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Bita Qabus Chic Album
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Bita Qabus Chic Album
Persian Turkmen Cowgirl Model


Bita Qabus Chic Album
Persian Art and Fashion Model
Photography: Catayoun Razmjou
Bita Qabus
March 27, 2012

This is the first in the series of upcoming portfolios and interview by Bita Qabus. This is Bita Qabus Chic Album. In this album Bita poses as a professional businesswoman in suit.

Bita Qabus as she defines herself is a lifetime student, a seeker of knowledge, a computer animator and graphic designer, a cowgirl and a model.

As far as modeling goes, Bita is an art, print, catalogue and fashion model. Bita poses for painters, sculptors, graphic designers, magazines, department store catalogues and fashion shows.

Bita Qabus is an IPC Operations member. When asked how did she become an IPC Operations member? Bita said: “I used to be an IPC reader. When Ahreeman created the new site, I just fell in love with it and had to do more than just reading it.” We asked her why she joined the IPC Operations? Bita laughed and her eyes sparkled, then she stated: “Years back, I used to read IPC but then I got to know IPC through Cat and Ahreeman. I asked myself how come people who have no time to spare and are so busy in their lives, manage to run IPC? Running IPC is a full time job, then how do these super humans do it on the side? How do these people conduct their lives? What kind of people are these people who can juggle their jobs, personal lives and IPC all together? These people must be way too cool! I want to become one of these people! Yes, I want to be one of them!”

So how did you make the final decision and move (We asked)? “Look, let me be very bold and blunt (as Ahreeman puts it), now I’m going to say this once, so pay attention and if I get in trouble for it, then let it be … so on.

Iranians by majority are cowards and afraid of their own shadows. They go to school, work or whatever and then they come home, eat, watch TV, go out, dance, concert, entertainment, party and then home again and sleep. Next day the same thing over. They have a routine life. They live a conservative and shallow lifestyle. I don’t go as far as call this a Cattle-like Lifestyle (as Ahreeman puts it) but I call this a ‘No Purpose’ lifestyle. Mention the word ‘Politics’ and Iranians either Shoosh you (because they are afraid) or they leave you (because they get bored) or they monitor your activities and read your writings in silence (The Silent Majority). That’s the majority for you (Bita smirks).

Iranians by minority are Movers and Shakers. They are the ones who move this society forward, make changes, bring new things, teach new tricks and live on t he edge. They are fearless people and exciting people. They are people of few trades and talents. 2009 Revolts happened because of these people. These are the intelligent and fun people full of action. I wanted to be like these people. I wanted to become a ‘Doer’ in Iranian community (Bita clarifies).”

“Ahreeman says something interesting” (Bita shouted):

“If everyone remains afraid, inactive and keeps silence, then that God forsaken land will never become free! Do you think America would become free and independent if everyone remained afraid, inactive and silent on 1776? At some point in history, Iran needs to become free and this will not occur all by itself, but someone must do it. This is where we separate Mice and Men, Cattle and Humans! This is where Doers Do and the Cattle continue grazing grass!”
(Ahreeman X)

Talking like this is not good for your modeling career and would antagonize the Iranian Entertainment Mecca of Tehran-geles (LA), don’t you care (we asked)? Bita stated: “Look, I will never become a swimsuit or catwalk bubble-head model and I most likely will never rely on or need the Iranian Entertainment Machine and Iranian Media Mafia to promote my career. I’m not a Persian Pop Star, actress, dancing fool, club hopper or another shining rising star in skies of Tehran-geles (LA). I do not need these people and I do not care about these people. If they get their feelings hurt by my words, then let it be … as Ahreeman once stated: ‘You can’t satisfy everyone, just be sincere to yourself and to your true fans’.”

“I’m not some shallow and superficial dumb Persian Barbie on a ridiculous Iranian reality show like ‘Shahs of Sunset’ made for the intellectually challenged and I am not some try to make it Iranian Pop Singer with many face lifts, nose jobs and a silicone queen. I am a technical specialist in the computer field, I am an art model, I am a student for life and I am a deep thinker. Screw them all if they can’t take a joke and criticism (Bita pointed out).”

How did you first saw the “Big Picture” (we asked)? “Before I become an IPC reader and Op. member, I was a student. I sat in some of Ahreeman’s classes in the CS Department’s Computer Lab at the university for 3 years. I sat right at the front of the class next to his computer desk. My computer work station was right next to him only separated by a walkway from his desk. I was one of the closest students to him. For 3 years I got to know Ahreeman. I did not just learn Computer Science but I learned the Ahreemanic school of thought and life. In my last semester CS course we were assigned to do our final project on a CS personality. Some students did Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Tayebi Brothers, Meg Whitman, Anousheh Ansari and others. For my final semester’s CS course for the final project I did an animation presentation on Ahreeman. That project was the result of my up close Ahreemanic studies for 3 years. You could say that I am an Ahreemanologist. So this is how first I saw the big picture, through the Ahreemanic Eye … (Bita cracks up)!”

“You know how in the commercial, the doctor says I’m not only the back pain mattress inventor but I’m also a back pain patient? Well in this case, I’m not only an IPC reader or Op. member but I’m also an Ahreemanologist and an Ahreemanographer (Bita bursts in laughter)!”

Bita is originally from Gonbad Kavus Town of Gonbad Kavus County of the Golestan province in north-east Iran and south-eastern shores of the Caspian Sea (Turkmen Land). Bita is a solid Turkmen girl. Her mixture of Oriental Turkmen and Persian Aryan features are what makes her facial features remarkable and extremely attractive. Bita is an advanced Turkmen horse-rider and that is why we call her the “Persian Turkmen Cowgirl”. She started riding horses back home in Gonbad and now she is a California Cowgirl, riding horses at the outback ranches and trails of the San Diego suburbs. Bita is a computer animation and graphics graduate student in university and lives in San Diego, California.

Bita says: “Sometimes people tell me that I look oriental and I don’t look Iranian, but I tell them that I am a “Persian Turkmen Cowgirl”. I love the reaction on their faces when I tell them that!” Bita states: “People in general and specifically Persians are stereotyping all Iranians as Tan White Middle Eastern looking people. The reality is as far as it can get because as Ahreeman also emphasized in his writings, we have all types of races in Iran. We have Blonde hair blue eyed Caucasians, Brunette Aryans, Mixed Middle Eastern Whites, Tan Persians, Dark Mixed Races, Oriental Turkmens, Arabs, Jews, Blacks, Indians, Turks, Kurds, Baluch and everything else in between in Iran. You can’t stereotype all Iranians as certain facial and body type people.”

Bita continues: “To stereotype all Iranian women as White Middle Eastern Brunettes is the same as stereotyping all Iranian men as short, hairy, bald and big nosed dark men! It is just plain wrong. Stop the stereotypes. It is not just Americans but Iranian community stereotypes too. Iranians are worst in stereotyping.”

Bita is very creative, artistic and talented in the field of animation and graphics. The only thing she loves more than her designs is to pose for the camera! This girl is very chic and a born model! When asked to choose between Computer Arts and Modeling? She replies: “I want my education and to continue my career in the computer animation and graphic design, modeling is just for fun. Even though I make money off of modeling but I never considered myself a professional model. In general, modeling is a side thing for me.”

Bita goes on: “But I am honored to be an IPC model.” She is so cute when she says that in Persian but with Turkmen accent. Don’t you just love those Turkmen oriental eyes and eyebrows? Cat and I truly enjoyed these photo shoots. This is the first of Bita’s album series. Gonbadi Girls Rock! Let’s Rock On with our Turkmen Cowgirl. Here is Bita as a career woman in suit in her first album. Enjoy Bita Qabus Chic Album:

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