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Ahreeman X vs. Admzad Debate
Jebhe Meli Exposed!


Ahreeman X vs. Admzad Debate: Jebhe Meli Exposed!
Politics, Culture, Means and Ends

Republished January 29, 2007

Dialogue Index

Part One: Jebhe Meli Exposed!
Part Two: Iranian Cultural Infection
Part Three: The Tactic to achieve the Strategy!
Part Four: The Solution

Part One: Jebhe Meli Exposed!
(a political conversation)
May 18, 2003


Admzad aka AZ, is one of the brightest personalities in Iranian Politics. His cyber social/historical criticism is masterful, his style of argumentation is unique and he is never too shy to bring out the skeletons from the Iranian Society's Closet! Admzad, has been in and out of Iranian Politics and Sociology for quite a while, his sharp cutting criticism of the ILLs of our society is deadly but true. He is a social critic, a writer, a graphic artist and an old comrade. AZ is a well-known character on the Iranian Cyber World and a known person amongst Iranian Politicians, scholars, educators and writers. Due to security reasons and sensitivity of his social/political life, we cannot reveal his true identity and we shall use Pseudo Names for him. Eventually in the future, and when the time is right, we will take off all the masks/ Pseudo Names, and reveal all our true identities! It is an honor and a privilege to have these series of dialogues with this valuable Comrade. AZ is one of the very few personalities in Iranian Politics, which I do have any respect for! He is an honest man and he speaks from the Heart!

AZ had created his own blend of humorous political terminology, one must be familiar with his terminologies in his writings to truly appreciate his talent and theme. Here are some of his bizarre inventive terms:

KIR = Khomeini's Islamic Republic
BB = Big Brothers (Super Powers)
Kiran = Iran after KIR
Miran = Muslim Iran
Mull-Shiite = Mullahs preaching Bull Shiite
Erecting EGO = Typical Iranian Hypocrisy (Opposition in Exile) praising themselves and each other.
Opposition Feeders = Opposition Leaders of 1978
KK = Kos Kesh (pimp)!
Jendeye Melli = Jebhe Meli Iran (INF) aka National Whores
Big Shots = Wanna Be Legends, powerful rich elite who show off their wealth and position in society
Gav o Olaq = ILLiterate Masses who follow the leader blindly (Cows and Donkeys)
Amaleh o Nokar o Kolfat = Hard Working, low tech (no tech) labor force in need of education
Loud Cattle = Emotionally Influenced Religious Mob

Eventually, we shall create an IPC Terminology Manual and publish it on IPC Website, but for now, let's continue with these dialogue series.

(Note: Now, we have published this manual and it is called:

IPC Dictionary of Alternative Terms

It is the most amazing Iranian Dictionary on the net.)

AZ: Blue
AX: Black

Dr. X

* * *


Mr. AZ and other Comrades:

<If they had spent half of their energy working with the old regime trying to educate the masses & improve things, Iran wouldn't be Miran today, let alone Kiran!>

You are assuming that Jebhe Meli, Hezbe Tudeh or likes of them were there to serve the nation?! If they were true Nationalists, then they would have worked with the Imperial Regime to:

A) Educate The Masses
B) Improve Iranians Living Conditions
C) Improve the level of Democracy/Freedom from inside The Regime
D) Serve The Masses

One could change the regime from the within.. One could reform the regime. One could educate the masses to prepare them for Democracy. The Imperial Regime was not a Dogmatic Regime confined in a Square of a specific Theocratic Holy Law of Islam like the IRI, that one could not reform it or change it!

Imperial Regime could have been improved, reformed and become a true Constitutional Monarchy like UK or Spain. That was what Dr. Bakhtiar was intended to do but Jebhe Meli Iran Criminals backstabbed him.

Some were confused simpleton soft hearted like Amir Entezam
Some were opportunist nature with superficial surface of Democrats like Dariush Forouhar
Some were Idiots living in LaLa Land Islamic Democracy Heaven like Bazargan
Some were Poetic Romantic Unrealist Dreamers like Adib Boroumand
Some were preaching and insisting on their level of intellectualism and Socialistic Potentials like Ardalan
Some were Vajih ol Meleh seeking popularity Meli Mazhabi devoted to Imam Ali and Umma' like Sahabi
Some were born traitor sneaky rats like Karim Sanjabi

But the fact is that except Dr. Abdol Rahman-e Boroumand who stood by Dr. Bakhtiar, every other single one of the Hot Shots betrayed Bakhtiar, Opposition and Iran. They were all criminals, some idiot simpleton criminals with no way out and too deep in like Adib Boroumand and Amir Entezam but some were born bastards Evil Profit seeking, Position seeking Snakes like Karim Sanjabi; however, a Jebhei is a Jebhei and they were all rats and they were all Traitors and sold Iran to Mullahs just like they are doing today! No difference.

Look at these Baboons in Exile like Dr. Morteza Anvari, Dr. Farhad (Kazem Zadeh), Dr. Hammihan-e Khareji (Hammihane Irani), Dr. J, Dr. KIR and Dr. Kos Kesh and Dr. ............... all the same as their ancestors. They are all criminals, but some are idiot criminals and some are born criminals! The results are that all of them are selling Iran to The Islamic Regime by Giving Blow Jobs to Mullahs, they been blowing Mullahs for 24 years and they love it. They like KIR (Khomeini's Islamic Republic) and Jebhe Meli Iran is enjoying to rest and relax under the shadows of the KIR! The warm and cozy Shadows of The KIR is the nesting ground for Jebhe Meli, they are true KIR fans!

(Note: Criminals of Jebhe Meli in Exile,

Dr, Morteza Anvari

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Masoud Kazemzadeh Index on [IRI mouthpiece]

After the closedown of Forum [Anvari's Dictatorial Domain],

Jebhe Meli Washington DC

due to lack of freedom of speech and lack of participation from public, this criminal Masoud Kazemzadeh [Anvari's right arm] has moved to [IRI mouthpiece] and now writes his garbage for the Ex Fundamentalist Hezbollahi and present Liberal Reformist Hezbollahi Jahanshah Javid.

Jahanshah Javid

Do you see how Rats (Jebhei and Hezbo) gather and end up together in one bed?!

Jebhe Meli Iran (Home for Opportunist Meli Mazhabi friends of Hezbollah)

Iranian Magazine (Home for Opportunist Liberal Reformist Fraction of Hezbollah)

These people sell their mothers for $5 or less!)

These Baboons are still under the impression that 1979 was a Revolution! They think they created a Revolution by ending Shah's Regime and bringing IRI to power! They believe they made a Revolution and now they are Reforming it! These reformists are reforming Mullah's Balls from inside like:

Sahabi Junior, Sadr, Akbar Ganji and Amir Entezam

and some of them are reforming Mullahs pubic hair from DC like Anvari!

This is like Shiiting all over an Expensive Silk Kashan Persian Carpet and then sit around the Shiite and try to shape the Shiite in the form of Statue of Liberty! The idiots are shaping or best put, reshaping the Shiite that they created at the first place but they are too stupid to see that Mullahs are much smarter than them:

First, Mullahs made all Jebhei bend over and Mullahs Banged them in the Ass.
Second, Mullahs used them to get to power
Third, Mullahs Fired them and Kicked them out of the Government
Fourth, Mullahs Terrored some of them for their good service to Islam and Great blow Job to Imam
Fifth, Mullahs officially thanked the rest of them by Jailing them and Exiling them
Sixth, Mullahs told the rest of Jebhei to Suck Imam's bone or get the hell out of Iran or go to jail
Seventh, Mullahs made pets and good lap Dogs out of Jebhe Meli
Eight, Jebheis changed their name to Kos Kesh-e Bi Vatan-e Bi Namus and start acting like one!
Ninth, Jebhe officially became Mullah's Bitch Boys!
Ten, Jebhe is living happily under the Warm Shadows of The KIR, a true love story!

Now some give blow jobs in Iran like Boroumand and some like to Blow Imam Jum'e of DC like Hammihan-e Khareji in Exile! Same Shiite!

<How could any idiot a*hole even begin to compare the old with the new regime?>

According to Jebhe or other Traitor Criminals like Fedayeen Aksariyat, the old regime was pure Evil and these Baboons made Revolution "An-Qolab" and Qolab andakhtand be Tokhm-e Imam Khomeini and grabbed Imam's Balls in their arms to pamper them balls like a dear family member in their warm arms! These Hee-Rows made Revolution and now are making Reform! The difference is, yesterday they were blowing Khomeini but today they give BJ to Khatami!

<If I were connected to the Pahlavi's, or anybody in my extended family were, then one could call me pro-Pahvai; but this is not the case. I am pro-LOGIC. When I look back & THINK, I'm forced to be pro-old-regime & I'm forced to shout la'nat to all a*hole opposition feeders of 78!>

Yes, any person who does not worship Mosadeq Kachal, praise God Mosadeq as the Greatest Iranian Hee-Row, any person who sees Mosadeq as the amateur dreamer ignorant selfish politician that he was and name Jebheis as their true name "Jebhe Kachalan-e Qeyr-e Meli-ye Iran", then they must be named as:

SAVAKi, CIA Agent, Monarchist, Fascist, Nazi, Racist, Bourgeois, and Taquti!

by Jebhei Baboons!

<I'll be interested to see the pictures, specially those that could shed some light on who they really were.>

Soon you will. I know you love sociology of a human group and anthropology/social behavior of different team members of different human groups including Jebhe. You will enjoy these pictures, each speaks of the true nature of these criminals and Self Centered Gods like Mosadeq!

(Note: See some of these photos in Mayaazaar's article:

Sammeh Qod (Real Mohamad Mosadeq)

and see the rest of the photos from Dariush Forouhar and other criminals coming soon to IPC.)

<He was NO F*ing saint Gandi!>

Mosadeq was an Arrogant, Selfish, Self Centered, In-tell-egg-chew-all who refused to work with the Imperial Regime to Build Iran, but instead he preferred to Destroy the Imperial Regime without any major backing of the masses, sufficient Resources, sufficient political power, proper plans and logic!

I have enough balls to openly defend 28 Mordad! Cause I know for a fact that if 28 Mordad 1953 would have not happened, then Mosadeq's stupidity would make Iran as the 16th Republic of the Soviet Onion (CCCP), "Ceveratsky Cosialitsky Cayuz Pepublicsky!"

On the other hand Tudehi Mother Fragers were not idiots like Mosadeq! Tudeh Communist Party was powerful, well organized, trained by Moscow, 5th Column of CCCP in Iran and with sufficient number of membership in the public, government and military! Tudeh Party even had a great number of masses behind them like cattle! Tudeh Party was ready to guzzle Iran and hand it to CCCP but Mosadeq was too Dumb to see this and acknowledge this! He thought he could bargain with Tudeh! He thought he could use Tudeh in a coalition to gain total power and control! An old fool like Mosadeq was too narrow minded to see that Jebhe's power was connected to Guz (fart) in comparison to Tudeh's power with backing of huge numbers of masses and connections inside the Imperial Regime! Mosadeq was a typical Arrogant illogical selfish old fool who almost Fraged Iran in total. He was an old fool not a wise politician. A selfish old fool!

Then there are these people who ask from me:

If Jebhe is so irrelevant, then why bother bashing them and spend so much time on them?

I tell them:

Hojaj, Jebhe is like a King Cobra! Sometimes he is shriveled and rolled up in a ball as a small irrelevant animal in Coma! He looks like he is harmless and irrelevant but people like I, know better that. Tt the same time that Jebhe looks like a peaceful organization of wise old men with good continence, in reality This King Cobra is yet thinking about another tactic to achieve their strategy which is Sharing Power with anyone in power and in charge of the government to hopefully be relevant! By doing so, they poison young Persian Minds and force them to servitude and worship of their false Hee-Rows and Gods like Mosadeq, Bazargan, Sahabi and Forouhar. They create legends, they are good at it! They brain wash the young and the Fragile. They preach to the illiterate, just like they caused huge masses of illiterate Herds to rush the streets in 1978 and 1979 to follow Khomeini. These intellectuals of Jebhe are Snakes waiting to swallow the Rabbit! They are trained criminals in Nationalist Clothing, they are worst than Mullahs, because Mullahs are illiterate but Jebheis are educated Traitors. Through the years Jebhe Meli Iran:

Slept in double beds with Imperial Regime, Tudeh Communist Party, Islamic Regime, Fundamentalist Muslims and Now Reformist Akhunds! Jebhe Meli Iran is an old whore sleeping with anybody to share power and to Destroy and to Rot Iran from the within. Jebhe Meli Iran is a Virus and the only way to fight a virus is to destroy it!

All Leaders, Members of Jebhe Meli Iran are criminals and traitors and must be brought to justice. As soon as the Iranian Opposition overthrows the Islamic Regime of Mullahs, we shall take care of these opportunist Internationalist Bi Vatan Traitors and Criminals who sold Iran time over time over time over time...........

Jebhe may look harmless at times but deep inside he is plotting to sabotage the system in power, by sharing power to gain control and to ruin Iran due to opportunistic intentions for greed and power! Jebhe is like a virus which can be inactive like Aids Virus but never Dead! He is just weak but not dead. It is up to us not to let this Aids Virus to become as powerful as it was during Mosadeq or even during Sanjabi.

Jebhe is like a weed which must be pulled from the roots or it will grow again! We must pull Jebheis from the root and we will do it, it is our Holy Duty to deal with criminals now and in a major operation in the future Free Democratic Iran. May the power be with us to burn Jebheis and other opportunist whores' roots, so in the future, there will be no Traitor to sell the True Revolution of the Masses of Iran. Jebhei is worst than a Hezbollahi, because you can view the Hezbollahi in a clear picture but you cannot see Jebhei clearly, because he changes shapes, forms, cloths, make up and ideology! Until this day, Jebhe Meli does not even own a stable Constitution! Jebhei is a virus and we must destroy this virus.

For now, all we can do is to inform the young generation of Iran about this virus called Jebhe Meli Iran and their other counterpart Whores whom are in Opposition clothing but betraying the Opposition and stabbing us in the back while sleeping in the double bed with Mullahs!

Soon we will get started to debate on the future project we will do on Jebhe Meli! Soon I will upload the photos so you can analyze them.


Dr .X

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* * *

Part Two: Iranian Cultural Infection
June 10, 2003


Professor writes:

<Then u have real poets who wrote fohsh, I can't remember his name but 1 was very famous.>

Basically many of our poets, besides their normal Divan, they also had Divan of Hajviyat (Trash
Poetry), examples are wide known:

Obeyd-e Zakani
Iraj Mirza

Many of our poets, expected the Royalty and Aristocracy to compensate them and support them financially! They considered writing poetry a job and they expected the government to pay them for poetry. We even had official poets of the courthouse! There were poets who actually wrote poems in praise of the Shahs, they were typical hand kissers. That's the way they made their living! Our society is diseased, we have a huge cultural infection in Iran and if anyone is refusing to see this, then they are illogical people!

<A culture where joy of life was a sin. >

You see, if you enjoy life, you can't be Khalqi and populist. If you want to be of the Proletariat, then you must cling to the blues! That's a Persian Tradition! Our intellectuals seize to comprehend that to be of the masses is not to bring oneself down to the level of the Lower Classes, yet it is to bring up the Lower Classes to your level! Yes, chum, raise the level and standard of living and education of the masses, way high to your level, so all can be prosperous and well off and enjoy the fruits of life. But no, in Iran, if you want to be Khalqi, you must be Darwish, poor, Fraged up, isolationist, no joy, so you can be of the Masses singing the blues!

<Where half of them, being women, died after marriage (forced to marry very young to an older guy), yet they were supposed to raise the next generation. How could they, with what hope/dream, when most were treated like shit/slave by their maadar/khaahar shuhar!.>

Illiterate HouseWives Mothers with traditional Religious Mentality produce illiterate Chauvinist sons, schooled but not educated. These sons in return grow up in a chauvinistic society like Iran or a Democratic Society like West. In both conditions, they end up going to Iran and hand pick a 18 year old virgin from some small village in Iran or of a prominent family (supposedly) and bring her to America or West as a house wife, cook, maid and sex slave. These Imported brides are not allowed to work or study. so they can remain as an illiterate religious house wife, the same as the mother of the husband (the in law). The cycle goes on and on and on. What do these mothers have to teach their sons and daughters? Zilch. They teach their daughters to remain dumb, barefoot and pregnant. They teach their sons to be Chauvinist pigs. They teach both to remain a religious cattle to Allah! Perfect dysfunctional Iranian Family!

<If u notice, even today at many big Miranian gathering, there is some older guy who gets up, with his suit & tie, & reads some poetry that he wrote.>

Have you notice, many of these big shots heads of the families or Bozorgtars, molest or have been molested every single woman, young girl or child in the family, but skeletons in the closet never comes out, because to keep the skeletons in closet is an Iranian Tradition! And then they accuse the too much democracy in west, brings corruption, teen pregnancy, incest, loose behavior and poor morals!

<In the west many adopt kids for the joy of parenthood or `loving', yet many Miranians raise kids out of expectation that they will look after them when they r old. >

It is a trade. It is a business. Parents grow the kids up so the kids can watch over them when they are old. They call this Old Fashion Good Persian Morality and Traditional Upbringing and Family Morals! They do not understand that it is their Fraging duty to grow the child up or having no business to create one at the first place! If you bang and make a child, then your whole life and responsibility is to grow that child to the best of your ability without the prospect of having future expectations from the child. This is not a business, this is parenthood. But the illiterate religious traditional Fragged up Iranian Mentality sees this as Great Sacrifices of spending 20 years of their lives sacrificing everything and their own pleasures and lives to grow this bloody kid up!

They will go on and on to the kid for rest of his life on how they sacrificed their whole life or put up with the Oppressor Chauvinist Father/Husband, just to grow the kid up and they did not get divorced because of the kid, so the kid would have a functional life with both parents, and bla bla bla.............the kid will never hear the end of it! Then Older parents expect the kid to be their maid or servant, because they spent 30 years of their lives, sacrificing all pleasures of life to grow the kid up! The whole Iranian Family Life, specifically in Iran, is a Theatric Tragedy, its a Dramatic Movie, its a TV Series or Soap Opera, and somehow the children become unappreciated little bastards of the westoxicated kind! The parents become these Great Martyrs, these Elder Moral Gods and Goddesses who sacrificed their whole lives for the unappreciated sons and daughters! Sounds familiar? Well, this is your Fraged up twisted traditional Bull Shiite Culture! The same culture that many Young Iranians escape from it and never go back to it!

I personally know very successful professional Iranians, specially top of the line, female scientists, engineers, Tech Specialists in Iranian society who clearly despise Iranian culture. They do not listen to Iranian Music, watch Iranian Movies, they do not consider themselves Iranians, they are American Citizens, they are very successful, they refuse to even go back to Iran for a visit, they refuse to even go back to Iran after the freedom of Iran. They despise Iranian Traditions and Culture totally. Can you blame them?

I also notice that, very educated professional Iranian Women are very feminist and they hate Iranian Traditions and Social Customs. They despise the society period, no matter at Shahs time or now. They believe Iranian society is an Anti Women society and it has nothing to do with the government but it has everything to do with education!

I know women in Iran who have their own companies, who are very educated highly positioned professionals in Iran and they would love to leave Iran for good and never turn back! The only reason they will not actually leave Iran, is either for their family relations and bounds or their social status and position in Iranian Society, or both. So basically these women do not leave Iran because of their parents, family, the high paid positions and social status, otherwise, they despise Iranian Society!

I was just talking to a very successful Iranian woman on the net meeting and she clearly told me that she wished she had a Penis! She said that's the only way to be prosperous in Iran!

<Many old parents end-up playing the role of zajr-dide shahid, telling everybody how they suffered raising their kids (yet none of them actually KNOW their kids!), but the kids never come to visit them. Most not even liking their son or daughter in-laws!>

Elder Iranian Parents, especially Mothers are con artists! They do not know the kids, they never built that connection as friends with their kids; however, they sacrificed their lives for the kids, so the kids must be their pet for rest of his/her life! They have high expectations and God Forbid if the kid gets married and gives some of his love to his spouse, then the hell breaks loose! The spouse will become the new competition! Then there are double talks, two face-ism, dual lives as usual and as the rest of Iranian society! In Laws love their daughter or son in law in their face, but they back stab them as soon as they turn their backs on them! Same goes for sons and daughter in laws! The whole system is based on Shiite! The foundations as you pointed in the past, is based on Islamic Shiite Garbage Sub Culture. It does not matter if the family is religious or not, it does not matter if the family even practices Islam or not, but the Iranian Infected Culture is in the blood! The intellectuals and Secular Modern Iranians are as infected as the Religious Old Fashion Iranians. Shiite Islam had infected our culture. Secular or religious, we are all infected.

The whole society is diseased, everything needs to be changed. The older generation is more infected. Basically Iranians over 65 years old (Majority) are deeply infected, they are goners! Even the intellectual Senior Citizens are goners, they are too infected to ever see the light and salvation beyond their Fragged up Traditional Infected Iranian Shiite Mentality! You do not believe me?

Take a look at Iranian Older Generation, your TV Hosts, Radio Hosts, Journalists, Politicians, Opposition Leaders, Forum Writers, go take a look at Jebhe Meli Iran leadership in Iran, here and their forum, go take a look at Los Angeles Senior Citizen Crowd, go look at Respectable Valuable Big Shot Iranian Older Generation in Southern California or anywhere else, just take a good look and you will see the depth of the Iranian Cultural Infection and Dualism in their bone marrows.

Infection goes from generation to generation and the mothers infect the sons and so on to grand children! The whole system needs to be destroyed and new foundations must be built. The whole society is based on Shiite, the whole society is one big Broadway Theater Production, it's a great extravaganza! It's a show and the show must go on! It's a disease called "The Iranian Infected Culture"!

We are an ill society, we are living a lie and most of us refuse to see our disease, we sugar coat our disease and not talk about it! We are good at hiding the Shiite under the expensive Persian Rug! We keep on shoving Shiite under the rug until it pops out of the side and the whole house will go under Shiite flood! But some of us are open minded enough to speak of this forbidden taboo and then we get pointed at by the fingers! All fingers, them famous Persian Fingers, start pointed at us and black ball us as the Black Sheeps! Sooner we realize that we are ill, sooner we can find a solution to destroy the old and build a new! We are the most divided, most twisted, most back stabbing, most delusional, most dysfunctional culture in the world and the funny thing is that we think of ourselves as the Masters of The Universe and we consider rest of the world as inferior sub humans! Iranian Disease indeed!

The Iranian Disease (in 3 Chapters)

From where shall I start, that everything is upside down my friend, everything is wrong and no one is willing to open their eyes to see ills of our society, thus We are Masters of The World indeed! That's why we are where we are today, and all of us know that there is something wrong here and there's something stinks in here but no one is willing to acknowledge it! Everyone is in silence! Silence of The Persian Lambs indeed! They don't want to insult our great Persian Culture and to become black balled like the few visionaries who refuse to close their eyes to the reality! So everyone suffers in silence and afraid to critic the Machine! And the Machine rules on ……

In hope of the better days,

More power

Dr. X



Yaa hazrat,

<Professor writes:>

po'liz drop this Prof bit, use it for thousands of bijanbe oqde'i Miranians who'd even pay u to use it 4 them.

Yaa LOP, po'liz drop it 2.

I like AZ or Hazrat but not insults like Mullah/akhund/ayate-dollaa.

<Iraj Mirza>

I think this is the 1 I had in mind.

<Our society is diseased, we have a huge cultural infection in Iran>


<if anyone is refusing to see this, then they are illogical people!>

or they could have a hidden agenda : their F*ing EGO
(like Mosadeq & all KK opposition feeders of 78)

<want to be of the Proletariat, then you must cling to the blues!>

This is damn true!

<not to bring oneself down to the level of the Lower Classes,>

This is true, but in case of many, if not most, it was all talk coz many kept kolfat/nokar all their lives.

It was just a 'norm' imposed by the culture.

<yet it is to bring up the Lower Classes to your level!>

But their F*ing EGO always got in the way.

<Illiterate HouseWives Mothers with traditional Religious Mentality produce illiterate Chauvinist sons, schooled but not educated.>


<And then they accuse the too much democracy in west, brings corruption, teen pregnancy, incest, loose behavior and poor morals!>

Classic Miranian Gondeh-Guzi to boost 1s own EGO! Miranians, in fact pee-pole of this whole region, do tend to bad mouth the TOP guy just to make themselves look important. This TOP guy could be a policeman in the village, or a top officials in the city, or the 'king'.

<If you bang and make a child, then your whole life and responsibility is to grow that child to the best of your ability without the prospect of having future expectations from the child.>

U know Doc that I don't usually this-agree with u, but in this case I MAAST! This is not true at all! Y? coz of Allah! U get married only for sex & most kids in Miran grow up in streets & Allah takes care of them. And if it gets too much, well u can always sell them as kolfat/nokar & it works coz millions have done it this way.

<They will go on and on to the kid for rest of his life on how they sacrificed their whole life or put up with the Oppressor Chauvinist Father/Husband, just to grow the kid up and they did not get divorced because of the kid, so the kid would have a functional life with both parents, and bla bla bla.......>

Gosh Doc, what r u trying 2 do, depress me?!
U'r worst than me, but I still lovz u Doc.
Mothers 4get that if they could not have kids, the husband would've been forced to divorce them! Or they would've been driven insane by the shit treatment they got from the in-laws!

<Bull Shiite Culture!>

Now now Doc, things have improved, we have a b-u-t-fool president called my-balls KhaaYami!

<They despise Iranian Traditions and Culture totally. Can you blame them?>

That depends!
If the KK were responsible for 78 Goh-khori, then YES I hope they get F*ed & go to HELL (specially if they eRected the KIR).
Else, NO.

<Women .... they despise Iranian Society!>

Very true, coz it has caused them nothing but PAIN!

<she wished she had a Penis! She said that's the only way to be prosperous in Iran!>

That's only 1 out of many requirements! U need K-Keshy, khaayemaali, roshve, partibaazi, khaanumbaazi, doru'i, dozdi, etc.

<The whole society is diseased,>

But they do have all sort of she'r for every occasion to use to brush-off their EGO & make themselves look good. They know kaar-male-khare; but they bullshit:
boro kaar mikon magu chist kaar ....

<The older generation is more infected.>

may-b this is Y the BBs planned & executed 78 shit! Y?
Well not only they made tons of $$$$, but forced thousands to move to west to get proper education. Now they can plan-exec the fall of KIR to make more $$$$, but have better educated Miranians to run the new system with. Well smart people always win in the end & dumb 1s will loose.

<It's a disease called "The Iranian Infected Culture"!>

Yes 1 hell of a show in u'r own home every night!

<We are an ill society, we are living a lie and most of us refuse to see our disease, we sugar coat our disease and not talk about it!>

Y should v when v can blame the old regime for everything!
When v can Bullshit:
cho Miran lavaashak ...
Ey Miran ey marze goh be sar
boro kaar mikon ...
mayaazaar muri ...

<Sooner we realize that we are ill, sooner we can find a solution to destroy the old and build a new! We are the most divided, most twisted, most back stabbing, most delusional, most dysfunctional culture in the world and the funny thing is that we think of ourselves as the Masters of The Universe and we consider rest of the world as inferior sub humans! Iranian Disease indeed!>

aay lovz yu lovz yu ey-eks (sing it!)

aamin yaa rabal aalamin!

<Everyone is in silence!>

Now u r forcing me again to this-agree with u!
This is a fabricated LAAY!
Can't u c so many KK binaamus bivojdaan Miranians who actively
support the KIR on the chat rooms?! Surely they r doing something
to support out b-laaved b-u-t-fool khaayami!
V have so many Mullahs who've MULLshited millions into coma.
V have jendeye melli to be praad-aav, they shout every minute
'cho miran lavaashak ...'!
V have millions of cattle who accept free ticket to go & c KKK grave.
V have F*ing soroush to re-invent another flavor of shiit.
V have many who talk about nothing but what SAVAK did 24 years ago!
V have many who still blame the old regime 4 every F*ing thing.
V have many who still bullshit about how it was Miranian who did the

<In hope of the better days,>

after v die or b4?!

aaqebat bekheyr!



Hi AX,

Let's not 4get about using kids for poz va efaadeh!

Not only they follow mine is bigger than u'rs principle, but they aslo follow my son's is bigger than u'r son's.

They may have 5 kids, but they would only 'love' the one who drives a BEZ & is a doktor! Somehow even his kids r considered better in everyway too!




The ideal solution:

-all opposition groups see the light that Miran is F*ed & will not have a future until they all work together to help her

-see that millions of them r nothing but cattle:
kolfat, nokar, amaleh, ...
(so if they care, they should F* their EGO & put Miran b4 it)

-see that without u-ni-tea they r all F*ed eventually, even the 1s in khaarej, coz their kids will NOT b Miranians 4 long

-get together & find out WHO the Masters want

-unite behind the CHOSEN-1 & make a WIN-WIN deal with the Masters

-THINK & plan for all situations to ensure WIN-WIN deal lasts long

-if u reach this point, the Masters will think of everything that has to be done to remove KIR

-Once KIR falls, it would be just the beginning of HARD-WORK for mass-education of cattle & mass CLEAN-UP of the mordaab culture!

This should be done by everybody, not just one group, while all others mock them & oppose them.

I still have no F*ing hope 4 this at all!

What the alternative:

-The Masters will CHOOSE 1, as they did in 78, & will replace KIR with him (it will NOT be a SHE!)

-The chosen-1 will have to force all oppositions into submission or out of Miran

-Masters will repeat this 'scenario' every time they'd benefit from it (read billions of $$$ of frozen assets, devalued currency (cheap bargains), new kid on the block to do anything they want, etc)

-in short, Miran will be F*ed over & over again, while many idiots still move to khaarej to shout "cho Miran lavaashak, ..."

Cattle who believe in SHIIT can NOT have democracy!

Moooooooooooooooooo! (loud cattle talk)

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* * *

Part Three: The Tactic to achieve the Strategy!


Yaa AX,

I found the comments here very interesting:

<When they noticed the unconscious effect of the characteristics of the "father figure" on the followers, the creation of the symbolic "father figure" became a solution to coexistence of groups of people with different languages, different religions and different ways of life. To solve the question of coexistence in a multicultural society, symbolization of the leader became a way of creating a general approach to life among different subcultures. Through accepting hereditary leadership, stability of the culture was safeguarded. Hereditary leadership also acted as a solution to the struggle of those hungry for power and those hungry for plunder. Accepting the leadership as a "father figure" which has a social position above all religious and ideological leaders was to create a counterbalance against the totalitarian religious or ideological rule which forced one groups views on the others, and to safeguard freedom of expression, and dialogue between different cultures, aimed at the improvement of knowledge and moral standards for the good of all.>

I honestly think that Miranians will F* Miran by going republic. Y, coz:
-Every group who comes to power will do bechaap bechaap
-Every family member of every group will do bechaap bechaap
-Every village/city of every group will do su-estefaadeh
-Every other group will HATE the ruling group
-New group will get rid of the old group supporters in every Gov department
-New group supporters will move up the ranks (khaaye maali, paarti-baazi)
-Every group 'buying' many cattle to vote 4 them. Not to mention to KILL 4 them too!
-This will change every few years, new group, new fights, new bechaap bechaap, new behind the scene deals.
-Miran be GOH khaahad khord: too much dozdi, corruption, hate, disunity, do'ru'i!
-Not to mention so many groups being on the payroll of foreign enemies of Miran, as always!

Republic is NOT for millions of cattle!

Considering the SHIT in the culture, it would be much better to have constitutional-monarchy, somebody at the top to take care of the country at macro-level & to ensure corruption doesn't get out of hand & to provide 'unity' & 'stability'; then have many parties to take care of the details.

Let's not 4get the most important thing Miran needs is the fall of KIR followed by mass-education of the cattle followed by clean-UP the GOH-Mordaab.

I also like these:

<The need to take refuge with God is a very powerful and appealing force. Terror of thought and belief and dictating behavior that is against human nature creates a society based on duplicity with fearful liars, who are cunning, obedient, but irresponsible people.

From 1963 to 1977 our GNP went from 340bn rials to 5682bn rials, a 16 fold increase in 15 years. In this period we had a 13.8% compound growth rate in savings (from 45bn to 1509bn). And by 1974 we were listed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the 13th wealthiest country in the world.

When looking to blame someone else for our failures 23 years ago, we must not forget that collectively, all of us can be regarded as being "guilty". Guilty of gutlessness and indifference by our very own national standards. We have surrendered completely and passively to the violation of our Identity, Culture and Civilization by the Islamic invasion, initiated over 1500 years ago by the Bedouin Arab invader, and then a second time with the help of blatantly biased views, such as this one presented, by a person who wants to become a storyteller for a society that accepts gossip instead of facts for scholarly work.>




Dear AZ:

Very interesting issues you brought up.

Let me clarify something for you,

I, like you, am a firm believer that the priority in the future Iran is to:

First, Have a Secure, Safe Society with a Powerful Economy and GNP, a very high level of standard of living for the masses, a richer, wealthier society with a strong military to protect it and a higher educational system for all.

Second, comes pushing of Democracy, Federalism and Secularism to be absolutely the law of the land. We can always push these three at the beginning of the process; however, we must emphasize on the top issues before we emphasize too much on these three issues. To feed our people, provide security and order for society, build security forces and the economy comes before the rest.

Now, I am a firm believer of the Republic but in Iran's case, as you mentioned, it would be very hard to let the

Gav O Olaq Cattle establish and operate a Republic! The republic will become an Islamic Republic at its worst and a Republic of Corrupt like Turkey at its best!

Cattle must be educated first, then be given the rights to create a republic.

At 1979, the cattle was given the chance by Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar to have Democracy before having Education! Obviously the Cattle preferred Islam over Democracy. Obviously the Cattle has paid dearly for Theocratic Dictatorship for 24 years and obviously Bakhtiar until his assassination, could not believe that:

A) The Cattle chose Islam over Democracy!
B) His own party, Jendeye Meliye Iran Whores betrayed him and chose Islam over Democracy!
C) The Depth of Shiite in our people's brains!

Everyone betrayed Bakhtiar, Iran and Well being of Iran,

Everyone from Amir Entezam, to Sanjabi to Bazargan to Sahabi, to Sahabi Junior to Boroumand to Ardalan, to this present Speaker for Jendeye Meli Iran, "Dr. Parviz Varjavand" (The Great Goh Mal Zan), who is another In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All Doctor Kachal of the great Criminals Dokan of Jendeye Meliye Iran.

All the Kos Kash-ayns (I know you lovz the Ayns of Qaliz kind!)

It is obvious that with :

Gav + Olaq as the Masses
Opportunist Doctor Haraam Zadegan-e Kuni as our In-tell-egg-chew-alls, Sellouts as our Opposition …

Iran will never see a day of salvation, even after the regime change!

That's why we need to evolve our people's brain, clean up the Shiite in the head and inject Democracy and Education instead.

Our Masses are Cattle
Our Intellectuals are Opportunist Whores
Our Opposition are Sellouts

Iran is doomed unless we educate our masses so they will not be in need of some Dayus Leader figure on the top to lead the Gav O Olaq as pleased! So our people can lead their own destiny. So there will be no need for a,

Reza Pahlavi,
Jendeye Meliye Iran,
Maryam Rajavi,
Khosrow Ruzbeh,
Ruhollah Khomeini,
any other Hee-Row!

Am I getting thorough here?

I could be careless if we install a Republic, a Constitutional Monarchy or whatever other Term as the Future Government, but if we do not educate our people, they will turn the republic or the Imperial Regime to a Shiite-Hole like they have done the Imperial Regime of 1979. Our masses are simply not ready for a Civilized Regime until they are fully aware of their rights and Laws in a civilized society.

To create legends and Martyrs from our political prisoners like Tabarzadi or Batebi
To create legends-Martyrs from our old time traitors and present Hee-Rows like Amir Entezam
To create legends and Martyrs from our wanna be opposition leaders like Reza Pahlavi
To create false heroic stories about false legends like Mosadeq
To rely on some myth like Imam Mahdi or Hussein or invisible episodes
To rely on president Bush to save us

is all a short term remedy! For long runs we will still be a third rate, third world nation with Shiite in brains for inlooks and a superficial surface of a great looking Industrialized progressed facade as the outlooks!

Iran would be a Pot made of Gold but full of Shiite (Iran before 1979)! We would have a beautiful society which will look great for Foreigners, but it will be dysfunctional as the Charlie Manson's Family! Eventually in societies like this, when a fad comes along (like Islam in 1978), then the whole system will collapse! Why?

Because the fundamentals of the system was based on Shiite and people had Shiite for brains! People were going to University and Offices at daytime and then they would throw Rowzeh Khani and Majles-e Azaye Hussein on weekends!

Our people are Cattle, let's not deny it!
Cattle can be an Olaq Basiji in Qom pulling Qammeh and Sword or Chomaq on the students
Cattle can be the Mojahed in Paris putting herself on fire for a Cult
Cattle can be the baboon in DC writing crap on Internet as Doctor Kos Kash
Cattle can be the dope waving Reza Pahlavi Flag, our future Hee-Row Seyed King
Cattle can be a Soosool Monarchist Kid in Disco at night and in Rally at day
Cattle can be in a Mosque in Tehran
Cattle can be in a University in San Diego
Cattle can be you and me
Cattle is a Cattle
Some wear Glasses and look like Professors
Some wear Kolah Namadi and Dahati alfit running in Taleqan
Cattle is Cattle
Some with a degree writing for Jebhe Meli Iran
Some without a degree getting banged as a Talabe in the Mosque

The Foundation is Fragged
We need to change the Foundation
The Mental Patterns
The Hero Worship Mentality
The Martyr creating Mentality
The Dead Worship Mentality

We need to shovel Shiite out of our people's brains
We need to inject Education/logic into our people's brains
We shall play the role of the Surgeons and Shiite Shovelers both!

Our role is crucial to our place in the history
We succeed, Iran will be glorious
We fail, Iran will be doomed
Simple as that!

Otherwise, the Republic, the Monarchy, the Democracy, the Totalitarian, the Fascist, the Falangist, the Federalist, the Theocratic, the Marxist, the Nationalist, the whatever else is all Bull Shiite and the Facade!

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!


in hope for the better days


Someone from inside looking in!

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* * *

Part Four: The Solution


AZ Jan:

<I see that the old regime was a sweetheart! It was too good 4 the asshole opposition feeders of 78. The fall of KIR will prove it again how good the old regime was too!>


<I remember the student protests of the late 70's & the old regime was not even 1/5 as brutal as new KIR has been! >

Great point. You see, people like Reza Pahlavi and his followers, also the believers in "Civil Disobedient" and "Non Violent" are often having their heart in a right place and they are of the opposition, but to be frank with you, they are living in LALA Land! Obviously they are very naive and immature and not knowing the nature of the Mullahs! Mullahs of IRI are not Alahazrat and Darbar-e Shahanshahi to get their hearts broken, their feelings hurt and once the masses show the finger to them and rally the streets, they just pack up and go!

Khamenei, Pasdaran, Qods, Basij, Hezbollah, SAVAMA, VEVAK, Kar Gozaran, Rafsanjani, Others,........ are not the Imperial Regime! Just give 5 cents to an Akhund and try to get it back the next day! Now, give him a Nation, one of the richest in globe, and try to get it back the next
decade or two, after he is well established! Reza Pahlavi and his crowd are dreaming!

Islamic Republic will never ever go anywhere, without a Bloody Battle, the bloodiest in history of Iran!

So, let's see, hmmmmmmmmm!

Students will demonstrate, a few universities will go hairy, a few rallies in streets of Tehran and Esfahan, even the Oil Workers, Iron Sheet Workers, Cement Workers, Industrial Workers, other sectors do some sit ins and non violent Demonstrations and ye, I am sure, Imam will go bye byes!

The whole hierarchy of Hezbollah will cry boo hoo and pack up and leave to Lebanon or south America or Africa!

Give me a break, our good friends are living in LALA Land! If this regime goes, all her nokars and kolfats and salary takers must go too! This regime has back up plans. This regime has tons of Mercenaries whom called Pasdaran, Basij, Ansar, Ghods and other Dayus!

If by any chance this first line of defense cracks, then there comes her second line of defense! All the Terrorist Organizations that IRI has supported them for 24 years will have a stake in this regime! If IRI goes, who will support PLO, Hezbollah, Al Hamas, Al Jihad, Afghan Shiites, Tajik Fundamentals, Bosnian Muslim Radicals, Sudanese Government, etc.???????

Only Hezbollah of Lebanon, Al Bashir's Sudanese Goons, and PLO Thugs armed with Machine Guns will fight to death to save the Mullahs! If Mullahs go, there will be no yearly Millions and Billions for Terrorist Orgs!

Islamic Republic Foreign Legion is a brutal Foreign Force located in different head quarters inside Iran. Also Sepah Pasdaran's most brutal Force assigned specifically to train foreign Islamists in liaison to Iran (Qods Special Forces) plus Ansar-e Hezbollah will fight to death before they let go of the tity!

Besides, Mullahs know better that this is the last draw! If they let go of the power, they will never regain it again; furthermore, their security and security of the whole Mullarchy will be in danger! Mullahs will never step aside by these demonstrations.

There will be bloodshed like never seen before. Either the blood shed will start from the opposition and from the within or US Government soon or late will start a Military campaign.

Mullahs will MullShiite Iran until they are forcefully removed, that's all!

These LA and DC Opposition/Media who preaches rhetorics on CNN and Persian TVs, are way away from the realities of what is going on in Iran right now! They watch too many Dr. King Movies!

There is no way in hell that Mullahs will let go of Iran peacefully and people in opposition who believe in this fairy tale, are not really all the way up there!

I rest my case.



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