Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize)!

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Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize)!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:02 pm

Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize)!
All you need to know about PNP
March 1, 2006

:firedvl: Hello Kiddies!
Hee Hee Hee How How Howl Hoooooowl Howling ........ :wolf:
Hello Boils and Ghouls! How are yous?! :devbrowed:
C'mon Kiddies, gather around Poppa Ahreeman!
C'mon, gather around the Korsi, under the Lahaf-e Mullah,
(Persian Style of story telling, similar to gathering around the Fire in the camp,
with the difference that this one occurs under the Persian Blanket!!!)
Let's get all cuddly & cozy & lets all get ready for,
Poppa Ahreeman to tell you a story! :-$
Now you are wondering what today's story will be?
:question: :chilling: :question: :chilling: :question: :chilling: :question:
Our today's story will be about:
"All you need to know about PNP"
Poppa will tell yous all about it!

People often ask me many questions ........................

Q & A

:student: Who grants the Piss Nipple Price?
:firedvl: Bunch of Old Fart Euro-Pee-On Socialist Liberals sit around in Norway or such and decide what Bozo or what Bimbo is the most pacifist humanitarian (Human Antari-An) person worthy of receiving it!

:student: What is Piss Nipple Price?
:firedvl: A trophy worth o Shiite, yet worth glory in "In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All" community!

:student: Who are some of the greats who won Piss Nipple Price in the past and why had they won it?

:firedvl: Let me tell yous all abouts it .............

Jimmy Carter aka Jimbo Hambone Carter:
* Betrayal of Great American Alliance, Shah of Iran

* Betrayal of Iran & Iranians

* Loss of a great American Ally, the Imperial Iran

* Loss of Panama Canal

* Creation of the famous Bang O Salavat noise, also known as "The Human Rights Bologna", which caused the disgraceful, defeatist, disastrous American policies around the globe, which in return caused the global weakness and decline of the US Foreign policy!

* Creation of a tradition for American Allies to not trust America, thus America betrayed her great Ally, the Imperial Iran, in times of need.

* Creation of the Fragged Up economy, hi inflation, & hi price of oil, etc. as a direct result of creation of the "Green Belt" (Islamic Belt) around the "Soviet Onion" (Communism)! First step, creation of the Neo Islamist Fundamentalism & KIR (Khomeini's Islamic Republic) also Taliban, which ultimately, both backfired in America's face, thus Islam had replaced Communism, & Islam became the Neo Enemy!

* That disgraceful rescue attempt of hostages, which furthermore shattered the Great American Armed Forces' Myth, in eyes of the world!

* Being a Great Liberal Democrat, meaning: Fragging American Economy, Foreign Policy, Global Status & indeed Fragging Iran & Iranians.

Yasser Arafat aka Yes-Sir $ Arab Boy:
* Slushing (pocketing) all US & Western funds in his private accounts & not spending a dime for the Palestinian people!

* Special blend of Arab Corruption, which only Arafat could produce! As the result, he died & left enough cash in the banks (Cayman Islands, Swiss, etc.) for his wife & mistresses & 4 generations after him to live in luxury! @ the same time, Palestinian children are eating dirt in Ramalah!

* A legacy of Terrorism & murder via creation of PLO, Al Fatah, Al Aqsa, other Bull Shiite Orgs.

* Help bringing Islamic Republic of Iran into power via a great number of Palestinian Trainers & Commandos participating in armed battles against the Imperial forces & later on becoming assassins, anti riot police, Ghods Units of Sepah Pasdaran (Islamic Revolutionary Guards) & etc. for Islamic Republic of Iran!

* Dancing that famous dance, "The Victory Dance", in Tehran, in front of Khomeini, after the establishment of IRI.

* Kissing that famous kiss from Khomeni's lips & cheekies in the Islamic victory party!

* Receiving great amounts of $$$ from IRI to support his Terrorist Organization, as his rewards for helping the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran as the starting point for the revival of the Neo Global enemy aka Islam!

* Practically bending over the Palestinian people & Frag them up the Shiiter also Mass Murdering the innocent Israeli citizens!

Shirin Ebadi aka Shashid Ezafi:
* Believing in the myth of possible reforms under the framework of Islam in Iran!

* Believing in the myth of possible creation of an "Islamic Democracy" in Iran (Contradiction in Contradiction)!

* Putting out an Activist Pacifist, Human Rights Advocate, outlook for the world, while playing opportunist games with Moderate (Miyane-ro) faction of Mullahs, specifically Rafsanjani, for personal power gains!

* Putting out a Virgin Mary face for the globe, while spreading her legs like a two-bit French Whore in heat in Qom for Ayat-e Ozama!

* Singing Human Rights Songs in Oslo and Geneve, yet ignoring & reciting Quran, loudly, while listening to screams of political prisoners being tortured in Islamic Jails!

* Being a typical "Persian Poon Tang", using global recognition for personal fame, funds & gains.

* Flirtations with Islamic Republic officials, thus afterall, she believes in the constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran! Typical Reformist indeed!

* Being an Opportunist Old Whore peddling her Ass for social positions, while hanging a Framed University Degree & a Framed Peace Certificate, on her office wall, Eye_Rainian Style!

* Dreaming & Preparing herself to be Erected, appointed & assigned by Ayat-e Ozam & Imam as the next president of Miran!

* Acting as the Female version of Khatami, aka Khatami without the shambool!

* * * * * *

:firedvl: Kiddies:

@ last, we come to the end of our story! Of course I can continue on about other Greats who won the Piss Nipple Price, but I doubt if your little young stomachs can take anymore! So I shall stop it right here & right now!

:firedvl: Now sing along:
:-: :chilling: :Guitarclassic: :chilling: :-:
Oki Doki, Doopsi Doo,
Catch the Mullah, by the toe,
If he screams, pull some more,
If he likes it, shove some more!

:firedvl: Hee Hee Hee Yeeeeeeeees me darlings ...............

:student: Now what have we learned from today's story & lesson?
:firedvl: What have we learned? The Moral of the story is that if you grow up to become a "Fat Juicy Leech" or a "Human Stain", then Norwegians will give yous a fine:
Piss Nipple Price!

:firedvl: My dear little kiddies, now you can get out from under the blanket & go play Ye-Qol Do-Qol, Arshimalalan with your Shambool or Nanaz, & if you are in Iran, you can go & play the famous Sadistic game of:
"Pasdars & Political Prisoners" which is the Iranian version of the "Cowboys & Indians"!

Hee Hee Hee How How Howl Hoooooooooooowl Howling ............:wolf:
Poppa Ahreeman gots to go, I'll see ya next month, same night, under the same Lahaf -Korsi,
Now kiss Poppa Ahreeman's cheekies & run around play Joftak Chargush!
Bye Bye, Vay Vay! :swave:

Gorg Ali dar Qorbat
(Gorg Ali, The Exiled Wolf)
Watcher in the woods
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Noble Piss Prize

Postby Amir » Sat Apr 15, 2006 4:40 pm

That’s a good name for it. I’ve been calling it the Noble Piss Prize for a while myself.

It’s the Noble Piss Prize because anyone who pisses on the world gets to feel noble via this prize.

Four people turned it into the Noble Piss Prize:

Yes-sir Ara-fart: the pissing terrorist that pissed all over the Israelis, Palestinians, and Iranians. May he rest in piss.

Koof-te An-ann: the impotent poodle-haired pisser of the UN, and the grand pisser of the corrupt piss-for-oil program

Dhimmy Car-ter: the pissing president that pissed all over Iran, America, and himself. He is like a pissed off bad dream that won't go away. He is still pissing on the world by kissing the Taazi asses that piss on him and America. From pissing-peanut-picker to pissing-pansy-president.

She-reed-in Be-badi (translation: the shit hit the fan): the piss for face would-be pissing attorney, who pissed all over her clients just to accept this noble piss prize, pissed all over her nationality by identifying herself as “a moslem woman,â€
I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

Naqshe Rostam
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Postby Varyag » Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:55 am

Old Alfred's Peace Price is not held in the high regard it once was here in Norway either.

But, you see, you guys have completely misunderstood the whole concept of the Nobel Peace Price. It's not about who get's the price, but about how to land as many fat jobs in the UN for retiring Norwegian politicians as possible. Who cares who gets the price? The important issue is to keep the UN happy.
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