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Why Change Persian Alphabet from Tazi to Latin?
Ahreeman X
Revised: December 21, 2006 = 2565 Shahanshahi



Before I begin, I want you to distribute this article globally on and off the Internet. E-mail it to All, post it in every forum you know (inside and outside Iran) and print it as flyers and distribute it in universities (inside and outside Iran). I want you to spread the word. I am holding you responsible to do your part to save our culture, language and font and clean them all from Arabtoxication, Islamization and Tazi Nonsense. You must decide to make a stand now and not tomorrow. Fight for Persianhood now or tomorrow Iran will become another Arab Nation like Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon and Syria. Look at Iraq! 1400 years ago it was Satrape (State) of Mesopotamia the central heart of Persian Empire. Our Capital "Ctesiphone", the most glorious city in the globe and the envy of the world was there. Where is Ctesiphone today? It is a pile of rubble near Baghdad now! Omar, Ali, Hassan, Hussein and other Tazi Hounds pillaged it, raped it and then burned it to the ground! This is exactly the same thing that Arabo_Muslim done to our culture! What happened to Iraq? Now they are another Arab nation!

Do your part and spread the word.

You are Persians, you have a rich 8000 years old culture, then why are you licking the Semi-Savage Arabo_Islamic residue? Ask yourselves: Are you Persians or are you degenerates? If you do not revive Mother Persia now, then you are good as Dead! Educate yourselves now, because Islamic Republic of Iran will not! Self Educate yourselves:

8000 Years of Iranian History

Get Islam and Arab (Tazi) Sub-Culture along with AIOG (Arabo_Islamic Occupational Government) of IRI out of Iran now and dump them back to Saudi Arabia where they came from. Get rid of Arabtoxication and Islam now because tomorrow will be too late.

Decide now:

Iran or Islam?

Are you Iranian or Muslim?

You can't be both! Make up your mind now? Tomorrow is too late!

Lately I have been having a related dialogue on this subject with various comrades such as LOP, Cat, Mandana and a few others. But before I discuss the font, I would like to remind you on why we should use the Iranian Shahanshahi Calendar (PIY) than the Arabic Calendar (Shamsi or Qamari):

Why use Persian Imperial Year (PIY) Calendar?

Why Persian Latin Font?

Now, let me explain to you, why it is necessary to change the alphabet to Latin. First take a look at this:

IPC Standard for Persian Latin Alphabet

Above, is the most practical and logical form of transformation of Persian to Latin Font. There are other proposals around the net but this one brings out the shortest form of letters for each sound, covers all letters and sounds and it's more comprehensible. Now have in mind that I am not here to persuade you to follow this format. Eventually in the future of Iran, once we eliminate the Islamic Regime, we can all debate or put it for voting amongst the linguists, scholars and experts for revision or acceptation. The time to decide that this will be the final version, is not now, there will be a council of Experts to decide on the final version and form of each letter of the alphabet, and no, we will not put it for referendum nationwide! I know, there is a great hype on referendum these days, but I strongly believe, we shall educate our people first and next let them vote in a referendum. Remember what happened when last, Iranians held a referendum (1979)?! Fraud or No Fraud, I do not want to talk about the past, but our masses need Education, not Referendum!

Alphabet will change and must change, the only question is that in the future of Iran, will you accept the IPC Format or will you revise it? What I am telling you is that:

The "IPC Standard for Persian in Latin Alphabet" is the most logical, comprehendible, practical and simple form existing today.

Now, you are probably asking me that why you should change the alphabet? I shall give you the reasons now:

Why change Persian Alphabet from Tazi to Latin?

I. Incompatibility of the Tazi Font to Persian Language

Our alphabet was originally a non-Tazi (non-Arabic) form of an alphabet. Arabic Fonts do not satisfy our needs. We do not have all these Arabic sounds and existence of these sounds in our alphabet are useless. We force our children to learn extra sounds which we do not need to learn or use. We are intending to get rid of many of these useless sounds, Arabic Terms and words which are not being used; they are unpopular and baseless, so we will have no need for their sounds. On the other hand, we have Persian sounds that Arabs do not use, we must emphasize on them. Today, we have many unpopular Arabic Words in Persian that no one uses, so why keep them? Why keep the sounds for them?

Useless Sounds in Tazi Font

Arabs have many forms of the same sound. They are pronouncing them differently and they have use for them, but they are useless to us, we can only keep one form of each sound. take a look:

a: a, ayn
s: se, sin, sat
h: hey, he
z: zal, ze, zat, zayn
q: qayn, qaf
t: te, tayn

Basically we can keep one form and the rest are useless and nonsense in Persian.

For instance, a child living in Iran and trying to spell Persian words is terribly confused! He has to decide between three different "S" and three different "Z" to spell a word like Sabet (Steady) or Zare' (Farmer)! Do you see my point?

Sounds in Persian Font which Arabs do not have

P, Ch, Zh, G

P like Persepolis (town)
Ch like Chang (harp)
Zh like Zhaleh (name)
G like Gohar (jewel)

Arabs do not have these sounds or fonts.

They can't pronounce P, so they say: Bersian (Persian)
They can't pronounce Ch, so they say: Jangiz (Changiz)
They can't pronounce Zh, so they say: Jaleh (Zhaleh)
They can't pronounce G, so they say: Qolab (Rose-Water)

As you see, Tazi Font is not compatible to our lingo. So what to do?

II. Why not Persian Pahlavi Sassanid, Avestai or Achaemenid Spike Fonts?

It is not practical to go back and use these ancient fonts. No one is familiar with them and no one will use them. It is harder to teach the masses on the use of these fonts than to leave the present Tazi Font intact and in place! No one wants to start over learning from the scratch. These fonts are ancient and strange to our present people.

III. Why not Arabic Tazi Font?

Above, I explained about the incompatibility of Tazi font to our needs, now I would explain the cultural catastrophe of using the Tazi font. Our very root and soul of our language, heritage and culture is threatened by the Arab Sub-Culture. To destroy Persianhood, they must destroy our language and to destroy our language, they must destroy our font and then the rest is a piece of cake! Destruction of Traditions, Celebrations, Customs, literature, poetry, Spirituality and Culture comes next. Arab Imperialism, in the form of Islam, operates this way! Islam is basically the ideology of the Arab Imperialism and Islam was a method to colonialize the Arab and Non Arab World by Arabo_Muslim.

So far, they have succeeded to completely eliminate the Root Cultures of Egypt, Cartage (Tunis), Lebanon (Phoenicia), Sham (Syria), Mesopotamia (Iraq), and many others...., but we do not want to become another Arab Nation! Persian Culture is almost as good as dead and if you (The Persians), do not make a move now, then you are also as good as dead. Unless Persians do not clean house and De-Arabize their Alphabet, Language, and Culture, then they shall remain as yet another Arab Colony; furthermore, they will transform to another Arab Nation, another Egypt.

IV. Why Latin Font?

Today's world requires compatibility between cultures, languages, and masses to communicate freely and without barriers. Kemal Ataturk was a visionary who saw this necessity long ago and changed the Turkish Alphabet to Latin. The whole effort was to Drag Turkey out of the Middle Ages and Dark Ages of the Reactionary Islamic Sub-Culture and Shackles of Islam, and to push her forward to the Modern Era and the Industrial Age. Turkish Writing had to change to Latin.

Unfortunately, Father of The Nation, Reza Shah The Great, for whatever reasons and or due to tied hands, did not do the same in Iran. Who knows, maybe Reza Shah figured, the masses would react and it would backfire, back then! Maybe he was right! His reforms, ban of Traditional Islamic-wear of Hejab (women) and Traditional Kolah Namadi, Robe (Men) was enough by itself to cause a riot in Iran. Reza Shah was already moving too fast and using too much force to drag Iran out of Shiite Culture, get rid of Islamic Traditions and push her forward to the industrial age. If he would have also changed the font, then it would cause a certain riot back then! Besides, back then, majority of the masses in Iran did not know how to write with Latin Font. They were not even literate! Reza Shah had thought about all these factors and most likely made a proper decision to not change the font back then.

Today, we are not in the Industrial Era, yet we have moved on to the Information Era. Majority (2/3) of Iranians are under 35 years of age, actually most of this group are under 25 years of age! Majority of Iranians are very familiar with the latin font. Iranians have been studying English, French or German as second languages. Internet has been playing another crucial role here. When on the net, Iranians write Persian with Latin fonts. Especially at the beginning and before the time that Persian Software and applications hit the market, they had no choice but to write Persian in Latin Fonts. Good or Bad, this phenomenon has helped Iranians to get more familiar with the latin font. Today, any educated person who took some kind of Latin Language in school, can write Persian with Latin Fonts and for facts, majority of educated Iranians have taken some sort of Latin Language as the second language course in school. In the past (before 1979 Islamic Reaction), the emphasis was on English. Everyone wanted to learn English. After 1979, they tried to put the emphasis on Arabic and push Arabic as the second language or even the first language! Obviously they have not been successful and even though they have forced Arabic as a must take course (not an elective), yet it back fired at them and except for taking Arabic just to pass the course, no one really continued with exploring further advanced courses in Arabic! Persians cannot stand Arabic courses and language! The Islamic Regime clearly has failed Arabizing the students. Today, Arabic, Quran and Religious Studies are must to take courses in Iranian schools.

The funny thing, is that back then (before 1979), Arabic was a must to take course in Junior High (only) and Religious Studies was a must to take course all the way through High School up to College. It was not necessary for students to take Arabic, Quran and Religious Studies all through their educational process from birth to High School Graduation and beyond (like today), yet they had to take some of these Tazi influenced courses at some point and during their educational process.

I clearly recall that many students (before 1979) were learning English since kindergarten and forward all the way to College and beyond. People wanted their children to learn English and many parents had sent their children to schools which taught English starting from Kindergarten (I was one of those students)! To force students to learn Arabic and Religious Studies even during Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi, was a great mistake. As I have discussed before, Shah himself was a religious man (infected with Allahic Virus). Shah was also a very superstitious man. This lack of secularity, dual identity (one foot in Persepolis and one foot in Mecca), had finally cost Shah, his Crown and Throne! He had to be very firm and determined, same as Reza Shah, his father. He had to clearly force Iran to become a Secular Country. During his reign, and during his historical period, the nation was ready for secularization. He did not push secularization, yet as a matter of fact, he done the opposite! Shiite Islam was the official religion of the land, Arabic and Religious Studies been taught in school, Religious Holidays were official, Mullahs and Mosque were immune to punishments for anti national security activities and the worst that could happen to them was exile (like Khomeini), and finally this lack of secularity had bit him on the neck!

Arabic Language is not compatible to the way we talk! Arabic comes from the throat and it sounds like throwing up and barfing! Trust me, I am a linguist, I speak more than five languages and I also speak Arabic, so I am perfectly aware of this fact! Most Iranians can't speak Arabic; furthermore, they resist and hate to learn this language. If they had a choice, they would have never taken an Arabic course in school! But today the Islamic Regime forces them to take Arabic courses!

Today, Iranian youth (Majority of Population) are familiar with Latin font. Internet and Information Age, has broken the barriers and The youth are clearly going towards an opposite direction, than the Islamic Regime and their Ayatollahs! The Youth and The Regime have already started to Crash! Today, the regime is just a shell, which is in control only by the force. Once this regime falls, I have no doubt in my mind that the transformation of the font from Tazi to Latin will not cause any problem or major resistance. The anti Islamic and secular fever has already been burning our youth's bodies and minds, and this fever will be much more popular, once the Islamic Regime will be out of the picture.

V. Latin Font is International

Today, English Language is the International Language and the Latin Font is the International Font. It is only logical and compatible to our culture to speak English and to write in Latin, simple as that. Arabic Language is a Dead Language and Arabic Font is incompatible to Persian. Arabic Sub-Culture and Islam is an outdated ideology fighting via terrorism to keep alive! On the other hand, Latin font is perfectly compatible to Persian and it will make things 100% simpler for our school children to learn how to read and write in school.

Latin Font, is compatible to the world. English is a global language and latin is a global font. It is only logical for Persians to be compatible to the world. If we want to rapidly push Iran towards the progress, thorough the Industrial Age, into the Information Age and Beyond, ........... then we must be compatible to the International form of Communication and the international language of the Internet is English.

Latin Alphabet can be customized to our needs. Once again take a look at the customization:

IPC Standard for Persian Latin Alphabet

We can eliminate the useless sounds, add the necessary sounds, adapt to the civilized world, eliminate the Tazi influence, clean up house from Arabization of our culture, be practical, and push through the 21sth Century.

VI. Persian Latin Font is simple to learn

Persian Latin Font is easy to learn and write. Latin Font has already been in practice by the youth, but there has been no unified standard. As soon as we adopt the standard (IPC Proposal), or revise the standard to fit best, then the rest is elementary. To write Persian in Latin Format is practical and it is logical and that is the bottom line. To adopt Latin font as our national alphabet does not mean that we will be Westoxicated, yet it means that we will be Westernized. There is a big difference between the two! We can take the goods from the west and the east both. We should always keep the East and the West in balance and that will be how to keep our Persianhood intact!

I would like to Conclude by stating that the salvation for survival of our culture is to move towards the Persian Latin Font. All we need to do for now, is to practice writing Persian in Latin, but once we overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran, then we will overthrow their Tazi Font with them and Clean House from Arabo_Islamic Forced Font and Revive our Persianhood via the practical Persian Latin Font. I strongly believe that this will be the proper path to choose.

Personally I had made a pact with myself and I refuse to write Persian in Tazi font and I insist to write Persian only in Latin font.

Always having the salvation of our Iranian Culture in mind,


Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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