizens, they are putting the options of Hezbollah versus Fooladvand in their heads. At least the IR tries to be somewhat slick; this Fooladvand character (we may call him Fool for short!) has no filter, whatsoever! He is seen as nothing but a crazy thug by the majority of Iranians. He is unprofessional and does not come across as a man with any credibility. That works against him doubly because anything he does or any ideas he has to express will not be given credence to because of the lack of credibility of the messenger. HE IS UNINTENTIONALLY RIDICULING THE OPPOSITION! The Hezbollahis get to look at us and say, "Well, who's your leader? Fooladvand?! AHAHAH!" ](*,)
Those that fall for his shenanigans are as disgruntled as he and are so gullible and desperate for a leader. There are those like our defensive and excitable friend A-Tash above who cheerlead for Fooladvand because they feel that the only options for Iranians are:

A) Act like a psychotic raving hatemongering fascist-type lunatic and alienate Muslims and those that respect Islam; or

B) Have the CIA or MI5 destroy our country and enslave our people!

What I say to them is this: WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT. We don't need either! The problem with so many Iranians is that they are so quick to settle out of desperation for something that will only drag us further from the greatness that could be ours!

On the one hand, they claim that Iranians have been miserable for the past 26 years and that they do not want this. On the other hand, as Dr. X and I mentioned in the Hashemi forum, they expect it to be reasonable for a dependent and destitute populace to have the strength and will to fight for basic democratic rights. There is a direct contradiction between the two assumptions above. What do they think has kept the people from any serious effective uprisings for the past 26 years? I'll offer a hint: it's not because they love oppressive rule! Think about it!

Ideological propaganda will not solve anything for Iran. One has simply to read Chapter 6 of Mein Kampf to learn a lesson from history instead of waiting for experience to serve as eyeglasses to make one's vision 20/20 when one needs simply to remove the blindfold from one's eyes!

There is a fine line between love and hatred. If one gets on the wrong side of the line, however, failure is guaranteed. Mr. Fool will not get anywhere running a campaign of hatred. If he wishes to expose aspects of Islam that the populace at large probably are unaware of, that is great. If he takes the role of mentally unstable hatemonger (as he has chosen to do!), before rethinking Islam, he will be judged as somebody motivated by hatred - and that is the top red flag for any reasonable person.
Agar bekhAi madAdeh nono, cheshmhAyeh to mizaneh dodo
-Ancient Persian Proverb
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Postby Bita K » Sun Jun 19, 2005 9:09 pm

Listen aatash or atash character :D

Mr. Fool_advand or psychos who support him have lost the backing of any substantial opposition group or member because of their ignorant arronant big heads. Who the hell is Mr. Fool_advand & his little Barby & Ken wanna be soldier Dolls to trash talk about different opposition groups?

What the hell is Anjomane Padeshani? Hello Hello, Monarchy died 26 years ago, havent you heard? Whose the new Shah? Mr. Fool? What a bunch of jokers. You have a few years of a Television program as your resume & you become a Commando General! That idiot Mr. Fool is a Psycho Mental Basket. Hitler & Mussolini used to preach the same trash in their propaganda.

A bunch of Oghdei, little boys & girls with a black uniform & stupid white hats decorated with farvahar, running like psychos in streets of Brussels, carrying Derafsh Kaviani, assuming they make a difference by taking some pictures & posting it in their site! What are you trying to do? You can't take Iran back a 1400 years to Sassani period.

Face some facts little atash:
Majority of Iranians are Muslim.
Islamic Republic will stay in power most surely & likely until you die.
Rafsanjani will make a deal with west to stop the nukes, open up Iran, control the conservatives, & at least for the show, he will go towards democracy & empowering economy.
Whose to stop him? Mr. Fool & Piss Ant Kids like you?
You idiots don't have enough sense to not alienate the Iranian Opposition!
You think Iranian Opposition groups have done nothing for 26 years?
You & Mr. Fool were sucking on lolly pop, when Comrade Asharaf Dehghani,, Sazemane Cherikhaye Fedayee Khalqe Iran & our comrades where fighting a Commando Battle in Kordestan, Kermanshah, West Azarbaijan and Tehran.
Its not only us, but the same goes for NCRI, Mojahedin Khalq, Hezbe Komoniste Kargari, Komalah, & other groups.
So you say you reject all of the opposition groups even Monarchists?
How about Monarchist groups who fought & are fighting the regime now?
Do you reject your own Monarchist CPI, Sazemane Mashrooteh Khahan or Jebhe Etehade Melli?
Even your own kind, the Monarchists don't give Mr. Fool & idiots around him a time of a day!
No one gives Mr. Fool & The Black Shirts around him time of a day, even your Reza Pahlavi.

You are a bunch of psychos. I seen your type in Brussels, Copenhage & Berlin. You are children, over grown children who stopped watching Tom & Jerry, & now you watch Mr. Fool_advand. Do you Fools really assume that a bunch of children in Black Shirts and white hats plus their internal organization consisting of couple of children with pipe bombs can even hurt a single Molah? You are cockroaches in dream land. You assume & make an ASS of yourselves. LOL LMAO :rofl:

Your Drug Addict leader, Mr. Fool at 4 feet 8 inches tall, can be blown away on tree top, by a single fart of a Molah like Kahroobi. No one including opposition or Hezbos gives a crap about Fuhrer Fool, wanna be General Manghali Bangi & little Black Shirts Fascist children running in London or Brussels.

Dr. X is far away from ideology of the Left, but during his political life of 26 years & IPC of 5 years, he has learned one thing if not any. He learned to cooporate with every active political organization of opposition from any ideology. Thats how activists from far left such as Kordestani Komalah comrades & Cherikhaye Fedayee respect him & trust him. The same can be told about far right Monarchist groups of all types. They listen to him, ask him for advise & respect him. He is neither a communist or a Monarchist but works with both. Thats politics & thats mentality of a sensible man. Your Mr. Fool does vise versa! He alienated everyone. No one cares what he has to say or do. No one takes him seriously. For sure, no one asks him for advise. You idiots are bunch of dumb ass children in Black Shirts playing Nazi Germany games & Saluting Mr. Fool as your Fuhrer.

What do you children know about opposition struggle? Suck on passifiers. Your leader is a Drug Addict in his garage recording stupid Television programs for idiots like you. Do you know who is a real Commando Leader fighting for 30 years? Try Comrade Ashraf Dehghani.

Maryam Rajavi has more background experience & provided more results than 100 of your Mr. Fool types & their Television programs.

Boro kashketo besav. No one buys your stupid fantasies. Islamic Republic is here to stay, deal with it. Do you want to fight it? The way to fight it, is not to alienate the whole opposition. If you & your Fool leader had any intelligence, they would understand this fact.

Marxist Independent Fedayian are Atheists believe in dialectical materialism.
Dr. Matin Daftari and Democtarive Front are Social Democratic.
Anjomane Daneshjoyan va Daneshpazhoohane Iran are Republicans.

They have nothing in common with believers in Islam like Mojahedin, but they have something, your stupid Fool leader don't. They have politics & they know its best for them to join NCRI & cooperate with Mojahedin.

Comrade Ashraf Dehghani

and IPFG (The Iranian People's Fedaee Guerrilas)

Comrade Dehghani and Fedaee Guerrilas aren't a part of NCRI & don't nominate Maryam Rajavi as president elect, but they have enough sense to communicate with NCRI, keep open relation with NCRI & every other sensible progressive opposition group of Iran who respects them & works with them.

I give you a hint:

Someone like me who supports Comrade Dehghani & IPFG, someone like a Republican, a Social Democrat, even a Monarchist can communicate & work with someone like Dr. X.

But how can any of us communicate or work with a psycho Infant, Sociopath, Delusional Drug Addict such as Fool_advand who is too stupid to admit Iranians are Muslim, Islamic Republic is here to stay & you can't take Iran back 1400 years to Derafsh Kaviani & Sassani time.

You children need to take a reality pill, chill & stop listening to Mr. Fool's Hate Show. you are children. You aren't commandos. Your leader is a Drug Addict. You are a joke. I met a couple of you in Europe & then when Mr. Fool asked for Iranians to join his shceduled protest in California, no one bothered to listen to the Fool. When I went back home & wrote a paper on my experience with some of you day dreamers. Fellow Scholars at UCLA laughed at me. I asked them why? They told me: Don't you know thats the reason no one went to his call for protest. No one takes this joker seriously. Only desperate Fools take this psycho seriously.

How can they take him seriously, when he bashes the whole opposition? Who the hell is Mr. Fool & his Black Shirts to bash the opposition? Get a clue child. Go suck on a lolly pop & watch your Fuhrer on Television, shout: Down with Islam & raise Derafsh Kaviani. You are idiots out of touch with reality of today's Iran & the way Iranians live in Iran. Travel to Iran this summer & ask Iranians what they think of you guys? I did travel to Iran & let me tell you, it is a world far from what you idiots believe it is! You guys make me laugh. Mr. Fool & his Army of Fools are a little joke of few hundred loosers in Europe, playing War Games with their Remote TV changer. LOL

Thorough my talks with you guys, I learned that you children are a bunch of illiterate, ignorant, untrainable, dumb ass misfits with no brain of your own. Bunch of "Dahan Bin" with no personal identity of their own who must look up to a psycho as a teacher! You don't know your history except what Mr. Fool teaches you in his TV. Bunch of loosers wanna be Army. You guys make me laugh. LOOOOOOOOL

Mr. Fool & you children in Black Shirts are not opposition. You are psychos who belong in the Assylum. Why you still run the streets in Europe? Beats me! They should put you away before you hurt more civilians in Tehran going to shop grocery.

Learn to respect your elders such as Dr. X who do as they say & sacrificed for opposition, taught & trained many students in universities. If you only joined one of his classes, you would not talk like this. He earned the respect of different fronts of this opposition. His careless to respond to idiots like you or your kid brothers. When years ago, IPC was operating in & out of Iran, your Mr. Fool was smoking Bang & Hash in London. Get a life children. Listen to Kaafer, he sounds very wise. I wanted to ask you to bring your Bozorgtar to debate here, but then I remembered that your Bozorgtar is a psycho addict living in London! LOL :rofl:

No Tolerance & No Regards for Idiots ](*,)

No society without a "Socialist Foundation Base",
will function, prosper and last for long!
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Postby iranazadbad » Sun Jun 19, 2005 9:46 pm

It is amazing that you marginalize Fooladvand as fool.. but post a statement of crap such as "society without a "Socialist Foundation Base",
will function, prosper and last for long! "
The socialism is dead. It was an elitist idea born in a alite class that was unable to apprecite its own success. Marx, Engles, Lennin.. all these son of bitches were very well off. The workers in the worker paradise of USSR got fucked a lot more than during tzar. So, take your socialism bullshit and shove it.
It always impressed me that so many of the so called leftist sob's in Iran talked about workers rights. Why wouldn't some of these (very well off folks) get together start companies and share all the profits equally with their workers. Fucking a bunch of hypocrites.
Fooladvand may be a fool, but he atleast talks on principle with some emotions. I may not agree with the guy, but I have more respect for him than any socialist shit.
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Postby azadeh » Mon Jun 20, 2005 4:08 am

Fooladvand may be a fool, but he atleast talks on principle with some emotions. I may not agree with the guy, but I have more respect for him than any socialist shit.

Fouladvand says free housing and education for the poor. But none of that other socialist crap! \:D/
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Postby Qambujiye » Mon Jun 20, 2005 9:53 am


Why are we setting aside so much time discussing a small maniac & his delusions? Don't you think by assigning so many topics, so much time & so many discussions to & about him in IPC, we are glorifying him & giving him so much publicity? This publicity, positive or negative is very beneficial for him & his small Television show. This publicity enlarges this lunatic's head, far more than the present size, so I ask again, why are we giving so much publicity to this lunatic? Don't we have any other topic to discuss?


Freedom doesn't come cheap,
Freedom comes with Blood.
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Postby IPC » Mon Jun 20, 2005 6:15 pm

Announcement to Anjoman Padeshahi
June 20, 2005

To Anjoman Padeshahi:

Only if your logic would have superceded your arrogance and you would have listened to our advise, you would have saved yourselves the recent heartaches and headaches!

After the recent arrest of Dr. Froud Fouladvand and dismantlement of his Television Program, Internet Website and Headquarters in London, we are giving the same advise to the present operators of Anjoman Padeshahi Television Program in California:

Dr. Froud Fouladvand
Ms. Pari Saffari
Mr. Fa’al
Everyone else associating with Anjoman Padeshahi

Please "Broadcast" your Television program from America or England. You are only Television Broadcasters. You are not Resistant Fighters. Your efforts for so called Armed Struggle, resulted in Death and Injury of Innocent Iranian Citizens. You are not hurting the Islamic Republic of Iran, but you are hurting innocent Iranian civilians. This is Terrorism by the reason of stupidity.

We wish that you have learned from the latest arrests, search and confiscations of Dr. Froud Fouladvand, other members of Anjoman Padeshahi and their documents in London. Seize all your Ignorant Terrorist activities against people of Iran because unlike British Scottland Yard, the United States Department of Homeland Security does not treat International Terrorists as kindly!

Once the charges will be brought up, in the American or International Courts of Law, claiming "Ignorance" will not work. Terrorism by the reason of Stupidity is still Terrorism. You will not be excused for murder.

Review of the Recent Events

1. Primarily, we offered you our advise and you refused it.

2. Dr. X had predicted that your arrogance combined with lack of experience and knowledge about Political Struggle and Armed Struggle would result in putting the lives of civilians in harms way and it happened.

3. Dr. X had predicted that if you do not immediately seize all your ignorant terrorist actions resulting in harms of Iranian Civilians, you would have massive legal issues in the west (London), and it happened.

4. Now, we are once again informing you that if you do not immediately seize all your propagation of terrorism, instruction of terrorism and accommodation or participation in terrorist activities via your new California Based Television Show, then surely you will have massive upcoming legal issues, this time with United States Department of Homeland Security on your hands. Your Iranian American Television Broadcasters must be fully aware of these ramifications.

Another Good Advise

Continue your Television Broadcast as showmen and showgirls. Leave the Freedom of Iran, in the hands of professional Opposition Organizations of Iran. You are out of your league and you have crossed the thin line between Freedom Fighting and International Terrorism. Listen to our advise and save yourselves the future legal problems in United States of America. This is the second time, we are giving you the best advise which anyone could have given you. Only if you had the wisdom to listen!

IPC Office
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Postby iranazadbad » Mon Jun 20, 2005 7:13 pm

"Continue your Television Broadcast as showmen and showgirls. Leave the Freedom of Iran, in the hands of professional Opposition Organizations of Iran. ..."

I couldn't laugh louder. Who the heck are true professional opposition!!. And, what the fuck does that really mean? Let me see, an organizatopn with leadership that is envolved in what ... eating Kabab, chasing horis and complaining their ass off.
Give these guys a break for goodness sake. This is called a crap shoot, it may work it may not. We will never know till it is tried.
Given all the current professional Oppostions, I would take the KIRI anytime. Atleast, KIRI's have balls and no question in their mind as to what needs to be done to stay in power. Fooladvand folks seems to be learning the same thing.
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Postby IPC » Tue Jun 21, 2005 6:44 am

A Letter from Dr. Ali Sina
Great Iranian Scholar and publisher of

Subject: Re: Fouladvand's Arrogance ends in Terrorism!
Date: 6/13/2005 11:26:18 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: faithfreedom3@--------

Dear Dr. X,

You are absolutely right about Mr. Fouladvand. He is a dangerous nutcase.

It is good that he is unveiling the Quran and making people see the stupidity of that book of terror and violence, but that does not justify him to pretend to be a political leader. This man is a pathological narcissist like Muhammad. He is using patriotism to rally support around his own person. He is creating a personality cult in which he is the soul and the heart. People are desperate to get rid of the Mullahs and this self centered megalomaniac loony is taking advantage of that and is asking them to kill innocent people and burn their cars so he can go an become their king.

I sometimes watch his comic shows to get a better understanding of narcissism. In order to understand Muhammad and what ticked him I have studied Narcissistic Personality Disorder extensively. The first time I saw this man, I realized he is a pathological narcissist. He is not a fool. He simply lacks conscience. He gives a damn about the people but tries to use them for his own gain and power. Fools are those who follow him and call him leader. It amazes me to see how apparently educated people let themselves to be fooled by a narcissist. This is what happened with Hitler. Hitler himself was a smart man; in fact he was very talented. His supporters were also educated people. Yet they let themselves to be fooled by him.

The Iran that he is envisioning is an Iran where he is the dictator and all those who disagree with him are either jailed or executed. He brags that in his television he does not allow “the enemyâ€
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Postby IPC » Tue Jun 21, 2005 6:47 am

Respond to Dr. Ali Sina
by Catayoun Razmjou (IPC WebMistress)

Subject: Re: Fouladvand's Arrogance ends in Terrorism!
Date: 6/21/2005 7:09:00 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
To: faithfreedom3@------------

Dr. Ali Sina:
Dr. X is not available, so we are going to respond to your E-mail.
It is an honor to respond to your E-mail. Unfortunately even the most educated people of our nation, due to desperation, fall for Little Fascist Thugs such as Fouladvand and his crew.
We also disagree with some extreme Right Wing Monarchists such as Aryo Pirouznia and his crowd wanting to block people to vote in Iranian Election. Naturally there were fights and injuries occurred and security sprayed them with pepper spray and they went to hospital.
Even though we disagree with the fundamental of this sham election, but we also believe that it is Iranian citizen's rights to vote if they want to do such.
The problem with people like Fouladvand is that they are fighting a Dictatorial Regime of the extreme Arabo_Islamic type, to bring to power, another Dictatorship with no tolerance, of the Extreme Ultra Nationalist Persian kind.
The problem with people like Pirouznia, is that they want to shove their opinion in the throats of Iranians. If you do not believe in this election, then you have the right to disagree, but when you go to the polls and start agitating and bad mouthing every single Iranian who comes to vote, then these Iranians will start thinking, maybe Islamists are more tolerant to live with than these maniac Anti Islam crowd.
People like Fouladvand and Pirouznia and other Extremists are negative propaganda for the opposition.
People of Iran are fed up with thugs, may them be Islamists like Hizbollah, Ultra Fascists like Fouladvand, or pushy forceful Radical Monarchists like Pirouznia.
Dear Dr. Sina, soon the new website will start it's operation and ahead of time, we are informing you that there will be a new "Interview" section. You will be one of our first candidates for interview. We will try to interview the brightest personalities of Iran to educate our people.
With your permission, we will post this dialogue under the same thread in IPC Club.
We appreciate your wise and fruitful comments. As always, it is our pleasure to have the opportunity of having a dialogue with you. Your words are much enlightening.
Catayoun Razmjou
IPC WebMistress
IPC Office
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