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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

What type of articles and books do we publish in IPC?

We publish all types, yet they have to be:

· Original and different
· Interesting and alive
· Thought provoking, discussion provoking, and/or argumentative
· Revealing, exposing and educational
· Having certain either/or: social, political, cultural, economical, philosophical, historical value

We will either publish your article and book "as is" or we will not publish it at all; yet, unlike certain other sites, we would never revise your material and change the content of it! So make sure to spell/grammar check and edit your work, before sending it to us. We do not have time to edit your material. If we have to sit and edit your material for hours, then your material is not worthy to be published in IPC.

As a writer, you will either cut it in IPC, or you don't. There is no in between or areas of gray. We simply publish the best articles and books by the best writers and authors. Even though we may not agree with your points of view, yet we would never give ourselves the right to revise your material and then publish it.

Reproduction Policy

Once you submit your work, for publication in IPC, you allow IPC the non-exclusive right to license a third party, the right to reproduce your work. If the third party reproduces your work and if IPC benefits any payments, fees or royalties from your reproduced work, then by all means IPC is entitled to share the funds with you as the author.

Publishing Policy

Once a document (article, book, cartoon, graphic, animation, photo, artwork, etc.) gets published in IPC, it will not be deleted and it will stay on the Internet.

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